The Broward County Sheriff just got some very bad news (finally)

Following the Parkland, Florida murders, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel became the darling of the left-wing media for parroting their anti-gun narrative.

As more information came out revealing multiple missed red flags, Sheriff Israel refused to take any personal responsibility.

Instead, he threw everyone else under the bus and now he’s about to pay dearly for his actions.

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Sheriff Israel touted his “amazing leadership.”

Now, Israel is facing a vote of no confidence from the union representing his own sheriff’s deputies.

CNN reports:

Jeff Bell, the president of the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association, told CNN on Friday that union members had decided to move forward with the vote, which will begin electronically tonight and will close on April 26.

“There is a complete failure at the sheriff’s office and he doesn’t recognize it,” Bell said.

Calling the vote a “ploy,” Israel said the union “is trying to use the Parkland tragedy as a bargaining tactic to extort a pay raise.”

Aside from the sheriff’s comments in the aftermath of Parkland, a letter informing the union membership of the vote contains a multitude of other complaints against Israel. Union audits showed that Israel has returned hundreds of millions of dollars to the county that could have been used money for deputy salary increases, training, health care, crime laboratory upgrades and safety equipment, the letter said.

Bell said he informed the sheriff ahead of the announcement that the vote would go forward.

“The move follows many instances of suspected malfeasance … and the lack of leadership that has crushed morale throughout the agency,” the announcement from the deputies association says.

A vote of no confidence would show that the majority of sheriff’s deputies believe Israel should resign.

This is an unprecedented move by the union representing the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

The vote will end on Thursday April, 26. We will keep you updated on this story.

UPDATE: According to USA TODAY, “The union says 534 out of 628, or 85%, who voted said they had no confidence in Israel.”


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111 Responses

  1. Man Israel the coward sherry iff needs a solid beat down….

  2. michael says:

    not really, very well educated and totally up to date on current events!!

  3. Timothy Yorgan says:

    We have to watch out for who we elect to Sheriff. Some of these guys just repeat the oath of office…they don’t TAKE it and dump the constitution at the first chance they get.

  4. If the school security officer had done his job fewer students would have died that day. Some could still had been save if the police had not behaved like a bunch of cowards. The perpetrator is responsible for shootings but he could have been stopped before he murdered all of his victims. The police also have the blood of those students on their hands.

  5. Bob Hunt says:

    I don’t believe Israel should resign, I believe he should have been thrown out of office the day after the school shooting!

  6. Tom Martin says:

    Region and get a security job protecting Hodd the nitwit child

  7. zee says:

    > RESIGN W/ PUNITIVE DAMAGE > & WHO has ‘Balls’ to Prosecute.
    > ARMS smuggling Also on Israel’s plate. Come on, you Lib ‘hit/run’
    attorneys, Show Your Face. Defend this guy.

  8. MASTERMECH48 says:

    Neither the Sheriff nor any deputy should be allowed to resign. They were in fact derelict in the performance of duties in various degrees. They should be held accountable for their in-actions.

  9. Roger Acuff says:

    No he shouldn’t resign because the county and people should have removed him from office. And along with his deputies that stood by and done nothing should be in jail waiting for a court date for their actions. And each should do as much time as the shooter. At least he has an excuse of mental illness. No excuse for being a liberal Democrat or a coward. I will say if a parent had run in with a gun and stopped this tragedy they would be in jail now because of all the communist liberals.

  10. DocRich says:

    Parduc…..Bite me!!!! Google the politicians of Broward county!?!?!?!?!?!?

  11. DocRich says:

    NO, zip, NONE!!! no law enforcement officers at ANY level should be appointed to their position……ALL should be advanced through the ranks and assigned by their agency……This should be the situation from DHS down to local police Departments!!!!

  12. Mike W says:

    Maybe it’s time for Sheriff’s to be promoted up through the ranks instead of being someones elected political pawn. Same with FBI directors – who are also appointed.

  13. DocRich says:

    Wayne, very well and absolutely truthfully said!!!!

  14. Wayne says:

    I have relatives in Law Enforcement on several levels. Knowing what these men have already done, I can’t imagine a Sheriff’s Department who would shirk their DUTY like in the Parkland shooting. Look at all the articles out there in the same time frame about Uniformed Officers who stopped the exact same scenario. Both men and women who ran toward the danger and stopped it. Shooters in schools have been stopped before it became a bloodbath in several states. The media doesn’t report those stories because it doesn’t draw in viewers which means less sponsors and less money. The left media is selling out America for money. Damn all of them.


  16. michael says:

    why blame the sheriff, it was loser republicans that caused this tragedy!!

    • Tim Toroian says:

      Nice blanket statement. Typical of leftists who can’t think of anything else. It’s like impeaching Trump, a bunch of people yell it but none have given a concrete example of what he has done that would warrant impeachment. Can you?


    • Mark says:

      Explain EXACTLY how any republican caused this DEMOCRAT CRIMINAL to enter a school with guns and start shooting people. Look it up… In the history of such crimes, 100% were committed by people who identified as being DEMOCRATS… 0% of such crimes committed by people identifying as Republicans!!!

    • Mark says:

      Normally Michael, I would say a comment like yours was due to ignorance, but in your case, it’s pure stupidity!

    • Wayne says:

      Because the Sheriff did not screen the Deputy applicants as they should have been. He did not train his men properly. Deputies whose job was to monitor and keep the school safe, hid in fear rather than protect those kids. Ever heard of “Protect and Serve”? They did not and as Sheriff, he is responsible.

    • cliff says:

      Please enlighten all of us HOW a “republican” caused a demented democrat criminal to do what he did. ALSO inorm us of which REPUBLICAN told the CORRUPT DEMOCRAT ANTI-GUN HITLERY-LOVING SHERIFF to IGNORE NUMEROUS COMPLAINTS, the FBI to IGNORE NUMEROUS COMPLAINTS and then tell the men to “stand down”? Perhaps YOU need to look at the FACTS before making MORONIC “comments”.
      This ‘sheriff” saw an “opportunity” to let this mentally-ill person carry out his threats” (he and the FBI were “warned” several times) because BOTH he and the FBI KNEW they had a “loose cannon” they could utilize to push the DEMOCOMMUNIST “gun control” narrative, and did not CARE how many casualties there were because THAT is how COMMUNISTS “roll”. Anyway to achieve their “objective” of disarmament of LAW-ABIDING citizens using a demented individual to do it.

    • Parduc says:

      The shooter was a little libtard high on drugs, just like you.

    • ken says:

      WHAT AN ASSLICKER YOU ARE!! You Have to be retarded demon crap!!!

    • Lawrence Wise says:

      You need a lot of help. No one is stupid enough to make a comment like that unless
      you are totally mentally challanged or trying to be funny.

    • Pam Dunn says:

      NIce load of idiotic moronic spew of stupidity and ignorance mikey your mommy must be soooo proud of the brainless moron she raised.

    • rafael says:

      michael ; leftist liberal , very confused and brainwashed .

  17. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Should Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel resign?
    YES @ (100%)=134,000,921 US voters
    no @ (0%)=50 voters

    along with scott israel be charged with murder of the school killings

    and that’s TRUMPing truth
    Amen & Amen!!!

  18. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Should Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel resign?
    YES @ (100%)=134,000,921 US voters
    no @ (0%)=50 voters

    along with scott israel charge with murder of the school killings

    and that’s TRUMPing truth
    Amen & Amen!!!

  19. Warren says:

    If this Rat is not Prosecuted there is No Law in Florida..!!

  20. HadleyHal says:

    When I saw the first interview with this clown after the shooting, my first reaction was,”How did this piss ant become sheriff?’

  21. Bob @ says:

    bye bye Barney (Fife or Ruble….you choose)

  22. Richard says:

    He should be investigated and charged with felonies and misdemeanors as found to be appropriate. He should be chastised for following the Obama directive of not investigating crime and not reporting it. He should be charged with gross incompetence if office due to his directive to have his people “stand down” during the school shooting. AND he should be charged as an accomplice to that shooting i.e.: aiding and abetting the shooter by not having his guys take action and also for knowingly and willfully allowing this crime to be committ4ed (after the first shot it became a crime and he did nothing), After he is found guilty, and he will be, as the facts fo the case are known, he should be fired, his retirement stopped and his ability to be a law enforcement officer in the future placed oin the not ever to hire folder. After he is released from prison, if ever, he shall be placed on parole with strict parameters. He should be made an example of so that other law enforcement officers, especially those in command, will not balk or fail to do their or have their underlings do their duty. There is no excuse for the actions taken in this case. He just as well as been a planner, participant and advisor to the shooter.

  23. walter harvey says:

    He should not resign, he should be fired!!.Without any retirement.

  24. J M says:

    This POS is a left wing MUSLIME supporter. Pure evil. Even speaks at anti American mosques. Look it up. He is a fake Jew and a disgrace to genuine Jews everywhere. Truth !

  25. Texas Belle says:

    Just like Hillary and most others on the Left this arrogant man thinks he is the King of his realm and nothing can happen to him. He should not be a Sheriff or hold any public office. His behavior after the shooting was atrocious and showed no sense of compassion or responsibility. How people could elect someone like him is a mystery.

    • DocRich says:

      Texas Belle, makes me immediately wonder about the election process in Broward County!! His lack of “Compassion” and “Responsibility” is being protected by a corrupt County political machine!?!?!?!?!?

  26. MARYANN33 says:

    He himself is guilty of almost all those deaths.

  27. Glenn says:

    I voted NO! Much better to let the voters throw the bum out!

  28. Jon says:

    Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel should be kicked out of office he could have stopped the school shooting if he would have REPORTED THIS KIDS PRIER CRIMES but he did not there for KICK HIM OUT OF OFFICE.

    • Captain O says:

      This knave should be removed from office. He’s a scurrilous, craven, coward that refused to let his deputies do their jobs. No retirement, no pension. Just charge him with dereliction of duty and remove him from office.

  29. zee says:

    Stay STRONG Deputies et al. Oust him (Israel) . Force a Resignation, w/Your
    Heat. This man, Israel is no good. You have had Enough.

  30. Tom says:

    This one man and his failure to do his job will change our gun rights forever. He should have been fired, lost his pension and been sued in Civil Court by all the families of these poor kids that were murdered due to his negligence. Jail time would be a big plus.

  31. DocRich says:

    As a retired federal law enforcement officer, I have seen managers time and time again, refuse to do their duty and back their officers that are the manager’s responsibility……..All these managers can do is think selfishly of their pensions and appeasing upper management…..It seem a “do mothing” manager like Isreal would think to resign and save his pension; rather than be terminated at the possible loss of retirement…..”I gave him a badge, gun and training; but he failed to respond” speaks volumns of a disruptive style of management, poor morale and low self esteem of the Sheriff’s command….What kind of agency sends monies appropriated to it fort trainig, weapons and tactical gear; it only speaks to a Commander trying to appease his higher command……

  32. I think more than resign, he should be fired for incompetence. Why should municipal and state taxpayers be forced to pay a salary to a washed up has been.

    • DocRich says:

      I would hope that termination would cancel his retirement benefits!!!!

    • Procius says:

      Cannot be fired. He is an elected official and must be voted out of office

      • Mark says:

        For an elected official, being voted out of office before serving term is up should be treated EXACTLY LIKE getting fired from a Private Sector job… Voted out of office SHOULD MEAN… NO Retirement or other future benefits for having been in the position he was voted out of.

  33. Rick says:

    Israel is a joke and definitely not a law enforcement officer but a POS politician. If the union is using this as a ploy to get a pay raise and drops the no confidence vote for any reason, it should lose all credibility as an organization. Israel should have to face the truth and not be allowed to skate away from his dereliction and poor leadership. He is not Hillary, although what happened in Parkland was the same that happened in Bengazi. Hold Israel accountable…

  34. Douglas says:

    So this POS that WE gave a gun to…so he can protect US, had his ‘Petuties’ leaning on a car fender while kids where being ‘shot-up’? With tons of pre-evidence of this ‘maniacs’ intentions? And now he wants YOUR gun? What’s WRONG with that? Vote DUMBOCRAP for more of the same!

  35. Herbert Chapman says:

    I voted NO. Because I believe he should be fired for not doing his job and using Politics on the job and allowing people to get killed. He should have to face a court .

    • Old Silk says:

      He can face a court if the no-confidence vote succeeds in his removal. That said, Broward County is kind of a joke around the country at this point. Not a nice place to visit, and nobody would want to live there either.

  36. ROBERTW says:


  37. Chastran says:

    This clown needs to be fired, Resignation or retirement should not be an option for gross incompetence…

    • Rick says:

      Exactly and the victims’ families should all sue him and the department for their failure to act! I hate lawsuits but this one I would back 100 % as a juror. As a police officer myself, I would never show my face in public again if I had allowed this to happen.

  38. Ernesto says:

    RESIGN MY ASS!! This idiot has blood on his hand … not only from the Florida shootings, but I am sure he is guilty of a lot of other deaths!! This sewer crap Liberal, democrat idiot should be hanged …. and with all his sewer crap buddies!! NO MERCY!! He is just a corrupted, sewer crap, puppet to the Obama’s, and the Clinton’s, they have him sucking off their hands, plus other things, which will not mention!! HANG THE BASTARD! HANG THE BASTARD!!

  39. Nick says:

    This man if you can call him that is a disgrace to any person that has ever worn a uniform for the Military, or Police! He should be immediately removed from office and lose all and any benefits. Had this chicken POS been in the Military when I was in he would be charged at the very LEAST WITH DERELICTION OF DUTY, HAD HE BEEN WITH US AT A PLACE CALLED DAK-TO HE WOULD BE CHARGED WITH COWARDICE IN THE FACE OF! His Deputies would also be charged, Thank God that the Coral Springs Police had dedicated law enforcement on their force Kudos to Coral Springs Thank you so Much Coral Springs!!!

  40. Gary says:

    A lot of police or sheriffs dept leaders that i personally know beg for the extra money for their officers on the streets. They go after every penny they get to upgrade equipment, health care and on and on and on. This so called leader needs to either resign or be thrown out ASAP

  41. Alex says:

    The Failure of a deputy and/or police official to perform their duties adequately is “no good”, for police protection service when warranted. Just like an example of a judge getting a pat on the back because they can’t make it as a lawyer.

  42. unique says:

    Just like the Secret Service at the White House didn’t arrest the killer of the four people
    at Waffle House that was on thee White House grounds with an AK15 two years ago.

    What is happening to our country ???

  43. cliff says:

    Not only should he be REMOVED, But he should be attested, and charged with dereliction of duty. He KNEW what this mentally-ill animal was capable of and going to do, and In my own opinion WANTED this to happen, so HIS “gun control narrative” could be pushed. (after all, he IS “best -buds” with the clintoons and left-leaning communist “groups” that want ALL LAW -ABIDING CITIZENS to be disarmed for easy “takeover” when these CRIMINAL “ELITES” feel the “time is right”.)

    • cliff says:

      Oops I mean arrested. Sorry about that.

    • Martin says:

      Also he should be not be able to have any job agin in law enforcement ever agin.

      • Ray Anton says:

        Amen Martin, Scott Israel knows no self respecting Police/Law Enforcement organization in the US would hire him, so he’s hanging on to his job for dear life. It’s a disgrace for the Broward County Commissioners to let him stay!!

      • cliff says:

        Give him a “job” in Law enforcement…Let him sweep the jail floor after they incarcerate him.

    • Martin says:

      Scott Israel should be not be able to have any job agin in law enforcement ever agin.

    • MarkOwen says:

      The arrogant prick should be stripped of his rank and run out of town. Nothing but a lazy self serving left wing political hack. Clinton loving fool. Dirty cop is about the best he could be.

    • ch says:

      That and the fact that 2 of his deputies are muslimes and are teaching muslimes at mosques. Those deputies also need to o

    • Bob L says:

      Agreed. Any law enforcement personnel who fail to follow the protocol when horrible things like this happen should lose their jobs if not worse. In this case the Sheriff Dept, social services and last but not least even our FBI basically all looked the other way and this mentally ill kid did the unthinkable when I think he could have been stopped

  44. Dan says:

    As opposed to what “skulls full of Mush” say, it wasn’t the NRA, the GUN, or TRUMP that killed those kids, it was the Sheriff, the FBI and thePROMISE program and their lack of leadership.

    “Follow The Money”

  45. This man has a very shady background, seen pictures of him with Hillary Clinton, and nothing is mentioned about his ties to islam with his top Sheriff, Nezar Hamze (Muslim) and both have been seen at a local mosque regular! I can’t help but believe this shooting was allowed to happen, all in the name of Gun Control, look how fast everything was organized, kinda Strange and very sad that it could be true! But this man does need to be fired or replaced, his Hillary excuses and getting pathetic !!!!

  46. Joanna says:

    What the hell was he thinking???? His job is to PROTECT!!!!!! All the kids got was damn COWARD!!!!!

  47. Mike H says:

    Neal. I don’t know if that’s true or not but boy would that be a slap in the face to have some guy run your department that knows nothing about law-enforcement or Run the men and women under your Supervision.

  48. Neal says:

    I can’t speak to Florida specifically, but since a sheriff is an elected position, many state, perhaps all, do not require a sheriff to have police training or even a law enforcement background.

  49. Mike H says:

    I support the military and the law enforcement in this country. But if you have law enforcement in your area like this guy you’re in trouble. The Democrats have tie the hands of all the police in this country. It’s time to take the gloves off and do their jobs as the law requires.They took a Oath to protect the citizens ,if they do not want to they need to find another job because it’s not in law-enforcement.

  50. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    He should be arrested and TRIED, along with the entire school board and school administration for conspiring to committing mass murder of school children for their own political and personal agendas!

  51. nancy says:

    Fire his behind, along with his cowardly deputies, and why do we need an FBI anyhow? Methinks a federal police just not that necessary, is it even constitutional?

    • Do not know if an “elected official” can be fired, or how, but he should definitely be removed from office for “p’poor performance”, either by a recall effort or some legal means. I guess, however, the people of Broward County got in him what they wanted at the time and are probably stuck with it until next election.

    • Edd Bellett says:

      We do not need an FBI. It was put in place by J Edgar Hoover ( Oh a Democrat ! ) Patterned after after KBG. Later the Gestapo . We have Treasury which is supposed to monitor currency . FBI National Police ! SEIG HEIL !! American Left is so stupid, or that is what they what. US in Labor Camps.

  52. He shouldn’t have been a sheriff, in the first place. The problem with sheriff’s is that it is an elected position. That doesn’t mean he is qualified. the area is a democrat stronghold, so I guess that not to many qualified people, tried to get elected. If you are a Republican, elected in a Democrat area, you can never get anything done. That is what is happening even in Washington DC, now with a Republican in charge and Republicans who are really Democrats in sheep’s clothing, running Congress and Senate. This has to be stopped, the sheriff shouldn’t be elected, he should be appointed.

  53. Popeye says:

    He needs to go back to Law Enforcement 101

  54. Frank says:

    We don’t need his type of leadership in making our streets safe or our schools. His policies led to the deaths of these kids. Nothing to do with gun laws. His and the FBI allowing mentally ill people acquire guns to make Obama happy killed these kids. No one is screaming for their heads!

    • Paul Powell says:

      As far as that sheriff goes haha ha(off with his head) ha ha ha he needs to be removed from office and put infusion as an accessory before firing and after the fact of this shooting. Had the sheriff been doing their job the right way that cruze kid would have been in jail and the shooting would have never happened. There were sooo many fails on that, that it is not funny. The sheriff dropped the ball something like e9 times the chi dropped the ball like 4 or 5 times, what does it take go get these cops off their rear ends? It took a school shooting that is what it took, and yet these stupid sheriffs still will not accept any responsibility for what happened, the whole lot of the need to be in jail or worse for what they allowed to occur. Even that sheriff scott is saying that this whole thing is the fault of the NRA, well the NRA did NOTHING to cause that, they do not manufacture any weapons the NEA does not sell any weapons, all the NRA does is represent the gun owners at the table. The NRA has been trying help protect our freedoms and rights for ALL citizens in this country, without the wind amendment all the rest of the bill of rights would be gone over night. THINK ABOUT IT

  55. Grampa says:

    he follows the progressive liberal playbook to the letter. when things are great he did it when things go south it is the fault of everyone else. this goes all the way to the top. the left will not stop “proving it was your fault ” until they find something despite how small or frivolous. If the people that follow these “leaders” get them back they will deserve just what they get. plenty of taxes and nothing in return

  56. Vigilant Sheepdog says:

    Don’t let him Resign. FIRE his Ass!!! Allow him Zero dignity as he is thrown out of office.

  57. Aline says:

    Can’t stand the heat? Get out of the kitchen! You’re ‘ YELLOW ‘! That means NO BALLS!

  58. William Richards says:

    This “sheriff” is not fit to work in law enforcement. Even a dog catcher’s job would be too much for him. This man is an embarrassment to law enforcement and his remaining three “Broward Cowards” that hid behind their cars while hearing the perp shoot those school kids should be fired and charged.

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