William Barr made one announcement that has every criminal in America on edge

Donald Trump appointed William Barr as Attorney General to do the job Jeff Sessions failed to do.

Barr has gone about trying to correct Sessions’ biggest mistakes.

And now William Barr made one announcement that has every criminal in America on edge.

On Thursday, Attorney General Barr made a shocking announcement.

The federal government would reinstate the death penalty.

Attorney General Barr announced that the federal government would carry out its first two executions since 2003.

CNBC reports:

The federal government will resume executing death row inmates after nearly two decades without doing so, the Department of Justice announced Thursday.

Attorney General William Barr directed the Bureau of Prisons to schedule the executions of five inmates convicted of murder and other crimes. The executions have been scheduled for December 2019 and January 2020.

The department also announced a new execution protocol, replacing the three-drug cocktail previously used in federal executions with the single drug, pentobarbital.

The last federal execution was carried out in 2003. There are 62 individuals on federal death row, according to a tracker maintained by the Death Penalty Information Center.

2020 Democrat Presidential contenders raced to condemn Barr’s move.

But this will backfire on Democrats.

56 percent of Americans support the death penalty for convicted murders.

By reflexively opposing everything Donald Trump does to curry favor with the liberal base, Democrats are painting themselves into a corner in the 2020 election.


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115 Responses

  1. Robert Horvath says:

    No people would rather kill babies than adults who should know better. Give a baby a chance to be somebody and a person for good.

  2. The Hit Man says:


    • justanotherpatriot says:

      You need to stop drinking the kool-aid. People are NOT on death row because of their nationality, political affiliation, skin color, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference or orientation, or any other BS reason you can come up with. They are there because of the horrendous crimes they have committed. Since you rant about the “good Christians” on this site who support the death penalty, perhaps you should actually READ the Bible. The death penalty is what is ordered for many crimes. What the death penalty is NOT ordained for is for innocent babies who might inconvenience their parents. What I find ironic (and disgusting) is that most of the people who rant against the death penalty for the perpetrators of horrendous crimes seem to have no problem with ripping a baby limb from limb.

  3. Proud vet says:

    I think it should be used on the treasonous ones first and that would be the most junior one starting with AOC in her trio for their acts of treason against the American people, then go down the line with Natalie Schumer Pelosi , Durbin, waters Cummings Swall well and a host of others.

  4. If some one murders another person and it is proven beyond a doubt then they should pay the price for that action, criminals did know that they could kill and nothing would be done, Barr has changed all that with his reinstatement of the death penalty, Illegals that kill and rape should be included in this penalty that is what you and I would face if we went into their country and committed like crimes even more petty crimes we could be put to death for committing, illegals know that the US will just send a rapest to jail for a few years and then deport him, that just allows him to cross the border illegally again to commit his crimes again, stop them once and for all, especially when it involves young children and teenagers

  5. George W. says:

    Let’s face it! Dead people don’t kill!

    • Jim Tierney says:

      However, they sure do VOTE!!!

      • Linda M. says:

        Jim Tierney: That’s funny!!

      • Salad says:

        Best. Comment. Ever!

      • Paul Aldredge says:

        Only for one party, too!

        • Jim Tierney says:

          Paul, you’re right! The more I think about it the more obvious that it becomes to me that this is a struggle between good and evil, that is disguised as liberal vs conservatives. We are in the days where evil is called good and good evil, just as prophesied.

          • Linda M. says:

            Jim Tierney: I read your comment left for me and I must admit I am a little perplexed why you left me that instruction. But I know you are also a good man by your postings. All I can say to you is, I accepted Jesus as my personal savior. But that does not mean I do not sin every day. Either by words or my actions.Only one perfect person walked on this earth and gave his life for our salvation.So you are correct when you stated we are in the days where evil is called good and visa versa. But please do not put me into that category. Just because I support the death penalty.There are other passages in the bible about the shedding of innocent blood and its consequences ..
            Thank you for your support and your postings. And I hope we will continue to do battle against the Liberals….
            P.S. I did not take your post as you criticizing me…I’m just stating my feelings.

          • Jim Tierney says:

            Dear Linda, I too strongly support the death penalty, and yes we will continue to battle the powers if darkness. I’m glad you didn’t take my advise as criticism. My advise is about Catholicism. Please watch the YouTube documentary “Revelation The Bride, the beast & Babylon. The reference Rev 18:4 “my people” is referring to Gods people, which we are.

          • Jim Tierney says:

            PS: Linda, the video simply explains Rev: 18 in a very easy to understand way.

          • Linda M. says:

            Jim Tierney; I understand now. I want you to know, I once was a Catholic. But I walked away . A lot of their teachings just did not make sense to me. Nor did I feel comfortable with so many things.. I was just making a statement about Pope Francis and his far leftist teachings, and why practicing Catholics felt betrayed, and have stepped away. And yes I did watch the videos, thank you.
            You know Jim, the Bible can be a very confusing book to fully understand. And when I can’t quite grasp it’s meaning, I just pray on it. But I can clearly see signs that we truly are in the end times. But I also know only GOD knows when this world will face it’s final judgement.Even though I know my name is written in the book of life, my adult children’s is not. I truly hope GOD will give us more time so others will accept Christ .Thanks for your kindness and on with the battle!!!

          • Jim Tierney says:

            Dear Linda, PRAISE GOD!! I knew you were one of “My people” and I also know there are many others that are still caught up in that religious system. It never ceases to amaze me how Truth changes people, myself included!!Further evidenced by you being able to walk away from religious system you were probably born into. My testimony is long and nothing short of miraculous but in the end I learned that God said what He meant, and meant what He said! Our conversation here may be critical for other lives. We will continue here and I thank God for you and will pray for your children

  6. George W. says:

    The Roman’s had it right and I’ll bet they had a very low crime rate! Just take these people out and nail them naked to a tree! Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  7. Mike Flanagan says:

    STOP STOP STOP! The death penelity is inhumane as practiced. 20 years of pleas then a death sentence date 2 to 3 month or better out. then a walk down the Green Mile so to speak then strapped to a table. All the time the ASS HOLE is suffering waiting to die … Isn’t this CRUEL & UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT? Would a .22 hollow point to the brain stem be far more humane … and he/she wouldn’t hear the report. Just drop’em in the box and into the cremation furnace … all done. NEXT.

  8. Concerned American Citizen says:

    I pray this will make people think twice before killing someone. I pray this gets most of the evil people, who do not respect our laws and country, the punishment they deserve & we will not have to worry about them anymore. I hope this will lower the murder rate. Especially, with the Gangs today.

  9. Al Cislo says:

    Hey Liberal lovers, Remember you do the crime you pay the consequences. If you kill, you too die and if you don’t like it get the hell out of the US. Murder is not a game! There is not harsh treatment for a person who viciously kills another. Once due process is over it is your time to pay the piper.

  10. It is a waste of taxpayer money! How much does it cost to house, feed, provide medical care and probably other costs for 20-40 years while they await the execution????

  11. Will Penny says:

    Kindness and love doesn’t change a murderer or rapist , criminals see that as a sign of weakness , an eye for an eye , are you could become there next victim ,. So Hang’em High , no more victims and end of story !!

  12. Jesse says:

    About time now if he will make the ACLU and BLM TERRORIST Groups as they are and let us not forget the main TERRORIST Group the Democrapic party and toss them I. GITMO till their hangings can be arranged he would be doing Justice for America.

  13. Sue says:

    FINALLY! Thanks to AG Barr, REAL justice will hopefully begin in America. I have NEVER understood how people can INTENTIONALLY kill innocent people and still be allowed to escape paying with their lives, and many of these criminals murdered MORE than one person…they are career criminals. Instead, they sit for YEARS on death row, knowing that nothing will happen to them. Their families are still able to visit with them, but what about the families of the victims they murdered? Those families will NEVER see their loved ones again. Justice delayed is justice denied.

    • Kurt says:

      The first one that should die is Hillary and Obama all the people Hillary has paid someone to kill them that had dirt on her and the four men over seas that she set up to be murder her on Obama Eric holder there dam scumb bags the three assholes

  14. Death is preferable than to spend the rest of your life in prison. Once dead your nightmare is over. Most of you have never spend 5 minutes in a Federal Prison. If you think about it, death is a release from the burden of being in prison. Most inmates know this to be true, but killing does the exact opposite of criminal deterrent.

    • Dave Veselenak says:

      You are so wrong – must be a lefty. Their nightmare just begins as they try pleading their case to their Maker. I surmise that they’d much rather be sitting in prison than where their headed!

  15. Laura Wagner says:

    Alright guys! Get real! This is still the USA. Here there is presumed innocence until proven guilty. Everyone, even Obama and Bill and Hillary deserve a fair trial. Only when they are found guilty by a jury of their peers can they be executed. We have been undergoing some terrible times with the Democrats threatening Trump with impeachment on unsubstantiated/made up evidence. Let’s NOT fall into that trap.

    Still those individuals who have been found guilty AND sentenced to death for their crimes, should receive the punishment that their acts have earned them.

    • Sandy Howell says:

      You nailed it! There is a higher ground than assuming the yolk of Liberal Groupthink. We can do better, we already have with President Trump. Let’s keep the positive and productive values we, as conservatives, want to stand for. Reject the reactionary hate-mongering the left has inspired, embrace the mantra to “Keep America Great” as we stand united against hate, hypocrisy, and false narratives. May God bless this nation and its people.

    • Daniel from TN says:

      I agree. EVERYONE deserves a fair trial. However, neither Bill, nor Hillary, nor obama will EVER see the inside of a criminal courtroom as a defendant; for three reasons.
      1. There are too many people willing and eager to fall on a sword for them. Any of the three could commit a major crime on live, national TV, and people all over the country would stand in line waiting to confess to committing that crime.
      2. They know too much about too many people. They know what the skeletons are and where they are buried. If any of them goes down then so do a lot of other people. The powers that be will simply NEVER allow that to happen.
      3. Neither witnesses, nor investigators, nor prosecutors want to wake up one morning with a big smile on their; from ear to ear.
      It isn’t right or fair. But it’s the way it is.

  16. B.A. Briggs says:

    Start with the traitorous-Obamas-Clintons & all their islamomarxised co-goonspirators!!! Including George Soros & his co-goonspirator-son, their go-between with Antifa; and the terroristic-Antifa’s top-leadership.

  17. Carbine Williams says:

    Get er done.We waste a hell of a lot of tax dollars keeping these convicted animals alive. Put em down as you would a rabid animal and use the money for Vets,homeless,anything but this trash.Maybe it would act as a deterrent to some future miscreant considering murder or mayhem.

  18. Bigmur says:

    I believe a criminal should pay the ultimate price for his or her dastardly deed.
    After all he or she took a life and did the crime. The death penalty should be imposed
    as long as their is a smoking gun and enough of the evidence that supports this penalty.
    Not in cases where their is sufficient daunt or circumstantial evidence and no smoking gun.
    He said she said not enough evidence to sustain the death penalty. After all after you execute
    someone you can’t bring them back. If there was a mistake in the verdict.

  19. Richard B. says:

    My GOD watch over and PROTECT William Barr and his family>

  20. Will Penny says:

    Obummer , Hillary Killary , Chucky and a few others , the Hangman awaits all of you at the Gallows , with a Good Short ROPE and a short drop , yes indeed , wishful thinking I know , but stranger things have happened !

  21. Lee says:

    D E A TO

    • Donald Duck says:

      Lee don’t forget 3500 Americans killed by Bush/ Cheney un like you I’ll never forget 9/11/01

      • adrienne.graschem says:

        So…you’re just another “QUACK” eh, Don? I see you’ve set aside this specail time to publicly humiliate yourself….AGAIN!

  22. Patricia says:

    I believe in the death penalty. I also believe in Justice. It’s hard to believe people like Hillary and her group have never been punished. If you notice, all the dirty deeds started under Obama. I FIRMLY believe he seeded his Czars throughout the Gov. and was working for a bloodless coup. Hillary just wasn’t able to finish the job for him. I also believe in standing traitors, in the government, against the wall and shooting them.

    • ROBERT J ANGELO says:

      Agree with you 1000%. These traitors in the government need to be called out. Trump is the man we have needed since Reagan. He speaks his mind, doesn’t hold back and loves America. I stand behind this man 100%.

    • John M says:

      Had they successfully pulled it off they would be lining conservatives against the wall.
      We came dangerously close to losing our country from the enemies within.

    • Donald Duck says:

      Pat you already approve of LIE CHEAT STEAL grump TREASON against America reagen bush MURDERERS bush cheney do your home work before you make idiotic statements SORRY YOUR A RETARDICAN to ignorant too study History that requires too much work just spew the same lies as 99% of idiots on this trolling site like everyone elese you’ve been hooked line and sinker

  23. Henry William Smith says:

    Since we are all eternal beings death is simply moving a person on to the next life. I don’t have a problem with that. There are plenty of problems here on earth and limited resources to deal with them. Alleviating the population and society of those who display behaviors that are counter to a happy and workable life does everyone a favor including I might add the person being shipped off to the other side.

    • Donald Duck says:

      H W S thats been going on for over 50 years so slowly that people don’t notice you can see it now clearly accelerating under grump divide and conquer the masses look around the World News it happing everywhere play your grump CARD see if that helps you know but PLEASE I VOTED FOR YOU you’ll find out how much he LOVES AMERICA and cares about you HE’LL save his own ass ONLY

  24. To Eric. God says if you shed innocent blood you are to forfeit your own life.

    • Nick Rayl says:

      The key word is “innocent” which is not the case in the death row inmates. They have been tried and convicted in a court of law and found guilty by an overwhelming preponderance of evidence. The standard is innocent until proven guilty. Mistakes are made but those are very rare and infrequent, these people have been judged by a jury of their peers.

    • Andy Wood says:

      No not a 22 but a 44 magum

  25. Vinniea says:

    Could it be that Barr is sending a message to the Treasonous Democrats like The Clinton’s, Obama, and the certain members of the FBI and Justice Department?

    Time to purge our Country and Government of Traitors!

  26. Eric says:

    We know GOD is opposed to the Death Penalty. But ignoring that fact; because of the fact that many States love the idea of executing their minority citizens, can we agree that the Death Penalty should only be available to the Federal Government? It’s not perfect, but at least that way we can be somewhat more confident that everyone is being treated fairly? Or at least as fairly as can be, considering the fallibility of man?

    • Jack says:

      Have you seen the inmates that are scheduled for execution
      4 are white and one is black
      Each one has killed small children, dismembered a few and raped a few
      Some of them had killed families in cold blood
      They each have committed Despicable crimes and have been on death row for at least a decayed or two

      • ROBERT J ANGELO says:

        Yes, it is time for them to say goodbye to this world. White or Black, they are the vermin of society and need to be exterminated. I’m sure the LIBTARDS will turn this into a racist thing. They should be the 1st ones on line.

    • Grampa says:

      the fallibility of man explains what you believe that God is against the death penalty.
      it is the misinterpretation of the commandment not to murder it is stated now not to kill. One may kill for self- defense but you may not murder for self defence. the difference is one kills as direct action of another trying to murder you. indirect physical contact. to murder would be to plan it in supposition you will be murdered. many quote the phrase an eye for an eye well what it means that payment for a crime may not exceed the crime committed.so if murder is committed a life may be forfeit. so then if someone commits a crime less than murder payment may not be forfeit of life. if we follow the eye for an eye instruction. the mistake made by people when they demanded that none be killed for crimes is they took government word when they said OK. they should have demanded the laws be changed. laws are how government controls people.and the assumption that it is because the majority on death row are of color is because of the reason that government wants to murder them. Wake up and read and know that the majority of abortions are for people of color. I hear no such outrage for the fetus that has committed no crime but is murdered just the same because of parents uncontrolled rut. They fail to consciously use one of two choices available and that is birth control or abstinence. while your goal may seem noble , try using your efforts to save someone that is worth it.—————Grampa

    • Carbine Williams says:

      Scriptures don’t back you up my friend,Jesus never said love a murderer.He loves us all but doesn’t condone murder.An eye for an eye still stands ax well it should

      • Gregory Sullivan says:

        According to “scripture” we should just walk down the street with our hands up saying “anyone who is free to kill me can do so” and turn your cheeks and get slugged in the .mouth twice offering no resistance to their attacker. We are not immortal as Jesus was who can get killed and resurrected many times over. A person who is a murderer should be given an incentive not to do so such as execution if he commits those crimes. I can’t imagine how much killings would occur if there was one by letting that person murder anyone with any impunity at all.

        • Jim Tierney says:

          Gregory, I thought I ought to let you know that every human being is immortal. Everyone will live forever in one of two places. We get to choose!!

    • Jack Douglas Davis says:

      I would agree, but many capital crimes like murder, rape, etc. are not federal crimes, therefore, not subject to Federal jurisdiction.

    • Daniel from TN says:

      God does not oppose the death penalty because God Himself established it. Genesis 9:6 states – “who so sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed.”

  27. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Vasu idiot:
    The death penalty was put into place to make would be murderers think twice about killing someone. A prime example of this is when a black racist ie Colin Ferguson a Jamaican, went on a New Jersey train bound for New York and waited to cross the border into New York where there’s no death penalty as in New Jersey which has one and started shooting and killing white people on that train. He was against being executed for what he had done.

    • Vasu Murti says:

      There’s no evidence that capital punishment serves as a deterrent. It’s the fear of getting caught that prevents most murders, not capital punishment over life imprisonment.

      • Daniel from TN says:

        The death penalty is definitely a deterrent. It’s a proven fact that no one who was executed ever committed another murder.

  28. Robert Sylvester says:

    If death penalty sentences were carried out I do believe there will be less murders commited – if you knew you are going to be put to death for your crime – many, maybe not all of these killers will think before killing.

    • Jerry says:

      This is not a perfect response. However the statistics may bare some reflection on the debate. How many murders are a well planned pre-meditated event? That would likely warrant a death penalty. Other murders are the result of enflamed emotions more instantaneous, or as a result of a bad deal (robbery or other crime) on the spot type killings. A different type of killing as compared to a well planned and executed murder. Should that impose a death penalty?

  29. Vasu Murti says:

    Let’s bring some balance into the discussion! Faithful America, a *liberal* Christian group, sent out the following email today:

    Dear Faithful America member,

    Yesterday, Attorney General William Barr directed the Trump Justice Department to bring back the barbaric and ineffective death penalty, and immediately schedule the first five federal executions in sixteen years.

    The death penalty is wrong. Today, we remember Jesus’s words: “Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone.”

    If enough of us raise our voices now, we can show the Justice Department — and the media — that American Christians are taking a stand on this important moral issue!

    Tell the Justice Department: Christians oppose bringing back the death penalty >>

    There are many reasons why Christians and churches across the country oppose capital punishment: DNA testing proves hundreds of innocent people have been sentenced to die. It is expensive. And the racial disparities within the system are the very height of injustice.

    Only last year, Pope Francis revised official Catholic teaching to oppose the death penalty in all cases: “The dignity of the person is not lost even after the commission of very serious crimes.” (Attorney General Barr is Catholic.)

    The pope’s point was echoed yesterday by activist Sister Helen Prejean, who asked, “When a penalty is absolutely final, surely we must seek a flawless system, and what government, what group of people, can deliver that?”

    The National Council of Churches has also opposed the death penalty since at least 1968, citing “our Christian commitment to seek the redemption and reconciliation of the wrong-doer.”

    Above all, we know that it is simply immoral. The Bible tells us to forgive, to embrace grace, and quite clearly, “You shall not kill.” Remembering these Scriptural values, let’s raise our collective voices for a more just nation today — and join the long tradition of Christian opposition to the death penalty.

    Add your name to stand with Christian leaders around the world: Tell the Justice Department that Christians oppose the death penalty!

    Thanks for everything you do to love your neighbor.

    In peace,

    – Rev. Nathan and the Faithful America team

    • Linda M. says:

      Vasu; Do you know Satan’s greatest deceit? Tricking people he doesn’t exist! You sir are part of Satan’s army! You quote Pope Francis to try to impress us, when so many faithful Catholics have walked away from their religion because of his radical leftist views ! Then in your Democratic propaganda “books” you keep posting, you try to convince Christians it’s so wrong to endorse the death penalty. But you want to know the irony of anyone facing the death penalty ? Because of our judicial system , these inmates spend YEARS in jail before any of them actually face death. And most prisons, these prisoners are fed quite well. Have TV . Have Libraries.Visitors, and can actually get degrees .While the people, including children and babies , were denied to live their lives to the fullest.And what I have seen, by some “Christian” churches, they care more for trying to be politically correct, then teaching God’s word.So please stop convincing us what is right or wrong.. I will indeed tell the Justice Dept. how I feel about the death penalty, and my answer is yes I support it.And I truly hope this will include people that has committed high treason against our great country. Which, what I can see ,includes many Democrats.

      • Linda M. says:

        Correction please;I meant to type while the people they killed….

        • Spanky says:

          Sorry linda we can’t go back and execute REAGEN he’s already dead residing in HELL GOD JUDGED HIM THATS WHERE HE WAS SENT FOR HIGH TREASON

          • Linda M. says:

            Spanky; Thank you for your” three”( I’m counting bible’s as yours, as well) pointless and as always rude comments.I find it amazing with all the stories on all these sites and all the comments, you find mine so outstanding you have taken the time to read and comment on mine.With every post you leave, using other names, you hate it that I have called you exactly what and who you really are.. Oh, and your last comment to me was one of the most ridiculous comments ever left. Even for you.It doesn’t even make sense.As it has been pointed out to you by another poster, you have no idea what the bible says or anything about Jesus.So please stop showing your ignorance on those subjects as well…

          • Will Penny says:

            Ronny Reagan was right about Liberalism , It’s The Ruin Of All Free Nations , Without A Doubt , God Bless Ronny , You Ragheads and Raghead lovers are damn lucky he he didn’t make a Glass Parking Lot out Of Iran . He should of Nuked there asses , Mr Reagan was Damn Right about that , you liberal pieces of monkey crap are The Stupidest SOBs that’s ever walked on Planet Earth Without A Doubt , Subhumans

      • Bible Commenter says:

        Linda, why do you deny what the Bible says? Sounds like you are the person who is actually being tricked by Satan.

        • Linda M. says:

          Bible Commenter: Sorry but it is you being tricked and trying to deceive. The bible also says, he without sin, cast the first stone, does it not?So are you now judging me? The death penalty does carry a very heavy responsibility in executing the law. But having family members and friends killed in 911 and through violent non provoked crimes , you will excuse me if I voice my personal opinion. GOD will judge me, not you, thank you.

          • Spanky says:

            Linda go back read all your posts you’ve already cast a million billion trillion STONES but i guess GOD only loves RETAREDICANS not any other human being on earth so acording to you everyone needs too die so you can have the place to yourself

        • Sarah says:

          Commentator: Linda is accurate.

        • Jim Tierney says:

          Bible commenter and Spanky, it’s obvious to the casual observer that you both know nothing about the Bible or the things of God. God doesn’t send anyone to hell. It’s your choice but it doesn’t appear that either of you are making wise decisions

          • Linda M. says:

            Jim Tieney: Thank you.This spanky and bible commenter are naturally fake posters. I know WHO it really is .He is a huge bigot that loves calling vile names. Especially to women.He is a typical Democrat that twists facts and wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in the butt.
            Thank you again for defending me.

        • Donny Jr says:

          Bible Commenter so true linda thinks see is the holiest of holiest, prince of poop, sheik of sh#t, cream of sum young guy, cream of the crop

          • Linda M. says:

            DonnyJr.Boy, do you really have a vendetta don’t you?Not pretending you’re a little boy quoting “your ” daddy” this time? Everybody knows you, bible and that spanky are all the same poster. So who really cares what you low life’s think. .. Nobody of any worth that I could see posting here and other sites. And please use spell check. At least try to look intelligent….And please read the bible. It might do your soul some good….

      • Anne says:

        Thank you. You said it all. Most Roman Catholics have gone back to their Catechisms which were in use 100 years before Vatican II. Then we try to find a monastary or a Roman Catholic Church where a mass in the Latin Rite is performed. Since Christ is the Head of the Church we can still practice our Religion.

        • Linda M. says:

          Anne; Thank you for your kind reply.It has been a very difficult time for all of us that follow the Christian faith. Finding a church, monastery and etc. to continue following our true faith.But GOD will get us all through this, won’t HE?

          • Jim Tierney says:

            Dear Linda, having read many of your posts I feel I know where your heart is. I also believe I’m suppose to share a couple things with you. None of this is meant to be critical, only informative. I would encourage you to go to YouTube and search for and watch “Revelation the Bride, the beast & Babylon. Then read Revelation chapter 18. You are one of the”my people” in verse 4. Also make note of the 16 th verse. In Him, Jim

      • glock19fan says:

        Linda, while I support the death penalty, I also wish to remind the authorities that power carries responsibility. The power to execute carries the responsibility to do their job right and make sure that “Whodunit” is the person zapped or needled. Many states that abolished the death penalty did do out of public shame and remorse over executing an innocent person. I have no problem with the long time before execution as long as it is used to make doubly and triply sure that the “executee” is guilty. They also are given a chance to make peace with God which the victims are denied. I like the line by Charles Bronson in one of the “Death Wish” flicks in response to a cold-blooded murderer who – after being caught – claims to have “found God:” CB says, “You’re going to meet him” and pulls the trigger.

        • Linda M. says:

          glock19fan; You are absolutely correct about the death penalty does carry a huge responsibility when some one faces that sentence. But as I stated to Vasu, the process of actually executing the sentence takes years. Appeals after appeals are filed. So as certain as I can be, or any other human being can be as well, the right person will face their true justice. My family has been waiting for over 10 years for our justice.

      • Sarah says:

        Well said.

    • michael garver says:

      Perhaps Reverend you focus your energy on the legal murder of over 60+ Million innocent lives taken in abortion? This is an abomination of mass proportion and is the death penalty for God’s most precious creation that committed no penalty other than being conceived.
      Legalized state sponsored murder up until and even after birth

      • Al James says:

        It is ironic that states are against capital punishment for criminals but not for innocent babies. This is an unbelievable hypocrisy. NY governor Cuomo is proud of himself executing innocent babies. He must be a descendent of one of Caligula’s bastards. He too open up women when they were about to give birth.

    • Emma says:

      Then I ask you this….
      What did Moses do when he came down from the Mount with the 10 commandments?
      One of which was Thou Shalt Not Kill.
      Because why??
      They gave Aaron their gold, at Aaron’s behest, & HE GAVE THEM A GOLDEN CALF TO WORSHIP.
      Aaron was Moses’ brother & the instigator, but was not harmed.
      For all those slaughtered, it included men , women & children, plus all their stock & holdings.
      I absolutely believe the death penalty is a necessary evil.
      What do we do with rogue or dangerous animals?
      We put them down. Absolutely should be the same with the human animal.

      • glock19fan says:

        Emma, you are mostly right but now that it is possible to translate directly from Hebrew the Commandment states, “Thou shalt not murder.” It had been translated into so many languages that it had lost something in the translation.

    • Lee Waldow says:

      Sir. Yes that verse is in the Bible but I believe it was Jesus saying that because the law of the land at that time was stoning if caught commuting adultery which is a lot different then a capital crime like murder but even religious people get carried away with interpreting the Bible to suit the own agenda

    • Carbine Williams says:

      Scriptures don’t back you up my friend,Jesus never said love a murderer.He loves us all but doesn’t condone murder.An eye for an eye still stands ax well it should

    • Jim Tierney says:

      Vasu, let me stop you at your first statement. There is no such thing as a Christian demonrat or a liberal Christian the two terms are oxymorons this has not always been the case. Thirty years ago I would not have made such a statement but as the church becomes more secular and further from God this becomes more and more apparent. Simply look at what the demonrats stand for and/or advocate. They are now called the party of death(infanticide) and the alphabet people(homosexuals and all other sexual perverts) because that’s what they advocate. Certainly not the way it was 30 year ago. I hate to break it to you but someone needs to let you know that there is no gray area with God, you either believe(justification) and let Him conform you(santification) to the image of Christ,or you don’t. Therefore there may be a building that calls itself a liberal church but I assure you God is not there
      Many people go to “church” to ease their conscience. If I stand in the garage does it make me a car? Not anymore than standing in church, much less a dead church, makes one a Christian. I continue to pray for you and others like you because what you people call climate change are the beginning of birth pains( of the earth ) that precede the rapture of the church and the great tribulation. Simply said,time is short.

    • Daniel from TN says:

      “Thou shall not kill” is a mistranslation. If translated correctly it should read “Thou shall not murder.”
      Try studying the Bible Rev. Nathan, not just reading it.

      • Jo says:

        I’m for the death penalty, but, along with that I feel all attorneys quit thinking so much about getting rich and do their jobs with finding the truth in all cases. The whole truth [ whole truth ] and nothing but, the WHOLE truth…not part of it, 1/4 of it, but the whole truth. Quit playing games and do what is right. There have been innocent people sent to prison because someone didn’t do their job.

      • Jo says:

        Daniel from TN You’re correct…They need to look into either the Hebrew or Greek and they will find the truth about that scripture.

    • Andy Wood says:

      They shall not kill was meant for the one that done it in first place the bible also said an eye for an eye too

  30. Leon Amer says:

    use the death row inmates as targets for military training, only drug them up first to look like zombie mannequins and tell the trainees mannequins are what they are!

  31. Carold says:

    What about HRC and Willy? Greedy
    Obama and Michelle are guilty also!
    Deep State, SWAMP and Weisman?
    They wanted a COUP !!!! They need a penalty, all unfit for USA.
    AG Barr will be busy.

  32. Jim Tierney says:

    I’m really hoping this will open the door for executions of those found guilty of treason and/or sedition. I believe firmly that Barr is about to show the American people what actually transpired in “Russia gate” This should send the rats to countries that have no extradition agreements with the USA. Don’t be surprised when you start seeing demonrats jumping ship.

  33. Kimball Romney says:

    If a person (criminal) has been deemed unfit to live in our society, why should the tax payers support them until death?

  34. trapperwv1 says:

    They should clean out death row in every prison in the country in one week, now that would be a deterrent. If the crybabies want to cry maybe we should execute them too .

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