This new poll just gave Joe Biden the worst news of his life

Joe Biden has not been a popular President.

He is so unpopular that people at sporting events and other venues have spontaneously erupted into chants of “F*** Joe Biden!”

Now a new poll has just given Joe Biden the worst news of his life.

A new Rasmussen poll had Biden’s approval rating at a dismal 40%.

That same poll showed only 20% strongly approve of Biden, while 48% strongly disapprove.

Of course this should come as no surprise.

The first year of the Biden Presidency has seen record inflation, authoritarian mandates, and a crisis at the southern border.

On an appearance on The Tonight Show, Biden attempted to shrug off these abysmal numbers.

Biden claimed that he no longer pays much attention to approval numbers and blamed them on what he calls “inaccurate information.”

Of course, we all know that if he had good approval numbers, he would be loudly touting them.

The supposed “inaccurate information” includes actual data from the Labor Department that showed that inflation has reached a forty year high.

A study from the University of Pennsylvania showed that inflation over the past year will cost the average family $3,500.

This same study showed that inflation will have a worse impact on low income families than those in higher income brackets.

Biden’s disastrous policies are hurting middle-class Americans’ pocketbooks.

That is why he is so unpopular.

In fact, the only actual inaccurate information seems to be coming from Biden’s allies in the corporate-controlled media.

The Fake News Media has done everything they can to downplay and redirect blame from Biden’s inflation disaster.

We have heard them claim everything from inflation isn’t happening, to it only being transitory, to inflation actually being a good thing, and to claiming Biden doesn’t have any control over it.

Of course, the majority of the American people aren’t buying these lies, which is exactly why Biden’s poll numbers are in the toilet.

Biden is doing a terrible job as President and his objectively horrendous approval numbers show it.

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