William Barr is facing the one vote that could turn his life into a living hell

William Barr is in the line of fire.

Democrats and their allies in the fake news media want to see him destroyed.

And now Attorney General Barr is facing the one vote that could turn his life into a living hell.

Democrats in the House are preparing a June 11 contempt vote against Attorney General Barr because Barr refuses to break the law and share secret grand jury material with Congress.

Politico reports:

The resolution would clear the way for the House Judiciary Committee to take Barr and McGahn to court to enforce their subpoenas and are a crucial step for Democrats seeking to accelerate their obstruction of justice investigation against President Donald Trump.

“This Administration’s systematic refusal to provide Congress with answers and cooperate with Congressional subpoenas is the biggest cover-up in American history, and Congress has a responsibility to provide oversight on behalf of the American people,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said in a statement.

Barr has failed to comply with a subpoena for special counsel Robert Mueller’s fully unredacted report and underlying evidence; McGahn balked at a subpoena to testify before the House Judiciary Committee.

The vote, which will take place on June 11, will also include broad authority for congressional committees to take legal action against the Trump administration in future subpoena fights, the Democratic sources say.

Democrats are holding this vote to continue the narrative that Barr is “covering up” the truth about the Mueller report.

It’s all lies.

But after the Mueller report proved to be a dud, the Democrats need a means to continue the impeachment drumbeat.

So they have settled on the fact that the Attorney General is directing a vast cover-up to supposedly prevent the American people from learning the truth about what Robert Mueller really learned during his investigation.

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59 Responses

  1. cg says:

    its time for mr barr to turn the table, bring prosecution for traitor and treason on hillary clinton, and the queer illegal muslim obama
    and watch the excitement begin…..

  2. Jim Norwood says:

    I wish all the democrats would all end up like the designated survivor and get their asses blown to hell and we could start with a clean slate.This country will never be the same every damn one of them is gone out of power and preferably out of the country

  3. Jimmie Chesser says:

    Not sissies they are fussy whipped by Hillary and obrainfart

  4. Jimmie Chesser says:

    Holland bill are the reason that the dems are too lazy to read the report and I am sick of them thinking they rule this country they need to make America beautiful again and both and all the deems need to died burn them so they can’t come back you hear me Nancy and Maxine

  5. Craig Crosby says:

    What he’s being charged with will end up at the Supreme Court. Congress can not force anyone to break the law for their nefarious purposes.

  6. master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

    I agree with you . I was there and obama the raghead and croked hillery have blood on their hands. We were ordered to stand down for over two hours and we moved out disobaying orders. I lost 8 brothers that night. I am glade I am RETIRED and don’t have put up non combat ass holes

  7. june Burgess says:

    There all perverts and criminalsCompany Stats 500+ people:
    1 -29 accused of domestic abuse
    2 – 7 arrested for fraud
    3 – 19 acccused of bouncing checks
    4 – 117 bankrupted at least 2 comanies
    5 – 3 have done time for assault
    6 – 71 dont qualify for vis or MC their credit is so bad
    7 – 14 were arrested on drug charges
    8 – 81 were arrested for shoplifting
    9 – 21 were current defendents in lawsuits when this list was made up in March this year
    10 – 84 of ths companies people just this year (Jan to Mar) were arrested for Drunk Driving


  8. Ish says:

    It’s a toss up as to will they go after Bill Barr. Reason, the Clinton cesspool is so polluted and Hillary and Bill have such deep secret information on all the swamp Republican’s that an unspoken deal will be made. That is to say, If you (Barr) stay clear of prosecuting Hillary, they she will keep all the scummy stuff that she has on many career long swamp Republican politicians! That’s the one thing one does when entering politics if one is going to be a sleazy low life politicians, get as much concrete crap on your opponents so one can threaten to bring out all the dirty stuff on your opponents when and if needed. That’s it..

  9. june Burgess says:

    What pray tell could hebe covering up muellers waste of time investigation that yeilded nothing even at the end mueller said its over/finished. Believe me if barr had hidden something that mueller reported on mueller would be screaming his head off instead of slinking into the sunset

  10. Yo Man says:

    It seems like the DemonRats will be having rulings overturned in the supreme court, and most likely will end up with an average equal to the ninth district clown court with 80% of their rulings overturned by a higher court

  11. june Burgess says:

    exactly, the ploy is to misdirect attention away from the democrats who illegally attempt a coup and should be tried for treason

  12. uncle Dan says:

    Thanks for the word of truth, however the Dems will never admit you are right.

  13. june Burgess says:

    The one with the security clearAnce have FREE ACCERSS to the report redacted AND UNREDACTED, they are trying to force Barr into a criminal act by releasing the unredacted portion, which in itself is not legal. ALL THE congressional DEMS HAVE TO DO IS GET UP OFF THEIR ASSES AND GO VIEW THE REPORT where it is securely protected from those WHO DO NOT HAVE THE SECURITY CLEARANCE TO VIEW THE ITEM. The whole thing is a ploy/a distraction to get the attention away from the democrats illegal activity and to keep Trump and everyone in his administration on the defense instead of the offense because they know jail time will be their future

  14. master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

    Wake up the grand jury is protected by law any dumb ass lawyer knows this. The demogogs are mostly lawyers and know this and Barr will not give this to the commie do nothing democraps that hate amercia and TRUMP. IT HAS SPLIT THIS GREAT NATION AND POWDER IS DRY. This was a failed coup on this country by the slime in DC. Obama crooked Hillery FBI DNC CIA NSA a judge with some guts needs to stand up. Barr is honest and smart and can’t be bought off. He will get all the trators and that’s why the democraps try to bulle Barr. Hate never wins TRUTH WINS.

  15. Harold Lasky says:

    Because the morons in the republic party are a bunch of little Sissy’s and don’t have any balls to fight back.
    It’s time for the Sissy’s start doing what the liberals are doing and getting away with.

  16. june Burgess says:

    it is beyond my comprehension how the dems could even think of holding Barr in contempt when they themselves are in CONTEMPT OF THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM by asking the AG to break the law to comply with their request.

  17. Gregory Sullivan says:

    This eternal witch hunt will never stop, makes me wish that Trump’s predecessor Barblockhead Oblah Blah would’ve been put through the same s*** as Trump is being put through but the Press, Hollywood, the Democrook party, and the Communist Media would make sure that whatever is found on him would be covered up so he wouldn’t of had anything to worry about. I’d like to get news from an unbiased and independent source and investigate this bastard and I bet they’d find a large number of impeachable offenses against that jerk. Donald Trump is going to come out a big winner after all of this and win a second term thanks to those people who are sore looser that hate his guts because they didn’t win in 2016 with their idol Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  18. William J Vital says:

    Their guys were charged with contempt a few times and they made sure NOTHING became of the charges. Now they are trying top do the same thing to our President’s guys. They should ALL be censured, at the minimum.

  19. ROY ROPER says:


  20. PUINISHER says:


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