This radical socialist election denier is now the frontrunner to replace Nancy Pelosi as Democrat Leader

Conservatives nationwide cheered when Nancy Pelosi announced she was stepping down from her leadership role in the House.

But sometimes the devil you know is better than the one you don’t know.

And this radical socialist election denier is the frontrunner to replace Pelosi as Democrat Leader.

There is no doubt that Nancy Pelosi was one of the worst House Speakers in history.

Under her reign, the House became the most corrupt and divided it’s been since the Civil War.

Pelosi has wielded her power with an iron fist by shutting down debate, changing House rules, and punishing her opponents.

So of course, conservatives cheered when “Nasty Nancy” announced she was stepping aside for a younger Democrat.

But right now, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) appears to be the frontrunner to replace Nancy Pelosi as House Democrat Leader.

Even though he is a vocal election denier, which is something Democrats claim to strongly oppose, he is seemingly leading the pack for the leadership position.

But as is usual with the Democrats, hypocrisy reigns supreme, or more aptly put, they simply do not care if people think they are hypocrites.

As a lawyer from central Brooklyn, Congressman Jeffries is a self-described leftist Democrat.

And right now he seems to be working behind the scenes to win the Democrat House leadership job.

Jeffries first took office in 2013 and has worked his way to the top, serving as the Chairman of the House Democrat Caucus since 2019.

What makes his ascension so shocking is not that he is a blatant radical socialist, but because Democrats continue to label conservative Republican politicians as election deniers.

Jeffries has vocally and loudly denied the outcomes of the 2016 election.

In fact, in 2020 Jeffries tweeted that former President Donald Trump “will never” be accepted “as a legitimate President.”

“Keep pouting. History will never accept you as a legitimate President,” he tweeted at Trump.

In 2020 he also tweeted, “let’s be clear Donald. The only person trying to steal the election is YOU. (and your buddies in the Kremlin).”

He was of course referring to the now thoroughly debunked myth promoted by the Left and the media that Trump won the White House due to Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

And in 2018, Jeffries tweeted out, “the more we learn about the 2016 election, the more ILLEGITIMATE it becomes. America deserves to know whether we have a FAKE President in the Oval Office #RussianInterference.”

This is the new face of the Democrat Party.

And as Americans become more and more polarized, expect the Democrats to get even more radical and more violent.

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