William Barr has Antifa fearing for their lives after revealing their big secret

Attorney General William Barr isn’t known for messing around.

He gets business done and isn’t afraid to take decisive action.

And William Barr has Antifa shaking in their boots after revealing one big secret.

Since the start of Black Lives Matter riots, the Left and their friends in the mainstream media have been spreading constant lies to cover for their violence.

Some in the media have completely ignored violence, and even said that it was non-existent.

In particular, the media has been working overtime to downplay violence from Antifa.

Their favorite lie relating to Antifa is that it is not an actual group, but rather an ideology of “Anti-fascism,” and that those organizing with them do so organically.

Of course, as the Department of Justice, led by William Barr has proven, that is a lie.

Antifa is a highly-organized group set on destroying the U.S. Government, and the systems of capitalism in order to replace them with Communism.

They have cells across the country, and during a roundtable on community safety held in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Barr revealed that these cells travel to other states to cause their violence.

“They were coming from California, Washington State, a lot from Chicago, and they were coming up to Kenosha. So we expected matters to get worse,” Barr said, while sitting next to President Trump.

Barr went on to explain how the majority of arrests are from people in other areas who traveled to cause violence.

“But these are the same people – many of them who came from out of town – out of 175 arrests 100 were from out of town,” Barr explained. “And some – these are the same people using the same tactics that have been used in various cities: Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, now Kenosha, Portland.”

This destroys the Left’s narrative on Antifa, and Black Lives Matter protests in general.

The Left is using these protests for the express purpose of causing violence and mayhem.

Despite this clear evidence, the mainstream media still tries to cover for them.

Networks like CNN and MSNBC have even gone so far as to claim that it isn’t Antifa and Black Lives Matter committing violence, but rather Trump supporters.

They actually want you to believe that the people burning down buildings, and attacking police are MAGA-hat-wearing American-flag-toting Trump supporters.

Meanwhile, the media flipped their lid when they found out that Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old who went into Kenosha to defend private property – was from Illinois. They tried to portray him as driving halfway across the country to hunt down innocent black people.

But they didn’t bother to mention he actually lives about a 20-minute drive away, works in Kenosha, and was asked by a business owner to help protect his property.
Thankfully, most of America see through the media’s lies.

And the election in November will likely reflect that, with people voting against the mob.

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