Sean Hannity shut down fake news CNN in one epic way

CNN’s Jim Acosta is quickly becoming the face of the Trump-hating media.

The CNN White House reporter recently pitched a fit over being jeered by Trump supporters at rally.

Sean Hannity fired back and shut down the anti-Trup activists in one epic way.

Acosta was booed and jeered at a Trump rally in Florida.

Liberal journalists believe they should be immune from criticism.

The only critiques they will accept are those from fellow liberals who point out if they are being fair to Trump and not injecting enough bias and hatred of Donald Trump into their work.

Acosta whined on CNN that Americans exercising their First Amendment rights made him feel like he “wasn’t in America” anymore.

Sean Hannity responded on his show by pointing out the over the top and extreme rhetoric from CNN and correctly labeled Acosta as a “professional Trump hater.”

Acosta shot back on Twitter that Hannity was a liar and “injecting poison” into America by questioning the bias in the liberal media.

Hannity shrugged off Acosta’s attempt to silence any attempt to question the so-called “mainstream” media and ended the feud in one fell swoop.

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