Rosie O’Donnell’s latest Twitter rant is a sight to behold

Once known as a lovable comedian and actress, Rosie O’Donnell has lowered herself to become little more than a left-wing Twitter troll.

After Donald Trump ridiculed her during a presidential debate in 2016, Trump became Rosie’s number one target.

But her latest rant takes the cake. [WARNING: explicit language]

This week Congress passed an historic tax cut.

Under this plan, the average American family would save around $2,000 in federal income taxes per year.

But in the lead up to the vote, Rosie flew off the handle – even bribing establishment Republicans with $2,000,000 of her own money.

Little did she realize that this campaign-cash-for-votes offer is actually a felony.

But her rant didn’t end there.

Conservative commenter Ben Shapiro chimed in, saying “LOCK HER UP!” directed towards Rosie.

O’Donnell then went on a vulgar tirade, which led us to question what we know about Rosie (and some things we never wanted to think about…)

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a satirical psychological disorder that causes leftists who used to just reasonable disagree with their opponents to become completely unhinged.

Rosie’s antics go to show you that Trump Derangement Syndrome is very real.


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16 Responses

  1. jIM says:


    • Barbara says:

      Yes, we do know about Rosie^s lack of feminity when she told Ben Shapiro to suck her dick! She must’ve grown one finally, the bullbitch!

  2. Jerry Forster says:

    What’s sad is we have a justice system without enough backbone to prosecute these criminals. And to compliment that we have a FAKE NEWS media that sensationalizes all the stupid stories so they can get us to watch them and pay for their papers and advertisements. And then,
    Who supports them to watch this insanity??

  3. Claudia Garland says:

    Rosie just take your millions and move to another country and be a citizen there. We sure don’t need “comediennes???” like you! You are not funny. Not even close. So I don’t think you should call yourself that! You and Kathie, Chelsea should form a group of vicious women and call it We Are Leaving’ On A Jet Plane – then do it!!

  4. karen zawack says:

    When will she be arrested for bribing political figures to vote against the tax cut, job now bill? Vile piece of carbon waste. No excuse for what she’s doing even if you name it a syndrome. But then again, this is how feminists act, Or I should say HilLIAR and Michael encourage this type of action.

  5. Bill says:

    How sad we have such disgusting people like her in such a great nation! Rosie you should be ashamed of yourself, decent folks have dignity, something you lack!

    • Joan says:

      Rosie the Rotten , has always had a nasty, evil, big loud foul mouth. Don’t ever remember he being funny at all. Yes, she is one of those that want to be the opposite sex and marry the same sex. But that is nothing compared to her acts of felony. Hopefully some day her evil will catch up to her and bite her in the butt.

  6. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    In all seriousness, she, and a number of others, should have been under Secret Service investigation a year ago and in prison by now for their seditious comments since the election.

  7. Jen says:

    She’s a pig!…without lipstick

    • William says:

      Like who gives a rats ASS what this inconsequrntal old toad has to say, really? Her days as host of the boring as hell rosie o’donnel show and her brief stint on the ‘view are long over, thenk God, move on!

  8. Dell Hoffert says:

    lovable??????????????comedian???????????????………..NO! Neither one of those. And about the twitter suk my d**, ??? knew she was queer, but actually grew one?

  9. James Maurer says:

    Go get her Sessions, love to see her charged with a felony.

  10. Gene says:

    What a sorry excuse for a human being

  11. Gene says:

    What a vile excuse for a human being

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