Ron DeSantis just busted CNN for fake news after this epic move

Ron DeSantis is a shining star for conservatives after his leadership during the pandemic.

Democrats and the corporate-controlled media have been desperately trying to take him down.

And he just busted CNN for fake news after this epic move.

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned into a political weapon for Democrats and the corporate controlled media.

They’ve lavished praise on the failed responses of Democrats like disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo despite his obvious failures.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stood up to the totalitarian pandemic response pushed by Democrats and kept his state open and free.

As his profile grew nationally for a successful pandemic response, the corporate-controlled media has gone into overdrive to take him down.

CNN has been the leader of the Fake News Media attacking DeSantis’ pandemic response.

They’ve pushed wild conspiracy theories and outright lies to try and take him out.

Now the DeSantis administration just destroyed them over their latest fake news hit piece.

CNN hosted a Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidate, Nikki Fried, who defended mask mandates and accused DeSantis of covering up the states real COVID numbers.

The fake news host stated they contacted the Governor’s office and received no response.

DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw destroyed this narrative with email receipts.

She showed an email that CNN had sent to the previous press secretary who left the job five months ago.

Another email she produced showed CNN had emailed the general press office email less than an hour before the segment aired asking for a detailed response to the allegations.

She said a response was sent over taking apart the lies pushed by Nikki Fried and CNN but the response was ignored.

This is the latest battle in CNN’s war against DeSantis over COVID.

CNN pushed a widely debunked conspiracy theory that Florida hid COVID deaths that even the leftist Washington Post debunked.

As DeSantis’ star shines, it’s virtually certain that CNN is going to continue to throw mud against the wall to try to sabotage his 2022 re-election bid.

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