Trump is smiling from ear-to-ear after getting a win that nobody thought was possible

The left-wing media wants you to believe that Donald Trump is failing as a president.

But time and again he proves them wrong with massive victories.

And now he is grinning from ear-to-ear after scoring a win nobody thought was possible.

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump spoke with a confidence no other presidential candidate ever has.

He didn’t try to argue that he would be a good president: he argued that he would be the greatest president in history.

On the campaign trail he stated he would “be the greatest jobs president.”

And as it turns out, he wasn’t lying.

In fact, a new poll shows that Americans are more confidant in the job market than ever.

The poll, by Gallup, shows that 71% of Americans have confidence in the job market.

Since Gallup began polling, they’ve never seen close to that number.

The Daily Caller reports:

Americans’ confidence in the job market is at a record high, a new Gallup poll shows.

The poll shows confidence in the job market at 71%, the highest among Americans since Gallup started polling the statistic in 2001. The poll also found that 51% of Americans say that current economic conditions are excellent, and 54% say the economy is good.

GDP has exceeded 3% growth in consecutive years after never having reached 3% in eight years under President Barack Obama’s leadership.

The unemployment rate also hit its lowest mark in nearly half a century last year, and statistics reported by the Department of Labor last month showed the lowest amount of workers claiming unemployment benefits since 1969.

Despite these huge numbers, the mainstream media continues to claim that President Trump is going to lose re-election in 2020.

To many of his supporters, this is ridiculous.

Trump has the same message as he did in 2016.

In the 2020 election though, he’ll be able to point to real results he’s achieved since taking office.

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108 Responses

  1. Grandmas Mad says:

    We NEED Voter ID…or we will NEVER win another Election….

  2. marleen davis says:

    Ronsch, you complain about the people who grow our food, but have no complaint about the millions and millions that are being paid to illegals for coming into our country, doing nothing but taking from us, many that are raping and murdering and pillaging and you have the gall to say we should not help our Farmers? You are insane and demented., We have enough trouble feeding our own and yet the democraps want us to feed illegals, give them free housing and free medical care and educate them. You must be on the dole as well because you sure as hell are not a Patriot.,

  3. june Burgess says:

    ArchAngel, absolutely right !!!! And Winder your said one thing iand then contradicted yourself in the second. just like a liberal to speak “doubletalk” LOL Looks like the people on food stamps actually went to work WHEN THE JOBS CAME BACK, WILLIAM SAY THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  4. june Burgess says:

    Need a like button with exclamation points.

  5. june Burgess says:

    ronsch, you cannot believe what you wrote, fiction has no place in politics. Trump cut down on WH staff saving taxpayers 22 billion , no one needs the number of family members as “secretary or aides” as moochella did or take hundreds of friends and families around the world with them at taxpayers expense. Obozo spent more than EVERY PRESIDENT BEFORE HIM COMBINED and left the next president to deal with the ever expanding budget. Trump doesnt take his salary but donates back. Trump cators to the AMERICAN people not the world and certainly not to the immigrants. We need to get the laws changed so that instead of letting them (illegals) loose here they get returned to where they came from in a timely manner. If we do not have the manpower to process them then out they go right back home

  6. Ronsch, you must be a typical Trump hater.
    Clinton erased the government debt?
    During Bill Clinton’s Presidency, he dealt with Newt Gingrich and a Republican majority Congress who did all the legislation but as usual Clinton, the Democrat at the White House bc took all the credit. Those who claim Clinton was a successful President never mention let alone acknowledge that it was a Republican Congress that did all the beneficial and productive legislation for him. Just ask former Speaker be Next Gingrich.
    It is no surprise that Obama like his Democrat predecessor at the WH wants to get all the credit for a successful first two year governance of President Trump.

  7. ANA says:

    2020 TRUMP.

  8. Nellie says:

    I do a lot of polls, involved with community service, rehab for drugs and alcohol.
    Close the borders and we need the wall. Lot’s of crime. Home invasion, kidnapping, murder, domestic violence,sucides. Gangs.

  9. Jim says:

    Right on!

  10. Hunter Wood says:

    Trump supporters, don’t march in the streets, don’t respond to polls, pay no attention to the dung flinging media whom is know to lie, distort, reword, leave out, jerks like don lemon, jo and mika, madcow, are not listened to or given any merit, etc. Trump supporters are the working, the tax paying, self supporting, home makers, property owners, the military, the police, the honest, the people with virtue, and they do not see Trump as a sinless man, nor has he claimed to be, but see him as a warrior. He is liken to Patton, hell bent to do his job. Trump has the one thing that the democrats can not overcome. That is the will and determination to do what is best for the nation. The democrats will fail because they only want what is best for the democrats.

  11. ronsch says:

    Trump’s trade war is cratering the world economy, and it will sink the American economy in the next year. He has no chance of being re-elected. He has had the government provide 28 billion dollars in federal aid for Midwest farmers, but there is no hope for them. That will become obvious before next year. Who is going to vote for Trump when they have had to file for bankruptcy?

    Clinton erased the government debt. Trump is adding a trillion dollars to the debt each year. In fact, check the facts, Democrats are always better for the economy than Republicans. When did the Meltdown happen? Bush’s Presidency. When did the Savings and Loan Meltdown happen? Reagan’s Presidency as well as a recession. Republicans are bad for the economy because they are owned by their wealthy donors.

  12. Randall clark says:

    Donald trump, has been the BEST PRESIDENT, this country has ever had!! ANYONE , who does not like the president, hates him because he is taking congressional hands, out of OUR pockets, and OFF OUR MONEY!!! THAT IS THE SHEER REASON THEY HATE HIM!!! THEY WILL GET, WHATS DUE THEM!!

  13. William Winder says:


  14. William Winder says:

    72′ to 76′ Jack. MOS 18B, ASI B4…and I’m not at liberty to discuss where I was or what I did with you or anyone else.

  15. William Winder says:

    72′ to 76′ Jack. MOS 18B, ASI 4B…and I’m not at liberty to discuss where I was or what I did with you or anyone else.

  16. William Winder says:

    John, tell me, if you can, exactly what does the ‘America’ that you and all the other Trump supports want look like? And please tell me when we were ever not great and why. I hear all these MAGA slogans but haven’t found anyone who can enumerate the exact benefits they have personally received from this administration and what that ‘Great America’ they want to see a return to looks like.

  17. William Winder says:

    Archangel III, a 6 year old could have done the same thing. If you simply remove all restrictions on business…protection for the consumer, the investor, the environment and let business run wild, then you’re going to see business run wild. That’s not necessarily a good thing…or don’t you remember the ‘Great Recession’…

    And for all those people off food stamps, doesn’t that kinda kill the idea that all those people on food stamps…the ones receiving government assistance, don’t really even want to work? Looks like they went to work when they got the chance.

  18. William Winder says:

    I’ve had excellent care at the DeBakey VA Medical Center in Houston. The secret to receiving that kind of care anywhere is going in with some knowledge of what’s ailing you and the ability to communicate that to your provider.

  19. William Winder says:

    Darren, you need to do a little more reading about history. The NAZI party was the ultimate far right party.

  20. Archangel III says:

    You’re right Joe. Let’s get a head count here…
    Dumocraps on the economy…Impeach Trump
    Dums on Jobs… Impeach Trump
    Dums on border security… Impeach Trump
    Dums on unemployment… Impeach Trump
    Dums on the military… Impeach Trump
    Dums on ISIS… impeach Trump
    Dums on Dums…. Just plain Dum

    Ok… Get the picture?…. Now get ready…

    Trump on the economy… 3.3% GDP growth!
    Trump on jobs… 6 million in under 3 years!
    Trump on border security… His main goal!
    Trump on unemployment… 3.6%, Lowest in 49 yrs!
    Trump on the military… Badass enough to defend all allies and defeat ISIS!
    Trump on ISIS… All but defeated!!

    Also… Under the Trump presidency… Lowest unemployment for Blacks, Hispanics and Women in history… 4 million Americans off of food stamps… 1.3 million out of poverty… Wages up 3.5% in the last 2 and a half years… Finally building the border wall… Finally improving the VA big time that Obama never bothered with knowing how bad it was getting…And finally… The Dumocraps are so hilariously desperate that Obama’s been going out pathetically claiming credit for everthing President Trump has accomplished… That’s just freakishly mental.

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