Trey Gowdy turned heads with this prediction about Obama’s allies being indicted

United States Attorney John Durham is in the middle of a criminal investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion hoax.

President Trump and his allies are expecting criminal charges against multiple Deep State conspirators.

And now Trey Gowdy turned heads with this prediction about Obama’s allies being indicted.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday Futures with Maria Bartiromo, Gowdy stunned the audience by giving his forecast for how the rest of Durham’s investigation would play out.

Gowdy predicted that Durham would deliver a thorough accounting of how the Obama administration and the FBI fabricated the Russian collusion hoax.

“With respect to Durham, my expectation is that he is going to access documents that [Calif. Republican Rep.] Devin [Nunes], [Texas Republican Rep. John] Ratcliffe and I never got to see,” Gowdy explained. “He’s going to access documents that the FBI never shared with Congress and he’ll write the definitive accounting of what happened.”

But Gowdy also predicted that there would be no more criminal indictments against Obama allies.

“Whether or not there’ll be more indictments or not, I don’t know and I like to assume that there will not be,” Gowdy added.

Gowdy told Baritomo, “that puts me in a small minority, but I’m assuming that the Clinesmith indictment will be the only one.”

Kevin Clinesmith was the FBI lawyer who pleaded guilty to doctoring an email in the Carter Page FISA warrant application to mislead the secret court about Page being a source for the CIA.

If there are no more indictments, Trump and his supporters will surely be disappointed.

The FBI broke the law when it misled the court about the Steele dossier – which was the central evidence in the Carter Page FISA warrant application.

No one being held accountable for those crimes would truly mean there were two standards of justice in America – one for President Trump and one for the well-connected swamp creatures.

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