William Barr got served with this lawsuit that is Barack Obama’s best revenge

Attorney General William Barr has made his fair share of enemies in Washington, D.C.

None bigger than Barack Obama and his Deep State loyalists.

And now William Barr got served with this lawsuit that is Barack Obama’s best revenge.

Former disgraced FBI lawyer Lisa Page is striking back at the Department of Justice for leaking her anti-Trump text messages.

Page filed a lawsuit claiming the DOJ and FBI violated the Privacy Act by disclosing text messages where she and Peter Strzok discussed a FBI insurance policy to bring down Donald Trump if Trump won the election.

Breitbart reports:

Former FBI attorney Lisa Page sued the Department of Justice and the FBI on Tuesday, alleging information about her was improperly disclosed to the media.

Page’s lawsuit accuses the DOJ and FBI of violating the Privacy Act by “unlawfully” releasing text message exchanges between her and fired FBI agent Peter Strzok, who she engaged in an extramarital affair with while at the bureau. She and Strzok were involved in the investigation of failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s emails, and of the probe into the 2016 Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia. In her lawsuit, the former FBI attorney further claims President Donald Trump used the messages to impugn her character, which she says has garnered her “unwanted media attention that has radically altered her day-to-day life.”

Messages between Strzok and Page showed the pair repeatedly criticizing then-candidate Donald Trump and his supporters, prompting Strzok’s removal from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. “Their discussion of an “insurance” policy has fueled suspicion among Trump supporters that the agency intended to remove Trump from office if he won,” Breitbart News has previously reported.

The development comes after Page spoke out for the first time in a sympathetic interview with the Daily Beast. Her remarks were published ahead of the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report into alleged abuses by FBI in its handling of the Trump-Russia probe.

This lawsuit is how Obama loyalists in the Deep State like Page want to strike back at Barr.

It’s also hypocrisy for a Deep State saboteur like Page to complain about leaks when her comrade in arms routinely and illegally leaked classified information to try and frame Donald Trump and his campaign for colluding with the Russians.

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129 Responses

  1. John says:

    I think Liza is going to have her crotch handed to her on a silver platter in little pieces.

  2. Billy Wilson says:

    Fake news and polls.

  3. Billy Wilson says:

    Just sue her for being a bad person.

  4. leo says:

    your, not ‘you’re.”

  5. Lebo says:

    Let’s get this straight. A lawyer (ha-ha) made secret text mssgs. to plot a treasonous coup by way of bogus charges to impeach President Trump with the approval of Obama orchestrated deep state saboteurs. And now she has the gall to file a law suit? Put that stupid biauch against the wall without a blindfold!!

  6. Jim says:

    High’em high Mr.Barr

  7. Eileen Trent says:

    This lawsuit isn’t about DOJ breaching her privacy.

    Paige is working with Law Fare 2 block the release of unredacted texts between her and Strzok; release of them brings context of FBI conspiracy together.

    Possibly the 2 were actually discussing the assassination of POTUS?!!

    There is a method 2 her madness….

    The more u know……

    And btw bring on the Senate trial!!

    Enjoy the show!

    TRUMP 2Q2Q
    WWG 1 WGA!!

  8. Wondering Woman says:

    The more crooked they are the more they hate exposure. Wonder if Page is having trouble finfing another job & figures a huge settlement will beat welfare. Wonder what she will do when she finds herself paying Barr’s defense lawyer & court costs when she loses her case! Those texts between Page & Strzok were leaked before Bill Barr became A G. Think she knows who leaked anything on her, because the FBI INSIDERS were throwing her under the bus & she realized it, which made her so angry she told the truth when the congressional committee investigting their corruption questioned her and admitted to the truth. She sure made a liar of” innocence proclaiming Strzok” & others. Departing Baker also made a liar of INSIDER traitor Rod Rosenstin trying to pass his offer to wear a wire to tape POTUS because they never examined him when he went to the oval office, as a joke. Baker wasn’t the only one to testify Rosenstein was not joking when he made the offer. An honest & patriotic POTUS teamed with an honest patriotic A G is really scaring the hell out of all these new world order & deep state establishment INSIDERS!
    Suspect that might be because when I went looking to find when & who rewrote the penalty for treason from “hanging by the neck until dead” to a maximum fine of $10 K & 15 years in prison, I couldn’t find anything to verify it had been changed.
    Anyone think this might be another instance where the INSIDERS put what they wanted the law to be & again figured if they repeated the lie long enough it would be accepted as truth! Had to originate in the HQ of the central hub of the new world order’s shadow government, aka as the CIA. Wonder how smothly its going for them now that they can no longer operate openly with each other in their corruption be;cause too many gaps in their protective circling wagons!
    Has to be keeping the CIA busier in coming up with new corruption they keep under the radar of honest government employees. Suspect they’ve also suffered some cuts in financing their corruption & amassing wealth with the decrease in drug trafficking & human trafficking!

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