Trey Gowdy shared one fact about Robert Mueller that will leave your jaw on the ground

Even though Trey Gowdy retired from Congress, he is still in the limelight.

The South Carolina Republican appeared on Fox News for what everyone thought would be a routine interview.

And he just shared one observation about Robert Mueller that will leave your jaw on the ground.

Trey Gowdy is beginning his post-Congress career.

The former South Carolina Congressman joined Nelson, Mullins, Riley, and Scarborough as head of the firm’s white collar defense and government investigation division.

Gowdy spent the last three years exposing Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email server as well as the abuses of power perpetrated by both Robert Mueller and the FBI.

Given his bird’s eye view of the investigation, Trump supporters were shocked to hear Gowdy say he would never describe them as a hoax and claimed Mueller was conducting a fair investigation. reports:

“You’ll never hear me refer to [the] Russia [investigation] as a hoax or a witch hunt. I’ve always said Mueller should be given the time, independence and resources to complete the job he was assigned,” Gowdy said, adding that “it is in our country’s best interest for Mueller to complete the investigation as soon as possible.”

“It’s been hopelessly politicized,” he said. “Why is it not enough that we identify a hostile foreign adversary who tried to influence our election?”

“I want [Mueller] to do a job in which everyone can have confidence. I know he’s smart enough to realize how incredibly divisive this is,” Gowdy continued. “Leave him alone and let him do his job. And to him I would say: Do it as quickly as you can and then let us know what you’ve found.”

Despite his firsthand experience with the Department of Justice and FBI’s underhanded conduct in the Russia Probe, Gowdy has shown a tendency to defer to law enforcement institutions.

This pattern of behavior left some Trump supporters puzzled.

But overall, Congresses ability to investigate the Deep State is weakened by Gowdy’s departure.


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160 Responses

  1. Raven78 says:

    It sickens me to no end to see a former Federal Prosecutor and Congressmen who has seen all the setup crapola come to light and still thinks somehow this charade should continue.

    America is in deep deep doodoo and this corruption is so blatant and obvious for all to see, and yet they just seem to dig their heels in deeper to keep the charade going.

  2. Martin says:

    Gowdy proved once more he is a Rino.

  3. Robert Higginbotham says:

    Gowdy, during his career in congress did a lot of bloviating but accomplished very little if anything. We are still waiting for a final report on Benghazi.

    • White Cloud says:

      Rod Rosenstein had a choice among several options. They include at least the following ones: Investigate Hillary Clinton on her collusion with Russia including selling American Uranium to Russia, 2) Investigate why Mueller has not prevented the sale of Uranium to Russia as a head of FBI at the time,, 3) Investigate why Russia top dollar for Bill Clinton speaking fees, 4) Investigate why FBI has approved surveillance of Trump election campaign during 2016 Presidential election year, 5) Investigate Donald J Trump collusion with Russia in order to be elected US President, just because Clinton campaign and the deep state believe so. The Q is why among all these priorities investigation into Trump Campaign collusion with Russia is a top priority for Rod Rosenstein among the above five choices? Why the same Q is top priority for Trey Goudy? Finally, what is the jaw dropping fact about Mueller that Trey Goudy has revealed as the article head above promised us?

      • Jackie says:

        I am sure you know that Mueller took uranium samples to Russia for Clinton and I believe that Mueller and Clinton made millions off of this escapade! Does it not sound to youáll like that Mueller and Clinton had closer connections to Putin and Russia than Our Fa orite President Trump has had!

  4. James says:

    If trey gowdy knows this investigation is bogus and supports it then he should foot half of the bill to be he real American tax payer. Trey has said on numerous occasions that this investigation should provide proof, it has not. Therefore shut it down. If he knows the law then it should be over by now. He doesn’t or he’s on here their side

    • Mad says:

      Friends, you know that he is alawyer himself. He is very cautious in what he is saying. Because, in the future, he may have to face Mueller face to face. He is guarding himself. He can say alot. He is guarding his tongue. Please leave him alone. LET MUELLER HANG HIMSELF.

  5. Barbara says:

    I am finding it most difficult to believe Trey is a traitor and/or RINO. He has pulled up a whole lot of information on the lefts tactics and what they represent. He only has so much power. He is not in control of the people who have the power to actually do something with the information he has found. I’m not happy about his backing of Mueller…but it seems I recall that was his opinion in the beginning of this farce. Until proven otherwise, I’m holding out on his innocence for a while longer. Pray that I’m right.

  6. steven jacobs says:

    Gowdy is a do nothing RINO blowhard

  7. Ted says:

    The whole investigation is nothing more than a freak show with and the freaks are wearing blinders….

  8. Bender says:

    A Rethuglican who has seen a lot more of the evidence says keep investigating just hurry up. You guys call him a traitor. More proof you are party before country. Unless the country is Russia. Then sellout USA quick and remove Russian sanctions.

  9. Jeffory Sweat says:

    So if he is doing his job. Why hasn’t he done 1 damn thing about everything you guys brought to lite. This makes no sense at all Trey.

  10. Bubs says:

    To James Langdon: do you live in California?? You are on drugs buddy!! It was Killary that paid the Russians to frame Trump. You are a very gullible DemonRat. Here’s somebody actually believing the fake news networks!! Give him some applause everyone!!

    • Cara says:

      Yep, deleted emails by Hillary and Mueller, smashed phones and fake dossier and FISA documents paid for by Hillary. Speech by Bill Clinton for $500,000 in Russia then money flowing from Russia into the Clinton Foundation . Uranium delivered to Russia by Mueller and scams run for years by Comey and Mueller. YEP, with all that evidence Trump has to be guilty.

  11. Marlene Saad says:

    We Republican women in Spartanburg, SC, Gowdy’s home town are flabbergasted at his “turn coat” behavior. Who is he serving Mueller or the ones who elected. Trump??

  12. Steelie says:

    Keep scrolling. ‘fresh’ remarks.

  13. Rickster says:

    Glad trey goudy is working for that firm,, the chess game player in getting in place! The people that has left white house in charge of military tribunals and goudy will be prosecuting some too! Great, drain the swamp!

  14. Steelie says:

    To Mystique. scroll down for a reply to you re
    Steele Dossier, etc.

  15. Marge Wall says:

    All Trey Gowdy did was “Run in place”…….
    He talked a good game but never actually did anything.
    Do you suppose that was his intended function to begin with????

    • Rickster says:

      Marge,! One thing to remember, congress is like a snail! Goudy did his job, its was all the destroyed redacted evidence that FBI and CIA covered up, he even dug up Vince foster and proved he was murdered and the body & ambulance was stolen under military watch and burned, another body was found under the vault slab when returning Vinces casket! Deep state blocks and fights it all! Everyone knows there all guilty! Making it to trial is another! Wasnt a better fighter than trey, but again they have to put up with treats to there family’s too from deep state! Ask Jason c, . Jim Jordan , deep state has to be shut down before theyll mske anything stick unless people start turning on each other! Your talking global players! Gitmos open for business! Getting them is another story!

    • Conna H says:

      All this info makes me think “yess”

  16. Olivia says:

    We need massively large demonstrations everywhere, including DC, demanding Mueller be stopped now from destroying anymore lives & wasting tax payer dollars. He will continue until 2020 given the opportunity. It’s all about the vote & no matter what he is on paper, he’s fighting for the demonics.

    • James A Langham says:

      Collusion is not a crime, it’s a made up construct by Herr Drumpf. CONSPIRACY is a CRIME. Every day there is more and more evidence of this within the Drumpf candidacy, spilling over into his presidency.
      Manafort now shown to have given Drumpf internal polling data to Ukrainian and Russian operatives. 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies indicted, 12 Russian GRU officers indicted, about 24 overseas Russians charged with election interference, Richard Pinedo pleaded guilty, Alex van der Zwaan pleaded guilty, Konstantin Kilimnik indicted, Sam Patten pleaded guilty to steering foreign funds to Trump’s inaugural, George Papadapoulos pleaded guilty, Paul Manafort convicted, Rick Gates pleaded guilty Michael Flynn pleaded guilty, Michael Cohen pleaded guilty, and 1 red-headed Russian operative/spy in conspiracy with the NRA pleaded guilty. A Lot of WITCHES caught!! The question is: How many more WITCHES will be caught and will the head Warlock , Trump, be held accountable as well?? LOCK ‘EM UP! LOCK ‘EM UP!! LOCK UP ALL THOSE WITCHES AND THE HEAD WARLOCK UP!!k!

      • Cara says:

        You are several fries short of a happy meal.

      • Charles says:

        bowl of fruit loops minus the milk there sport. Half bubble off plumb, brick shy of a load. got pixie dust in your carb. Need to adjust your aluminum hat a little. Too tight and cutting off precious circulation to the brain cell that is remaining in your head there sport. By the way james, you idiots like to compare Trump to Hitler when Hitler is more like the left-liberal movement. Hitler hated Capitalism, hated free speech, wanted to have government to control businesses, wanted to have forced euthanasia where they could declare one dysfunctional either physically or mentally or just plain too old. Sounds like your kind of people.

    • Chuck says:

      No, we don’t need mass anything, Trump simply has to fire the Kike Shyster and then we’ll get the left demonstrating 24/7. It will only piss off those who never vote GOP anyway and it’ll also energize Trump voters for 2020.

  17. N says:

    Trey Gody has always been deep state!!! Remember, he always talked a good game but accomplished nothing!!!!! Check his track record and see for yourself. Benghazi, Hillary, Deep state, need I go on! Big mistake President Trump!!

  18. steven jacobs says:

    Gowdy is a traitor to conservatism

  19. Sherry L Chase says:

    Mueller is killarys left handed puppet I crimes! Where did the $$$$ go from their dealings with Russia with America’s uranium? Funneled threw Clinton foundation?

    • Cara says:

      Mueller personally hand delivered the uranium to the Russians. Bill got paid $500,000, for a speech in Russia, twice his normal rate and then the money began flowing into the Clinton Foundation. I’m sure Mueller was well paid as was Comey.

  20. Estell says:

    The Mueller investigation needs to stop immediately. All he’s doing is wasting taxpayer money.

    • Mary Ann says:

      Mueller needs to be investigated for his involvement with the Clintons in the uranium 1 deal where the foundation made millions for selling our uranium to Russia. And Mueller wants to investigate Trump for collusion with Russia? That’s Mueller’s way of shifting attention away from the real culprits, including himself.

      • Mary Amoss says:

        Mary Ann you are right Muellar knows more than he is saying ! He knows all that went on with the Clintons and the false accusations as well as the Traitors Obama and the Clintons! He is a Traitor just like them trying to sell out USA and trying to blame it on our POTUS to cheat and lie their way into office but it did’t work cause Trump beat them fair and square and they can’t stand it! They all need to be tried for treason! Liars

        • Cheri says:

          Trey Gowdy started out honest & was very good at convincing others to see it the way that he did! He gradually came out to show he was bias! Didn’t want to be, but you could see it, the longer he was involved! He stood up for Mueller because he is the best at whatever he does! You Trump stooges, just throw caution to the wind, and turn everything into conspiracy theories against the Dems. If Trump was innocent, why didn’t he just say that to the Mueller investigators? End of story?? You need to read the “facts” you know, the TRUTH? About Uranium 1, instead of again, coming up w/conspiracy stories and again, blaming the dems?

      • Jackie says:

        I totally agree with you Mary Ann! Mueller has been trying to shift attention away from himself also because of Barr and did all of you see Rosenstein standing behind Barr! He looked like a Robot! He has lots to worry about as I see him going to prison as he as screwed up a lot of things and several of these Deep staters have tried to escape from their jobs before they are recognized for their crimes that would send them to the pen including Clapper And Brennan who seems to have mental problems!

  21. N says:

    Trey Gody has always been deep state!!! Remember, he always talked a good game but accomplished nothing!!!!! Check his track record and see for yourself. Benghazi, Hillary, Deep state, need I go on! Big mistake President Trump!

  22. Jim says:

    What do you want. For The president to give in and st all the illegals in ourcountry and have a sinkhole country like they have left. Do worry will get your third world countryas soon as you let them in.

  23. Phyllis charles says:

    He did his job . And he was good at it . I wish he wasn’t Leaving . But he wants another job. And that is his right. I wish you well in all that you do Mr Gowdy ,And May God Bless you . Thank you

    • Steelie says:

      YES, he did > ‘a’ < job (for the Left) & Was Good at it ie
      a 'squirrel' for yrs. Went NO Where. & Sad. 'WE' wanted
      to 'believe'. Truth time now. (Not your 0r anyone else's fault).
      Is what 'it' IS.

  24. Tim says:

    Gowdy turned out to be a total WIMP SELL OUT!

    Wonder how much the punk was bribed..

    Kick the BITCH to the curb!

    Total Garbage!

  25. Gowdy, was all bark, no bite, just another politician.

  26. SD of AZ says:

    No matter what any other attorney or member of congress says the whole investigation is tainted from its start by the dossier used to instigate the investigation. But I would also add that FISA judges are either compromised themselves or just plain stupid. This is a hoax of the left and the deep state and it is clearly something for any patriot to be concerned about.

    This FISA court conspiracy is a violation of the rights of those involved in this injustice. And all involved need to answer for this. And the nation needs to be concerned a lot, this is not a banana republic yet that I know of. This was a serious violation of a citizen’s rights at the very least. At worst this is the worst criminal conspiracy in the history of this nation!

    Finally Mueller is compromised too. His buddy Comey setting this up is the first level of concern. The second is when did Mueller find out about the dossier and its source? And why did Mueller employ Dem Wit attorneys exclusively? And there are several more questions about the ability of this man to do this fairly. And already the tactics of the DOJ, this dog pack and the deep state allies have shown this is not a real lawful investigation because with those tactics clearly displayed, who could survive their ruthless attack? It has certainly given the nation a view to unethical tactics applied to win and the wins appear to be though devasting to their victims nothing to prove the original sin this farce was started to prove.

  27. Gerry says:

    I said it a year ago and I’ll say it again — Gowdy talks alot but has no action. I believe he was/is a rino. mueller is a POS dirty cop who is bilking the American taxpayers out of at least 20 million dollars and most likely more. If he was being so fair — why did he pick 13 demoTRASH donors and former clinton employees for his investigation team ????? Gowdy is all wet on his view of mueller.

    • Rickster says:

      He did a fine job going after the idiots in Congress and corrupt people! Cant convict without solid proof and when Pentagon tells you to back off, your hands are tied!! Deep state money Is powerful!

  28. john furlong says:

    Another queer who was given the sympathy vote!

  29. Don says:

    Mueller is nothing more than a lefty political hack for the left, period. He’s had ample time and has found nothing and is just trying to keep his gravy train going at our expense. he needs to be investigated himself so shut up Gowdy. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  30. ginjit.dw says:

    Gowdy is one of the biggest disappointments in congress in years. All talk….typical legal hack…

  31. Grizz Mann says:

    Robert Müeller, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Rob Rosenstein, and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI.

    • Ernst says:

      Yeah… And that new level is zero – to all of the above.

      • Ray says:

        This was the ‘insurance policy’ Strock and Page referred to in their emails. Without a single republican as an investigator and all the democrat investigators who contributed to the Clinton campaign and it will be a fair investigation? Anyone who would believe that, I have a nice piece of property on the moon and its priced low to sell right now, no strings attached!!!

        • Lola says:

          What are you talking about – – those two in charge of the Russia probe – -Mueller AND Rosenstein are life-long Republicans!!!! Trump supporters have made up this charge about the investigation BECAUSE YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT CORRUPT TRUMP AND HIS CORRUPT PEOPLE. You have Trey Gowdy and others go after Hillary for Bengazi, Ken Starr and Rosenstein and team spend SIX years going after the Clintons with Whitewater, but then you scream and raise a fuss about investigation because you have become cult followers rather than fair and reasonable.

          • Ray says:

            I like the way liberals toss around the terms racism and charges they have no evidence as to their veracity. I can charge anyone with anything but that does not make it true. Also, I can say I am this and that but that does not make it true. Others can declare I am this and that but that does not make it the truth. I gave heard that Rosenstein and Mueller are republicans but they possibly are members of the swamp or cesspool. Corrupt individuals tend to support corrupt individuals no matter the party. Dems so hate Trump and many cannot tell you why. Trump is a businessman who has operated as a businessman for all these years. I know the truth about Trump because I have followed him for 40 years. Before he ran for president he was a lifelong democrat and contributed to many democrat presidential campaigns, including that of Bill Clinton. The people indicted in the Mueller persecution were charged with crimes that occurred before Trump ran for president, check it out, you will find the proof, instead of depending on your emotions. The investigation of Clinton lasted less than two years, I followed it in the media, on TV. No one was charged but Clinton and it was lying to investigators. White water was much earlier and two or three were indicted, two sent to prison and one committed suicide?.

          • Mystique says:

            Lmao what a moron you are. 18 months and NADA NOTHING has been found. Funny how you “forget” to mention that the Russian “companies” he “indicted” challenged the indictments and Mueller’s team is and has REFUSED to give up the info that is requested in the discovery phase just keep filing motions & postponed it more than once with the judge ordering them to disclose the info. Care to comment or are you too scared to see the WITCH HUNT?

          • Rick says:

            FRIGGING NUTS

          • Lola says:

            Yes, Mystique, here is the words of Republican Trey Gowdy about the Russia probe: “Trey Gowdy: ““You’ll never hear me refer to [the] Russia [investigation] as a hoax or a witch hunt. I’ve always said Mueller should be given the time, independence and resources to complete the job he was assigned,” Gowdy said, adding that “it is in our country’s best interest for Mueller to complete the investigation as soon as possible.”

          • Cara says:

            They are registered as Republicans but have worked for the Clintons for years!

    • Randy says:

      All a smoke screen to keep looking at trump while the obama administration goes free of crime and the republicans fell for it all

  32. snark says:

    Sorry to Say.
    & Gowdy ‘snaked’ his Way thru.
    Gone now. & better be v.v. careful.

  33. Ron Ratkovich says:

    Thank God the Justice Department and the Judicial Branch are
    functioning like our founder’s intended.

  34. William Kittinger says:

    Gowdy is a puzzle who doesn’t know whose side to be on because of his self preservation political nature

  35. Rickster says:

    True way to de-corrupt the goverment is take all the trouble making Democraps and deep state billionaires, cuff them to the border fence on the border and leave them there for target practice!! But don’t think that will happen!! No such luck!!

    • Wondering Woman says:

      IMHO, another deep state establishment congressional member has just left public office. Gowdy had a brilliant mind. What a shame he didn’t develop President Trump’s attitude of patriotism, never give up and never quit trying, but instead he adopted the traitor’s fatalistic attitude of “nothing can be done about it”! President Trump is still working to prove them wrong!

      • William Kittinger says:

        Always knew gowdy was a well rehearsed ohony long ago when he said he respects a totally fake investigator.

        • truthistruth says:

          You are like the biased mom seen her Donald out of step in a parade and blaming everyone else rather than her son. All of us have already witnessed some of Trump’s crimes in his obstruction of justice (Both Comey and head of CIA were asked by Trump to “lay off Flynn;” Trump said on national TV that he fired Comey “for the Russia probe”; he pushed Sessions out because of the fact Sessions recused himself and refused to bury the probe), and Trump admitted in a tweet that the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016 with the rep. of Russian government was “for getting dirt on Hillary for the election” (which is clearly illegal).

          Even Trump had a laugh about how he could be witnessed murdering someone on 5th avenue in broad daylight and you would still support him – – no matter of the crime(s). At least Gowdy has some integrity and critical thinking.

          • Steelie says:

            limbaugh ‘blew the lid 0ff’ re russian
            collusion the other day. In short :
            Mega Dem donor paid Millions to Silicon Valley for a ‘beta test’ ie ‘bots/AI ‘ re
            ‘russian collusion’. boom. E’body ‘knows<
            Including Mueller.
            You Are Way BEHIND on 'tit'.

          • Mystique says:

            Oh, you mean like The Clinton’s and the DNC colluding with the Russians & Steele to create a fake dossier you mean right?? Lmfao
            Obstruction of Justice? Lmao Comey testified to Congress he had NEVER IN HIS ENTIRE CAREER been asked to shut down an investigation. Sessions DID NOT have to recuse himself learn the actual law & protocol instead of watching conspiracy Queen Maddcow.
            Sessions was let go as he did nothing except let Rosenstein run the DOJ.

            Hillary supporters laughed that she got a child molester off from raping a 12 yr old girl.

            Love reading the absolute idiocy of the left.

          • Rick says:

            Is your koolade straight up or on the rocks

          • Steelie says:

            No Mystique. The Steele Dossier is a
            ‘separate issue’ & written by a Real Human.
            Limbaugh referred to ‘beta testing’ on internet thru bots/AI (Artificial Intelligence)
            @ of Mega DEM donor to SILICON VALLEY.
            All of Silicon Valley, ie googie google/FB twitty-twinky-twatty whateverKrAAp
            ARE ALL ‘in the tank’ w/ msm. Mucho
            Censors coming from googie re Conservative Patriots. Good news = ‘WE’
            Have Circumvented that on ‘other V. Savvy Sites that figured out the Algo’s. haha.
            BUTTT, tweety Is Actually Good Especially for POTUS. THAT IS Real News. boom.

          • Cara says:

            Your theory is ridiculous. Comey is a criminal. He and Mueller have worked scams together for years and Sessions did absolutely nothing but draw his money. DIG deeper honey, Follow the MONEY!

  36. B.K. says:

    For those of you turning on Gowdy. Can you not see exactly what he is saying? You have to let it run its course, which I agree has taken way to long but if you force it to end it will just look bad for Trump. Gowdy has fought many tough fights but he cant force the courts to try these people in court.

  37. Rickster says:

    Yeah it is time for it to wrap up!! Muller was wrong guy for the job to begin with because of uranium one deal! To many people like them payed for by Soros foundation .

  38. Steveur says:

    Gowdy, has just given the left all they want to hear.. now that he is pimping for Muellear, he has given him respect, what a dork.

    • kate says:

      Very disappointing…thought he was a better person than that

      • zee says:

        ” All HAT & No Cattle”. V. disappointing.
        The ‘left’ Will protect him.
        > Perhaps, he didn’t ‘know’ he was working for
        the ‘left’. i doubt it. Especially AFTER
        /blackmail/& fam Threats ?
        At any rate, doesn’t matter Anymore.

    • Rickster says:

      Bottom line when trump took office he was told Hillary cant be touched unless they had solid proof of massive corruption! Last year when Goudy was up her ass with the paper trial of corruption the Pentagon told goudy to back off!! So what you gonna do when your hands are tied!! Are goverment is corrupt and ran by the deep state! Trump is the only one fighting them and there going after him in every way they can!! Accusations and imigrates and paying dems to go with it along with fake news!

      • Randall M says:

        I get you , Rickster.. And you are absolutely on target! The revolution is coming and you can thank the commie De’s for that! Blood will be spilled! Thank you for that Schumer and Pelosi.

      • Hawk says:

        Bottom Line: THERE IS Solid Proof 0f etc.
        Yes DJT Was Told to Not ___
        0nly 1 Way To ‘fix ‘it’. Capish.

  39. Rickster says:

    I’ve heard some extensive talks by goudy, hes a great guy and done wonders for Congress in a corrupt Congress! They get treated going after trash like Hillary and Obama from deep state and work 16hr. Days sleeping on cots in there offices and then spend there money defending themself from all the fake accusations caused by dems and deep state! Goudy has family in the FBI and respects the organization! He knows too officials has give it a bad name like comney! There letting Muller do his job and hes digging up way more on Hillary and Obama and the cover up more than anything else! If trump forced it to stop they would accuse him of cover up! News would fake play it all out of proportion! There letting him finish it up! He himself might get investigated by new attorney general! Rosenstein will be stepping down before before general takes over! There alot of uncertaintys thsts going on a d alot of entrapment by Muller a d hes being watched by judicial watch on every move he makes! I dont agree with Muller from the get go, formed on false statements a d a fake dossia created by Hillary!! She needs investigated first!! Obama,Soros, and so on! Trumps letting it play out! Hes innocent and nothing to hide! Who you cant trust is CIA !! Theyll make up anything and make it look like Russia did it!!

  40. Caroly Craggs says:

    Fire Him ,2 years of finding nothing has cost the American people enough!

    • joan Patterson says:

      A dozen walls could have been erected with what he’s wasted of “our” money on his ‘?investigation?

    • ke says:

      Finding nothing? How many arrests? How many convictions? How many guilty pleas? Trump lies every day. His lawyers wouldn’t let him speak to Mueller to answer questions, because he would have perjured himself. Junior and Jared are close to being next on the block. Trump cheated American banks for millions of dollars, so he ran out of credit, then he went to Deutsche bank, then he burned them and they refused to do further business with him, but another division of Deutsche bank somehow came up with money. Deutsche bank is in trouble for Russian money laundering. Trump loves Putin, believes him over American intelligence. And you don’t think donnie is Putin’s puppet? Follow the money. Oh, wait, trump won’t release his taxes or give up his businesses. He doesn’t care about anything but adulation.

    • Olivia says:

      We need massively large demonstrations everywhere, including DC, demanding Mueller be stopped now from destroying anymore lives & wasting tax payer dollars. He will continue until 2020 given the opportunity. It’s all about the vote & no matter what he is on paper, he’s fighting for the demonics.

  41. Mike Tanco says:

    I like Gowdy but I disagree with him about Mueller. He is as crooked as Hillary.

  42. Original Anna says:

    Now we know why Growdy just investigated but never followed through with getting Hillary with actually charged with any thing. Why can’t we get a crime fighter who isn’t afraid of Hillary.

    • Randall M says:

      Because everybody that opposes Hillary ends up “committing suicide”.

    • Rickster says:

      You want the job? There hiring! Only a 60 person body count connected to Clinton cartel! And CIA for Hillary! Trey done a wonderful job, but when FBI covers up paperwork a d redacted everything thing they cant prosecute unless they have enough she cant weasel out of!! When records a d evidence are being destroyed and house full of computers on New York goes up in smoke! Bodys are stolen from morgue and burnt in places! How you gonna nail them!! There as corrupt as it gets!! Trey done his job! The rest of them let us down!

    • Gary says:

      I think Gowdy just gave up on a totally corrupt govt. except for a few honest people. The dems. and rino rep. are the biggest threat to our freedom and we are going to at some point have to fight like we did against England.

  43. Terry Bosgra says:

    Trump was a private international builder & could easy be connected to Russia But it seems that Mueller has no interest in that He is desperately in search of a crime. Not even that should take this long. My question has been the same from begin…..Why has Mueller only engaged anti Trump pro Hillary investigators & not a balanced team? keep going until a crime is found; no budget. unlimited funds Why stop …May be something will surface …… America will pay with my funds.

  44. Carl Smith says:

    I have enjoyed visiting this site but since the last two posts have gone to FACEBOOK Land I guess I will move on to sites with a working reply system.

  45. MSPS says:

    I used to think Gowdy was a patriot. I loved to hear him speak, his command of the english language is amazing. But my dark glasses came off when he defended Mueller, Rosie and the entire bunch of DOJ devils.
    On his last day he showed exactly who he is. He said he never wanted to have anything to do with the mess that was congress again ( I am paraphrasing) then he went on to say that the only way he would ever go back into politics was if his friend became president and asked him to go with him. The friend is the black gentleman that is Treys best friend-a democrat. Interesting that?
    But what makes me want to wring his neck is this, if he feels the entire congressional body is evil, on the take etc, why leave? This is the chance to do something for his country. Great heroes whether they are servicemen, law enforcement, sports heroes do NOT leave the field in the midst of battle and leave their people behind. He savaged his fellow conservatives with that remark.
    He also vowed he would only consider coming back to politics if his friend asked him? Is Trump not in the fray and yet Gowdy doesn’t find him good enough to continue on, but would for his friend? When the Man calls you say YES! Oh but not Gowdy! Who the hell does he think he is.
    If you have listened to that comment listen again and hear him in that context, and if you haven’t heard him, listen up and see if it hits you the way it did me.
    What mr.gowdy does not realize is that we the people are lucky to have another of the swamp take a bow, and we sure won’t be asking him to come back. We carry our own from the battlefield!

    • Rosa says:

      He always made remarks that showed his true feelings! Never trusted him, was very wishy washy. Glad he is gone. He was no better than the weasel from Alabama.

    • truthistruth says:

      You guys dislike anyone who does not agree with you 100%. That is why your politics and your leader will both fail – – – the art of government is compromise – – everyone cannot get what THEY WANT. Trump runs his post like a dictator or CEO, when there are three equal branches of government. This shutdown will be the longest in American history because Trump is trying to FORCE others to bend to his wants.

      • Steelie says:

        tit. Not a matter of dis-agreement. It IS ABOUT
        Preserving a Sovereign USA. & ‘that’ Is tit. Capish.

      • Bob Wade says:

        I see no offer or compromise coming from Pelosi and/or Shumer.

        • Steelie says:

          Correct. NO Comp’ ‘they DO NOT CARE re USA
          as a Country. & Desperate for
          1 World/New World 0rder. At Any Cost.

        • truthistruth says:

          They did offer to give another $1.6 Billion for border security. But seeing how immigration from southern border is at an all time LOW, which Trump admitted, then took credit for, there is NO CRISIS OR EMERGENCY.

          • linda says:

            do you have any idea what is going on in germany sweden because they have just let anyone come into their country

          • Steelie says:

            Meanwhile,tit. ‘they’ offered ‘in Bill’
            Billions to Foreign Aid/ 100’s Millions for Abortion (uh, their ‘adrenochrome/ambrosia’ Meds). Dude you better start Reading the ‘Bills’. Quit ‘cherry -picking’.
            Really, tit- WHAT Is your Problem IN
            Saving USA. You live Here. Do you have
            wife/ sons/daughters/?

          • Steelie says:

            linda, Add FRANCE/ England. + More.
            ee gads. The ‘numb’ nuts’ we have to deal w/ & ‘they ride ‘ on our backs. For now.
            Stay Strong.

          • Jane says:

            I suppose you don’t mind Social Security, healthcare, translators for students, food stamps, court cost – yes $100billion a year going to illegals. Makes me mad as Hell that I’ve worked for these benefits, yet illegals cross over and get free what I’ve have worked a lifetime for. You must have blinders on or listen to fake news channel. Have you not seen the caravans?

      • Rick says:

        I see you had another glass

  46. Jimbo says:

    Everyone knows how to fix this country. Eviscerate ALL liberals.

  47. Michael says:

    Robert Meuller qas up this ears in uranium 1 and has built a questionable career as a tyrant and not an agent of justice.
    He has no business I castigating this president when he – himself should be under inveatigation.

  48. Bonnie says:

    If it was a real investigation, Mueller would have had both Democrat/Republican lawyers and not like Congress’s investigation where it was both sides. This should never had been one sided with Mueller good friend Coney effecting his feelings (attitude and emotions) as well as betraying Trump with investigation of his lawyer and workers on things other than what the investigation was to prove. He went beyond his boundaries and if he would have seen how involved Clinton/Obama were involved and investigated the lies that went on with the FISA and DNC hacking then maybe it would had seemed he was looking for the influence. Instead he was looking for money laundering, work ethics of his managers in the election from years past, etc. We did not pay for that kind of investigation. Did they ever look at Obama’s Czars, campaign people or Hillaries or Clintons? I know with Clinton many later were killed or commited suicide. Are all of us on trial if we worked for someone may had gone off the path and then have our families and life destroyed for an investigation that no one could stop when they step out of boundaries of what they are suppose to investigate? Are we to let bullies destroy people like this. This is worse than waterboarding! These are destroying families and our country legal system. Sure don’t understand all the reasons for destroy good people’s lives and family!!! Why are we allowing this to continue? We need a President to be focused on running our country! (He is doing an exception job with all these attacks daily and a Congress in uproar for power, power, power and money, money, money!

    • James Brock says:

      This isn’t how an investigation is supposed to be. Normally the crime is discovered and the investigation into who committed it. In this investigation you have a person first without a crime, and this investigation is to find a crime. Due process has been turned on it’s head.

    • Carl Smith says:

      Birds( Thieves) of a Feather Flock together. I can understand Gowdy’s stance of holding the POWERFUL at arms length. He is now in the public sector and showing his NON Partisanship will draw clients like a flame draws moths. Good luck Trey ! Shame you didn’t join Judicial Watch. With your insight the Citizens might have a chance to save the Republic from Further DEEP STATE corruption. Sunshine is a wonderful disinfectant.

  49. Muleears has had enough time and it is he that should be investigated!
    Gowdy talks alot but no real bite!
    He flubbed the Bengazi hearings and we need more
    definitive actions!

    • Ric B says:

      Hillary outplayed Gowdy in Bengazi hearings – – she took on a panel of republican congressmen and walked away clean. You are like the losing team that always calls “foul” and “cheating” by the refs rather than facing: “hey, we lost one round.”

  50. Linda says:

    Too many conflicts
    All Dems
    How can it be fair ?
    Mueller will wait till late in next election cycle then drop a bombshell of a report to hurt Trumps reelection
    All part of Dems plan

  51. Les says:

    There was a time when I had the utmost respect for Trey Gowdy, but as it became obvious he was not interested in exposing Mueller for the dishonest, biased and deceitful human being that he is, my assessment of Gowdry changed – DRASTICALLY. He is safely out of the sights of this rogue witch hunt now and perhaps we have heard the last o/from him. Once again our POTUS stands alone attempting to drain the swamp!!!

    • Charles says:

      I agree. I had high hope years ago when he first appeared and all he had was hot air and snake oil. My hopes faded after about a year of hearing the same crap and in spite of overwhelming evidence no one was ever convicted.


  52. The Last Conservative says:

    I believe Mueller should finish his investigation. I do, however, distrust the time lapses that we sit through during the process. It is eerily reminiscent of the time gap between the call for Obama’s birth certificate and the materialization of such document. I’m convinced that the totally useless document was created from sack-cloth (but it didn’t matter). It takes time to create documents that can be used to frame people (such as a president) with seamless efficiency. This president obviously, and irrefutably being singled out for removal . . . where Mueller gains (except for a book and movie deal),I’m not certain. But the wafting of fish smell is unmistakable !

  53. rodger says:

    this is the insurance Peter Storcek of the FBI talked about to his lover Lisa Page. the democrats are going to keep this going until October, 2020 and will release some phony statements in order to destroy the President. there are no other motives in this investigation and yes it is a witch hunt. the real collusion, as we all know, involves the clintons, james comes, others in the FBI, CIA, NSA, who wiretapped candidate Trump’s phones and submitted false information to get a FISA warrant. the clintons also were paid an enormous sum of money by the Russians for certain favors. Bill Clinton also received $500,000 for a speech in Russia at a bank. this is the real collusion and it is not being investigated by anyone. Trey Gowdy knows better. I do not know why he is defending Mueller unless he is a Trump hater. I lost all confidence in him.

  54. Rebecca Fisher says:

    I don’t think Mueller gives a hoot about fairness or justice. He’s looking for a crime he can charge President Trump or his family. Period. Mueller is not an honest or respectable prosecutor. He has too many unjust convictions that have been overturned and to the defendants have sued and won. Mueller also was involved in Uranium One scandal, HSBC, and a few others were he has profited handsomely. I don’t trust this is not Hoax or witch hunt. I like Gowdy, perhaps is a good thing he is off to do other things.

  55. Richard Daugherty says:

    I believe that Gowdy was compromised long ago. He is the deep state.

  56. Rodney says:

    I agree with Gowdy…to a point. Mueller should have been given a more clear guideline then the broad rein he currently has.

  57. Jesse says:

    Sadly what Gowdy wants we know won’t happen. To verify this just look at what Mueller did with the love birds phones even though he knew there as an Investigation into their actions before and during their time working on his supposed investigation. I say supposed because so far he has went after everything but trying to find anything about Trump’s supoosed collusion with Russians.

  58. 1PatriotForever says:

    Trey Gowdy showed his Big Mouth with absolutely no bite. Worthless like Tom Styer and Rashid and a Pimple on ones backside

  59. Gerald Ladd says:

    LOL..Trey. All show, and no go!

  60. James says:

    I agree with Gowdy! Give Mueller free reign but watch him very carefully. If he is dirty he will either foil himself or get thrown under the bus by his own party if he gets too close to the truth. Incredibly divisive? Absolutely! jwstx

  61. truckman says:

    trey gowdy has always been a trump supporter of Trumps and the reason he sates this is because he wants to see mueller fall on his face or increment hisself

    • Randall M says:

      And in doing his investigations exposes the FBI,CIA , DOJ, Clinton’s and Obama for who and what they really are and all of the treason committed.

      • Leon says:

        Let’s hope that the truth actually comes out. From what I’ve seen, Mueller is being sued for dishonesty and corruption himself by Jerome Corsi of WND. I think that will possibly drag out the investigation longer than it should, but the complaints could cause a calming effect on Mueller and his team also.

        I would love to see the outcome from the investigation and the report come to fruition so that we can all move forward with less divisiveness.

        Lord, please help us.

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