Trump couldn’t stop laughing at a top Democrat’s new conspiracy theory

The Democrat Party has become so insane that sometimes all one can do is laugh at them.

President Trump knows this better than anybody.

And Trump couldn’t stop laughing at a top Democrat’s new conspiracy theory.

Since President Trump has taken office, the Democrat Party has been jumping onto any conspiracy theory to try to avoid the fact that America supports Trump’s message.

The most popular and destructive of their conspiracy theories has been the Russia Collusion Hoax.

For two years, Robert Mueller led an investigation, which made it virtually impossible for Trump to do anything, just to prove that conspiracy theory false.

Despite that, some Democrats still jump onto the theory, and even expand on it.

Sen. Cory Booker, who is running for president, expanded on it by claiming Trump only won Michigan in 2016 because Russia was suppressing the votes of black Americans.

Breitbart reports:

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) claimed during Wednesday evening’s Democrat presidential debate that part of the reason President Donald Trump won Michigan in the 2016 election was due to Russia suppressing the votes of black Americans.

“We lost the state of Michigan because everybody from Republicans to Russians were targeting the suppression of African American voters,” said Booker. “If the African American vote had been like it was four years earlier, we would have won Michigan.”

President Trump won Michigan by a margin of 0.23%, with 47.50% of the votes over the 47.27% of then-Democrat White House nominee Hillary Clinton. Political observers attribute the president winning the state to his support from white working-class voters, a group for normally votes Democrats.

Booker made similar comments about Russia’s so-called suppression of African-American votes before the Urban League Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, last Friday, saying instead of President Trump addressing the Kremlin’s actions, the president has treated Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “pal.”

A Senate Intelligence Committee report on Russian interference efforts states the panel’s own two-year investigation could not find evidence that any votes were changed by Russian hackers.”

Cory Booker seems to think there were Russians running around Michigan preventing black people from going to the polls.

His theory is so delusional that the only response is to laugh at Booker.

One can guess that is exactly how Trump responded when he heard Booker’s insane claim.

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90 Responses

  1. Alan Gooch says:

    Liberal democrats go set yourself on fire with gasoline! US conservative republicans will be there to put you out you poor darling victims. Just cannot make it in a level playing field. It has to be tilted in your favor for you poor victims to stand a chance in life. I know the game is rigged against everyone that was not born white. White privilege is the problem ,you say. I say if all put in equal effort you would get equal returns. Some are born with the silver spoon but many are not and have to make a success the hard way. This means hard work. For a business owner this means years of extra hours no extra pay. All extra pay goes back into the company. This is the life of real working people. Then you have the cry baby victims they cannot ever make it without abundant and frequent handouts by the Government. These are just like the illegal in this country riding for free never paying their share and we all have to support them,the democrat party says.I do not want to be a party to that. If you are too lazy to work and make a living ,you should starve. It should not be our responsibility to rescue everyone in life.

  2. Colleen La Rose says:

    Don’t you know….this is a conservative ploy…see we send mindless twits the right-wing blogs, & hide the unsubscribe link, so maybe you mindless libs may actually read the TRUTH & mayhaps spread the truth to your buddies…. Ain’t we conservative pretty clever??? Have a nice day leroy

  3. Leroy says:

    Take me off of your damned email list,I did not ask for you and you show no place to unsubscribe!

  4. walkedAway Liberal says:

    &&& YOU The SAME ! For the
    ‘Destroying LEFT___Can YOU SEE that?
    Don’t Be Sooo ‘Sanctimonious’.

  5. William Carrasquillo says:

    Will, you’re a very good example of what the problem in America really is. We have a duly elected President that deserves the respect whether he’s Obama, or if he’s Trump. It matters not. I couldn’t swallow my own spit and watch Obama at the same time. Yet I don’t remember myself expressing feelings of hate the way Democrats do. Truth be known, everyone of the shooters were most likely HATE DRIVEN DEMOCRATS. I respected the office not necessarily Obama. If you don’t like our President then you should have respect for our system and let the man do what he sees needs to be done. Liberals are doing exactly what your corrupt failing liberal Queen, Hillary, told her followers to do, “RESIST”. She and others just like her, you included, spend all our (mine & yours) Tax Dollars. Instead he’s fighting a war right here in our own/ country. This is our country and our President Trump is doing what it takes to keep our country great. Every Democrat Candidate demonizes our POTUS out loud with such disrespect and offer no solutions. You and others who think like you are the disrespectful, just full of hate. Who wants to be associated with a party like that?

  6. Colleen La Rose says:

    Great!! Not only is mr. Putin a closet republican, now he is also a racist. & of corse he can tell which race voted for someone other then Trump. Boy oh boy I tell you them Russians is something special!

  7. Jack Handy says:

    The “Elite” Do NOT CARE__

  8. robert bizek says:

    Perfect 🙂

  9. James A Langham says:

    This site should be renamed, Pavlov’s dogs.

  10. Terry says:

    Agree too

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