Tucker Carlson asked one question that destroyed the RINO traitors supporting gun control

10 RINO traitors in the Senate signed on to the biggest gun grab in nearly 30 years.

Conservatives are fighting back.

And Tucker Carlson asked one question that destroyed the RINO traitors supporting gun control.

Texas RINO John Cornyn led a group of ten anti-gun Republicans to accept the largest gun control package since the 1990s.

The gun grab includes red flag confiscation laws and an expansion of the national gun registration database.

Tucker Carlson slammed Cornyn for using Democrat Party talking points such as “sensible” levels of gun control.

“There’s two things to notice about that soundbite, which is just so revealing. The first is the use of the term sensible. That is a Democratic talking point approved by the DNC, ‘it’s sensible gun safety regulation.’ So here you have John Cornyn taking Nancy Pelosi’s language, he’s doing it on purpose. And then you hear him describe anyone who disagrees with him—why would you disagree with John Cornyn? Well, according to John Cornyn, anyone who disagrees with him is ‘concerned about the politics’ of red flag laws. Not the wisdom of red flag laws,” Carlson stated.

Carlson then got to the meat of the issue by citing a tweet from anti-gun California Congressman Eric Swalwell – who once fantasized about using nuclear weapons against gun owners – saying conservative commentator Ben Shapiro opposing woke transgender ideology in schools was reason enough to deny him a gun.

Carlson warned that Democrats would use red flag confiscation laws to go after their political opponents and take guns away from conservatives.

“What would qualify as a trigger for gun seizure in the view of Eric Swalwell under the red flag laws that he supports and now Republicans in the Senate support? On the basis of quoting the founding documents of the country we live in, Eric Swalwell says the police should show up at Ben Shapiro’s house and take his firearms away. Does anybody, even Eric Swalwell, who is deranged, believe that Ben Shapiro is a violent threat to anyone? No, of course not. Ben Shapiro is an ideological threat and an ideological threat is the only kind of threat people like Eric Swalwell actually care about,” Carlson added.

To prove his point, Carlson brought up the fact that Hunter Biden lied on a firearms background check form by falsely claiming he was not addicted to drugs at the time he purchased a gun.

Carlson wondered if anyone would use a red flag law to take Hunter Biden’s guns away.

However, Carlson answered his own question, saying that since Hunter Biden was part of the regime, the law didn’t apply to him.

“Is anyone going to red-flag Hunter Biden, who lied on a Federal drug form, who is a drug addict carrying an illegally obtained weapon? No, of course not, because red flag Laws aren’t designed to punish the politically loyal,” Carlson declared.

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