Tucker Carlson’s boss had some surprising news about his future

Tucker Carlson is the face of Fox News Channel.

That makes Carlson a major player in the media world.

And now Tucker Carlson’s boss had some surprising news about his future.

Tucker Carlson is the number one show on the number one cable news network in America.

Both of those facts make Carlson and Fox News prime targets for the Left’s woke cancel mobs.

Leftist activists constantly threaten boycotts against Fox News advertisers in hopes that panicked CEOs will pull their ads off Fox and force the network to conform to the Democrat Party’s talking points.

Axios reporter Sara Fisher pressed Fox News CEO Lachlan Murdoch on the left-wing pressure campaigns and criticisms from leftist media outlets.

Murdoch said the complaints from competitors and left-wing activists about Fox News was the price of being number one.

“I think when you’re in the news business, and you’re number one … you get a lot of heat and it just comes with the territory,” Murdoch told Fisher.

Fisher also asked Murdoch about the media’s latest effort to cancel Tucker Carlson.

Journalists repeated lies about Carlson supporting the “Great Replacement Theory,” which holds that a cabal of Jewish elites opened up America’s borders to mass illegal immigration in order to replace the native-born white population.

Murdoch chalked up the attacks on Carlson as the result of the polarized political world the media currently exists in.

“I think the world is more divided and on edge than it has been, you know, for a very long time,” Murdoch stated. “I think the noise around it, so much of it is politicized … And so, you’ve got to be tough about it.”

Former Fox News reporter Carl Cameron – who outed himself as a left-wing ideologue back in 2017 – went so far as to demand the Biden administration throw Carlson in jail and potentially even sentence him to death over his criticisms of Joe Biden’s open borders agenda.

But Lachlan Murdoch and other Fox News executives won’t bend to the pressure campaigns from the Left.

Murdoch and other Fox executives understand that once they show the first sign of weakness and yank Carlson off the air, Fox’s left-wing critics will only double down on their attacks and push for the network to fire the rest of the hosts of its popular primetime lineup.

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