Rush Limbaugh dropped one reality check about Joe Biden’s trip to Wisconsin

Joe Biden is leaving his basement bunker and scurrying out to Wisconsin for the first time over 670 days.

And it’s not for the reason the fake news claims.

Now Rush Limbaugh dropped one reality check about Joe Biden’s trip to Wisconsin.

Donald Trump traveled to Kenosha, Wisconsin on Monday for a well-received tour of the damage caused by Black Lives Matter rioters following the police shooting of accused rapist Jacob Blake.

The President met with devastated business owners and law enforcement and pledged support.

Soon after the President’s trip, Joe Biden’s handlers announced that Biden would also travel to Kenosha to offer words of “healing.”

Rush Limbaugh saw right through this and explained what was really going on.

Limbaugh explained to his audience that Trump’s trip was such a success that Biden is trying get in on the action.

Limbaugh told his listeners:

Hey, guess who’s going to Kenosha? And, no, it’s not us. Guess who’s going to Kenosha? (interruption) That’s exactly right. Sleepy Joe is going to Kenosha on Thursday, after telling everybody that Trump better not go, it would be a drastic error, it would be a huge mistake, it would be a faux pas, something that shouldn’t be done. Trump’s only gonna cause the town to burn down even more. He shouldn’t go. The Democrats all said, “Trump, don’t go.” The mayor, the governor, “Please don’t come. We don’t want you here.”

Trump went. It went well. It went great, as we all knew it would, and so now Sleepy Joe gotta get in on the action. Sleepy Joe gotta get in on the good times. Sleepy Joe saying he gonna go to Kenosha on Thursday.

Biden is also running TV ads in Wisconsin trying to rebut the image that he is soft on rioters as part of a whopping $45 million TV ad buy.

He does not want to make the same mistake that Hillary Clinton made in 2016 by not visiting the Badger State.

Polls claim Biden is up by ten points in Wisconsin against Donald Trump.

If that were the case, Biden would not be traveling to Wisconsin and spending millions of dollars on TV ads.

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