Ted Cruz told one brutal truth that CNN is going to hate

CNN is a left-wing pro-Democrat Party propaganda and entertainment channel.

But CNN is about to get some bad news.

And Ted Cruz told one brutal truth that CNN is going to hate.

The corporate-controlled media leading the charge for social media censorship of conservatives continues to build steam with each passing year.

CNN is the leader of this campaign to pressure the leftist tech oligarchs to suppress the free speech of anyone who opposes the Democrat Party’s agenda.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz discussed the corporate-controlled media’s voracious appetite for censorship and the uneven manner in which the Left applies cancel culture.

Senator Cruz discussed how leftist celebrities like Howard Stern and Jimmy Kimmel get away with racist comments and actions because they support the regime.

On the latest episode of Cruz’s “The Verdict” podcast, Cruz noted that radio host Howard Stern once performed a routine on his TV show where he repeatedly used the n-word and other racially-offensive comments while dressed in black face.

Cruz also cited a video of a Senate hearing in 1985 where Joe Biden twice quoted someone using the n-word.

But Cruz explained they faced no consequences because they were leftists.

“I will tell you who else has used the n-word repeatedly, Joe Biden. Rappers like crazy. Howard Stern. They’re not canceling Howard Stern. Why? Because Howard Stern is surveilling. Kissing the behinds of those in power. It’s really a shame Howard Stern started out a rebel, and now he echoes the words of the petty tyrants. If you shut up and echo what they say. You’re okay.”

Cruz also highlighted how Kimmel once painted his entire body black in a racist parody of Utah Jazz power forward Karl Malone.

“If you’re Jimmy Kimmel, you can dress in blackface,” he said. “You can do whatever you want because you’re a mouthpiece for the regime.”

In Stern and Kimmel’s case, Cruz said they never faced any attempt at cancellation because they serve as the regime’s court jesters.

Anyone not identified with the Democrat Party never would have been able to survive those actions.

There are actual examples to point to.

In 2018, NBC fired Megyn Kelly for saying black face was an accepted Halloween costume when she was younger.

Cancel culture and social media censorship really only have one criteria – is the accused a conservative or an independent-minded thinker who questions the Democrat Party’s way of doing business?

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