Tucker Carlson made a surprising on-air confession about this big-name MSNBC host

Tucker Carlson is the number one host at Fox News Channel.

A staple of Carlson’s show is exposing how the corporate media works alongside the regime to promote the Democrat Party narrative.

And Tucker Carlson made a surprising on-air confession about this big-name MSNBC host.

Tucker Carlson delivered a fiery monologue ripping into the Biden regime for sending armed FBI agents on parents who protest at school board meetings over Critical Race Theory and mask mandates in schools.

Attorney General Merrick Garland released a memo ordering the FBI to develop strategies to surveil concerned parents at school board meetings and arrest them if they intimidate, harass, or threaten school board members.

Since those terms are never defined, the FBI can now threaten any parent who criticizes the Biden allies’ plan for schools with arrest.

Carlson noted that MSNBC hosts and guests celebrated this ruling and were thrilled at the prospect of the FBI arresting parents at school board meetings.

In his opening monologue, Carlson cited MSNBC host Nicole Wallace – who Carlson claimed was “loathsome” – as an example of someone he would defend if the government ever decided to violate her civil liberties based on her political beliefs.

“We almost never use her name on the air. Nicole Wallace is the physical embodiment of virtually everything that is wrong with this country,” Carlson stated.

“She is, in a word, loathsome,” Carlson added. “But let’s be completely honest, if the federal government ever decided, and then declared publicly, that Nicolle Wallace was a terrorist for her political opinions, we would unhesitatingly leap to her defense — with maximum vehemence.”

Carlson said he would defend Wallace “instantly” out of principle “because we believe in civil liberties.”

The Biden regime does not believe in the American tradition of free speech and open debate.

Instead, the overriding government principle of the Biden regime appears to be that if your views contradict the Left’s, Big Tech should censor you online and the FBI will arrest you.

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