Tiger Woods made a statement about Donald Trump that the media hated

ESPN is on a mission to turn every sport into a political statement.

One ESPN reporter tried to bait Tiger Woods into attacking President Trump.

But Tiger shut him down with one sentence.

Love him or hate him, Tiger Woods drives TV ratings and crowds to golf tournaments.

With Tiger briefly leading the field at the British Open earlier this year, TV ratings were up 37 percent over last year.

So ESPN thought they could get another high-profile athlete to attack Trump.

But they were severely disappointed.

Here’s the exchange:

“TIGER WOODS: Well, I’ve known Donald for a number of years. We’ve played golf together. We’ve had dinner together. I’ve known him pre-presidency and obviously during his presidency.

REPORTER: At a time – especially in 2018 – I think a lot of people, especially colored immigrants are threatened by him and his policies, he’s thrown himself into sports debates with LeBron James and the anthem, what do you say to people who might find it ‘interesting’ that you have a friendly relationship with him?

WOODS: Well, he’s the president of the United States. You have to respect the office. No matter who is in the office, you may like, dislike personality or the politics, but we all must respect the office.”

Over the past decade ESPN has turned from a sports news company to little more than a propaganda outlet.

They consistently pump up pro athletes who espouse their leftwing views.

After the first week of the NFL preseason, they spent more time covering a handful of players’ national anthem protests than the actual games.

President Trump responded to their latest attack with this tweet:

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56 Responses

  1. y79pvxt says:

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  2. JAshe42 says:

    Interesting that they didnt seem to find it distasteful for Tiger Woods to play golf with Obama.

  3. John MacKinnon says:

    Atta way, TW…..good on you.

  4. Robert Soule says:

    Great job Tiger, I have always had great respect for you. You are a class act, thank you.

  5. Max says:

    Stop twisting Tiger Woods words, he was inferring that T-Rump should respect the office of the presidency. Talk about fake news, living in T-Rumpland with “alternative facts” is not for me. I will stick with the truth, not Faux Fox Entertainment News. When I need a good laugh, I will watch Faux Fox.

  6. Shirley says:

    I would expect nothing less by the golfer that I love and admire and have since he hit the first golf ball when he was a teenager. Kudos also to his father and mother for teaching him to respect the most respected position in the world, the President!!!

    If you don’t like President Trump for all the good he’s done for this country. then you are definitely not an intellectual.

    Just vote REPUBLICAN in November. We need to support this president and won’t unless we have a Republican majority.

  7. Jerry says:

    Great job!!!!
    Saturday night I found an old broadcast of “Johnny Carson”. It was amazing to watch a show (standup comedy) and that was the focus of the evening, very refreshing. It would be great if sports casters and actors would do the same and get back to the basics of what they do. ” ENTERTAIN” More and more folks are turning off their TVs seeking other sources of entertainment.KISS

  8. Joy Benson says:

    ESPN stay out of politics and quit your garbage reporting!

  9. DEM777 says:

    Tiger Woods is a wonderful young man and smart.

  10. bagster53 says:

    stay sober and the brain will work tiger

  11. Williamemann says:

    To espn stay out of politics it’s killing your brand.

  12. Rex Whitmer says:

    Oh Golly! Tiger Woods likes Donald Trump! He’s an athlete and he respects him! The entire universe will suddenly disappear! I hate to think what life in the USA would be now had Hillary won the election! Apparently a whole lot of Americans feel the same way, hence our re-education efforts by the Liberal press! The USA was hanging by it’s fingertips when Obama left, just look around and see the difference! Had Hillary won, you’d be out begging on the street for anything that others could spare, and they’d be few and far between. George Soros initiated the whole mess, and should be deported back to Israel, Hungary or England whom all have warrants out for his arrest!

  13. Wendl Ormsby says:

    Are Tiger and Denzel buds? They sound like they were both cut from the same sane cloth.

  14. Al Pambuena says:

    We are soooo sick and tired of politics and sports…could care less what tigers politics are….

  15. Bryce Thompson says:

    Delete Post
    Are you sure you want to delete this post?


    The only thing that will bring us out of this depression is free energy, hydrogen from water, have this as your debate, you can make all the hydrogen, as you drive from a tank of water, you know our space shuttles,are powered by hydrogen / oxygen made from water, tell every one not buy a new car / truck, to boycott the auto company’s, when they can’t sell their pieces of junk low mileage vehicles, they will have to bring out water to hydrogen powered vehicles, and kits to change the vehicles now that we have, just think what our world would be like with free energy. a Porge vapor carburetor sitting in the patient office that gets around 200 mpg, Volkswagen diesel gets 264 mpg, we are getting ripped off by the oil company owned auto company’s
    Also audit all the Senator’s and representatives, they have wasted, and stole our money, make them repay all, and tax them.

  16. Henry Knodel says:

    Thank you Tiger Woods!!! Respect and dignity to the President of the United States. ESPN isa cry-baby just like the Democratic party. If it goes the liberal way OK, but not the Conservative way. Great job, Mr. Woods!!

  17. nm hoover says:

    Tiger Woods is an awesome sportsman… and a very bright man…. he thinks before making public remarks and that is a practice that more people should adopt!

  18. Charles says:

    Did that idiot not know Tigers Father was a carrier Officer in the Army!

  19. I am really not a fan of Tigers, but you have to commend him for this comment! It showed a lot of class!

  20. Ric B says:

    ha ha! Thank you for the laugh today and for proving that you Trumpons go crazy over a celebrity that you think likes you, and yet often act like the option of celebrities does not matter. Such hypocrites. And yet, look at the legions of athletes and other celebrities like Streep, DeNiro, most of the entire NBA and NFL that refuse to even visiting the White House when Putin’s Puppet and clear racist is the resident. And while you gush all over yourselves that one celebrity did not bash you, you fail to look at the 5 major Trump Campaign staff that have admitted to crimes, where just this week Trump’s lawyer admitted to co-conspiracy AT THE DIRECTION OF TRUMP, his campaign manager is convicted on 8 counts and more trials coming, and both the Chief Financial Officer and protector (through the rag Enquirer) were given immunity and will be working with the special investigator. Both Sessions and Rosenstein have refused to allow Donnie to mess with an on-going investigation and pervert the DOJ. Things are getting very interesting now and the major criminal as president is beginning to take some hits.

    • Charles says:

      You must not care about the National Anthem or the USA or the flag, you are fed crap by the media and believe it. DeNiro was a pimp for the actor guild for the directors and that is your reference for an creditable source of the truth. Sessions and Rosenstein are both RINO’s and could care less about anything but their self’s and money$

    • B. Ray Sosebee says:


    • Mudd says:

      So the celebrities who are anti-Trump are fine, but those who accept him as President are stupid. If there is logic in that, you missed it.

    • Joe Maxwell says:

      If you believe the Democrat’s lies and those of the Deep State controlled media, you will starve to death before 2028 in the 80 year famine caused by the sun hibernating. If you are not growing your own food indoors or in a group with aquaponics & grow lights very soon, you will not be able to find enough food you can afford.

  21. Lee Bauman says:

    I do not watch ESPN anymore.

  22. Gary says:

    Tiger Woods comment was thoughtful, intelligent and respectful. Something the CNN reporters and the Dems are without.

  23. Michelle Stretar says:

    I like his attitude as he replied considering I don’t think ESPN deserves anymore respect than they show others, which is not any. That’s why I don’t watch their station at all any longer!!

  24. Duke says:

    Mr. Woods stated what every American should know. Excellent, Tiger.

  25. Rev Simeon Damdar says:

    Enjoy your Teas and Greens; Healthy On the Fairways to get your Eagle.

  26. Buddy says:

    Tiger has always been a thinker. He is way too smart to be taken into this reporter’s game of race-baiting. Also, he is 100% right about the President of the United States. Keep your silly insults to yourself.

  27. M says:

    Can and will Tiger give Hollywood celebrities a lesson on “How celebrities should conduct themselves with respect to politics”? EVERYONE VOTE REPUBLICAN IN NOVEMBER, SAVE OUR COUNTRY, MAGA, #WalkAway to the Republican party, we want and need you!

  28. Barry says:

    I love Tigers statement and more people should head to what he said speaking of Trump “YOU LOVE HIM OR YOU HATE HIM” —KEEP YOUR OPINION AND EMOTIONS TO YOUR SELF

  29. Lance Lucius says:

    Tiger, kudos on your return. Always a fan favorite, I’m glad to see you are a free thinker not blindly following the insane haters. Get out and WIN.

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