Ron DeSantis sent Joe Biden one letter that no one saw coming

Ron DeSantis and Joe Biden spent the last year feuding.

Now their fight took an unexpected turn.

And Ron DeSantis sent Joe Biden one letter that no one saw coming.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has reached a breaking point with Joe Biden’s open borders agenda.

DeSantis caught Biden using secret flights in the dead of the night to smuggle illegal aliens into Florida.

In response, Governor DeSantis issued a series of executive orders to cut off the state’s compliance with the Biden administration’s illegal alien smuggling operation.

To demonstrate how serious he was, Governor DeSantis authorized General Counsel Ryan Newman to send a letter to the Biden administration outlining what would happen if they attempted to continue to traffic illegal alien children into the state of Florida.

“It is critical that lines of responsibility and accountability are clearly drawn. So long as the Biden administration continues its irresponsible immigration policies, Florida no longer wishes to be involved in the Federal Government’s UAC resettlement program. DCF’s change of policy makes clear that the Federal Government, not the State of Florida, is solely responsible for the care and safety of the UAC that it has chosen to bring into the country,” Newman’s letter began.

Newman warned Joe Biden that any Department of Children and Families facility in Florida that participated in his administration’s illegal alien children smuggling operation would lose their state license.

“Under the emergency order, DCF has no obligation to enter into any cooperative agreement with the Federal Government and it does not intend to do so unless the Federal Government restores the immigration enforcement policies of the prior administration or implements similar such policies. Faithful enforcement of federal immigration law to secure the border, deter illegal immigration, and prevent the surge of illegal aliens at the border, including UAC, is a baseline prerequisite to any future cooperative agreement involving the resettlement of UAC in Florida,” Newman’s letter added.

Of course, Joe Biden resettling illegal alien children in the United States is another magnet he created to lure even more of them to America.

Biden not protecting the American border is one of the great derelictions of duty ever committed by an American President.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis decided to fight.

And that was a welcome decision for many Americans.

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