This bombshell criminal indictment means one scary thing for Hillary Clinton

Prosecutors are closing in on one of the biggest political crimes in American history.

It’s terrifying Democrats.

And this bombshell criminal indictment means one scary thing for Hillary Clinton.

Special counsel John Durham indicted Brookings Institute researcher Igor Danchenko on five counts of lying to the FBI.

Danchenko was “subsource-1” in Christopher Steele’s fake news Russian collusion dossier and provided Steele with many of the unverified claims that ended up in the hoax document.

Former top Devin Nunes aide and Trump administration official Kash Patel appeared on Breitbart’s Sirius XM radio show and explained that he believed Durham was building a sprawling case outlining how the Clinton campaign, the Deep State, and the Democrat Party colluded on fabricating the conspiracy theory that Donald Trump was a Russian agent.

“I think he’s building a bigger conspiracy case, and it’s just going to take time and that’s where he’s going,” Patel stated.

Patel drew on his past experience as a federal prosecutor to explain his confidence in the scope of the Durham investigation and why it took two years to hand down indictments.

“John Durham’s working hard. He’s only been at it for two-plus years. When I was a federal prosecutor, I spent 3, 4, 5 years building some prosecutions, so it takes time, but I think we are heading in the right direction,” Patel added.

Patel explained that the indictment revealed the stunning detail that the source of Steele’s most explosive allegation – that the Russians had a videotape of Trump paying prostitutes to urinate on a bed – actually came from Bill Clinton confidante and P.R. executive Charles Dolan Jr.

“[Christopher] Steele’s number one source … is indicted for lying to the FBI five times over, and he’s shown to be a total fraud and in bed with another Clinton ally that’s named in the indictment,” Patel added.

Patel said the breadth of the Durham investigation – and the fact that Durham already implicated a Clinton campaign volunteer in producing the Steele dossier – should worry Deep State agents like James Comey and Andrew McCabe as well as former Clinton aide and current Joe Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

“It shows, full circle, that John Durham is building conspiracy cases outlining the likes of Fusion GPS, Comey, McCabe, Jake Sullivan — all these people are in trouble, and finally the American people are getting some accountability,” Patel continued.

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