Stormy Daniels is back in the news after her lawyer got the worst news of his life

Of the many media-manufactured scandals relating to Trump, the one relating to Stormy Daniels was among the most bizarre.

Despite her allegations against Trump not being criminal, Democrats tried and failed to impeach him over them.

And now Stormy Daniels is back in the news after her lawyer got the worst news of his life.

Michael Avenatti had his 15-minutes of fame when representing porn star Stormy Daniels in a case against Trump.

Fake News Network CNN brought him on almost every day during the height of the trial, where he bashed Trump on a regular basis.

He continually claimed he was going to put Trump and his allies behind bars, and even flirted with a run against Trump at one point.

But while he failed on that attempt, he did end up sending one person to jail: himself.

Avenatti was brought in on charges relating to his attempt to extort the shoe company Nike for $25 million.

He was allowed out on bail, but just this week his bail was revoked after he violated his release conditions.

Internal Revenue Service agents arrested him for allegedly committing mail fraud and wire fraud, along with structuring currency transactions to evade reporting requirements, according to federal court documents.

The documents allege that he purchased numerous cashier’s checks in order to evade creditors and law enforcement from fund seizure, and moving money among various accounts.

One of the allegations relates around his ex-wife purchasing a luxury vehicle on his behalf using a cashier’s check.

Among his release conditions was an order preventing him from spending or transferring $5,000 or more in any single transaction without notifying pretrial services.

It is not clear if he notified them about purchasing the car.

This is one of numerous examples of Avenatti engaging in shady activities.

Despite this, CNN regularly interviewed Avenatti as a credible figure, and gave him legitimacy through their coverage.

If they did any research into him, they would have realized his credibility was in tatters.

But they were so caught up in anti-Trump hysteria they were willing to give him a platform.

Other networks didn’t do the same, and when he went onto Tucker Carlson’s show, he faced tough questions he didn’t hear anywhere else.

Unsurprisingly, he never went on Carlson’s show again, instead choosing to stay in CNN’s safe space.

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    WARNING to Democrats : if you win in 2020 know this ; Ian AMERICAN I do what I want when i want. to do it !!!! I will not obey any democrat laws or regulation you enact unless it Benefits me ; and I will game your system even better than you immoral mindless perverted blobs of greedy pond slime can !!!!! So FO A D !!!!

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