William Barr made one announcement that has every criminal in America on edge

Donald Trump appointed William Barr as Attorney General to do the job Jeff Sessions failed to do.

Barr has gone about trying to correct Sessions’ biggest mistakes.

And now William Barr made one announcement that has every criminal in America on edge.

On Thursday, Attorney General Barr made a shocking announcement.

The federal government would reinstate the death penalty.

Attorney General Barr announced that the federal government would carry out its first two executions since 2003.

CNBC reports:

The federal government will resume executing death row inmates after nearly two decades without doing so, the Department of Justice announced Thursday.

Attorney General William Barr directed the Bureau of Prisons to schedule the executions of five inmates convicted of murder and other crimes. The executions have been scheduled for December 2019 and January 2020.

The department also announced a new execution protocol, replacing the three-drug cocktail previously used in federal executions with the single drug, pentobarbital.

The last federal execution was carried out in 2003. There are 62 individuals on federal death row, according to a tracker maintained by the Death Penalty Information Center.

2020 Democrat Presidential contenders raced to condemn Barr’s move.

But this will backfire on Democrats.

56 percent of Americans support the death penalty for convicted murders.

By reflexively opposing everything Donald Trump does to curry favor with the liberal base, Democrats are painting themselves into a corner in the 2020 election.

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115 Responses

  1. Robert Horvath says:

    No people would rather kill babies than adults who should know better. Give a baby a chance to be somebody and a person for good.

  2. Jim Tierney says:

    Dear Linda, PRAISE GOD!! I knew you were one of “My people” and I also know there are many others that are still caught up in that religious system. It never ceases to amaze me how Truth changes people, myself included!!Further evidenced by you being able to walk away from religious system you were probably born into. My testimony is long and nothing short of miraculous but in the end I learned that God said what He meant, and meant what He said! Our conversation here may be critical for other lives. We will continue here and I thank God for you and will pray for your children

  3. Linda M. says:

    Jim Tierney; I understand now. I want you to know, I once was a Catholic. But I walked away . A lot of their teachings just did not make sense to me. Nor did I feel comfortable with so many things.. I was just making a statement about Pope Francis and his far leftist teachings, and why practicing Catholics felt betrayed, and have stepped away. And yes I did watch the videos, thank you.
    You know Jim, the Bible can be a very confusing book to fully understand. And when I can’t quite grasp it’s meaning, I just pray on it. But I can clearly see signs that we truly are in the end times. But I also know only GOD knows when this world will face it’s final judgement.Even though I know my name is written in the book of life, my adult children’s is not. I truly hope GOD will give us more time so others will accept Christ .Thanks for your kindness and on with the battle!!!

  4. Jim Tierney says:

    PS: Linda, the video simply explains Rev: 18 in a very easy to understand way.

  5. Jim Tierney says:

    Dear Linda, I too strongly support the death penalty, and yes we will continue to battle the powers if darkness. I’m glad you didn’t take my advise as criticism. My advise is about Catholicism. Please watch the YouTube documentary “Revelation The Bride, the beast & Babylon. The reference Rev 18:4 “my people” is referring to Gods people, which we are.

  6. Linda M. says:

    Jim Tierney: I read your comment left for me and I must admit I am a little perplexed why you left me that instruction. But I know you are also a good man by your postings. All I can say to you is, I accepted Jesus as my personal savior. But that does not mean I do not sin every day. Either by words or my actions.Only one perfect person walked on this earth and gave his life for our salvation.So you are correct when you stated we are in the days where evil is called good and visa versa. But please do not put me into that category. Just because I support the death penalty.There are other passages in the bible about the shedding of innocent blood and its consequences ..
    Thank you for your support and your postings. And I hope we will continue to do battle against the Liberals….
    P.S. I did not take your post as you criticizing me…I’m just stating my feelings.

  7. Jim Tierney says:

    Dear Linda, having read many of your posts I feel I know where your heart is. I also believe I’m suppose to share a couple things with you. None of this is meant to be critical, only informative. I would encourage you to go to YouTube and search for and watch “Revelation the Bride, the beast & Babylon. Then read Revelation chapter 18. You are one of the”my people” in verse 4. Also make note of the 16 th verse. In Him, Jim

  8. The Hit Man says:

    Shelba i agree lets just KILL all mexicans you can never be sure that’s the only way we’ll be safe

  9. Linda M. says:

    justanotherpatriot; Thank you so much for your very intelligence and correct response!

  10. justanotherpatriot says:

    You need to stop drinking the kool-aid. People are NOT on death row because of their nationality, political affiliation, skin color, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference or orientation, or any other BS reason you can come up with. They are there because of the horrendous crimes they have committed. Since you rant about the “good Christians” on this site who support the death penalty, perhaps you should actually READ the Bible. The death penalty is what is ordered for many crimes. What the death penalty is NOT ordained for is for innocent babies who might inconvenience their parents. What I find ironic (and disgusting) is that most of the people who rant against the death penalty for the perpetrators of horrendous crimes seem to have no problem with ripping a baby limb from limb.

  11. Linda M. says:

    DonnyJr.Boy, do you really have a vendetta don’t you?Not pretending you’re a little boy quoting “your ” daddy” this time? Everybody knows you, bible and that spanky are all the same poster. So who really cares what you low life’s think. .. Nobody of any worth that I could see posting here and other sites. And please use spell check. At least try to look intelligent….And please read the bible. It might do your soul some good….

  12. Jo says:

    Daniel from TN You’re correct…They need to look into either the Hebrew or Greek and they will find the truth about that scripture.

  13. Jo says:

    I’m for the death penalty, but, along with that I feel all attorneys quit thinking so much about getting rich and do their jobs with finding the truth in all cases. The whole truth [ whole truth ] and nothing but, the WHOLE truth…not part of it, 1/4 of it, but the whole truth. Quit playing games and do what is right. There have been innocent people sent to prison because someone didn’t do their job.

  14. The Hit Man says:


  15. Donny Jr says:

    Bible Commenter so true linda thinks see is the holiest of holiest, prince of poop, sheik of sh#t, cream of sum young guy, cream of the crop

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