Robert Mueller told the Democrats one word they never thought they would hear

Democrats are counting on Robert Mueller one last time to bail them out of their impeachment mess.

But things are not going according to plan.

That’s because Robert Mueller told Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats one word they never thought they would hear.

The Democrats’ last chance to make political hay out of the Russia Collusion conspiracy theory is Robert Mueller testifying before Congress.

But Mueller does not want public testimony.

His team is balking at the idea because they think it would make him appear “political.”

CNN reports:

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team has expressed reluctance to him testifying publicly in front of the House Judiciary Committee, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The special counsel’s team has conveyed the notion that Mueller does not want to appear political after staying behind the scenes for two years and not speaking as he conducted his investigation into President Donald Trump. One option is to have him testify behind closed doors. But the notion that Mueller would only answer questions in private has become a sticking point, according to a source, as Democrats believe the public needs to hear directly from the special counsel.

Rank-and-file Democrats made clear Tuesday they believe Mueller must testify publicly given the gravity of the investigation.

Sources caution numerous options are being considered in the negotiations between the committee and the special counsel’s office at this point.

Critics suspect there is something else going on.

If Mueller testifies publicly, he will have to affirm the findings in his report and state once and for all there are no hidden bombshells about collusion or obstruction of justice.

That would end the ability of the media and Democrats to scream about a “cover up” of the Mueller Report.

By not testifying, Mueller is actually helping the Democrats in their anti-Trump plot.


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67 Responses

  1. All of you are forgetting “Bengazi”.. Thee bitch told our guys to “stand down”.. She should go to jail first, uh, excuse me—- the gallo’s and the noose that should be around her lying neck. Talk about blasphemy!! I’ll bet Nixon is rolling around in his grave, knowing what a light-weight he was, in comparison… What a new world we inhabit, huh??? Pluto, anyone?? ***Glad I am in my late 70’s. Good luck, punksters… And fellow optimists!!!

  2. Pat says:

    President Trump is one step ahead of all of them. He is releasing all documents pertaining to the Mueller investigation, including what and who prompted the investigation in the first place. I have a feeling heads are going to roll – Mueller’s and dozens of Democrats’. Get some popcorn, put your feet up and get ready for one of the best shows you’ve seen in a long time.

  3. American 1st says:

    It would be very dangerous for Mueller to testify. He would be under oath and Republicans such as Jim Jordan could question him……with questions such as “when did you first know that there was no collusion?” “Why did it take 2 years to investigate?” “Why, after you found that there was no collusion, did you write a second volume to the report ?” “Were you trying to entrap President Trump?” “Why did you make a grand scene when you arrested Roger Stone?” “Why did you not report the exculpatory evidence in the 1965 murder case which Boston men spent 30 years in prison?”
    Yes, I would love to see him perjure himself and land in prison! It is corrupt prosecutors such as this that are so dangerous for our democracy and freedom! If he gets away with this, it will be a road map for future dishonest FBI, DOJ, and prosecutors to come after any one of us!

  4. Laura says:

    The introduction says the one word that it will reveal, then we get all this wordy crap and are never told the one word. I get so disgusted!!!

  5. Ed says:

    Yes he needs to as much as any one of the numbers of Trump people. The report gave it out in black and white, the only thing that it could do is put a nail in the Democrats coffin. He either lies and sinks himself or tells the truth and destroys the whole sorted mess

    • Bill says:

      Mueller has to answer Americans question of him!

      Why did you take this case when you knew day1 no collusion existed?

  6. Deplorable Lanie says:

    IF Mueller testifies, it should absolutely be in PUBLIC! I am on the fence about Mueller testifying. I think it could go either way. But if he does testify, it can’t be behind closed doors, it must be out in the open for everyone to see. You know if Mueller were an honorable investigator, he would have done 2 things. First, he would have notified the public that there was no collusion much, much earlier. Like when he found out. Instead he drug on for almost 2 years. Second, we he found out there was no collusion, he would have investigated where the collusion claim came from and why it was done. We have been hearing a lot about this new prosecutor Durham I think his name is. And we have been hearing what a tenacious investigator he is and how he won’t stop until he finds out what really happened. Sounds like he was the man needed for this whole thing! But I am glad he is on it now.

    • Lee Martinsen says:

      So you’re glad the DumbocRATS are wasting even more money that could be used for infrastructure, or even better, BUILD THE DAMN WALL. Then we should send all the DumbocRATS south of the wall to insure America’s continued prosperity.

  7. Impeach Congress who is as dirty as Obama, Hillary and the rest of the Democrats.Why not hit them with Treason to.When Pelosi said she said a prayer for Trump it wasn’t to God.

    • NeeNee says:

      I totally agree with you Tiffany. All she has is hate and empty prayers. She is a horrid and nasty liar. She can’t even take care of her state S.F. where the streets are filled with feces, needles and people shooting up. I would never visit San Francisco.

      • MARK says:


    • Alma Lou Annab says:

      We cannot impeach elected representatives. However you can recall them by referendum.
      Take a course in civics, in case you missed it in high school.

      • John A. says:

        Yeah, there are some educated Americans out there. Thank you Alma. Probably not due to our “ publicly” “school” system. John A.

  8. Saved says:

    I was in a cult in my early 20’s, the Brother Julius cult here in New England. He died some years ago but still has a following. His spiel and appeal was that he was the bad person who turned perfect, and was Christ in a different era and manner. I was in the cult for two years, totally brainwashed, the people were nice, kind of overly enraptured with Julius’s words. After awhile my family was aware that I had changed. I had devoted my life to Brother Julius, whose real name was Schacknow. My family rescued me through taking me hostage in a sense, and they hired an interventionist to help the deprogramming. It took a few months to see that I had changed for the worst. Brother Julius condemned the relatives, the news, the institutions, meanwhile the men who were married had to submit their labor to his business County Wide, where I worked. After I left the cult I learned Brother Julius was sleeping with the men’s wives and daughters. It was subtle brainwashing, so you people who have idolized Trump as your savior don’t realize he has seduced you with his lies, promises, attacks against the FBI and CIA, and against all Democrats. He is like Brother Julius as he also led us in various chants against enemies and to him, as our supposed God. I learned out cults capture people of all ages. I hope this note means something to people who don’t believe the real news, don’t listen to friends and relatives anymore and idolize a man who has been about greed his entire life, it’s like you are worshipping the golden calf in the Bible. I was in Vietnam in 1967 at 18 years old, in combat and that might make anyone seek help, light and an answer. Those who criticize could become also easily led, deranged, addicted, whatever but when I see the hatred and violent words on these right wing sites I was compelled to tell the truth of my life. Maybe it will make one person think about what they are saying and thinking. Most of you would not say this at church, to your doctor, at work or even to some of your friends, you might even have Democrats as friends.

    • Most people know about mind manipulation and its consequences. You could have saved yourself time with the long story. This technique is used in communism. There are brainwashed people here, but it is not President Trump who is using it. He stands for freedom and shows people of America his love by actions. Your Brother Julius and Marxists have different intention.

    • CHUCK says:

      HOW many times are you going to post this crap..

    • Donaldo says:

      Sounds to me like you never did recover. What greed? Our president is giving his salary to charities. You want corruption, look at the crooked dems. Hillary defying subpoenas. Comey lying under oath, Loretta Lynch, Brennan, etc.

    • Patricia Colquitt says:

      It appears you’re still suffering from being brain washed. If in fact you believe what these democrats are spewing out of their mouths. You need discernment in order to distinguish light from dark. You’re still in the dark unfortunately. Seek Jesus Christ, He can change your ❤. Give you eyes to see, ears to hear. God bless you.

    • John A. says:

      I see you are still and probably will always be susceptible to what ever comes along. Get some more help my friend. John A.

    • Janet says:

      Deranged & addictive??? That’s the Democrat Party for sure. If THEY have nothing to HIDE; then why are they upset and saying OUR PRESIDENT has NO right to make the ENTIRE investigation into who and HOW it started to begin with??? Sounds like Pelosi & her Party doesn’t want WE THE PEOPLE to know these things. Mueller investigated. The Dems. we’re NOT satisfied. Now they want to do their OWN investigations. So the majority of the people NOW want to know HOW, WHY & WHO got the Mueller one started. From leaks; we already know Lynch & Comey are now calling each other liars.

      And Brennan is now saying Comey LIED about EVERYTHING. Sounds like OUR President is just doing what he promised. And that was to EXPOSE & try his BEST to get rid of the “DEEP STATE”. Drain the SWAMP.

    • Rich says:

      I have worked deprogramming people prior to retiremen for years., the type of random violence you see from people who have been bain washed is very similar to the attacks we see on our youth and elderly that are constantly attacked for wearing MAGA hats without any other provercation. It also match’s ANTIVA, which is the Democratic Parties newest version of the KKK same mask and hoods, same violence, started by the same party. The Democrats have always taken the fears, and predjudices of a group, and exaggerated them for there own power. That’s why they created the KKK, and that’s why they are using the same play book for ANTIFA.

  9. Rich Bach says:

    What do the Democrats have other than trying to impeach POTUS? The Democrats can’t seem to understand that the man they were hoping would find some major “dirt” on POTUS didn’t find anything. Those folks just can’t seem to get it through their thick skulls is that they lost again. What these idiots need to do is get over it and start working for the folks that “hired” them and do the nation’s business, just like POTUS has been doing for the last 2 and a half years. TRUMP 2020. Semper Fi.

  10. Roberta King says:

    Mueller should absolutely HAVE TO testify before congress. He doesn’t want to testify because he doesn’t want to answer to the questions posed by the conservatives. It’s wonderful when you can strong arm others but its a very different thing when you are being interrogated and have to be honest about what you have done! Such a one sided “Investigation???”!

  11. elaine says:

    Quoting our president “GAME OVER”. Now we go after the source that started it all and I bet it leads to Obama. I know Comey, Clapper and Brenner are in over their heads. Get it all out Mr. Barr.

  12. Gregory Sullivan says:

    The Democrats will never give up their futile witch hunt because they want to make life as miserable as they can for Trump to force him to resign which will ultimately fail and they will never ever get over their loss in the 2016 election. Foreign interference in presidential elections is nothing new and has been going on for years. If there was any collusion, the Russians didn’t need help from Trump as they could’ve done it on their own.

  13. Mary Johnson says:

    Yes he should because then they can not say AG was lying or that there was any misunderstanding of what his report was about.

    • Rich says:

      mueller doesn’t want to provide testimony in a Public Hearing as he knows he will be asked questions he can’t answer honestly which could earn him in a smartly tailored Orange Jump Suit.

      He might think he can get by in a Closed Hearing but that’s a chance he probably will not take . . . . . leaks can sometimes be positive and an Orange Jump Suit would ruin his day. ????

  14. Shelly says:

    Be careful what you wish for Democrats you may not like what rocks he has overturned and what Democrats slithered out.

  15. Ted rigger says:

    If this would shut these morons up I am all for it. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will. I would love to see them ALL get voted out of office next year. Can you imagine how much our President would accomplish without these assholes stopping him?

  16. jemb says:

    Mueller did everything he was expected to do, but the Dems simply cannot accept the results of his investigation. Next they’ll find another Mueller to do another investigation who will give them the answer their looking for.
    They thought Mueller was on their ‘side’ and would report exactly what they wanted him to say, but he was honest and reported truthfully.

    • Patricia says:

      They have dug a giant pit for themselves! I see a huge Trump victory in 2020! These dirtbags are nazis! They are full of corruption and have the nerve to point their fingers st our POTUS and accuse him of crimes he didn’t committ! They will be exposed for the dirty cabal whores they are!

      • Sheron says:

        I have never in my life seen such a bunch of cry baby sore losers. Disgusting talk, the most unprofessional group of people representing the great United States of America. We look like a bunch of but holes to the world, and to ourselves by letting this garbage continue. Knock off the idiotic speach libs.

    • Helga says:

      They already have another Mueller, his name is Nadler! Then there is Schiff who told us for the last two years that Trump has committed verifiable collusion and obstruction of justice but Mueller hasn’t brought it out. Now they have to carry the torch and investigate the entire business life of the President. What does that have to do with the original charge of Russian Collusion? They are out to ruin the entire Trump Family and get him out of office. We hope he stays strong for the next six years and they will go to prison if they get nvestigated!!

      • James Samuel Scaggs says:

        Let them continue their witch hunt in the end it will be the demo-communist party that will lose big time in the end,if they had anything close to an impeachable offense they would have played that card along time ago,but they have nothing I repeat nothing and now as 2020 nears they are desperate.

  17. The Redhawk says:

    AFTER WASTING almost 30 MULLION DOLLARS with a STAFF made up of Clinton having the BONE HEWADS led by PIGLOSI convinced that Mueller would give them the “LICENSE” to Impecah POTUS TRUMP, the ANARCHISTS of the (D) party still are wondering all about what Mueller did…..SIMPLE QUESTION YOU MORONS…..HE FOUND NOTHING NEAR WHAT YOU WERE HIPING FOR….so GET OVER IT and GOVERN IDIOTS to earn your PAY CHECKS!!!

  18. John says:

    The democrat’s should have to pay out there own funds, the tax payers already paid out enough to find out nothing. Investigate the democrats and lets see how many head for the hills

  19. karen martin says:

    This is over!Mueller will not tesify due to his dirty deeds /with the Obama / Hillary deal!

  20. Rebecca Spicer says:

    Barr needs to put an asap on his investigations into the start and fisa warrants so 1/2 the DNC is indicted. The only reason DNC keeps this bogus crap up is it keeps the spotlite on their delusional lies and off the true corrupt in DC and everyone knows the corrupt is the DNC

  21. Richard Daugherty says:

    Mueller is a traitor and needs to be treated as such.

    • Rebecca Spicer says:

      Mueller wants his and his family to be safe from the clinton gangsters look at him hes ready to retire that means no more protection leaves him open from a so tragic no fault death

      • Robert says:

        Hi-LIAR-y’s dad was Hugh Rodham who ran the Chicago mob after Al Capone was jailed. He taught her the family business.

        • Mysty says:

          And now chelsea carries on for the crime syndicate. The women are often WAY worse than the men for being cruel & viscious…just look at hitlary…she’s even worse tgan hitler…or would have been if she’d won. THANK GOD SHE DIDN’T!!!!! LITERALLY, THANK GOD!!!!!! HE SAVED THIS COUNTRY BY GIVING US PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!!

  22. R B says:

    I have believed from the start that Mueller desperately wanted to find dirt on President Trump but simply couldn’t. The next best thing he could do was to set up the president by implying that the president had committed obstruction but stopping short of declaring it. That way it gave Democrats another open door they could follow to keep the investigation of the president going.
    If Mueller was to testify, what else could he do but to affirm the findings in his investigation which basically found no legal basis for recommending prosecution for collusion or obstruction? If Mueller testifies and backs up his findings under oath then that ends it, if however he refuses to testify then Democrats will continue with their case of impeachment.

  23. FrankC says:

    I say Yes but with some reservations. I don’t trust the Democrats at all, and my concern is that they will try to silence Republican questions. They will do everything they can to distort and slant things in their favor. I do think Mueller could shut down the Democrats completely, but only if the Republicans drag the truth out of him.

  24. I believe Mueller should testify in front of Congress publicly and bring forward the Secret File on what he found out about Hillary’s E-Mails and All the Misdeeds involving the Democrats…That would put an End to these Bogus Investigations, Once and For All…In fact, it would put a Large Number of those Dems, and a few RINO’s too, in Prison where they belong…

  25. libra says:

    mueller has a grudge against Trump.. He had asked Trump to make him head of FBI–When that did not happen–another political grudge same as Fat glutton Jerry Nadler who hates Trump from their N.Y. days. So Mueller as he ended his 2 year investigation said there was no collusion but could not be sure about obstruction–yet Trump never tried to interfere with Mueller’s multi-million dollar investigation and his staff exclusively of Demomarxists and a cost of 35 million bucks to the taxpayers. After all that money–Mueller could not make a conclusive decision–That was deliberate to continue making problems for Trump.. What a joke–two of the most corrupt members of Congress Nancy the walking corpse and Shumar a full blown Marxist are going to impeach Trump with a senate that is controlled by Republicans and they are the ones to hand down a verdict not the House of Reps. They are trying to drag this into the election but in the meantime A.G. Barr is beginning his investigation of Obama, hil and bill and lORETTA AND CONGRESSIONAL CO-OPERATIVES.. We shall see who needs to leave and who needs to go to jail.

  26. JASWANT S BAWA says:

    He should testify and let public know , once and for all times to come, that there was no collusion or obstruction of justice by present POTUS so everyone can go on with their lives.

  27. Linda H says:

    He should have to testify on national television. If he has nothing to hide then he should have no problem with saying what he knows in public. I think he is guilty of something he don’t want people to know about. He knows the DEMonCrats will hide it for him.

    • Scott27 says:

      And if your Dear Leader has nothing to hide, why not let McGahn appear before Congress? Why not reveal his taxes? Why not reveal his dealings with Deutsche Bank? Why ignore legal subpoenas by the dozens? Why not admit he’s having his campaign materials made in China?

      • dennod says:

        They tried to charge him and failed, and his “taxes” are none of anyone’s business. His mandated financial disclosures before even running were legally sufficient. The mueller investigation was just a ploy to seek out a crime, not investigate one. The same convoluted reasoning is given for the “tax issue”. The best part of the whole thing is that the democrat morons exposed their own criminality as they tried to make up an elaborate “frame job”…….and now, The Reckoning is here.

      • Anne says:

        How about a colonoscopy? His taxes are none of your business. His dealing with Deutsche Bank are personal, too. Why answer to bogus subpoenas that are just being used to harass?? The Left is sick, why not start asking questions about Obama, Hillary, Biden, John Kerry, Lynch and the rest of the loons and criminals. Or better yet read ” Secret Empires” by Peter Schweitzer.

      • Pat says:

        Since when did President Trump’s income tax returns and financial records become anyone else’s business? Several past presidents provided their tax returns voluntarily. There is no law insisting they do so. I would much rather see 20 years of tax returns and bank records for every Democrat who has held office for more than ten years, particularly those of Pelosi, Wsters, Nadler, Schiff and Schumer. How did they all become multi-millionnaires on congressional salaries under 200,000 per year?

    • Emmanuel says:

      Linda H, is Muller’s report not a testimony enough?

    • Ed says:

      He is guilty of not pursuing one thread of evidence towards the illegal acts of the Democrats in this. When not one thing could be proved against the President then he should have had lots of charges against the lying manipulators who manufactured this. When it became apparent Trump was innocent of all charges, he should have went after the sources. If he has to testify then he will have to answer his failure to pursue justice.

  28. pissedoffvet says:

    Sorry dimowits no do overs, Didn’t you learn that in grade school and start doing your job you were elected to do. I can see why most of you don’t do it because you don’t how to. Incompetent fools!!!

  29. Grizz Mann says:

    Müeller should testify that he ignored the Democrat role in the Hoax. Because he was the bagman in the Uranium One sale.

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