Ruth Bader Ginsburg confessed something about her future that will leave you speechless

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the Left’s highest profile jurist on the Supreme Court.

Ever since her confirmation in 1996, Ginsburg led the way in trying to impose left-wing values on America.

And now Ruth Bader Ginsburg just confessed something about her future that will leave you speechless.

Ginsburg recently spoke before the judicial conference of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals where she dropped some clues about how the court would rule in some of the highest profile cases of this term and in the future.

And the news was not good for the Left.

Ginsburg said Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation could swing the court in a conservative direction for decades.

And Ginsburg also let it be known that a series of five-vote decisions were coming down the pike.

That warning – as well as her comments about Kavanaugh – had many assuming Ginsburg was warning the Left to prepare for defeat.

The New York Times reports:

She started by noting the most fundamental change at the court. “Justice Kennedy announced his retirement,” she said. “It was, I would say, the event of greatest consequence for the current term, and perhaps for many terms ahead…

…Given the number of most-watched cases still unannounced,” she said, “I cannot predict that the relatively low sharp divisions ratio will hold.”

The biggest cases that the Supreme Court has yet to hand down a ruling on are matters involving the Trump administration adding a citizenship question to the census as well as a question on if judges should overrule state legislatures on gerrymandering.

Liberals wants judges to be able to overrule state legislatures and draw legislative district maps that rig elections for Democrats.

And the Left opposes a citizenship question because they want illegal aliens counted in the census.

Ginsburg’s comments have many predicting conservatives will emerge victorious in both these important cases.

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65 Responses

  1. MB says:

    Let the real truth out first…is this another mouth piece talking in her place? Is she really DEAD.? Thought she Already died per neighbors talking!?

  2. MB says:

    Is she really DEAD.? Thought she Already died per neighbors talking!?

  3. MB says:

    Thought she Lready died per neighbors talking!?

  4. Richard Wiggins says:

    Why is it that you liberals cannot understand that the Constitution provides protection to CITIZENS. Other than basic human rights, illegals have no – none – zero constitutional rights – including voting. That is why they cannot be counted on the census as those numbers determine government representation.

  5. SR says:

    He known, and the CIA. Scalia was killed by a 12 year old boy, (Throat Sliced in his bed) He was a Pedo, has been for long. The hunting farm he was on at time of death had pedo parties. The owner of the property wouldn’t let local law enforcement on the property when it happen, figure it out. Its been on the web, the deep state have been taken off the internet. Everybody in DC knows

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