The FBI is hiding something about Antifa that you won’t believe

Antifa is one of the biggest domestic terrorist threats facing America.

The public is asking what is being done to bring them down.

And the FBI is hiding something about Antifa that you won’t believe.

FBI Director Christopher Wray had a tense exchange with Ohio Republican Congressman Mike Turner about Antifa’s financing and organization capabilities.

To start off, Wray walked back his testimony from last year where Wray tried to undercut Donald Trump by declaring Antifa “an idea.”

This time, Wray conceded that Antifa was a real threat.

“There are certainly local and regional nodes, individuals who self-identify with Antifa and commit violent attacks, citing that as their motivation, and we have a number of predicate investigations into such individuals and Antifa is a real thing. It’s not a fiction,” Wray stated.

That was enough for Turner who wanted Wray to divulge what the FBI knew about Antifa’s financing and organizational structure.

Wray would not bite.

“Again we have seen individual instances and small regional nodes of people coming together to train in some cases,” Wray responded. “There’s not some big national structure responsible for the violence.”

Wray also noted that “the financing issue is something we continue to investigate, but there’s nothing that I can share at this time with the committee on that.”

Turner was not settling for nonanswers and demanded an answer about Antifa.

“They have obviously been deployed throughout the United States. We’ve seen them burning federal buildings, the self-professed members, claiming members of Antifa — do they or do they not have organized financial support?” Turner asked.

Wray was forced to admit that Antifa staged coordinated attacks on targets within the United States.

“At the local level, in some cases, the regional level we have seen organized activity, people working together,” Wray conceded.

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