Two illegal aliens filed a lawsuit that will leave many Trump supporters red with rage

With President Trump in office, Democrats have become openly pro-illegal immigration.

That’s why illegal aliens are getting bolder than ever before.

And two illegal aliens just filed a lawsuit that will leave Trump supporters red with rage.

President Trump is serious about stopping illegal immigration.

He is working to build a wall and remove those already in the country illegally.

Trump is also working to make sure aliens don’t abuse the welfare system in the United States.

Part of that effort is implementing a regulation preventing “welfare-dependent legal immigration.”

That’s why two illegal aliens shielded from deportation due to Obama’s DACA program are suing the Trump administration to ensure they can continue to collect federal welfare.

Breitbart News reports:

Two illegal aliens shielded from deportation by President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program are suing the Trump administration to ensure they can collect federal welfare and still obtain green cards to permanently stay in the United States.

The open borders group CASA de Maryland and two DACA illegal aliens are suing the Trump administration over its soon-to-be enforcement of the “public charge” rule, which would save American taxpayers billions by effectively ending welfare-dependent legal immigration to the U.S.

The regulation prevents legal immigrants from permanently resettling in the U.S. by obtaining green cards so long as they are found to have used or likely to use welfare programs like food stamps and subsidized health care.

The DACA illegal aliens, represented by Georgetown Law’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection (ICAP), want a preliminary injunction to stop the implementation of the public charge rule while the case goes through the courts, calling an end to welfare-dependent immigration “discriminatory” and suggesting the rule is racist against non-white immigrants.

One of the big draws for illegal aliens coming to the United States is the generous welfare program.

Many of those who enter the country illegally are able to abuse the system, ultimately costing taxpayers billions.

But President Trump is working to make sure that doesn’t happen.


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92 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    Didja ever wonder what kind of treatment these people would get if they tried this sh*t in, oh, lets say, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, or ANY country in Africa or Asia?

    I really wish some of these people who are in the country illegally and not citizens who are suing cuz they think their “rights” (to free everything) are being violated, would try it in one of those countries!

    When someone is in a country but not a citizen of that country, they are a guest of that country, but not entitled to any “public” programs available to citizens of said country, while still being subject to that country’s laws.

    If a guest came into your house uninvited and started demanding that you provide everything he (or she) asked for because they have a “right” to it, the only sane thing to do would be to call a cop and have those “guests” asses tossed into jail as a robber, or trespasser. Anyone who thinks that would be a little harsh, should, at the very least, firmly toss that “guests” ass the hell out of your house!

    Remember how well those two guys and a gal out for a “hike” who accidentally strayed into Iran were treated a few years ago? They thought they would simply be let go. After all, not only was their trek into Iran “accidental”, they were Americans!

    How well do you think their Iranian jailers treated them? Like royalty? Humanely? How many times do you think all three were interrogated, beaten and raped during their years of incarceration?

    Back to the present day…any “judge” that allows these “lawsuits” into their courtroom should be removed from the bench and disbarred!

    Illegal aliens are not “guests”! They broke into the house of the U.S.A. and as trespassers have no “right” to be in the country and thus, have strictly limited rights (I could be wrong, but I think it’s limited to humane treatment…but not compensation) guaranteed under our constitution.

  2. tinker68 says:

    If you run into Alaska Woman on this site, don’t pay her much attention and for goodness sake don’t feed her. She is the same as AK lady I believe. All she does is spew hate and fake news non-stop, never nothing else. See her on sites all the time and she never changes.

  3. Janis says:

    And illegals wonder why US citizens want them gone????

  4. Joel Thomas says:

    Since these (2) people ADMIT they are in this country ILLEGALLY———they have NO rights under our justice system for either Civil or Criminal relief!!!!! They MUST be held accountable for their abuse of our hospitality in allowing them to remain (under the ill-advised DACA program)——but they have NO RIGHT to use our welfare system for their benefit!!! If they CAN’T “make it” on their own then they MUST be returned to their “home country” to allow them to “make it” there!!!!

  5. libra says:

    llegal aliens always have the 10 to 15 thousand dollars to pay the coyotes who act as their guides to the border of the USA and help them cross at areas where there is little to no barriers. Then they get on welfare and start drawing welfare.. They also send remittances back to Mexico and what do the taxpayersget–more illegals and more anchor babies and more welfare to pay out.

  6. Alaska Woman says:

    Lie, after lie, after lie.
    It is all the right-wing has.
    Trump has told over 5,000 since taking office …

    • KatahdinView says:

      Are you related to the AK lady, your sure sound like you do, you both are from Alaska, and have no clue waht you are talking about.

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      Saying the democrats are pro illegal immigration is not a lie.
      Pelosi said walls are immoral. Many democrats have said illegal immigration should be decriminalized. AOC calls detention centers “concentration camps”.
      Alaska Woman, do you not pay attention to what people in your own party say?
      Are you just ignorant or a troll?

    • DEM777 says:

      Alaska Woman, where did you hear that President Donald J. Trump told over 5,000 lies? I BET YOU HEAR IT FROM THE FAKE MEDIA.

      Or Did you Count all the times he lied.

      I really feel sorry for you. I have read some of your posts and it is full of hate and lies from the left.

      Satan the Devil is full of lies and hate. The Media follows their god – Satan.

      Trump for 2020!!!!!!!!!

    • William Milot says:

      You can count that high? You’re an idiot, who does your counting MSNBC or CNN because you don’t have axcess to 5000 things Trump said! He hasn’t been in office long enough to have anywhere near as many lies as Hillary, and Obunghole told His WORST LIE before he ever got in! Do any of you remember it “I’M AN AMERICAN, BORN IN HAWAII” his second one immediately followed “I’M A PROUD CATHOLIC” you want to talk about LIES, you just keep loving your Kenyan born Muslim who’s Father was a Terrorist and DEPORTED and we’ll keep on loving the only TRUE AMERICAN we’ve had since Reagan!

  7. Jn says:

    Really??? Their lawyers are not good citizens…..

  8. Mike Flanagan says:

    Simple fix tell those 2 Illegals that if they leave the country we won’t deport all the rest of the Illegal Dreamers.

  9. larry says:

    The two idiot Illegals will not win their lawsuit

  10. Ted says:

    In my shore town in Sanctuary Jersey, thanks to that a-hole demo governor, Philatio Murphy, there is an influx of wetbacks that is unbelievable. Our local Walmart (aka Mexicomart), is so crowded by those greasy, dirty wetbacks that the store has expanded it’s food section to include a lot more of their foods. They come in with their brood of offsprings who play with the toys and ride the bikes in the toy department. Last Halloween a few of the men tried Halloween masks on their greasy faces , loudly laughing and acting like morons, then put the masks back on the racks so innocent people could buy them with the wetback germs on them. They are annoying and truly suck!

    • Nora says:

      Ted, I agree with you, not only Walmart though, they go everywhere, even Costco. Them and their kids are the firsts ones on line to get the samples and don’t even buy the item. They let the kids play with the toys and laugh with them then leave them where they please. The parents think is very funny, let them run around the isles without reprimanding them and the sad thing is the employees cannot ask them to stop or they get in trouble. They have a lot of kids and bring them all along to “shop”. Unfortunately, most of these people who I am sure many are illegals, are not educated and their manners and lack of respect are so bad that their behavior is no different in church. I’ve lived in AZ all my life and have noticed that in the past 2 years or so, the young Latino population has grown dramatically — they are taking over a country they think is theirs, even if they illegals…… and that’s very scary…

  11. Ted says:

    I know quite a few former democrats who have been sickened so much by the democrat agenda, that they are now Republicans.

  12. Alan says:

    If this country were half as bad as these ILLEGAL ENTRANTS would have it, how come they try so hard to enter, and remain here, seems a reasonable question. Could it be that these people are into self abuse, of some other odd custom? I wonder.

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      No they come here for the concentration camps. They get free food and water and medical care in the concentration camps Trump constructed on the border as soon as he got in office, according to AOC and the other twits in congress.

  13. Desert Fox says:

    DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS. No entitlements to anyone from any country who is not a legal citizen and did not pay into Social Security, paid their taxes, and speak English. And take away the anchor baby law.

    • John Varyan says:

      You are correct, these liberal/demorats are ruining this country with their handouts to illegals simply to buy their votes. Crooked Aholes.
      These illegals do vote, make no mistake about that.

  14. Alan says:

    Pure BS. 56% of the students in our local school system are Hispanic. The school can’t ask about their immigration status. NY schools are not allowed to hire any teachers that are not bilingual immigration status. Last performance report. English proficiency 33%. Why? The kids won’t learn English and their parents wont either. Math proficiency 46%. My taxes now up to $10,000. For what? Not to educate illegals?? Sick of it.

    • Alan says:

      I note that you spell your first name as I spell mine, which I have been told is a relatively uncommon spelling, the usual or more common spellings being Allen, and Allan

    • John Varyan says:

      The Demorats are responsible and you got that Ahole Debalsio who is a clown and makes it worse for all LEGAL citizens and Americans. You are correct to be po-ed.

    • Alan says:

      I gave up on NYC, where I was born and raised back in 1967, for reasons I need not go into. Never looked back either.

  15. Mary Johnson says:

    Illegals do not have the right to sue in this country they are here illegally.

  16. Daniel Brofford says:

    No illegal should be able to get money that was put there for American citizens in need. I don’t care what color their skin is. White, black, brown, we need to stop this government from giving away our money. I myself am ready to go to war to stop this government from doing a lot of the things they are doing. They have forgotten that they work for us and we need to remind them in a very strong way.

    • Joe says:

      Even americans should NEVER get a handout. Welfare does not conform to a republic. We are not responsible for ANYONE outside our own family. Period.

      • DEM777 says:

        Joe, where is your compassion! It looks like you have none. I hope I am wrong about that!

        Joe, I lived in Colorado and married a man that had no job at the time. Found out after marriage he was dying. He had no income. I was in my 60s and he was 58. He was sick for many years.

        Only had my income and that was not much. I got on Section 8 and for 2 years waiting for help, received nothing because Section 8 people kept putting us further back on the list, for Illegal Aliens and their kids. (We was told that we would get $300 voucher starting in one much .

        We had no family that would help us.

        He finally got Medicare and had surgery to save his life. But he has been sick for many years and could not work.

        We lived in dumps (that was filthy and had mold and falling apart.

        Not much food to eat like a person should.

        We finally moved out of state.

        Took many years but he improved in his health.

        The Lord Jesus Christ helped us. My husband at age 66 is working for a good company. We got a new car. And living in a okay Townhouse, someday we will move into a very nice play. He is hard to walk up 15 steps on the second floor. My husband can walk the steps better than me at age 69.

        The Lord Jesus Christ takes care of his own, that love him.

        There are people out there that really need help and a hand up.

        I hope that you will never experience some bad happen in your life. Hope that you will have family with you until you die.

        Not all people have family. Not all people have families that will help them.

        My kids throw me away because I married another man. My first husband died. So we had no help.

        Our Family is our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior and Almighty God the Father.

        • Daniel says:

          DEM777 Sounds like you have had it pretty hard. Wake up!! It should piss you off all the more when these illegals steal their way into the country and expect EVERYTHING for free…. provided by the LEGAL citizens of this country.

        • Erindell says:

          Amen, Dem777, God is good all the time. We go through hellish times because God keeps testing our faith. Keep believing, my dear, no matter what.

        • mary brumley says:

          DEM777, So, since The Christ helped you, why don’t you, in gratitude, help others? You could buy a simple home and low mileage used cars as I have done. Then by living simply, you could afford to take in a couple of homeless people and help them get their lives together. That would be a good testimony of your faith, and be much more rewarding to you than living high on the hog would be!

          • DEM777 says:

            Mary Brumley, I NEVER SAID THAT I LIVE HIGH ON THE HOG.

            The Lord Jesus Christ is helping me and my husband. We are still poor but improving.

            I have Diabetes and Meds cost a lot.

            We do not have money to put down 20 percent on a home. Also the houses in our town is mostly bad, the only good home cost over $60,000 and up (We can not afford).

            We have helped others through the years even thought we had not much food and gas to take them where they wanted to go. But we helped them. We have helped different people through the years.

            The Lord Jesus Christ knows what we have done for others. What we have done we give all Praise to Jesus Christ.

            I was writing what the Lord Jesus Christ was doing for us. And our hope is that Jesus Christ will get us a home in the future but if he does not We will still Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for all he has done for us.

            Take Care and please do not judge for you do not know what we have done and did not do.

            Mary, take care and we know that you meant well. It is hard for us all to write clearly, it is always better to speak face to face.

    • Use your power to vote out Dems and Rinos who are all for immigrants legal or not.

    • Daniel says:

      I’m with ya Daniel…… Lock and load!

  17. Jack says:

    This is how we get generations of families on welfare. With our system one person gets in then is able to bring in more and then they all get on welfare and start having children and it just continues.

  18. Peter Smith says:

    Very easy solution to this, deport them. They can return for the hearing and then get deported again.

  19. Irma Vela says:

    Every one needs to be off Welfare except legal indigent immigrants with disabled children and disabled and impoverished elderly. The Rest need to find a job. get an education and feed themselves instead of expecting the shark they hate to feed them.

  20. lou says:

    they say it is racist against non-whites. Then let us paint them white.

  21. Fred says:


  22. CHRIS HINES says:

    While I am sure these two illegal immigrants are just the face of these lawsuits and we shouldnt be mad at them, this group of left morons have no problem using our tax dollars and court systems to try and make a buck. These DACA people have had their whole lives to get US citizen status but just take it for granted it will all work out until it doesnt. I believe the kids who were brought over illegally, but raised here all their lives should be able to become citizens as long as they have no criminal records. But any more brought over now should go through our process and we need to change the laws about illegals who sneak across to have children born here in the the US.

  23. Doris Frazier says:


  24. John says:

    It is all part of the Democratic / Solicalist plan to tie our Presidents’ hands on enforcing our laws and putting American Citizens and America first.
    Just imagine if they win the Senate, House and the White House what damage they will do to our Constitutional Republic. We must stand UNITED agianst this insult to our Freedoms and Republic.

    • John Varyan says:

      Boy, you are so correct, if they get control of the Congress and White House, this country is gone as we knew it when I grew up, I’m 78. This country has deteriorated so badly since Obama got in. The worst times of my life to date.

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      If the democrats keep trying to flood the country with illegal aliens that is exactly what will happen. They will ultimately control the executive and legislative branches of government, and eventually the judicial when they pack it with activist judges. That is what all of this is about. It’s a war for control of the country.

    • Mark morell says:

      The way to stop the illegal invaders is to stop 2 bus loads of illegal gang members at each democrat politicians house and tell them es su nueva casa Y vieja y Viejo we muy rico y teners mucho dinero en la casa.

      Y teners mucho amo por hombres Latina America especiladades companeros MS 13, y quierdas chingada en la culo y sopla verregas largo y grande todo la noche

      • Daniel says:

        I don’t speak a lot of Spanish but I recognize enough of those words to say “That’ll do it! Git R Done!!”

        Larry the Cable Guy for Prez

  25. Harold says:

    Obama granted them welfare not the america People let Obama pay them with the millions he a d Michael stood for taxpayers.

  26. Phillp Owens says:

    Where in our legal system do non citizens obtain the right to file lawsuits?
    Are you telling the American public that anyone in the world has the right to file a lawsuit within the boundaries of the Constitution?

  27. Steve says:

    They should not be able to file a law suite against anyone. They should have been put behind bars.

  28. James Mills says:

    Those wetbacks can kiss my ass, they don’t deserve anything from us. If they fall over dead the only tear I’ll shed is because I’m laughing so damn hard. That are all insects that need to be exterminated.

  29. Taterr says:

    An in this episode it sounds like the IDIOTS are letting Illegals try an tell lawmakers what they can an cant do?Well Im telln ya if all this BS is true we have a REAL problem facing us. An I would wager that REAL Democrats are dumfounded also. Folks our lawmakers cant REALLY be this STEWPID RT? If this is true we need to clean out Congress (LITERALLY) Surely these people cannot or are being bout to say an do all this Crazy Moronic things we read about on a daily basis. Mr P we are behind you But I hope you are fixn to do a SLAM DUNK on these PRIKS.

    enough said

    TRUMP 2020

  30. Rodzzz says:

    There are legal and illegal options in life. It’s your choice.

  31. Don says:

    These people are invading are country. They are illegal they have know Rights. No money no food stamps no housing. Send them back and charge the country they came from. The feds need to . national guard. ICE. Start at the top and push these illegal out give then the chance to run for the border. If cought Deport them. As to voting of cought voting knowing it’s illegal
    Deport them. With no chance of ever coming back.

  32. Ann says:

    Immigration has always been that way. If you didn’t have a sponsor you couldn’t come here. I thought all DACA recipients were hugely successful, contributing members of our society. I used to feel sorry for them. No more.

    • Bibi says:

      You’re absolutely correct. That was the rule when I immigrated legally in US 30 years ago. The sponsor was responsible for you financially so you wouldn’t be a burden on taxpayers.
      So the goal was to become productive on your own which is the reason people came here. Now they are coming to milk the system with no intention to benefit the society, only to drain it.

  33. Johnnie Brooms says:

    When I think of Hilary I am just so proud to be one of those DEPLORABLES!

  34. Ron says:

    Why do courts take lawsuits from non -citizens? The Constitution was written for citizens of the United States. There should be no Veterans who cannot get housing and benefits, no homeless who cannot get help, and no non-citizens receiving any kind of benefits. DACA should be declared unconstitutional.

  35. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Every day I read “bleeding heart” stories about the plight of the poor mistreated illegal aliens.
    What we never hear is that they are responsible for 25-30% of ALL violent crime committed in this country!
    Now only are they a drain on the economy, they’re preying on American citizens. And while doing so, they are mistakenly protected in many “oh-so-tolerant” communities and states.
    Our politicians are working assiduously on laws to punish law-abiding Americans, while completely ignoring the damage illegals cause.

  36. walter says:

    time to fire up the wood chippers

    • KatahdinView says:

      Walter, I agree 100% and I have a nice 12″ chipper for my wood operation that I will gladly donate to the cause, just send them my way I can chip them up and throw them in my swamp and no one will ever know, I like others here in our great country are sick of this we need to keep Trump in office or we are screwed.

  37. DEM777 says:

    My husband and I lived in Colorado a few years ago.

    I had only income at the time. We went to apply for Section 8 and was on the program for 2 years. We are in our 60’s at the time. We kept being bumped back because of Illegal Aliens with their kids. We gave up and told them to take us off the list. We had low income and I received $300 a month voucher. Never received nothing because of Illegal Aliens.

    We moved out of state and finely my husband found a good job. He is 66 years old and I am 69 years old. We are doing so much better.

    It is wonderful how the Lord Jesus Christ takes care of his own. I do not have the time to tell you how my husband got his new job and a better place to live and a new car but Jesus Christ is wonderful and faithful.

  38. Illegal immigrants and homeless are coming in US Because, leftists invitation them with liberals rules and a lot of benefits

  39. Breaker 19 says:

    The Democrats do not know what illegal means. They not only break the laws themselves, but let Illegal aliens do the same. These people are here illegally, have no right to be here. Have no right to receive anything except a deportation order, which they should all receive. Since when do the illegals have rights that the American Citizen doesn’t have?
    Since when does the illegal have a right to vote in our elections? Since when does the illegal have the right to receive welfare and free education? What right do they have to receive anything? It’s a pity the Democrats don’t feel the same compassion for the American citizen that they claim to have for the illegals. They have shown they care nothing for the American people or this country. Getting elected by whatever means it takes, legal or illegal is their only agenda. Throw these people out. Put someone in who will do the job they are being paid to do and that is to work for the American people and this country.

  40. chris says:

    well you know what is funny I live in a red state Tennessee people can get these idiots out like in Nashville which is Blue but they voted out the incumbent Mayor he wanted to make it a sanctuary city when the law in Tennessee is no sanctuary cities in the state at least he didn’t get to do that but I am mad at the republican law makers like they are so afraid to stand up against the idiots on the left I even contacted my representative in my district and he never replied no one got back to me or anything I was complaining about the illegals here that are getting housing and jobs how can these law makers get away with breaking our laws they should go to jail and by damn that would stop the sanctuary cities and everyone except for a hand full of representatives should all be fired my property tax are high as hell and the thought of it going to illegals pisses me off when we have so many homeless people out there and no not all of them are junkies or crazies military these illegals are taken better care of then them so I say wake Americans before it is to late and all our rights are gone but heck everyone from up North is moving here please stop coming Republican representatives represent your districts and quit being cowards

  41. Nellie says:

    They get grants for school. Welfare, food stamps, section eight housing, free health care, low income utilities. Free lunches. Some schools have free breakfast and packed dinner. Lot’s of them addicted to drugs, selling drugs and working for cash.

  42. Frances says:

    This is the problem with the lax demoRat judges letting these illegals get away with murder and making demands on our country. We need to vote all demoRat appointed Obumma judges out of office.

    • Nellie says:

      Yes! Pelosi gave Illegals drivers license and DMV has documents for voting! fraud
      Found in Los Angeles county 1.5 billion fraud votes.
      OUR Military spends 5 years in service and get money for school. My grandson couldn’t get in school because Illegals came first, classes were full.
      Grant money for school doesn’t have to be spent on school.

  43. Gregory Sullivan says:

    It is supposedly illegal to encourage illegal aliens to vote here. Anyone who violates this law is subject to criminal prosecution which would throw the dems in prison. Democrats couldn’t care less about the American people only to get votes to win elections no matter where they come from even they come from illegal sources.

  44. Robert Ratto says:

    There appears to a new definition to the word illegal.Illegal are not valid , have no right to be here and have no right to any of our programs. We do have programs in place for migrate workers and for legal immigration. These people are just trying skirt it. They should be deported because they are violating our laws.

  45. Steff says:

    We need to start a write-in campaign to the Supreme Court to reign-in the activist judges. The judiciary was not allocated the ability to legislate from the bench by the constitution. Unfortunately the Chief Justice of the court appears to be under the control for the most part by the Deep State (most of which concerns the method used in adoption of his children) and now for accepting the criminal bribery for this acceptance. It is high time that he actually be impeached and replaced with a new justice. His statements that there are no Obama or liberal judges in the judiciary system is an outright lie!

  46. Ronald says:

    This is ridiculous the illegals have put in one penny in the system why do we keep rewarding these law breakers! The Democrats should be taking care of American citizens first and our hero’s veterans! Like our President said America first! We don’t own them anything! Get in line like everybody else!

    • Mary says:

      Good or bad.

      I am tired of paying high taxes and getting nothing
      For my mandated donations and be treated so poorly by these commies.

      I will not vote for any Democrat commies who are washing me down the drain.

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