Chick-fil-A made one big change that customers are going to hate

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Chick-fil-A is one of the most popular fast-food chains in America.

But now that’s all under threat.

And Chick-fil-A made one big change that customers are going to hate.

Gavin Newsom attacks the fast food industry

California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom continued his attack on business by signing AB 1228.

This legislation made California fast food workers the highest paid in the nation by establishing a minimum wage of $20 for workers in the industry.

California’s minimum wage for all other businesses is $16.00.

This bill was a win for Big Labor because mandated higher wages allow for more forced union dues.

The fast-food industry responds

Democrats’ economic policy constantly acts like the laws of economics don’t exist.

Corporations always pass price increases on to consumers in order to maintain their profit margin.

That’s exactly what happened in California where Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, and Chipotle raised prices to deal with the increased cost of labor.

“The price for a spicy chicken sandwich at that location had gone up to $7.09 from $6.29, or 13%, since mid-February, according to research by Gordon Haskett Research Advisors,” the Wall Street Journal reported. “Chick-fil-A’s prices increased 10.6% on average in California during that time period, Gordon Haskett found.”

“Despite the challenging operating environment for small business owners in California, we and our franchisees remain committed to our heritage of providing great value,” a statement from McDonald’s to Fox News read. “While pricing is set by individual franchisees and varies by restaurant, McDonald’s is competitive when it comes to affordability across the state.” 

“Chipotle said in an investor call Wednesday that prices at its nearly 500 California restaurants climbed 6% to 7% during the first week of April compared with last year, playing out across its menu,” The Wall Street Journal report continued.

“Similar to others in the restaurant industry, we implemented a statewide price increase in light of new legislation in California increasing the wages of restaurant workers,” Chipotle’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Laurie Schalow said in a statement to Fox News.

Democrats ignore the laws of economics

The other laws of economics that Democrats ignore are that of supply and demand and the fact that the real minimum wage is zero.

When prices go up, demand drops.

An increase in the minimum wage will result in fast-food chains hiring fewer workers and moving to automated kiosks for customers to place their orders.

Democrats ignore these facts of life.

That’s because their political philosophy depends on creating classes of victims who depend on voting for the Democrat Party to maintain their “rights.”

Usually that comes in the form of passing laws that give special rights to groups based on immutable characteristics.

In this case, Democrats want an entire class of people to believe their only means to get a raise is to vote for Democrat politicians who will continually support minimum wage increases.

Democrats don’t care about the carnage these policies often leave in their wake.

Nor do they care that at a time of rising inflation, Democrats in California just made going out to grab a chicken sandwich that much more expensive.

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