The Deep State just smacked Trump with a lawsuit that could destroy his presidency

President Donald Trump is facing historic opposition.

Along with their expected Democrat allies, there is a cabal of deep state agents working against him from within the government.

And the Deep State just smacked Trump with a lawsuit that could destroy his presidency.

Since taking office, President Trump has continually been forced to deal with deep state figures within his government, working to undermine his agenda.

And some of those officials were even at the highest levels of the Trump administration.

That includes former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was fired from his position after being caught leaking information to the media.

In response, then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired McCabe, just one day before he was set to retire.

That’s why McCabe is furious, and he just filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department and FBI, claiming his firing was political retribution coming from President Trump.

The Daily Caller reports:

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe sued the Justice Department and FBI on Thursday for his firing last year, which he says was politically-motivated retribution for failing to support President Donald Trump.

In the complaint, McCabe accuses the Justice Department and FBI of “unlawful retaliation for his refusal to pledge allegiance to a single man,” a reference to Trump.

On March 16, 2018, then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired McCabe on the recommendation of Justice Department Inspector General and the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility. Both had recommended that McCabe be fired for a lack of candor during multiple interviews regarding leaks he authorized to the media.

McCabe authorized a subordinate, Lisa Page, to speak with a Wall Street Journal reporter in October 2016 about the state of the Clinton investigation.

McCabe hoped to remain in his job at least until he would qualify for full retirement benefits, but Sessions brought down the hammer one day before his official retirement date.

McCabe’s lawsuit is coming just days after disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok filed a similar lawsuit over his firing.

Strzok is the FBI agent who made waves after getting caught sending anti-Trump text messages to his extramarital lover, resulting in his removal from Robert Mueller’s Russia Investigation.

These lawsuits are meant to prove President Trump had them fired for political reasons.

But in reality, their firings occurred because they were actively being insubordinate.

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