Robert Mueller told the Democrats one word they never thought they would hear

Democrats are counting on Robert Mueller one last time to bail them out of their impeachment mess.

But things are not going according to plan.

That’s because Robert Mueller told Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats one word they never thought they would hear.

The Democrats’ last chance to make political hay out of the Russia Collusion conspiracy theory is Robert Mueller testifying before Congress.

But Mueller does not want public testimony.

His team is balking at the idea because they think it would make him appear “political.”

CNN reports:

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team has expressed reluctance to him testifying publicly in front of the House Judiciary Committee, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The special counsel’s team has conveyed the notion that Mueller does not want to appear political after staying behind the scenes for two years and not speaking as he conducted his investigation into President Donald Trump. One option is to have him testify behind closed doors. But the notion that Mueller would only answer questions in private has become a sticking point, according to a source, as Democrats believe the public needs to hear directly from the special counsel.

Rank-and-file Democrats made clear Tuesday they believe Mueller must testify publicly given the gravity of the investigation.

Sources caution numerous options are being considered in the negotiations between the committee and the special counsel’s office at this point.

Critics suspect there is something else going on.

If Mueller testifies publicly, he will have to affirm the findings in his report and state once and for all there are no hidden bombshells about collusion or obstruction of justice.

That would end the ability of the media and Democrats to scream about a “cover up” of the Mueller Report.

By not testifying, Mueller is actually helping the Democrats in their anti-Trump plot.

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66 Responses

  1. Lee Martinsen says:

    So you’re glad the DumbocRATS are wasting even more money that could be used for infrastructure, or even better, BUILD THE DAMN WALL. Then we should send all the DumbocRATS south of the wall to insure America’s continued prosperity.

  2. Rich says:

    I have worked deprogramming people prior to retiremen for years., the type of random violence you see from people who have been bain washed is very similar to the attacks we see on our youth and elderly that are constantly attacked for wearing MAGA hats without any other provercation. It also match’s ANTIVA, which is the Democratic Parties newest version of the KKK same mask and hoods, same violence, started by the same party. The Democrats have always taken the fears, and predjudices of a group, and exaggerated them for there own power. That’s why they created the KKK, and that’s why they are using the same play book for ANTIFA.

  3. Pat says:

    President Trump is one step ahead of all of them. He is releasing all documents pertaining to the Mueller investigation, including what and who prompted the investigation in the first place. I have a feeling heads are going to roll – Mueller’s and dozens of Democrats’. Get some popcorn, put your feet up and get ready for one of the best shows you’ve seen in a long time.

  4. Mysty says:

    And now chelsea carries on for the crime syndicate. The women are often WAY worse than the men for being cruel & viscious…just look at hitlary…she’s even worse tgan hitler…or would have been if she’d won. THANK GOD SHE DIDN’T!!!!! LITERALLY, THANK GOD!!!!!! HE SAVED THIS COUNTRY BY GIVING US PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!!

  5. Janet says:

    Deranged & addictive??? That’s the Democrat Party for sure. If THEY have nothing to HIDE; then why are they upset and saying OUR PRESIDENT has NO right to make the ENTIRE investigation into who and HOW it started to begin with??? Sounds like Pelosi & her Party doesn’t want WE THE PEOPLE to know these things. Mueller investigated. The Dems. we’re NOT satisfied. Now they want to do their OWN investigations. So the majority of the people NOW want to know HOW, WHY & WHO got the Mueller one started. From leaks; we already know Lynch & Comey are now calling each other liars.

    And Brennan is now saying Comey LIED about EVERYTHING. Sounds like OUR President is just doing what he promised. And that was to EXPOSE & try his BEST to get rid of the “DEEP STATE”. Drain the SWAMP.

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