This state’s legislature just rammed through the Governor’s socialist agenda. Now key leaders are calling for drastic measures.

Virginia is the birthplace of American liberty, giving us the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

But now, its racist Governor and a socialist legislature are shredding the Constitution through dozens of new laws.

That’s led key leaders to call for drastic measures. Here’s what could happen next.

Governor Ralph “Blackface” Northam is known nationwide for two things: stating how he would kill babies after they are born and wearing Blackface or a KKK Robe and lying about it.

He is quickly becoming known for a third thing – banning guns and shredding the Second Amendment.

And now, if Jerry Falwell, Jr. and West Virginia Governor Jim Justice (R) have their way, “Blackface” Ralph will be known for something that hasn’t happened since the Civil War.

In what they agree is likely a long-shot effort, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice and Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. have joined a growing grassroots effort to get unhappy Virginia counties to secede and join West Virginia.

Though it sounds far-fetched, it has happened before and there is a growing push by conservative activists to make it happen. The addition of Falwell and Justice to the cause gives it more credence.

Both Justice, a Republican Governor in a state where conservatives and the Republicans dominate the legislature, and Falwell, whose Liberty University is in Lynchburg, Virginia, said if nothing else the open invitation to join West Virginia sends a clear and strong message to the Virginia legislature.

“If you’re not truly happy where you are, we stand with open arms to take you from Virginia or anywhere where you may be,” said Governor Justice. “We stand strongly behind the Second Amendment and we stand strongly for the unborn.”

Due in large part to demographic changes, immigration, and wealthy suburban white women deserting any principles they had, Democrats took full control of Virginia in November for the first time in a generation.

And not just any Democrats. They include avowed socialists, leftist agitators, and at least one felon.

This rag tag band of despotic Democrats immediately vowed to enact unconstitutional gun control measures, roll back all abortion restrictions, including allowing abortions after birth and prohibit companies and organizations from exercising any religious freedoms.

On the first day of the legislature, they started making good on their promises to turn Virginia into California and strip Virginians of their natural rights.

Their radical agenda has sparked a conservative backlash bigger than any seen since the first Virginia counties left and formed West Virginia during the Civil War.

In January, tens of thousands of pro-Second Amendment activists flooded the Capitol and surrounding area in a peaceful protest that gained national attention.

Falwell summed it up this way, “What’s happening in Virginia right now is a tragedy in the making. Democratic leaders in Richmond, through their elitism and radicalism, have left a nearly unrecognizable state in their wake.”

Lawmakers in West Virginia have already introduced formal resolutions inviting parts of Virginia to join their state.

The resolution states the “government at Richmond now seeks to place intolerable restraints upon the rights guaranteed under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.”

While this movement has been shrugged off by Democrat and turncoat Republican leaders, it is gaining steam among the people of rural counties who have long been ignored and scorned by the liberal, racist elitists from Northern Virginia.

So far, groups have formed in a number of counties and leadership meetings are being scheduled to move forward on this effort.

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70 Responses

  1. Lturn9 says:

    It’d be better if we could find a way to export the liberals in Va instead of the Conservatives!

  2. lturn9 says:

    IM Va is a microcosm of the US – Pockets of liberal citizens that outnumber the rest of the state. Just like NY and Ca would dominate a national election without the Electoral College, Va was dominated by very liberals in the Va suburbs of DC, along with the Liberals in and around Richmond were enough to turn the state blue, leaving us Conservatives with little to do except have rallies and talk about joining WVa., a move I support, but doubt it would ever happen.

  3. steve says:

    The problem seems to be apathy and lack of education in history that brings liberals to positions in legislatures. Apathy of conservatives and ignorance of the liberals. That is one reason of many for the 2nd Amendment.

  4. Devon Chapman says:

    The enlightened voters of Virginia have spoken, and their vote should be respected in our democracy. If those in Virginia’s western counties are unhappy, an easy route would be to pack a moving van and head to West Virginia and join that poverty stricken State’s welfare roles.

  5. Ja says:

    Treason / Hangings. In 1865 there were 4 Democrats hanged for an attempted coup. Find it on gateway pundit article by Jim Hoft. Hang blackface and his co-conspirators for his attempted coup and then Virginia can get back to their regular duty’s. GOD is WATCHING

  6. Bill says:

    If the effort by these Virginia counties to secede and become part of West Virginia there would be benefits beyond the Second Amendment. Virginia would lose one or more U.S. Representatives and West Virginia would gain representatives.

  7. HH says:

    The first thing these dictators do is take away guns from the people. Makes it easy to control them like in Venezuela, Cuba, etc.

  8. Danny Mark says:

    Or they can stand together and march on the Capitol ask demand they resiged by force if needed!. the Constitution i thank grant the people the power to remove a tyrannical leader from office. ask you,re self,s what would are fore fathers DO????!.

  9. Lawrence M says:

    I feel your pain Patriots of Virginia! I live in Communists California and our gun laws are far more Draconian. Succeed and become another few counties of West Virginia. Remember how W. V. became a State, Democrats are the Party of Slavery, Jim Crow, killing of Black & Brown races (Margret Sanger at KKK meetings & Woodrow Wilson’s Eugenics Society), and now full Communist Nation!

  10. J. Griffin Crump says:

    Thirty years ago, anti-hunting activists got a bill passed through Virginia’s Democrat-dominated Senate that would have banned waterfowl hunting on the Potomac from the West Virginia border to the downstream border of Stafford County. A coalition of Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia hunters defeated that measure in the House of Delegates and, subsequently, in the full General Assembly.

    Now, with the takeover of both houses of the Virginia legislature by the Democrats, some of the same people have gotten through the Senate a bill that would prevent the Commonwealth from licensing waterfowl hunting blinds on Little Hunting Creek, Dogue Creek and Great Hunting Creek. These are all tributaries of the Potomac, and most, if not all, of the blinds are located at the mouths of the creeks, i.e., where the mouths are from hundreds of yards to miles wide. There have never been any instances of people harmed by hunting from these blinds. George Washington in his diary mentioned going up Little Hunting Creek with his “water dog, Pilot” and bagging a couple of teal. The author of this legislation is Va. Sen. Scott Surovell, whose mother, Glenda C. Booth, was quoted several years ago in an article concerning the National Audubon Society as saying that the human population needs to be reduced because it is crowding out plants and animals.

  11. Johnny B says:

    It is good for all for Virginia 2nd Amendment counties to join West Virginia. That will hid the demogogs where it hurts the most. Their pockets! And also they need to purge any demos in those counties going to WV. Show the rest of the country how bad the demogogs will be hurting without any money.

  12. JohnnyB says:

    It is good for all for Virginia 2nd Amendment counties to join West Virginia. That will hid the demogogs where it hurts the most. Their pockets! And also they need to purge any demos in those counties going to WV. Show the rest of the country how bad the demogogs will be hurting without any money.

  13. Joe Bob says:

    Why vote the out when we can send a million screaming Constitutional patriots to each of their houses and string them up. They cannot stop all of us!

  14. Jon says:

    You’re on the front lines vote them out

  15. Joseph Dygas says:

    Virginia now has a Tyrannical governor and legislature. Removal of such tyranny could justify use of the 2nd amendment for their removal if all else fails.
    Vexit to west virgina sounds like the best option along with county militia’s organized to protect those counties.

  16. Carbine Williams says:

    Time for a good old fashioned shooting Civil War

  17. The Real M says:

    This can all be undone at the ballot box! Vote them out and reclaim your beloved Virginia! Patriots must always vote! Every election is the most important one in history! And, in your case it REALLY is!

  18. Hogan says:

    Where’s my post?!!!

  19. Voldemort says:

    Latest many Virginia counties are becoming part of West Virginia. I actually would like a purge of democrats.

  20. Voldemort says:

    Latest many Virginia counties are becoming part of West Virginia. I actually would like a purge of democrats.

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