This Democrat Governor just announced a $2.1 million giveaway to illegal immigrants

More members of the migrant caravan are reaching our southern border.

Meanwhile, Democrats are using this opportunity to virtue signal.

And what one governor just announced will make your jaw drop.

Governor Phil Murphy (D) announced that the state of New Jersey will set aside $2.1 million to provide legal aid to illegal immigrants facing deportation.

This means U.S. taxpayers are footing the bill to defend people who broke immigration laws and try to keep them in America.

Fox News reports:

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced Monday that the Garden State would set aside more than $2 million to provide legal aid for low-income immigrants facing deportation.

The first-year Democrat announced the allocation in the current fiscal year’s budget hours before a federal judge barred the Trump administration from enforcing a recently enacted rule denying asylum to anyone who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally.

“Families who came to New Jersey for a better life do not deserve to be torn apart by the federal government’s cruel and discriminatory policies,” Murphy said in a statement.

The budget agreement calls for $925,000 to go to Legal Services of New Jersey and the American Friends Service Committee. Legal Services is a nonprofit that helps low-income residents. The Friends committee is a Quaker, immigrants-rights organization. Rutgers and Seton Hall’s law schools will also each get $125,000.

New Jersey joins other Democrat-controlled states like New York and California that offer legal help to poorer immigrants. Last year, a public-private partnership to help immigrants was announced in New York, whose immigrants are detained at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facilities in New Jersey’s Bergen and Hudson counties.

Democrats are working day-in and day-out to erase America’s borders.

First they blocked funding for the wall. Then they called to abolish ICE.

Now they’re forcing U.S. taxpayers to pay the legal bills for illegal immigrants.

Let us know what you think about this scheme by voting in our poll and sounding off in the comments below!


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129 Responses

  1. lisalles says:

    I wonder if the citizens of NJ want their tax dollars defending the illegals…including the illegals who murdered the border patrol officer last week. Regardless if the citizens of NJ want this, the rest of the country, the majority DOES NOT WANT TO PAY FOR THIS. CUT THE FEDERAL FUNDS OFF. TAKE IT TO THE SUPREME COURT.

  2. Did this this jacka$$ governor bother to ask the New Jersey tax payers if they wanted this? Bet he could find several good uses for that money to improve the lives if NJ citizens. This is an issue that some of those ‘protesters’ need to march for!!

    • Cliff says:

      This idot Governor needs recalled ! What gives these idiots the right to just give away our tax dollars ? They don’t even take care of the tax payers or our vets ! Kick him out of office !

  3. Kara Wright says:

    If NJ wants to use their money for illegals then they no longer receive any taxpayer dollars. They need to be treated as a state alone and on its on. If that Gov. is watching the news account of the border situation he can see what will visit his state and take it apart. He is an idiot and the people who put him in office should be getting visits from all the illegals and lets see what there state looks like then. These people are thieves and very possible killers.

  4. Roger says:

    No more fed money for NJ!

  5. Ron says:

    As long as it is money paid by the citizens of NJ it is ok with me. It is there hard earned money going to illegals so why would I care. They voted for this idiot, so this is on them.

  6. Linda says:


  7. Linda says:


  8. Rob says:

    We did not become the greatest Country on earth by being passive! We will, lose our sovereignty to the U.N. IF WE REMAIN PASSIVE!

  9. Rob says:

    The DNC is getting away with murder because the RNC is on their side! WE THE PEOPLE voting RNC are passive, we’re COWARDS! No, Voting does not work! We are ignored! The DNC committed Treason by supporting the Bill Ayers Coup, by supporting the first, foreign/born, POTUS, Barrack Hussein Obama, and the DNC gave HRC and BHO the green light to rig their own party’s presidential nomination election so the Ayers Coup could be completed! HRC was supposed to be a false storefront for an obama third term! They break the laws, and they win!
    If we remain passive, we will be slaves to the DNC!

  10. Rob says:

    I am an American Born Citizen! This site is blocking my First Amendment Right to express myself!

  11. Don says:

    Well, it is New Jersey and they elected the moron so it’s theirs to deal with

  12. Bill says:

    If he goes through with that highly illegal transaction this Administration will then need to deduct that amount of money from his budget then he coud answer to the disgruntled citizens why they then don’t have the funds to help American Citizens issues.

  13. Bob Prosser says:

    I would like to know why the legal tax paying citizens of the United States doesn’t have a group and/or organization(s) that look out for their rights. All the liberal organizations and do-gooders have the ACLU and several other groups to look out for and protect illegal immigrants and don’t hesitate to go to the liberal and infamous 9th district Federal Court and file claim after claim to give and fight for the rights of illegals that do not deserve nor have any right to them. These are non citizens and do not have any rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States simply because they are not legal citizens. How about abiding by the constitution and sticking by legal US citizens for a change. It’s way past the time to start protecting and standing up for the rights of legal US citizens and taxpayers and to stop using our money for their assault on the people of the United States of America.

  14. Floyd Hardee says:

    All sensible patriotic comments will be blocked or deleted.

  15. Floyd says:

    The Scum-0-crat Party led by Lucifer, Fake News, and the Democrats is ready to declare victory, raise taxes, and take away our weapons, and enforce slavery on their subjects……you and I!

  16. Mott says:

    Remove this BOZO from office!

  17. Donald M Coder says:

    Criminal action!

  18. Philip Simon says:

    Do not blame Gov. Murphy,you elected him, suffer you ignorant self blamless, self stupidity and brainless people who vote!

  19. James C Green says:

    WHAT are people like this clueless Governor thinking!? For crying out loud! We are nation built on respect for the law. They want to completely turn that on its head, violating the very principles that made us great! Aiding and abetting law-less invaders is about as un-American as it gets! He is a traitor to Liberty and the USA!

  20. Leon Donahue says:

    Governor Phil Murphy needs to place his Left Hand on his Right Ear and his Right Hand on his Left Ear and pull his SKINNY head out of his Fat A–! He must be on drugs to think that tax payers are willing to spend their hard earned tax dollars on legal fees for ILLEGAL ALIENS! The citizens of NJ need to start a recall for this IDIOT!

  21. John Henry Jones says:

    It’s a good think that I don’t live in those states because I would find a lawyer to file a lawsuit against him for wrongful use of my tax dollars. And I would take it all the way to the Supreme Court!

  22. Phil in TX says:

    As Abraham Lincoln said, “It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it”. Gov. Murphy just proved it.

    Phil in TX

    • Barbara Darling says:

      You are exactly correct! That Governor is INSANE!

      • Barbara Darling says:

        The Democrats or should i say ‘Demonrats’ are so focused and hell bent on destroying our country! Makes no sense at all! They should be focused in making it stronger and think about helping the True Americans that are LEGAL. Our country is in a bad way because of those damn idiots that got voted in office. Democrats yes. Im REPUBLICAN all the way!!! Trump 2020!!! May God Bless America!!!

  23. Rico says:

    The insanity of using tax payer funds to assist illegal aliens defies logic. Be compassionate to your poor and homeless first or are you just blinded by you liberalism?

  24. John P. Catalano Sr says:

    Mr Governor, there thousands that are homeless and hungry AMERICAN CITIZENS in Newark, East Orange, Trenton and other towns, YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO GIVE MONEY TO ILLEGALS!!! IF YOU DO THIS, YOU WILL BE KNOW AS ONE TERM MURPHY!!! THAT IS IF YOU DON’T GET RECALLED FIRST!!!!!!!

  25. merridee says:

    The NJ governor should be fired, impeached or whatever, but he should not be paying any of our tax money to pay for the illegals immigrants who are facing deportation. This is WRONG they broke the law, not the tax payers of America . You are not upholding law as governor of NJ all your aid for your state should be revoked. he is causing treason acts against America and her people, he is a traitor and needs to be stopped and forced out of office, and then pay for his crime..

  26. sr says:

    When you vote DEM this is what you get. They need the voter to be uneducated with their hands out. But have no problem stealing the hard earned $ from the citizens….

  27. Linda says:

    Don’t tax payers have any say anymore on this nonsense
    I know Ca And NJ have high taxes
    So why our public keeps voting for the Democratic Party is just plain crazy
    With the exit if many from these states how do expect to pay for this stupid spending other then raising
    Taxes more
    It is so evident that Americans have
    Very little rights anymore
    Build the wall and deport all of these freeloaders
    And take the Dens with you please
    They are a worthless bunch of self centered creeps
    They have ruin our country so much

  28. Navy PO2 says:

    Who is this left wing puke who wants to give our hard earned money to illegal immigrants? Whoever he is he should be put in prison for theft. HE IS UNFIT TO SERVE!!!!!!!

  29. Tetvet says:

    The demoncrats are traitors to our country. The reality is that they were voted in by whatever means possible. We the people were not able to unite and vote our people in. The administration will not be able to do anything because the GOP leadership is in favor of what the demoncrats are doing.

  30. JOHN MARR says:

    Line up the busses. At least we now have a place to send all the illegals. New Jersey or all the sanctuary cities.

  31. Patricia says:

    He should be deported as an enemy of the state. Where are the interfering judges now, allowing this Governor to go against our constitution using taxpayer money?! Brace yourself NJ you will be over run with illegal vermin!

  32. Deplorable Lanie says:

    And what about the millions of hungry children in the United States? Or what about the Veterans who have served this country and come back and need assistance? Or the opioid epidemic in this country? Or the homeless people this country? It never ceases to amaze me, the Democrats and their political grandstanding. I saw a video on that “caravan” where they interviewed people in the caravan, which are, by the way, 90 – 95% young males, not women and children. And who are not fleeing persecution, but looking for a better job! And they also want to take part in all the benefits for Americans. Which they think they are entitled to. I’m just glad I don”t live in New Jersey!

  33. Hey Murph, you’re an IDIOT, than again you join the majority of of the IDIOTS that voted for you.
    The Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, MUST BE DESTROYED.

  34. Peter says:

    NJ is just another state filled with democrat losers running it.

  35. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    There is so much evidence for indicting Demoncommiecratshariaideological party members yet these people are exonerated for the many crimes they commit.

  36. Daniel Mount says:

    As long as this idiot Democratic Governor uses his own money. But if he gets away with taking the American people money, that will tell me in what direction our Government will be heading in our future.

  37. William J Vital says:

    He’s a normal Democrap…He wants to give our tax dollars to the illegals instead of either sending then back to Mexico or sending them down to Washington, DC to be supported by his fellow Democraps. You KNOW he won’t let any of them near his residence.

  38. Roy says:

    Would somebody smack that BITCH.

  39. Rob Wells says:


  40. Tom says:

    Do the American working poor, welfare recipients and homeless in his state know about this?

    • George says:

      Governor Phil Murphy (D) Is a typical demoncrat fool, they do not care about the poor folks that were born and work here. He should be jailed with the rest of the US enemies

  41. Janice says:

    Why would a Democrat pay millions to illegals and you can’t take care of the homeless in your own back yard..that is criminal.

  42. Patricia Diane Siveny says:

    How do the New Jersians feel about this?

  43. Rob says:

    Defund there government assistance, obviously they have to much money.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      You must mean federal funding, won’t work a criminal federal judge will step in and say that is unconstitutional consider how often that has been done in regards to EOs issued by the POTUS to actually benefit legal United States citizens and to punish those who are actually violating the law, those damn! judges are guilty numerous times over of legislating law or bastardizing existing laws.

  44. Governor Murphy has his head up his ass.. Hope he farts big-time…. and smell the stink the way us taxpayers born in the USA smell him…he reeks!!!

  45. Proud vet says:

    Any civil servant who thinks the American people’s money is there is to spend as they see fit or to buy votes with should be taken up by the American people and hang by the neck until dead . Taxpayer dollars are supposed to be used to maintain government only not as a slush fund for who’s ever in charge to buy votes with him by people off and pay their pimps off with!

  46. Jim says:

    You should live here. As soon as he took office he passed a pile of new gun laws including a magazine capacity reduction from 15 to 10. While they were salivating over the possibility of all these new laws that are redundant over the existing nightmare of laws they forgot to make a exception for the police. So the cops were now in violation of the new law, they are now scrambling to make a change so the cops aren’t breaking the law anymore. Now that these laws passed they are already talking about another wave of gun laws. I need to move. This is insanity the state is broke, crime is horrible, and go figure the criminals don’t follow their new gun laws. Imagine that. Now he wants to give money away to illegals. Doesn’t surprise me. Hope your happy New Jersey you did this to us when you voted this maniac into office.

  47. Willie says:

    These treasonous criminals need to be prosecuted by Americans! They should be beat, hung, shot, or drag them around the country behind a truck by their chained ankles for all to see

    • John Gross says:

      we are headed that way! lots of people feel it and the democrats in washington will be the first to get it. they are going to be sorry!

  48. Cheryl says:

    Glad I don’t live in or visit your state. No one who is illegal should be given taxpayers money for no reason whatsoever. Why don’t you set that amount of money on the side for our homeless or our vets, who gave you freedom, or our homeless vets. You people make me sick you choose illegals over our own.

  49. Ga says:

    New Jersey’s roads are in terrible shape . No wonder people and businesses are leaving that place . New York City snd Nee Jersey are hell holds for the legal America’s who live there . But the fact is the south doesn’t want them to move there because they will vote the same bums in and repeat the messes they have made there , here . Plus their holier than this attitude they can keep up there . The people of that state continue to put these vile creatures into office .

  50. don says:

    This S.O.B needs to be castrated. And sent out to pasture to lick his well deserved wounds.

  51. Tom Curry says:

    I can see that these Democrats have no love for our constitution or our country and why the Federal government isn’t going after these unconstitutional governors and mayors is a disgrace, for our federal government has every right to arrest and prosecute these politicians and you can bet that the citizens want this done also for these politicians have become dictators not representatives at all, and these politicians are using their power to misrepresent the citizens!!! These state and city politicians have their own laws but they are suppose to conform to our constitutional federal law and it is Federal law that supersedes all state and city laws!!! Our president should send in federal agents and arrest all the politicians that are breaking federal law and declare marshal law and get all these politicians prosecuted!!! I know for a fact that the citizens would welcome this act with open arms!!!

  52. Mike says:

    I myself think the Democratic party should be abolished and then we can straighten our our country yhat the democraps and illegals are slowly destroying.

    • Kep says:

      The Democratic Party is now the new Amerikan Communist Party. LIBERALS ARE COMMUNISTS AND TERRORISTS AND ARE NOT AMERICANS. ALL should be eradicated from America.

  53. Ramona says:

    From an ex Californian with the same kind of idiots running the state. I was voting with common sense but the idiot communists outvoted me every time so there was nothing to do but leave that state while I still had some skin left on my body.

  54. Rick says:


  55. Rick says:


  56. Dorothy says:

    It’s up to the people of New Jersey to recall and impeach this pos. You voted for him and now he’s stealing your hard-earned money from you for those who broke the laws of this country. Now you have to take matters into your own hands and remove this traitor from office. If you don’t you’ll get exactly what you voted for … a rotten, liberal, Demorat who will steal you deaf, dumb and blind.

  57. Danny Hatcher says:

    We complain, Democrats drain!

    • reality check says:

      You are right, Danny! And your Trumpers complain the most, in fact you should in in awards shows for complaining, griping, whining, bitching, festering and playing like the victim. You beat old issues over and over and seem to love to have pity parties. You strengthen your group by hatred if not demonizing others, like authoritarian cults.

      • Patricia Diane Siveny says:

        I think any citizen has a right to complain about this. What has he done for homeless, opioid addicts, victims of gang murder. You take care of your own first. But he brings in more people that will be homeless, drug addicts, criminals. That is the reality check,

      • Joe says:

        That’s rich, coming from a tantrum throwing, imbecilic group of morons who cry every time it looks like they won’t be able to get their way! You will p!zz this country away just like Venezuela. “Don’t worry, the government will take care of it”! How are the doing now? Eating their pets, garbage, or starving, that’s what. You idiots aren’t smart enough to take care of yourself, see what they’re doing, or even realize that you have been “PUNKED” by the democrat party. PUNKED! Suckered in and the subject of their laughter. Poor fools.

      • Joe says:

        When you look in your mirror do you see the same idiot we see posting your idiotic drivel? I can’t see how you don’t. Except maybe because of your extremely low IQ.

  58. Mary alderson says:

    I did not vote for a Democrat He has no right to steal our money when I only get 4 hunderd and 91 Dollars a month S.S.

    • Ben says:

      Mary, like all other Democrates, the Governorof your State (New Jersey) believes just in receiving more votes from Illegals, and “He” don’t give a “dam” about helping you , nor the rest of all Social Security receipents in New Jersey, who live on their Social Security monthly checks. THAT IS WAY YOU HAVE TO VOTE REPUBLICAN.

  59. I would have thought that was against the law. It is against the good people of the USA. What if 1 of those illegals rapes his wife or daughter? Or kills his son??

  60. I would have thought that was against the law. It is against the good people of the USA. What if 1 of those illegals rapes his wife or daughter? Or kills his son??

  61. Democrat just buying more votes with America tax dollars ..Hmm

  62. judith says:

    They voted him in you reap what you sow

  63. Rudy says:

    I agree. It’s my first thought.

    • jim says:

      This SCUZBAG preyed on women from the time of his first erection! He has ALWAYS had the integrity of a snake, from lying to keep out of the draft, to living in the tree outside of a dormitory and crapping on the front lawn to so many evil things they would take an entire set of books to list them all, and he taught Crooked Hilly all of his maneuvers for “SLIPPIN AN-A SLIDING, which she put to the utmost use, from THE BENGHAZI INCIDENT where she was responsible for the deaths of 4 (FOUR) Americans ,, to and thru the manipulationa and arrangement for the sale of 20% of American Uranium to RUSSIA, and then accepted $145,000,000.00 in a donation from RUSSIAN SOURCES into their CLINTON GLOBAL FOUNDATION!!! WHAT A SMALL WORLD! THEN SHE USED A PRIVATE SERVER AND UNSECURED BLACKBERRY UNITS TO SEND CLASSIFIED EMAILS,,,,,,TO TOP THAT ONE OFF, SHE HAD THE BLACKBERRY UNITS SMASHED WITH A HAMMER, AND LIED TO THE CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE ABOUT THAT< AND DESTROYED 33,000 EMAILS THAT COULD HAVE BEEN USED AGAINST HER FOR PROSECUTION!!! THERE IS NOTHING THAT THIS COUPLE WILL NOT DO TO HAVE THEIR WAY, AND IT FURTHER ACCELLERATES THEIR TOTAL DISREGARD FOR HONESTY< INTEGRITY, TRUTH, and ALL THAT IS GOOD AND TRUE!!! HOW WILL THEY ANSWER WHEN THEIR GRANDKIDS LOOK THEM IN THE EYE, AND ASK, GRAMPA DID YOU REALLY DO THOSE BAD THINGS TO ALL THOSE WOMEN??? AND GRAMMA, DID YOU LIE FOR HIM, and HOW COULD YOU LIVE WITH ALL THE LIES?????

      • reality check says:

        Sounds like you are talking about TRUMP! Jim, you are that old geezer in the neighborhood that rants and all the kids run away from – – – ranting and gritching.

        • Bob says:

          Hey “Reality Check” (a pretty obvious misnomer?)

          Why are democrats soooooo blind and stupid? no, really! That was a serious question! I’ll be the first to admit, that a lot of politicians with an (R) or (I) after their name aren’t much better, but … DAMN!

          If your state is broke, no money, in debt, perpetually in the red, then you cannot afford to give away what few taxpayer dollars you have for non-essential, ideological projects just to show what a bunch of nice folks you are!

          That is referred to as malfeasance (the performance by a public official of an act that is legally unjustified, harmful, or contrary to law; wrongdoing (used especially of an act in violation of a public trust), and besides being a violation of his oath of office, could be deemed a crime.

          The governors of the several states that make up our United States, all take an oath of office, to support the constitution of their state, and perform their duties for the good of the resident of their state. Illegals are NOT legal residents of New Jersey, and therefore what he is doing, is outside the purview of his official duties.

          Further, it’s a moral breach for him or the state Legislature to use New Jersey taxpayer funds to support non-residents of the state. That’s a basic violation of the public trust of the residents of New Jersey.

          something like that, if it could be found legal, would have to be approved by a public referendum at the very least!

          As someone else stated, these monies are not a slush fund for the Legislature or the Governor to spend as they choose! They were collected as taxes to benefit the resident of the state of New Jersey!

        • Brat says:

          Reality you need to check with a doctor Phys Dr. You have lost what little mind you ever had. Trump has done more for America in the time he’s been in office than Obummer did in 8 years. If you don’t like what’s happening then could always do what the Hollyweirds said they would do, they promised to let well they lied. Put your big kid panties on and get over yourself.

  64. Rudy says:

    Agree. It’s not going to happen unless the tax paying people revote

  65. Abel says:

    This piece of shut is committing treason against his own American citizens.

  66. Steve says:

    They should arrest this criminal “governor” for many counts of grand theft & embezzlement of taxpayer funds that is supposed to be for the benefit of AMERICAN CITIZENS & country !

  67. Michael Turner says:

    Thats just one sorry ass Democrap that needs to go!!

    • John Flynn says:

      Unfortunately, Michael, Murphy was just elected last year. He, like otherBIG $$$ boys, worked for a Wall St firm (Goldman Sachs, I think) so he knows not what a median income is and how it hurts Jerseyans. At least I didn’t vote for him

      • Renata says:

        Wouldn’t be surprised if George Soros and his crew are behind this one also! All the Democrats who are advocating allowing the illegals into the country should take them into their homes and gated communities (walled, I might add) and just see how far their generosity will go then!!!

  68. John Bloxson Jr. says:

    New Jersey you voted for this arse hopeyou enjoy the tax hike so he can defend Damnable Criminals here illegally. You arseholes would not listen now eat you words.

  69. John Currier says:

    This is typical Democrat thinking. Thinking? Well, it’s Democrat “feel good”. Rather than using his brain and taking care of the people in his state, he’s willing to take that money and give it to people who are breaking our nation’s laws.

  70. FEDUP365 says:

    IMPEACH and REMOVE from ever holding a political office.

  71. CC says:

    I got a real azz for a gov in Pa.I look across the river and see Superazz in N.J.If they didn’t have beaches and gambling,no one would go there.

    • Jan13 says:

      How about the one in NYS? What is it about the Northeast.? We can really pick them, well, at least the liberals do. Not the more conservative folks.

  72. Christiann says:

    Cut federal funds to New Jersey!!

  73. Larry Stinson says:

    The tax dollars should only come from the taxpayers in the States that provide the support…if they don’t like the bill they are the only ones that can vote the leadership out of office

  74. Capn Jack says:

    And how does that feel New Jersey? You get what you voted for.

  75. Jim Jones says:

    Just another Liberal Commie with his head up his ass.
    These idiots should be stopped.

  76. Brat says:

    I would suggest you recall your governor since he cares more illegals than then legal residents of the state

  77. truchman says:

    this idiot needs to be removed from office and sent to live in honduras without his passport

    • Marie says:

      Agree with you Truchman 150%. What kind of moron does that. I’m sure that money could be better spent on the poor citizens of that state.

  78. Mike H says:

    That money is not his ,he should be removed from office

    • Sharon says:

      ABSOLUTELY!!! Where are the protesters now? Don’t you people have enough tax problems already? Do you really want your money spent this way??

  79. Terry says:

    Wow!! This is the stupidest thing I’ve heard so far.

  80. Mikey says:

    Are the taxpayers really this stupid as to let the governor spend their money on illegals?

  81. Bill says:

    No but if the states or the fed any of them want to put up some $ well spent pay bounty on any illegal, starting with convicted criminals, dead or alive then follow with $ to deport plain illegals same day they are picked up !

  82. Mike H says:

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve heard yet

  83. vicky Huss says:

    If NJ, has SOOOO much xtra $, why does the Gov. not AID THE POORER PEOPLE, IN HIS OWN STATE? Sounds like “Pandering’ to me!

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