Tucker Carlson shut down Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with one truth

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” quickly turned into the centerpiece of the Democrat Party agenda.

Major presidential candidates rushed to endorse it.

But Tucker Carlson shut down Ocasio-Cortez and her pet project with this one truth.

On a recent broadcast, Carlson laced into the “Green New Deal” and set about educating his audience about the truth behind the proposal.

Carlson noted that it was not about the protecting the environment.

If the activists behind this scheme cared about the planet, Carlson said they would be protesting the Chinese – who are one of the world’s worst polluters.

Instead, Carlson described how the real point of the “Green New Deal” was to control every aspect of your lives.

The authors don’t want you driving cars, flying on planes, or eating meat. They want to run every aspect of your life.

RealClearPolitics reports:

“The Green New Deal is a religious document,” the FNC host said. “It punishes America for the sins of its prosperity. The only atonement it offers is turning over control of the entire US economy to the Democratic Party. That’s the indulgence they require. They’re using moral blackmail to get it. Theocrats always do.”

Carlson also called out “screechy moron” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for not telling China to give up coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear power within ten years. Carlson said you don’t see activists demonstrating at the Chinese embassy because “the left loves the Chinese government.”

“If you’re worried about killing polar bears and poisoning fish with mercury, you should worry most about China,” he said. “But nobody in our ruling class is. You don’t see Democratic activists camped outside the Chinese embassy in protest. They’re not demanding sanctions on China. That screechy moron Ocasio-Cortez isn’t telling China to give up coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear power within ten years. No way. The left loves the Chinese government. It’s their model for governing.”

The “Green New Deal” is a new frontier in American politics.

The Democrats are just not admitting they are socialists.

But the “Green New Deal” makes the truth even worse.

This policy proposal the Democrats put forth is not just socialism – its full-blown Soviet style communism.


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125 Responses

  1. Don says:

    Tucker is the best at engaging Democrats on his show every night. He asks meaningful questions about their views on a number of issues, and allows them to respond. He attepts to get honest and meaningful answers to important questions about liberal issues and policies of the Democrat party platform, and where they want to take our country. He exposes them in front of millions of viewers on the most watched news network in America, and I enjoy it immensely!

  2. Peter J Duffy says:

    A fools fool

  3. Carlos says:

    What we’re seeing with AOC and other stupid millennials is the product of decades of leftist indoctrination from schools, media and entertainment. If these imbeciles ever become numerous enough to prevail in most elections, especially national and statewide, this nation as we knew it is gone forever. I don’t think it’ll happen any time soon but the Civil War of 1861 may not be our last.

    • Thomas says:

      The democrats that are pushing to take gun rights away from law abiding citizens, need to realize they. might. be the fist on the list when the next war starts.

    • Angelo Campanella says:

      Millennials are less stupid than they are uninformed, misinformed and under-disciplined. They are deranged with entitlement; that the world owes them a free living while they fully expect to spend their lives in environmentalism; literally tilting at windmills like Don Quixote; that has become their chosen destiny. Some major shock is needed to waken them out of this trance.

    • D. Lucian I. says:

      Carlos: You may be very right that a conflict — of some sort — may occur because of the fanaticism of the extreme faction of the Democratic Party! But — if they want that — they will loose as America has become what it is because of the practicality of its constituents and the New Green Deal is not making much sense! USA is already way ahead of many nations regarding the reduction of pollution in comparison with nations such as China and India, and certainly will be the leader towards the best use of energy for humanity’s future!

  4. Norma says:

    You go, Tucker! Thank you!

  5. victor says:

    all these green people if they want to save the world why don’t they stopped driving cars use an electric or radio and live like the cavemen have a little around the fire with no heat in TV and the only way to get around by horse and buggy and if you think about it all the closes made by machines then they should stop wearing dumb

    • D. Lucian I. says:

      If our society will “get around by horse and buggy” we will have a huge problem to deal with the disposal of the respective excrements, besides the additional sound pollution. There is NO FREE LUNCH!

  6. Texas Belle says:

    Cortez is not the only one who is insane; look at the people who are endorsing her stupid proposals, and look at the people who voted for her. She is gaining a lot of attention but she is too ignorant to realize that most of it is negative because of her moronic communistic stand on major issues. How did this country end up putting such people in office? They are dangerous and could end up ruining this once great nation.

  7. J says:

    Just remember this is coming from the same person that said we could go to the sun if we went at night. I can’t imagine an institution of higher education giving this person a degree in anything. Maybe I have been out too long but in my day you had to pass an exam just to get in.

  8. Carl says:

    The Communists lead by the like sof Soros have always said that they would destroy America from within. They have control of the media, the schools, Hollywood producers, and now the once great Democrat party. They have indoctrinated our uninformed youth to believe that there is a utopia just around the corner. All they have to do is give up their freedoms and march to the tune of those who know. It has happened in other countries and brought them to disaster, poverty, and tyrannical rule. Remember Camelot? Venezuela, Romania, Russia, Greece, Great Britain, France, Spain. Gee they are really doing well. Communist China, the greatest poluter in the world, where workers are paid almost nothing to produce for the state. here workers are jumping out of windows to get away fromthe oppression. And that is what these bone heads in the NEW Democratic party want to infict on us. No way Hosea! Trump keep the faith and rid the world of these lunatics.

    • Cappy says:

      Soros is one of the most dangerous men in the world.
      Just think, as a young preteen in
      WWll Germany he turned in fellow Jews to the NAZI’s. A person with no scruples!
      And he is close to the Clintons as well as other Dems like Adam Schiff

  9. Karen says:


  10. Carl J Bujan says:

    She is a idiot voted into office by idiots.

    • Robert Baird says:

      True but she needs to be watched very carefully!! She’s pushing a very dangerous agenda……..for somebody????

      • A.Osborne says:

        if you believe what the democrats are talking about why not move to China or Russia or Venezuela. Try out their brand of [government] for a year then you will know where this country is headed and it ain’t fpretty. I am in my 80’d and I would hate to see my freedoms taken away becaouse of an air head running my life.

  11. Roger says:

    It is always shocking how OBSESSED Trumpers are with Alexandria O-C!!!! Democrats do not talk about her all the time . . . she is a young radical with lots of enthusiasm and little experience. Is it because she likes to shoot her mouth off without much thought, like Donald Trump? Or is it because you just love to assassinate people’s characters and those who do not follow the simplistic cult of Trumpism? Trumpers surely have no respect for even other GOPers who do not agree withe them 100%.

    • Peter J Duffy says:

      Afraid you don’t get it. Simple fact is Alexandria is an idiot and has little to no clue about how the economy works. Can’t believe the Democrats put her up as the face for thier party. With much help and about 10 years of study she might be qualified to run for dog catcher in a suburb of Guam but only if her policies don’t tip over the island as the Democrats believe will happen if we put any more people on the island…

    • n. wilson oliver says:

      Rog, when you express yourself you leave no doubt why you favor AOC–the two of you are mental defectives

    • Carlos says:

      Democrats absolutely talk about her all the time, there’s never been a freshman Congress member given the amount of TV and other outlets as this idiot is getting! The GOP is responding and refuting all her lies, something the adoring media will never do.

  12. Sam Oliva says:

    Dear God,
    Just how dumb are the voters in New York who elected Alexandria Occasional-Cotex
    thinking she is the smart one?

    • Charlie Moran says:

      I have thought the same thing as you. If AOC is the brightest and finest her district has, nearly all her constituents must drag their knuckles as they walk around aimlessly. I have made the observation: In a battle of brains, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez wouldn’t qualify to receive a participation trophy. Her natural stupidity and ignorance knows no bounds which makes her a shining star in the Democrat Party.

    • truthistruth says:

      Dear Lord,
      Just how dumb are the voters in America who elected corrupt Donald Trump, thinking he is the smart one!?! Trump is SO dumb that he proposed we start a “4th of July Parade with fireworks, and that it “MIGHT” even become a tradition” We have had both for his entire life, and beyond. Trump babbles, repeats himself continually, and shows numerous signs of Dementia. He is so thinned skinned that he has to lie about his height (he is NOT 6’3″ as he claims), his hair and the size of his hands. Trump has no respect for the truth or the law or women.

  13. Rickey Caldwell says:

    If you read anything about the Green New Deal, it’s not about green. I believe it’s actual target audience is the 30 year old somethings in America and below. It’s targeting the impressionable, the gamers, the ones who have massive college debt and can’t get ahead. The college debt that America is already on the hook for and many are in default. The “New Deal” is actually a new apple to hold out in front of the horse that he’ll never get but that horse will keep voting for you. I saw a window sticker yesterday that said, “Work For It”. Americans have fallen away from that roll your sleeves up and get it done to, the Baby Killers will take care of you and we all know nothing is free. The little dummy Cortez thinks that money is just printed paper, the older gen libs want to hang on to her because she’s popular with the lazy mommy’s basement freeloaders, the freeloading Latino’s and just mainly our trash. The Dems have figured out there are more non- contributor voters in the USA than contributors. So they are going to use that vote they bought with our tax dollars to screw us over like the UN-Affordable care act did. If we require a W-2 or a 1099 to vote in the US, how many voters would we have?

  14. Patricia Overbey says:

    Tucker is 100 % correct all of this is to control your life along with all the free health care college etc etc oops also so the millioaire down the street also owes you half his earnings so every one can be equal. Heloooooo AOC humans are not equal.

  15. Grampa says:

    the left will use this centerpiece to see just what the minions will accept with all the lies they try to force upon us. she has a big mouth and has gained confidence because she has had some TV exposure. she is now the star of the left. the people of the left will let her dig her own grave. when the people begin to push back the left will try to present themselves as moderate showing her as too far left and toss her under the bus. she will become the fated goat ready for sacrifice. We have seen many times what happens to people who dont follow the party principle in lockstep. they have accidents or shoot themselves six times in a terrible suicide. they need a sacrifice that will keep the others in line——–Grampa

  16. Jon says:

    This AOC needs to be publicly humiliated and embarrassin So she will not show her cock sucking face again! Just think, she could had been great but she chose the sewer. She is wasted female flesh. Go back to your pole dancing at the bar. You lied about being a bartender!

  17. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    The Demoncommiecrats are making money off the Chinese just as they are making money off of leaving our border with Mexico wide open for the toxic sludge to continue to flow in.

  18. Gregory Sullivan says:

    AOC was elected by a bunch of mental midget brainless voters with the backing from the Dorkocrat party. It’s sad that we have such stupid people who were gulled into voting for this vermon.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Gregory the 14th Congressional district of NY has been strictly Democrat for decades it is just that the last Demoncommiedumbocrat did not bend over backwards enough to serve the deadbeat dregs of the 14th Congressional district of NY and that is why he was ousted.

      • Mike Dar says:

        When only 10% of registered voters show up in a Primary and his opponent gets ‘6%’ I would say there was a lot of effect from assumption of winning.. to say… he wasn’t ousted.. he didn’t run on a platform, he didn’t provide a platform.. AOC won by capitulation as to competing platforms, she won by a default of the incumbent….. ousted? How can a person be ‘ousted when there wasn’t any competition? The ‘ousted didn’t compete for his seat and freeloaders did show up, ‘6%’ showed up… ‘6%’ is hardly a measure for competing policy models to have been measured……….. the best comparison I can think of is a ‘freak accident’.. she was a freak occurrence, which won’t likely happen twice(2020). Especially considering she is entirely a media constructed person and POLICY construct.. I’m pretty sure ‘Media’ will enjoy destroying her as much as they enjoy creating her.

      • bomber7090 says:

        Not true really. He assumed reelection and only 4% voted in the primary. Dhe will have an opponent in 2020.

    • jon says:

      hay you can’t fix stupid and as an ex Bronx NY born American I am so glad my parents immigrated to Florida 58 years ago and sadly a lot of people from the left are leaving both NY and californica due to high taxes bad government and no freedom to defend your self from the criminals both on the streets and in office. oh and no gun zone work real well, Just look at how it stoped the last active shooter and background checks well they missed him too.

  19. summer says:

    Every where you look here in Ga The group Piedmont Health Care which started in Atlanta Ga, has merged. bought and put up signs with their name all over the hospital’s, medical businesses and Dr offices across Ga and other states.

    They are taking over wal green’s pharmacy clinics, renaming them Pied Mont Health Care.
    This group has taken over my Doctors office I was told by him the group
    is requiring any one on Medicare to have a wellness exam that includes a cognitive exam .
    This all was put in place by Obama after his Obamacare kicked in.

    After President Trump took office and the mandate was taken away from Obama care , My Dr. stopped the cognitive exam.

    My Dr. explained to me that after Piedmont took over there, they were told to resume the exam.
    Googling them I came across many link’s , one in there explains what looks like they are not a fan of Trump getting rid of Obama care ;

    https://piedmonthealthcare.com/trump-signs-executive-order-that-could-undermine- obamacare/

    I think This group is taking too much control of health care matters and I also feel it gives them too much power of the health care system.

    • summer says:

      What has this subject have to do with AOC, health care is one more thing she has crazy ideas about.
      I just have a uneasy feeling about The group Piedmont Health Care showing up every where and worried that /trump-signs-executive-order-that-could-undermine- obamacare/.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      I have heard of Walgreens they are nationwide I have one 1/2 block from the front door of my apartment building, it has an Aurora basic care medical facility here in the northeastern WI area we have nerve heard of Piedmont.

      Hmmm!, guess that is because they are very small and exist only in GA well embracing that tyrannical ACA that is about as popular as they will get, election fraud and corruption does run rampant in the southeast so bowing at the feet of Obama does not surprise me.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Just to add, of what states are you referring to?

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Pardonne moi, I meant to say I live 1/2 block from a Walgreens.

  20. dlmstl says:

    Seven years post Boston College, and at this time last year she’s a barmaid serving drinks and platters of nachos at a NY watering hole?!! Once San Fran Feces Nan feels AOC, the Palestian wacko and Somoli escapee are becoming distractions, look for some serious ‘kneecapping’. It’s already time for 2020 campaign fund raising. Cutting off DNC funding and finding primary challengers may already be in the works.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Not sure any action on the part of extreme Dementia infected Piglosi against the actions of Occasional Cortex instills any confidence in me in the sad state of affairs in our nation due to the sins of politicians.

  21. Camile says:

    Who elected her, peoples with no brains like herself.

  22. anthony earnest perugini says:

    build the wall

  23. FRED says:

    MAGA = Make Alexandria Go Away

  24. Kevin says:

    Anybody that gives this AOCotex bitch any credence is just giving this FORREST GUMP sounding, Mr. Ed lookin, numb-nippled indictment 2 the American Education System a platform 2 spew her moronic and enept, idiotic, narsasistic, slobber and the only thing that would help is a lobotomy, I’m talking full frontal 2!!????????????????????
    No more platform 4this douche bag!!

  25. jewait says:

    Just think about the people that voted her in and there is more out there like them.

  26. Ronsch says:

    As Miami and New Orleans sink under the sea everyone will realize that something will have to be done, but it will be too late. AOC is right, we have 12 years to mount a WWII effort or the future of your children and grandchildren will be dire. It amazes me that conservatives spend very little of their time actually investigating climate change and instead rely on a couple of denier blog posts that pretend to not having been debunked by climate scientists. All anyone has to do is note the changes that are happening, the melting glaciers all over the world, for example. Already water supplies and hydroelectric power is threatened all over the world. Wake up you guys. All sources of carbon dioxide are causing it, and that includes cattle production. Meat is going to get very expensive. Young people, like AOC, are paying attention to this because their future is at stake. If any of you have children, like me, seven grandchildren, you need to pay attention. Real attention, not just to Fox News.

    • Ron Logan says:


    • Paul says:

      … please seek some help. You only have a few years to get your affairs in order.
      GET A GRIP!

    • JIM says:

      The oceans have moved before and they will again no matter what all the big mouthed democrats say. You can’t control climate you dumbass fools.

    • Joe says:

      Your a moran

    • Gene says:

      Are you really being serious?? What were the CO2 levels during the Mesozoic Era? Was there any industry? What happens when CO2 drops… oh wait that’s what trees need to produce oxygen!! What do crops need… oh wait, they need CO2 as well. Get a grip and get educated!

    • Michael Lawrence says:

      With over forty academic years as a Theologian. Designer, mathematition, systems analyst, and Political Scientist, I can say unequivocally that climate change is real, but not catastrophic as the alarmists portray. The trajectory of climate change from the earths creation billions of years ago is steadily stabilizing. There are more than 40 major elements and forces that go into the creative design that regulates our climate. C02 is a natural element that we are symbiotic with, is part of all the resources of modern civilization, ( your body is approx 20% carbon,) and is the vital element for the florishing of plant and ocean life. CO2 has no affect on global temps. The Mt St Helens eruption released more carbon into the atmosphere than man has since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

      Paleoclimatalogists reveal there was more C02 in the atmosphere during certain Ice ages than in more temperate times. Weather extremes are constantly being confused with climate change. A big part is the simple fluxuation of earths orbit, from elliptical to more round, and axial rotation causing hotter summers and colder winters during eliptical and more temperate during round.

      Scientist have finally realized the Ozone is designed to open and close to release too much harmful elements and regulate UV rays. The miniscule amounts of FC’s, C02, freon and other potent chemicals man has and contunues to release into the biosphere is only measured in decimal parts per million. Mankind currenly occupies only 10% of the worlds landmass. Our world was designed by higher intelligence’s that foresaw the necessity of creating a self cleaning and self filtering atmosphere. There are 7 layers just like the multi layered water filter systems used today.

      The other misconception is that carbon based fuels are limited. Man has only been extracting petrolem and gas for a very short time. The charlatan alarmists and greedy oil corps both are guilty of perpetuating this lie. The earth is a perpetual petroleum and carbon producing mechanism. Scientist’s are revealing wells filling back up once thought dry over several decades and realize there is biogenic (fossil) and abiogenic (contemporary biomass being heated by the volcanic layer surrounding the earths core constantly creating oil and gas.

      The other myth is that renewable energy is clean. Every aspect of the fabrication of solar panels, wind and water turbines requires the use, power and resources of carbon fuels and material, ie., plastics, metals, glass, heat, electricity etc. All of modern civilization is built upon carbon, ie., transportation, buildings, appliances, phones communication, etc.

      Yes there are pockets of pollution that need to be addressed and that is being accomplished by technology as ever more efficient catalytic converters are being applied to all carbon producing vehicles and industries.

      In the final analysis you can embrace positively the modern future as technology leads to an ever more safe secure civilization. Which is the faith and belief that the Greatest Scientist, God, has his administration directing mankind in the usage of our natural resources. Or you can embrace fear and faithless superstitions, move to a hippie commune, abandon all modern life and live in an agrarian Medieval world. That means to stay true to your ideal of a non carbon existence: no phone, car, appliance’s, and no fires as that releases carbon. You must become a raw food vegetarian and everything made from wood and fibre. Your choice.

    • Nancy L Lipkins says:

      Your crazy

  27. trapperwv1 says:

    She got elected with 15,000 votes , not hardly representative of even an average sized city in the US, why does she think she has that much power. She is too stupid to realize the dems are using her as a distraction and she will be squashed like a bug when they are done with her. Screechy moron , now that is a good one.

  28. This crazy bitch is all for getting rid of cows because they fart (which produces methane gas…..true) but if cows fart don’t all other animals fart? Come to think of it…..I’ve never met another being that didn’t fart!! Bet ole crazy bitch has tooted a time or two in her life!! So what’s her solution to this little problem?

  29. twil says:

    without air travel this “new green deal” would keep us all restricted to the Continental United States where the democratic party would be able to keep better tabs on us, we would no longer be citizens but subjects.
    This is just another form of the democratic parties tyranny.

  30. J says:

    The big question is, “why is the media and the conservative rags giving her so much air time and exposure. Even Fox News seems to have already given in to her as though she is the new standard. Where is the daily reporting and building up of the constant accomplishments of President Trump from Fox news? Where is all of the positive reviews and stories of the future direction of the Trump Train?? Even Fox is one sided.

  31. Martha Donahue says:

    MAGA make Alexandria go away!

  32. Don says:

    I agree with Deborah, “Who are the 2% that agree with “The Green New Deal”?

    • Billy Vincent says:

      Yes. Who are they???

      • Nate says:

        Well, one person is AOC, some of her family members, she has got to have that dumb ass Maxine Waters on her side, Nancy secretly possible, the country has more dumb asses than can be believed, how do these morons get elected in the first place and once elected, hold the flock and get followers. Case in point Maxine Waters- she surprisingly has followers! I can’t believe all the live in California are that stupid? there must be a majority.

  33. Deborah says:

    It is not a joke to all the freebie grabbers

    • Nate says:

      President Gerald Ford said it best and I quote,”Once a Government is large enough to provide you all you need, you have a Government that will take all you have”.

  34. Beth Mulvihill says:

    Obama started the downfall of America and LWNJS and their Democrat masters keep,chipping away! One morning everybody will wakeup to communism!

  35. Marsha says:

    Her plans make me afraid of what she is trying to do when she honestly does not have brains enough to honestly think before she speaks. Even my grandchildren are afraid of what she is trying to do to America and they are only beginning high school.

  36. Tom Hall says:

    Time to act is now remove her Pepsi the muzzles. Waters Shummer etc and dastard with a new congress.In fact WE DON’T NEED ANY DEMOCRATS.its amazing how all I write vets misspelled and distorted

  37. Tom Hall says:

    Time to act is now remove her Pepsi the muzzles. Waters Shummer etc and dastard with a new congress.In fact WE DON’T NEED ANY DEMOCRATS

  38. Yvonne says:

    She is a dum dum

  39. Wonder how many people realize America was on brink going down do 8 years of Obama working hard take America apart please George Soros.it just matter of wrong people working in Congress and over America, i happy Trump our President Hilary would had us all screwed over by now

  40. Michael Wilson says:

    She is an attention whore that loves the limelight. She’s fried whatever brain cells she had with drugs.

  41. TooLateNoww says:

    The title of the article is “Tucker Carlson shut down (AOC) …”
    You can’t shut down a Demokrat. They have NO SHAME; therefore, they cannot be shamed. The y have NO CONSCIENCE; Therefore, they cannot be made to feel guilty. They have no intelligence; therefore, you cannot prove how intelligent you are. You can’t beat them; because, all they have are love of FREE STUFF and HATE.

    • Tom Hall says:

      We beat them in the civil war.They started slavery.we need to finish the job and end that entirecparty now

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        NO they did not “start slavery:; slavery was ancient before Jesus was born and has been practiced in EVERY part of the world by all races against each other. LEARN some actual history instead of leftist talking points, for a change.

      • Richard Bushong says:

        We need to end all party’s and elect people with integrity instead of lying pandering politicians. The party’s should be outlawed.

      • reality check says:

        The former members of the Civil War in the south are now republicans – – – and they changed from Democrats to Republicans because northern Democrats support the Civil Rights Act of 1965 and that ALL Americans have inalienable rights. Slavery was not started in the USA, but it was supported and prolonged by those who are now members of the GOP. Look at the GOP today, they are about as diverse as a loaf of white bread and have become a party so radical, that they hate the moderate Republicans, referring to them in disdain as “RINOs”.

    • Michael says:

      The open-borders Marxist Democratic Party has declared war on America. Recent Antifa chant: “NO BORDERS, NO WALL, NO USA AT ALL!!” How can you reason with fanatics that want to destroy your country? You just can’t. All you can do is choose sides, and it’s obvious which side the Democrats are on.

  42. Kerry miller says:

    Do you notice she only appears on CNN and msnbc and such. She won’t goto a news network like Fox and be ask questions by somebody like Tucker Carlson or Laura ingram..

  43. Cheryl says:

    She is: stupid, anti-American, anti-prosperity, anti-freedom, anti-liberty, anti-Israel, anti-democracy, pro-Communism, pro-Fascism, pro-totalitarianism, pro-Marxism, and very very dangerous. Please help the American citizens from her “insane” and dreadful ideology.

  44. Carolyn says:

    I’llhelp pay her wy.

  45. AOC should be sent to North Korea on a 1 way flight…period!!!

  46. msater Gunny Sgt says:

    She is dum as a box ove rocks.A true dum ass democrat not fit to be in office.

    • Terry says:

      She is not fit to be in office but what she has to offer will appeal to all of the other dumb as a box of rocks dim wits which are most likely in the majority, add in the illegal vote, and wala America is done and we are a commi third world hell hole. This is alc’s wet dream.

  47. Caesar Meledandri says:

    This screechy idiot continues to put forth Communist ideology and the stupid Democrats are all on board. When will the idiocy end???

  48. Diana says:

    This woman is insane! I don’t know how she got elected! I guess the ppl who voted for her are idiots and they don’t have a brain!! And the demonrats who go along with her are idiots too!!

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