Tucker Carlson told a truth about Rush Limbaugh that no one was aware of

Rush Limbaugh passed away at the age of 70 due to complications from lung cancer.

The entire conservative movement celebrated his life and accomplishments.

And now Tucker Carlson told a truth about Rush Limbaugh that no one was aware of.

Tucker Carlson opened his show Wednesday with his own eulogy for Rush Limbaugh.

Right now, Carlson is the conservative most associated with fighting Big Tech and corporate America’s attempts to censor conservatives.

But Carlson explained to his audience that it was Rush Limbaugh who pioneered this fight.

“That was a threat to the people who wanted to be more powerful than the Constitution allows, so they tried to silence him. We think of corporate censorship as a new phenomenon, but Rush Limbaugh was fighting it 30 years ago and winning,” Carlson explained.

And that is true.

Liberals spent 30 years trying to organize boycotts and pressure campaigns to force stations to drop Limbaugh.

They failed every time.

Early on in the Clinton administration, Congressional Democrats tried to pass legislation resurrecting the “Fairness Doctrine”.

Ronald Reagan ended the Fairness Doctrine in 1987, which mandated that broadcast networks devote equal time to viewpoint programming.

Nicknamed the “Hush Rush law,” this legislation would have silenced Limbaugh because no radio station could afford to air three hours of liberal radio programming that would attract no ratings and zero sponsors.

That bill died in Congress as the American people realized the Democrats wrote a piece of legislation for the express purpose of silencing one critic.

Rush outlasted all the critics and the haters because he said what he knew to be true and that built a bond with his audience that could not be broken by what we know now is “cancel culture.”

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