Ted Cruz’s challenger said something about gun control that will make you sick

Texas has been the Democrats’ white whale for decades.

They think they’ve finally found their man to beat Ted Cruz.

But Ted Cruz’s challenger just made a statement about gun control that could cost him everything.

Beto O’Rourke is the Democrats’ golden boy in Texas.

In an interview with CBS News, Rep. O’Rourke revealed his radical gun control agenda.

Here is a transcript of his statement from his interview with CBS News:

“I think banning bump stocks makes a lot of sense. As I just shared, I don’t know if we should raise the age for buying an AR-15, I just don’t think we should be selling AR-15’s in this country.

That weapon was designed for one purpose and one purpose only. To kill people as effectively and efficiently as possible on the battlefield. It has no place in our streets, in our schools, concerts, in our movie theaters… We should not be selling that to civilians…” – Rep. Beto O’Rourke.

Beto O’Rourke hates the idea that Texans should be able to defend their life and liberty.

Texans are overwhelmingly in support of the right to bear arms. Even many Texas Democrats support gun rights and vote for Republican candidates because they are concerned Democrats may take away their guns.

If elected, O’Rourke has made it clear that he would do just that.

Not only did O’Rourke come out in favor of banning bump stocks, raising the age to purchase a firearm, but he came out in favor of outright banning AR-15s.

AR-15s are one of the most coveted firearms because of their versatility.

These statements will surely come back to haunt him.

Many so called “experts” have claimed that O’Rourke will win the Texas Senate race.

But this interview just revealed how far out of touch Beto O’Rourke is with Texas voters.


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84 Responses

  1. Arlie says:

    People were waving Mexican flags at O’Rourks Presentation. What does that say?” He is Mexican in nick- name only and a goofball at that. We really didn’t need to see him getting his teeth cleaned.

  2. Joe says:

    Beto O’Rourke is a Constitution trashing freedom hater! He wants to trash the Second Amendment! He wants to ban guns! If you take guns away from decent, honest citizens the criminals and crazies will still have their guns. The decent, honest citizens will be defenseless. It will be a massacre.! Look at Chicago. The decent, honest citizens are defenseless! Beto O’Rourke is pro-criminal! He is not fit to serve!

  3. BigJoe says:

    Sometimes democrats make compelling arguments for doing limited things that might make sense to the average person. Banning bump stocks or magazines that hold more ammo than what they say you should ever need. That’s not where the problem lies. This is all just a starting point for them. Today it’s this, tomorrow it’s something else. Once they get their foot in the door they’ll eventually get all the way in. So the thing to do is to never give them anything they want. Never give in to even the smallest ban because it will grow out of control. There can be no compromise when it come to our Constitutional rights, period.

    • Heywood Jablomi says:

      ALL gun laws are unconstitutional. The 2nd should be regulated on a County level by the elected County Sheriff. The County Sheriff is in command of the militia. Shall not be infringed is pretty clear and stands by its self. I am of the belief that the 1st & 2nd were designed to weed out the tyrants among us. The people who want to tell us how to live our lives because they are smarter than the rest of us. LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC

  4. K says:

    Anyone remember the Texas church shooting by a wacky-a-doodle. Had the brave and responsible legal AR-15 gun owner ended the rampage? Had it not been for this mans bravery, everyone in that church would probably been murdered. Texas, do yourself a favor – VETO BETO. He’s clearly an anti- constitutionalist and the next time a kook decides to go on a killing rampage, who will be the hero that stops it! Prob not the cops, it takes them too long to respond. Let’s make sure a law-abiding, responsible gun owner has the opportunity to stop a deranged shooter before he kills you or your loved ones!

    • mike6080 says:

      its all democrats , why not take away the criminals and gangbangers illegal guns and put them away for a long time. democratic judges just turn them loose and then say they did that because they had a bad childhood.too fn bad so did millions of other people

  5. Martin Korab says:

    O’Rourke is a member of the Democratic Communist Party and he will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration in any way he can. Please, Texas, don’t let this transplant win political office in Texas because that would be the beginning of the end for the Texas we all love and respect. O’ Rourke is an anti-gunner and a liar. If you want to save Texas from the Democratic Communist Party, vote for Ted Cruise. Remember this, a vote for a Democrat is a vote for Communism. Sincerely, Martin Korab

  6. James K. says:

    Don’t let the Dems take your guns away, Texas. This is only the first step. They won’t ever stop attacking your 2nd amendment rights until your gun rights no longer exist. Don’t let transplants turn your great state blue. Vote for Ted.


  8. Richard McClure says:

    The only people that are going to vote for this Irish Idiot will be in the Cities where the California Transplants and the Muslims and Blacks have Taken Over.

  9. Secora says:

    I wish people would take the time to leran a little bit about GUNS before they go out and bitch about them it only takes a few minutes of your time and it will keep you from looking like a dumbass .Texas will never let this happen

  10. Bender says:

    I realize you don’t care if children die after they are born but I didn’t see where he said he wanted to ban guns. If you think you can take on the US army with your ar15s what are you saying about the greatest army in the world. Your 1776 thinking is out of date welcome to 2018

    • Hantayo says:

      Taking an AR15 into combat is committing sure suicide, it is not meant or designed for combat use. He has NO idea as to the difference

    • Steve says:

      The Second Amendment was designed specifically so the citizens could take on the military, any military, and have an equal chance against them. That is the SOLE purpose of the Second Amendment!
      Anyone who disagrees with that is historically ignorant!
      The NFA of 1934 wass the most agregious violation of the Constitution and specifically the Second Amendment in our entire history. It was NOT designed or public safety, it was designed by power hungry politicians to limit the power of the People. The Second Amendment was written to allow the citizens of the United States any and all weaponry available to the military in order to keep tyranny in check. The ONLY limiting factor would be finances. From pistols and rifles all the way up to and including nuclear power subs and aircraft carriers, even nuclear ICBM’s!

      To claim “dead children” and “concert goers”, etc. REMOVES the blame from where it truly belongs – a horrible mental health care system, and piss poor penal system designed by candyassed weaklings and power hungry politicians.

    • Steff says:

      The US Army is the greatest army in the world, but if it comes to it, they will join the supporters of the constitution. It is their job to protect against both foreign and domestic Our founding fathers made sure that provisions were put into the Constitution to prevent tyranny. It is obvious that you don’t know history and have drank the kool-Aid of the Democrats. Yes we care about children, that is another reason to have guns is to protect them. We also teach our children how to handle guns in an emergency. I feel sorry for you, because you are like a lemming with no logical thoughts.

    • Mikey says:

      That’s odd. I just reread the 2nd Amendment and cannot seem to find the exception clauses or expiration date.

  11. frank says:

    If Texas sends a Democrap to congress it will be the beginning of the end for the US. Liberals are dreamers. They think everyone is equal and criminals need to be treated with respect and they’ll become productive citizens. Same for illegals. Of course, all these libs live in gated communities and the only contact they have with illegals or criminals are the ones doing landscaping around their houses.

    • Steff says:

      Also, they have armed security to keep all of the criminals and illegals out. They are hypocrites and evil who will do anything to gain power for themselves using our earned money to do it.

  12. Joe says:

    Beto O’Rourke is a sissified liberal twit that wants to trash the 2nd Amendment. He does have one redeeming value. He never leaves the toilet seat up. That’s because there’s no reason for him to lift it in the first place!

  13. Loren Sawyer says:

    The AR-15 WAS NOT designed to kill people. It WAS designed to get women and young people to become more involved in the shooting sports. The military only got involved when an Air Force General thought it would make a better survival rifle that what they were using at the time.

    • Stef says:

      I was involved in the mass production of the AR-15 by General Motors. It was normally issued to officers first during the Viet Nam war. It was lighter than the M16 and easily loaded as well as being fully automatic for fire fights.

  14. GORDON says:


    • Perez says:

      It is ridiculous that Hispanic voters are so gullible to believe that a pretend to be Latino/Hispanic like O’Rourke, who uses a common Spanish nickname as a farce, really has the interest of the Hispanic community at heart. Wake up “Gente” ! Our economy is great, jobs if you want to work are there for the taking. Do not ruin what we have in Texas by electing a Bernie Sanders policy proponent.

      • Steveur says:

        Perez… I think this sidewinder should be called Pu to. By being elected he can sell himself for the green just like the rest of the Liberals,,,, He could give a flip about Texas or the country. he is as phony as his name. Senator Cruz does Texas Proud.

  15. sherri says:

    TEXAS is just another MEXICAN state BETO will b ur next man not CRUZ its a done deal…….

    • Carlos says:

      Just cuz the TX Dems found the only white beaner in the state doesn’t mean he’s still not a beaner. No military uses the AR-15, they’re way too under powered for combat. But what they are great for is killing a whole $h1tload of MS 13, BLM, Antifa or any other scum that threatens us, especially since all these groups have no use for verbal discourse and only use violence to communicate. Comprende, a$$hole?! Beto will get his culo whooped badly.

  16. Rich. says:

    Please TEXAS wake the F up. What is this guy saying? He doesn’t have a clue and he is making headway. Parents start talking to you voting age kids and stop listening to the View and CNN. Educate yourselves about guns before you talk. AR. ArmaLite. That is what it stands for. Have people look this rifle up. Remington .750 Woodsmaster. It is no different then the AR-15. It just looks different. Texans, educate yourselves. Pay it forward and educate the next person you see.

    • Guy Edgerton says:

      Wake up Texas is right, it will start with 1 gun and when somebody use a different gun than it will be 2 guns, guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

      • Arlyss Haroldson says:

        Also governments kill people. Between the Soviet Union, Turkey, Germany Uganda! Guatemala, Cambodia ,China, all took guns away from their citizens through gun control. As a result, in the. 20th century, 56 million defenceless citizens were rounded up and exterminated by the hands of their government. Most were Christians, Jews, gypsies, dissidents educated people and in Guatemala ( Myan Indians)

  17. walter says:

    democrats are what needs to be banned in Texas this November

  18. capnjack says:

    Beto O’Rourke always looks like he hasn’t gotten out of bed yet. His comments prove it.

  19. n wilson oliver says:

    “Beto” is the FAUX-LATINO that the Left thinks is “Hispanic” because of his nickname–I’m Irish Mexican decent and I don’t even play the ethnicity card because it is intended to be for REAL Hispanics who have been discriminated against in the past.

    You might wish to see how the Texas Hispanic Caucus treated his “Latino” qualifications:

    Beto, you are a FRAUD, just like the Caucasian who claimed to be black. Beto should be treated in the same fashion: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2018/05/25/rachel-dolezal-the-white-woman-who-posed-as-black-charged-with-welfare-fraud/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.ece0244fb6c5

  20. Ray says:

    The AR-15 sold to civilians is just a semi-automatic rifle. there are many semi-automatic guns sold and have been sold long before the AR-15 came into use.

  21. Cyn says:

    The second amendment makes it possible for the citizens to defend themselves from the possibility of a government taking control of their freedoms. This O’Rouke is saying let’s make sure the citizens are not as well armed to protect themselves as the government. Disarm or lessen the citizens ability to fight back and the government will be the boss instead of the other way around. Say NO to O’Rouke and say yes to the continuation of freedoms

    • Ron says:

      As is now being exposed, the government is already the boss! The American People had the audacity to choose a President not approved by the establishments of either political party and the powers that be! The sole reason for the ongoing Coup D’etat!

  22. Ron says:

    As usual, the Demorats use the story that the AR-15 is a “battle field weapon” playing on the general ignorance of most people. Equating the AR-15 to full automatic, which the are NOT! I have heard even gun owners make the asinine comment “No one needs a gun that shoots 600 rounds a minute”! The AR-15, as with ALL semi-auto firearms, fires one shot and one shot only for each trigger pull! Do the math! To fire an AR-15 at 600 RPM one would have to pull the trigger 10 times per second! Even bump stocks can’t make that rate! By the way, AR does NOT stand for “Automatic Rifle”! It stands for the name of the company that designed the rifle. I have been trying to tell everyone the real issue here is NOT about guns, The real issue is whether or not the Constitution and Bill of Rights are the law of the land, or meaningless words given lip service on worthless scraps of paper! If ONE supposedly constitutionally protected liberty can be legislated away or otherwise subverted, so can and so WILL all others, and quickly! There are already attacks on 1st Amendment speech and religion protections as well as 4th Amendment due process! (The 10th Amendment might as well not be there!) In fact, these now popular “feel good” Red Flag laws popping up take out both the 2nd and 4th Amendments. The Founding Fathers did their best to give us a government subservient to the people knowing full well that ALL forms of government trend toward the suppression of liberty. The primary reason for the Bill of Rights, including the 2nd Amendment. Along with the attacks on the Bill of Rights and the entrenched overreach of government power the future of America is bleak indeed.

  23. Pam says:

    That was a stupid thing to say in Texas!!! Obviously, he doesn’t know what an AR-15 is!! Anyone who knows about guns, knows this gun is used for hunting. The gun so many think is a “killing” machine of people is the AK-47 which has been banned in the US since the 80’s or thereabouts!!! Stupid man.

  24. RAJA SIDHOM says:


  25. Chrid George says:

    Exactly, Beto is in” left’ field. A gun is a gun is a gun. 100% pro 2nd Amendment. For nay-sayers – gun ownership responsibility.

    • TP says:

      OK , is this office a position where the person needs to swear to uphold the ‘ Constitution ‘ ? If the answer is heathen there needs to be a movement to get this person declared as ineligible . If this person swears in as willing to up hold the constitution then uses his position to go against the constitution without law or amendment to validate the action then he or she needs to be arrested and prosecuted for perjury at the least . Personally I think they should be charged with sedition or as the Bill of Rights dictates be deported for following a doctrine other than the constitution . Let’s get serious on this . Guns are a tool . Period . They are used to throw a projectile . Period A tool . If you choose to use it for any purpose it is still just a tool to throw a projectile . Period . Don’t let the communists convince you otherwise . Like all those who swore to uphold the constitution whore actually using their position for their own agenda contrary to that constitution should be brought up on charges of perjury also .

      • Ron says:

        If you were to remove from office those that took that oath with the fingers of their left hand crossed behind their back, there would be few remaining!

  26. Merlin Wood says:

    you need to research the real reason for the second amendment

  27. Eric Granberg says:

    Beto is exactly correct that we have no business selling assault style weapons to civilians. On the other hand, the author’s more important inferred point, that the Second Amendment should not be called into question, is also exactly correct. There is no reason reasonable people can’t find common ground on this important issue. If the right can’t work with the left to resolve this, I do not believe it will end well for gun advocates.

    • Merlin Wood says:

      you need to research the real reason for the second amendment

    • ch says:

      The AR 15 is NOT an assault rifle, that is NOT what the AR stands for ArmaLite rifle, after the company that developed it in the 1950s.

      • CT says:

        The AR-15 is NOT a military rifle. It fires ONE BULLET ONLY, WITH ONE PULL OF THE TRIGGER…
        The military’s version fires ONE bullet OR multi-bullets with an extended trigger pull…
        Fcku beto… he’s a TYPICAL, LYING democrat…
        Read the Second Amendment, beto

    • Steff says:

      The reason for the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution was to prevent action against the civilians by an illegal government. If we did not have guns in the hands of the civilians now, the liberal democrat traitors would try to oust all republicans from government and set up a one-party rule system just like the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, Iranians, Venezuelans, and Cubans, As the saying goes “you can take my weapons from my cold dead hands”,

      • Ron says:

        You are 100% correct! The far left Demorat Party has a decades long goal of establishing a permanent single party “republic”. They are so close to success! The day is at hand when every American will have to make the personal, individual choice of submitting on their knees to government masters, or die standing as a free man or woman! I have made my choice! I chose not to live under the thumb of government!

    • gary byrd says:

      the AR15 is not a assault weapons do you no anything about guns I have one I not going to kill anyone if I don’t have to. I don’t kill anything I want eat

    • Frank W Brown says:

      Hey eric, you forget one very important thing, WE have all the guns and our advocacy is SUPERIOR to ANY gun grabbing fools! MOLON LABE!!

    • Ron says:

      Eric, your ignorance concerning the AR-15 and the 2nd Amendment is a prime example of why we will lose ALL liberties! By the way, ANY object used to attack someone becomes an”Assault Weapon”! That term is used by the anti-freedom elements of society to confuse the ignorant! Works well!

    • Hydro says:

      As usual talking before engaging your brain. It should be understood the second amendment was put in place not only to have the ability to ward off others from trying to take over America but also to protect the citizens from a Government that might choose to become another Cuba, Venezuela, Iran ETC. There exists a 200 million person armed force to back up our military should it be needed.

    • larry says:

      almost 5 ties as many people are killed with knives and blunt instruments ,as guns each year , should we ban knives and blunt things ??????? we own guns because of stupid people like you ,you obviously have never read a history book , TYRANNY ,which you probably do not know the meaning of !!!!!!! immediately followed every time citizens were disarmed !!!!! we are not gun advocates ,we are FREEDON ADVOCATES !!!!how stupid are you !!!!!!!!

    • Brian says:

      Listen dumbass the ArmaLite rifle that’s AR for ArmaLite rifle not assault rifle which is a full automatic machine gun which is still purchased and regulated.
      The semi-automatic ArmaLite rifle DPMS cold and various others they’re all the same semi auto rifles and they’re used for hunting target shooting and here in Texas use from helicopters to kill Hogs which are over-running are landing causing us millions of dollars and crop damage that’s the preferred rifle to shoot from the air of course you don’t know anything about that cuz you’re a dumbass liberal piece of s***

    • Mikey says:

      Assault is a form of behavior, NOT a weapon. The assault weapons ban that expired in ‘04 had nothing to do with function; every firearm on that list functioned exactly the same as any other semi automatic firearm ie cock the weapon, fire one round with each squeeze of the trigger. These weapons were banned for one reason only: cosmetic features that politicians found “ scary. “ law enforcement statistics showed their use in crime to be negligible, which is why the law was allowed to sunset. As for fully automatic weapons, sale of new ones has been illegal since 1986 and sale of used ones has been heavily regulated since the NFA of 1934. One last note: we are talking about the United States Constitution. There is no such thing as “ compromise.”

  28. Audie Jordan says:

    Texas better watch out. The Democrats will have every illegal voting. They have been bringing them to polling sites in buses in NC & have a well organized early voting program.

    The larger cities have enough moles in the polling places to get the votes in.

  29. sheldon Nadler says:

    This Democrat just sealed his own fate. In Texas every one owns a gun and they do not want some idiot Democrat taking them away.

  30. wesley creekmore says:

    Guns don’t kill people. Hateful people such as Obama rile hatred and cause violence including murder by any and all means.

  31. FedUp says:

    I noticed that O’Rourke’s ad has a sign behind him that says “Tex-Mex”. This is NOT Tex-Mex, it is TEXAS. If he wants Mexico, let him move the hell over there!

  32. Charles Collins says:

    The 2nd Amendment is quite clear what it protects, and was INTENDED that firearms for self defense be protected. The AR-15 is clearly a firearm that was intended for self defense, and is used for self defense, sport competitions, hunting and other shooting sports enjoyment. Beto is an idiot

  33. Alexander says:

    I don’t easily get sick . People are entitled to their views. When I disagree with them – I don’t get sick. The headline for this article is a gross exaggeration – and not really conducive to an objective outline of the issue.

  34. Ken of mo says:

    Has know idea what the people in Texas wants. Is he a Texas native or a calif. transplant. He sounds more like a calif. liberal.

  35. James P Hutchins says:

    This politician the mexican Irishman will lose the election on this gun control nonsense you liberals are insane the 2 amendment is protected by the constitution the liberals are insane.

    • Ron says:

      To suppose the Constitution is still the law of the land is wishful thinking! Whether you know it or not, this is “Post Constitutional America”!

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