Ron DeSantis just gave Democrats a devastating reality check with two brutal words

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made his name taking on the tough fights.

He left Democrats’ heads spinning with his latest move.

And Ron DeSantis just gave Democrats a devastating reality check with two brutal words.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s political star is on the rise after his wild successful conservative leadership.

Ahead of the midterm elections, DeSantis joined forces with Turning Point Action for a series of rallies around the country to boost GOP candidates in tough races.

At Turning Point Action’s “United and Win” rally in Phoenix, Arizona the Florida governor called out the weaponization of the federal government against enemies of the Biden regime.

DeSantis said the recent FBI raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home is something out of a “banana republic.”

“These agencies have now been weaponized to be used against people the government doesn’t like,” DeSantis said. “You look at the raid at Mar-a-Lago and I’m just trying to remember, maybe somebody here can remind me about when they did a search warrant at Hillary’s house in Chappaqua when she had a rogue server and she was laundering classified information.”

While the Biden Justice Department is trying to drop the hammer on Donald Trump for allegedly mishandling classified documents the same FBI treated Hillary Clinton with kid gloves.

“I don’t remember them doing that,” DeSantis continued. “I do remember them manufacturing a false conspiracy theory about Russia collusion. I remember that. That was not true, that was an abuse of power.”

“I remember a lawyer for the FBI got caught doctoring an application for FISA surveillance against an innocent man,” DeSantis said. “I remember the FBI, at Merrick Garland’s direction, being sicked on parents going to school board meetings.”

Attorney General Merrick Garland signed off on a memo directing the FBI to investigate parents protesting at school boards for threats after they were dubbed “domestic terrorists.”

“They’re enforcing the law based on who they like and who they don’t like,” DeSantis continued. “That is not a republic, well, maybe it’s a banana republic when that happens. Why has this been able to happen?”

“Together, we will keep our states free, and we will take this country back,” DeSantis exclaimed.

Under the direction of Joe Biden and Merrick Garland the Justice Department is a lawless agency targeting the political opponents of the regime.

DeSantis called on congress to “bring accountability” to the FBI and other rogue federal agencies abusing their power.

At the rally, DeSantis proved yet again why’s considered a future top presidential contender for the GOP.

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