Robert Mueller just announced a major indictment

Robert Mueller made his move.

The special counsel just announced the indictment of 12 individuals connected to the cyber attacks during the 2016 campaign.

But it’s how the charges relate to President Trump that has everyone buzzing.

Mueller announced the indictment of 12 Russian nationals for directing the cyber attacks against Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and the Democrat National Committee.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the charges stating:

“The indictment charges twelve Russian nationals for committing federal crimes that were intended to interfere with the 2016 U.S. presidential election. All twelve defendants are members of the GRU, a Russian Federation intelligence agency within the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian military. These GRU officers, in their official capacities, engaged in a sustained effort to hack into the computer networks of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Democratic National Committee, and the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, and released that information on the internet under the names “DCLeaks” and “Guccifer 2.0” and through another entity.”

But there are two big pieces of the puzzle missing from the charges.

First, Rosenstein announced that no American committed a crime during the course of the Russians allegedly obtaining the Democrats emails.

For all the pomp and circumstance, Mueller has yet again alleged nefarious Russian activity, but failed to prove any collusion by the Trump campaign.

Also lacking is evidence.

Mueller provided no proof the Russians are guilty of what he claims.

And since the indicted Russians will never set foot in a U.S. courtroom, Mueller will never have to prove that the allegations are true.


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177 Responses

  1. Believer says:


  2. Gary says:

    If Muller has the evidence, take it to Russia, as the treaty calls for and present the evidence. Let the chips fall where they may. Take Hillary along with her scam plus the $400,000 dollars.

  3. Susan Dix says:

    Mueller is pulling 12 Russian rabbits out of his indictment hat.
    He is good at grandstanding with full cooperation of the corrupt MSM.
    They have a defense strategy that Mueller didn’t count on.
    I hope their attorneys wipe the floor with Mueller’s crew.
    Strange how they let DWS and her IT guy Awan skate out the back door
    for their hacking of the DNC. Crickets on that. Right?? Just let the Russians
    take the fall.

    • Joyce says:

      Mueller is trying to make himself and the DOJ look good, but obviously he has again indicted people not likely to show up and ask him to prove it. IMHO, much of this grandstanding move is made knowing they will not show up to make him prove anything – but the hidden intent of the grandstand indictment is to draw attention away from the probable DNC/Clinton’s connection to Seth Rich murder by blaming it on Russian hacking which former intelligence staff members have already debunked as impossible with the equipment the DNC was working with. I’ll stick with the experts who worked in the field and said it was an inside job – not a foreign hacking – and knowledge already exists that
      Seth Rich was the leaker. Just another clear cut example of the real reason Rosenstein hired Mueller as special counsel – help in blocking investigation of and covering up crimes committed by the new world order and deep state establishment – to make sure that none of them get held accountable and trigger that dreaded domino effect that will bring them all down rapidly drain the SWAMP of thousands of traitors to be held acountable!

      • Joyce says:

        OOPs! forgot to mention that Putin has issued an invitation to let Mueller, Rosenstein and others come to Russia and attend their questioning of those Mueller has indicted – but he also requests that the FBI/DOJ reciprocate their hospitality and search for truth! Anyone want to lay odds that the FBI & DOJ won’t bother to take them up on the offer? LMAO

  4. Alfred says:


    • Dave says:

      Get the evidence in front of a judge a get it over with, then !!!!
      Two years an $17m -Finish it !!!!

    • Jams says:

      When they go through all of the voting records and all the votes will I EVER BELIEVE THAT. The Democrat party has a big history of cheating, by using dead peoples votes, illegal alien votes. You can not have 110% voter turn out with out cheating. Cheating is the only way they can win. That is why they block and fight all voter ID laws and any requirement to clean up voting records. Obama is the Traitor and he is still a citizen of Indonesia and was born in Kenya. His brother found his Kenyan birth certificate with the foot print.

    • Joyce says:

      Sorry. Alfred, but your damage control is just more BS FAKE NEWS. You must have forgotten Hillary’s whining and wanting investigation of the voting polls. They quickly lost interest when it was the blue states they had rigged for Hillary actually had some polls reporting 25% more votes than they had registered voters – so those reported popular votes that she is still claiming are actually evidence of polls rigged to help her get more votes!

    • zee says:

      Alfred, they said 3 million vote, NOT 300 million.

      • zee says:

        > 3 Million votes & dontcha know, Just enough to tip a popular vote(of
        which there is much info about,on ‘how’ ‘they’ DO It.
        between Ca/NY w/False id’s/ drivers licenses, dead/dbl voting etc. OF
        Which I might add, HAD NOTHING, ZIP, ZERO, NADA To Do W/ Russia.
        whew. THANKS For ELECTORAL COLLEGE. All States /Good PPL
        inbetwee CA/NY would surely be ‘screwed’.

    • Wildmann says:

      Eat Sheite Alfie Girl!

    • Gary says:

      300 Million, wow! Alfred you are the idiot! Your math is real fuzzy! By the latest count there are 328 million people total in the USA. Did the population of Mexico cross the border illegally to vote? Seems that there must have been. There might have been more that wanted the woman who committed 152 felonies, however, I seriously doubt the election returns from California. You are the dumb ass supporter of the aiding and abet-er rapist.

    • canam884 says:

      Take it easy on the cafeinne Alfred.

  5. You can indict whoever you want. Getting them into the courtroom is another matter.

    • zee says:

      Rite Frank, let Mueller et al mouth off all they want. NAME Russian NAMES , fill out paperwork
      for Extradition. Get ‘them’ in USA. THEN, ‘they’ can tell re hacked DNC servers/
      the ‘fleeing’ Pakistani / Podesta (big one there)./ uranium deal (of which Mueller involved).
      Comey & his brother w/ clintons etc. U know, rite. Go ahead Mueller, NAME the ‘NAMELESS’. Mueller/Rosenstein/ Schumer /McCain etal are such ‘schmucks & putzs’.

      • Gary says:

        We have no extradition with Russia. Send Muller to Russia with his evidence, or is the evidence tainted, or made up? It seemed to take them along time to come to that conclusion just as President Trump was going to Europe to meet Putin.

        • zee says:

          Putin 0ffered for Mueller et al – ‘come to Russia’, we’lI Investigate Together__
          on ‘Russia 12’ > & cited ‘Treaties’ re this.
          bwar harhar. Putin put Mueller (pea ‘nuts’ ) to shame. Anyway,
          (Mueller would never have the ‘balls’ to go to much less defend his ‘current allegation’) , & furthermore, E’0ne Knows (& Putin) that he, Mueller’ hand delivered’ Uranium samples Per ‘o’/hillary to Russia- Ahem)) Oh yes, take note in Mention of Mr. B (now in England ) funneling 400 Mil in ‘funds’ to Hillary from Russia & No Tax) & has Since, renounced USA citizenship)
          As an Aside: That 0ffer<
          Would Set a V. Dangerous NWO 'World Court' precedent Scenario, on Many Fronts, of which USA Should Not Partake. EVER. a Huge Quagmire, of which IS protecting 'o/clintons & then some, of which POTUS IS Entirely
          Aware of.

  6. Kadok says:

    This is just another failure by Mueller, you would think after reading the document he would be going after the DNC Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Imran Awan for collusion, since all the supposed moneies were being redirected to accounts that had wassermans name and awans name on them. DAMN some one call Jim Rockford he can get results in half an hour on this farce.

    • Mueller has already spent over $17 Million of taxpayers money trying to manufacture a crime to undermine our duly elected President! Where did all those millions go?

      Our FBI is corrupt and dangerous!

      America First!

  7. Jesse says:

    Mueller is a JOKE and his so called Investigation needs shut down and he should be made to repay American tax payers every cent he has WASTED on his witch hunt for REVENGE. All Mueller wants is to punish Trump for firing Comey Mueller’s pal. He NEVER should have been picked for the job he is only looking to hurt Trump. Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page and Rosenstein should be in a cell beside Obozo the TRAITOROUS EGOTISTICAL MORONIC CLOWN.

  8. Mott D Dorn says:

    If you can’t find anything, Make it up! It seams that the Dem’s will not be happy until we have another Civil War. They should be happy their “people” are not where they should be (jail) When I vote, I do not go “Party lines” but for the person. This time however that may change…

  9. Michael says:

    I know this Patriot Pulse is about that piece of crap Muellar….but I just read an article about Trey Gowdy and Paul Ryan not feeling comfortable anout impeaching Rosenstien….can anybody tell me what Rosenstien has on Ryan & Gowdy….Gowdy talks like he knows nothing about it

    • Joyce says:

      Michael, think what you have just read doesn’t indicate someone has something on Ryan and Gowdy, but instead think both Ryan and Gowdy are feeling the heat of the congressional investigation getting too close to positive proof of HIGH TREASON and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY – so they both are trying to baffle us with BS to misinform We the People that blocking congressional investigation into their own corruption and OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE is not a crime – but we all need to recall with what glee Mueller, Rosenstein and the witch hunters team jumped on the band wagon to hang that charge on President Trump to take him down over firing Comey, their fellow traitor. Think we need to take another look at what is behind Ryan and Gowdy’s denial of anything to impeach all 4 of them for – it is to confuse us and distract our attention from impeaching any of them, which send us right back to the real reason Mueller was hired by Rosenstein – Rosenstein knew Mueller from way back when he was FBI director and both of them have been exposed as being participants in Uranium One treasonous act of selling uranium ore to Russia – Mueller even hand delivered the uranium specimen to Russia for their analysis of its purity.
      He was hired to protect their own treasonous aZZes from being prosecuted and at the same time help them block any of the new world order or deep state establishment traitors from being held accountable for anything whatever. What you have just read, when interpreted corrrectly, IMHO, is proof positive that Ryan and Gowdy both have identified their self as traitors and are working with the blockers to keep us from demanding the immediate firing, arrest, detainment and prosecution to the fullest for BLOCKING investigation of their own corruption ahd OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE! Think this makes it imperative we proceed to demand it as other participants in Uranium One are Barack Hussein Obama, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and others who were on the federal payroll and signed off on it.

  10. Milos Leubner says:

    Mueller should be immedietly send to Siberia to gather more evidence .Put him in the row boat ,I am crying already…

  11. Buddy says:

    Hillary Rodham Clinton lost the election because she’s a crook and a murderer. When asked about Benghazi . She said in front of God and everybody, ” hey, they’re dead! Let’s move on.” Those men were killed because Hillary and Obama were running guns to the Taliban through there.

  12. Paul Lamothe says:

    That POS. Mueller can’t come up with anything better than this dog and pony show ?
    He and his crew of scumbags are the most corrupt bastards in the country !

  13. zee says:

    > ” INTENDED” Is A ‘key word’ in this snippit. V. Important___
    > ALL this KrAAP Release IS Meant to ‘Sabotage’ A Good
    Meeting W/ POTUS DJT / Putin.
    > POTUS WILL call out Putin re German ‘pipeline’ etc. &&&
    Begin to Straighten this mess out, For the Good of All.

    • Roman says:

      Let’s analyze the issues – each according to its merits. Do you really trust Putin? Do you believe Putin has noble intentions and will not try to use Putin for his purposes? As to the German pipeline issue that is a separate matter. POTUS was right on that matter. However, Putin’ attempts to interfere in the US election is wrong and the US needs to defend itself regarding Russian interference.

      • Sue says:

        We first must admit all countries with any kind of power try to influence other countries elections. This has been going on for decades. Our governments including BO administration in trying to influence middle eastern political proceedings. BO caught on hot mic.

        • Roman says:

          Middle Eastern countries have been source of instability and many people there have been involved in terrorism. BO did not resort to hacking and social media manipulation and lies. Moreover, your argument saying that since BO did it, then it must be all right for the Russians to do it in a stable peaceful country, which the US, is not convincing. As well, you object to BO’s policies – so how could use those policies as a justification for the Russians to do it to the US? Since when should the US just happily submit to Russian manipulation?

      • zee says:

        Dear Et Al. Russia Did NOT Influence the ‘Electoral’. / N0R ‘issue’
        dead votes/ illegals etc. But in Contact W/ hillary (uranium) & ‘o’ way
        Before US Presidential vote. THAT IS ‘the ‘cover-up’ thru Mueller etc.
        (Mueller Involved w/ uranium deal)
        > At this point, would i trust Putin more than DoJ/fbi/ comey/ mueller
        Establishments ‘r’s Rinos, dems, media etc, uh probably.
        >How many Russian ‘no go zones in Usa ??? ( have some in Dearborn, Mi / NY /
        Minn. /. CA / + More Western States of > ME How many drug cartel invading US from Russia ??? hmm.
        > How many be-headings/rapes drug violence (ms13) etc from Russia ???
        > How many bomb/ missile Threats from Russia??? hmm.
        > Tariff/goods from Russia = how many ???
        >0n & 0n & 0n ___ the BS Spew ‘russian ‘stuff’ IS Pure propaganda Kraap
        by ‘US Traitor Deep State politicians & Seditious Media.
        0h ps. BTW : Russia hates ‘ Monsanto, which has recently merged w/ Bayer)
        & hates GMO food. & Russia will take Germany for all they can get. Germany
        IS Way Too Not ‘intelligent’ i guess -according to WWl & WWll.

        • zee says:

          oh geez. more re Russia.
          >Sending Unaccompanied Children across S.Border ??? hmm
          > working cheap thru Illegal Labour ??? hmm.

          **** Biggee re Russia!!! ie 0ffering Many to ALL S. African Farmers (white)
          that are being Brutalized/ Killed w/their livestock, >’ Land in RUSSIA !
          hmm. WHY Did not USA 0ffer the S. Africans to Farm Here ???
          > Look at other African countries that exiled, banished, killed white farmers,
          All Are Now in Complete Abject Poverty / no brains to grow their ‘Food’.
          > What else Can i say 0r What else Should i say ___ whew.

          • Roman says:

            zee – we are discussing the Russian hacking and attempts to influence the US election. We are not discussing Monsanto, illegal immigration- those issues are as relevant to the discussion as the price of tea in China.

          • zee says:

            Yeah, so what. Just thought i’d throw all that ‘stuff’ in . I Could
            Mention ‘Bigger Hacks’ than Russia ___ (you wouldn’t have a clue,
            i suppose.)

        • Roman says:

          You sound like a troll in the pay of the Kremlin. I wonder how much your bosses in the Kremlin are paying you? You are full of hate and illogical and incoherent. I suggest you learn to write English better and stop trying to interfere in the discussions in the US. Instead, criticize the murderous corrupt, Putin regime that is invading neighboring countries, destabilizing the international world order, violating numerous solemn international treaties, repressing and killing dissidents both at home and abroad and abetting the war crimes of the Assad regime. .

          • zee says:

            No Roman, not at all, a Kremlin troll. a US Patriot for sure.
            Don’t let my comments/questions ‘sting you’ . Comments are
            Truth 0bservations, that’s all. ps. don’t eat too much Monsanto
            RoundUP GMO foods. Can ‘think’ better & more clearly w/out that garbage. pps, USA could do w/out Soros BLM/ Antifa would you agree on that ??? Have you ever lived w/ illegals & their attitudes/& what they do ???. hmm. i thought so.

          • zee says:

            pps. Roman (troll) Please review Rosensteins Statement Today.
            > A Huge ‘backwash’ , in case you missed it. Check it out.

          • zee says:

            Hey romany -be glad u r not on ‘the list’ lol.

          • Roman says:

            zee – are you threatening me? Is that the typical behavior of a troll in the pay of the Kremlin?

        • Roman says:

          zee – you certainly are not an American patriot. You are full of praise of Russia which you seem to love so much. Why don’t you just go and live in Russia – and see how you will enjoy living under that corrupt, dictatorial, brutal and repressive regime?

          • Gary says:

            zee, Russia banned the use of Monsanto just as the rest of Europe has, Monsanto is going broke, they were bought by Bayer to get rid of Monsanto. They would be better off in Russia, plenty of room to make a living, and Russia has built capacity to protect their citizens from the North South Pole shift and the new ICE AGE that is upon us. I find you as am American Patriot! Trying to save the lives of us Americans is hard at times. Thank you for the information zee and a good reminder for us all.

          • zee says:

            Yes Gary, am Totally aware of Monsanto/Bayer ‘merge’ & not
            particularly re Monsanto ‘going broke’ = A NEW’ Umbrella’ !!!
            (taking large Heat from certain factions in US). Bottom line =
            Monsanto et el ARE Evile Cowards, Bayer takes them in.

            >Russia is More Adamant than EU in regards to EVILE/Poisonous
            Monsanto. & I Hope that ‘wide swath of country’ Remains So.
            (Does that make me a Russian ‘lover’ as ‘roman/ suggests??
            > WE NEED CLEAN Earth Somewhere –
            I Like ISLANDS/ICELAND etc ,as well, lol. I LIKE MANY ‘other’ Places !!! so what. & Will Do A’thing i can to preserve USA.
            >Also Russia tries to Preserve Christianity in ‘Motherland’ &
            Has Done Way More in Syria than US in ‘that Preservation’.
            ~ Have watched Damascus ‘live tv’ viz satellite = Totally
            Amazing & Not Anything like what crapp msm reports. & Until
            ppl view some of this ‘stuff’ over there, they should just STFU.
            > &&& ‘it’ has been Said: MX has way more ‘damage in US Vote
            ‘illegally’ per CA/NY than Russia could Ever ‘think’ about doing.
            Consider that for una momento. I could go on & on – Makeme ‘stop’ . lol . ciao.

            > Also Gary, am aware of bottom1/2of your post.

          • zee says:

            Gary -MAGA . Stay Strong.

          • Roman says:

            You are either a Kremlin troll which would explain your posts. However, you deny that you are a troll. If I am to take your word for it, then you are highly misinformed because you have no knowledge how the government really operates.

      • Joyce says:

        Roman, are you naive enough to think the federal government isn’t doing the same thing to Russia and every other country. However don’t believe any other country has been guilty of killing off another country’s ruler and replacing them with another new world order puppet and to date the only one known to use the MSM as an outlet for their lies and propaganda (as the CIA admitted to) for the purpose of manipulating people worldwide.
        Hopefully there are a few patriots in the CIA, but 2 former agents have identified the CIA as the central hub of the new world order’s shadow government!

        • Roman says:

          I always wonder what you are smoking. Your attempts to try to use moral equivalence in your arguments is shocking. Human rights are much more respected in the US than Russia. If you feel otherwise, I wonder why you have not moved to Russia in order to enjoy the corrupt, repressive, bloody, dictatorial lying aggressive murderous Putin regime, run by the former KGB who does not display any scruples whatsoever.

          • zee says:

            U just blew your cover. oopsie. &&&
            You Are Easy to See thru___
            > what color shirt are u wearing ? hint: ‘brown’ _
            (~ & am ‘almost’ Sure, that went rite over
            your head’ .)

        • Roman says:

          zee – the only thing that goes over your head is logic. You are full of hatred and conspiracy theories that it has affected your judgement. Your morale equivalence arguments are phony and trivialize the evil of Putin’s Russia. You offer no proof for what you are saying – only taking out of context examples that are not typical of the way the US Government, business and society as a whole have and are behaving. You obviously have never worked in a government organization or institution or department and you are just reflecting your bigotry and prejudice that you generalize and slander.

          • zee says:

            0K let’s ‘spar’. E’thing you just inked – Apply to Yourself.
            ( You Said i was paid Kremlin troll) sooo… now you say i never
            worked in gov. etc)
            > you will Never Win the ‘silly’ game of chess, you entered.
            > you may get 1 more comment, maybe. Getting boring, romany.
            a bit boring.

    • brenda says:


  14. Roman says:

    Where there is smoke, there is fire.

    • Stan says:

      Well Roman, you said where there is smoke, there is fire, well then your statement would include ALL OF WASHINGTON!! All of this is because of the HATE towards Trump! WHY? Because he recognized the complete breakdown of our government! George Wallace once said, “there’s not a dimes worth of difference between the Republicans and Democrats!! HE WAS SOOO RIGHTTTT!!! What MOST of them belong to now is called “the SWAMP”!!! If Trump ran, without calling out the SWAMP and did the things he is doing today, you’d call him a genius ! Of course he never would have been elected if he didn’t call them out!! Thank you President Trump, keep up the good work! God Bless

      • Roman says:

        There is much evidence that Putin’s Russia did try to interfere in the US election. Let’s not pretend that Putin is innocent. Your hatred of the traditional Democratic and Republican parties should bot obscure the fact that Putin is no friend of the US and his agents were trying to interfere in the US election. True patriots should be first and foremost US patriots and not finding excuses for Putin’s interference in US domestic politics or trying to change the subject. What is wrong is wrong.

        • Count says:

          The problem is that Obama stated that our voting machines and election data are NOT on the internet so no one needs to worry about hacking to interfere with the election. But as soon as Trump won, all of a sudden Russia has hacked into the system. You cant have it both ways.

          • Roman says:

            The Russians used social media to try to influence public opinion. The Russians also hacked into DNC headquarters emails and had them posted through WikiLeaks. So, the charges do not involve hacking into voting machines. Again let’s analyze the facts on their merits – and not only through ideological prism.

        • Rick James says:

          What did they do and how did it affect the election?????

          • Kathy says:

            Nothing…and since the lawsuit was dropped against Trump and all his family and administration it proves again there was nothing. In addition how about when Obama sent people over to interfere with Israel elections, and France and Germany? Nothing done there to him or his crew. I think all governments hack into other countries elections but it does no good.

        • Parduc says:

          Of course YOU have no problem with the US interference in most other countries’ elections!?

          • Roman says:

            The US does not rely on hacking, revealing stolen email communications, using social media to influence election outcomes. Besides, according to your logic – it would be fine for Russia to continue to interfere in US elections. And you call yourself a US patriot?

          • Gary says:

            Yes, Roman we interfere in others elections, Obama did so in Israel, if we cannot interfere enough to make it happen by election, we destabilize and overthrow the leaders as we did in the Ukraine.

          • zee says:

            &&& Egypt ‘Arab Spring’ @ ‘o’/hillary.

        • Joyce says:

          Roman, if so the Russians are doing the same thing or possibly less of it. But all of this hoopla Mueller’s saying the Russians hacked the DNC. former intelligence agents of our government, who should definitely know what they are talking about, already debunked the Russians from being the hackers and stated that it was impossible to transmit information that fast with the equipment in use at that time and stated that it had to be an inside leaker. There was also one of John Podesta’s leaked e mails to Hillary that probably was referring to Seth Rich – stating that Podesta was in favor of taking out a probable leaker, whether he was guilty or not.
          IMHO, Mueller’s alleged indictment of the Russian hackers is more BS lies to protect other traitors from being prosecuted as evidence is stacking up against Seth Rich being murdered by 2 federal government agents – which leads right back to Hillary and Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC. Want more proof of the corruption – look up FBI action on all of these including Huma Abedin, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and the Awan brother Schultz was still paying up to the point when he was arrested and taken off the plane he was fleeing on. The best I can find, all of those cases have been closed with no charges against any of them, including AWAN. Obviously more corruption by the FBI & DOJ to investigate fully as we all know there are plenty of charges that are being suppressed to avoid having a lot of traitors drained from the SWAMP, which tells us that they are still actively working to destroy our nation from within and all deserving to swing on Hillary’s feared gallows for high treason!

          • Roman says:

            Gary – stop reading Kremlin propaganda sites. They are Fake News. Putin lies all the time and breaks solemn international treaties, invades neighboring counties, kills his political opponents, and abets the war crimes of Assad. Trying to develop false moral equivalencies about US behavior is a transparent way to try to trivialize the Russian interference. Even Trump now has admitted he misspoke and accepts the conclusions of US intelligence agencies.

          • zee says:

            Romany = U R totally uneducated re Syria/ Assad___
            > & i Do not have the ‘time’ to educate you. Try to
            Keep up re the ‘real ‘spiel’.

          • zee says:

            Joyce, aside from e’thing you just mentioned – are you aware of
            the Real ‘bottom line’ in ‘Deep damning’ __ ie podesta/marina abromovitch & all
            that ‘partake’. ‘o’/hillary etc

        • Roman says:

          zee – the only uneducated person is you. Your hatred has totally obscured your judgement. You believe black is white and white is black. Please do go and live in Russia – that would open your eyes to what a bad government that is.

    • valea heyl says:

      Mueller is a stinking little sneaky backstabber. HE SHOULD BE ARRESTED .for miss using our tax dollars on his hunt for the Easter bunny !! Have you ever seen a dog chase his tail ?

      • Joyce says:

        Look up video of Gohmert telling Congress of Mueller’s past history with the federal government – long history of lack of ethics, morals, values and a total mockery of law, order and JUSTICE he should have been a shining beacon of! Included framing 4 men he knew to be innocent to prison – allegedly to protect an FBI informant! Definitely not a good candidate for a friend or neighbor – but a good candidate for making a mockery of law, order and JUSTICE and other criminal activity!

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      This is true. A close look at the team hunting for a crime since Hillary lost to Our President reveals—-ta da—-all the way back to WHITEWATER the members of this team ( Rosenstein, Comey, Mueller, Lynch–etc.) have been “joined at the hip”. Hillary is the queen witch in this ongoing “witch hunt”.

  15. Michael says:

    Nobody has gone to jail yet…I dont think they will…the Crooked politicians in DC have been to crooked for to long…no one wants to upset the apple cart…they got to much to lose…as long as they can cover each others ass…and make it look like they are doing something they will get away with it…why the hell do you think Rosenstien, Page, Strzock know they can push congress as far as they do…I love Trump…and I hate the Liberal press…im just getting to the point where I think its just a fiction

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      This is exactly why such treason needs to be dealt with by the use of Military Justice followed by public hangings.

    • Roman says:

      Let’s be factual and not just ideological. Actually, a few people are already in prison and about a dozen Americans have been indicted and are awaiting trial. Manafort has been denied bail for attempting to temper with witnesses and is in prison.

    • Joyce says:

      Pay close attention – more of these deep state establishment are self identifying for us to add to the traitors list of names to be prosecuted for high treason and crimes against humanity.
      There will be thousands and there are some estimates that draining the SWAMP alone will take out 60 to 80% or federal employee and we have to remember all of the traitors are no longer on the payroll and some of them never have been on it. Word is that all those on the federal payroll (Including the puppet presidents) are only the lower levels of the new world order. Next level up is George Soros variety.
      In order to really drain the swamp of most of them would require the arrest of all living past presidents and all of their appointees, and most of the staff hired by those appointees!


    • Gary Von Neida says:

      This indictment (naming 11, or 12 persons) was presented at this time in an effort to derail Our President’s meeting and talks with the Russian Leader—don’t be fooled, the only collusion with Russia was with the very folks behind the “witch hunt” as They were involved in the crimes involved with URANIUM ONE.

      • Roman says:

        Let’s not have a double standard. How could one cheer when the FBI announced that they were investigating Hillary’s missing emails, just days before the election – and now turn around and complain about the indictments or Russians for attempting to interfere in the US election. Let’s be consistent. One can cheer for one’s team, but let’s not be blind to Putin’s nefarious behavior.

        • Michael says:

          Roman, go tell that to Karen McDougall..who decided prison time and a zipped lip was safer then being free and being another convenient dead body whoi had the goods on the Clintons.. Manafort is in trouble because of something that happened long before Trump ever took office….Hillary Beghazi, and thinking she was going to be president selling the favors of the president to enrich the Clinton Foundation, Hell this is all Hillary and the democrates fault in the first place…Hlllarys hacked server, Hillary and the DNC paying for a phoney Russian Documents….Hillary is evil…PURE EVIL…..the Clintons only EVER cared about the Clintons…look up Larry Nichols and the Clinton chronicles on youtube…tell me let’s be fair”…Donald J Trump is villanized…Cunt Hillary is given every possible pass…you CANT COMPARE the 2…I want Donald J Trump answering the phone at 3 am…we know what happens when Hillary does…people die in American Embassies…then we blame video’s…that Oscuma couldnt be bothered at 3 am either

          • Roman says:

            The indictments have nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. We are talking about Russian attempts to interfere with US elections. I know you have a total hatred of Hillary – but that is not relevant. What is the issue is that the Russians tried to interfere in the US election process. That is what we are talking about and that is what all American patriots should be condemning.

          • zee says:

            Roman, All of your ‘quasi intellectual ? ‘ comments Are ‘Weak at Best’ .
            No one here is ‘fooled’ by convoluted ‘twist’ . ok, i’m tired of you now,
            lol, good bye.

    • Joyce says:

      Smells like what it is – you labeled it correctly and unfortunately it involves thousands on the federal payroll and thousands more not on the federal payroll, but in other tentacles of the new world order like the UN, CFR, etc,,

  17. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Do you think Robert Mueller’s indictment is nothing more than a P.R. stunt??

    these indictments are fake news BS

    these indictments need to be on george soros, obama, hillary and so on

    the real corrupt collusionist

    excluding President TRUMP

    ABSOLUTELY @ (100%)=326,492,190 US voters

  18. James Johnson says:

    Mueller Is Nothing Himself!!!!! He needs to be shut down!!!!

  19. Mueller who is so insignificant, is now looking for ways to stay relevant at the expense of the President’s working relationship with Mr. Putin. Go home Bob, sleep it off. Don’t come back to work tomorrow. Nobody wants you back.

  20. Bill says:

    Congress has the power to cut off all funds supporting this worthless POS Mueller and his team of left-wing helpers. Sadly, it appears congress have the cohonies to get it done. Also appears there are far too many RINOs in the mix to get anything accomplished until they’re voted out of office.

    • Gretchen says:

      Mueller and his announcement of the 12 cases against the Russians is as stupid as he is. They need to look at the real criminals, the demorats and FBI

  21. Don says:

    What can you expect from the commies. They have been trying to change this country to communism since 1960 when they distributed to college and universities the pamphlet “The 45 steps necessary to push America to communism “

  22. john farkas says:

    dems are really great at spending other peopels money

  23. Melvin says:

    They got to keep the investigation going. It allows them to plead the 5th or say cannot answer that because of the ongoing investigation. It also allows us to pay them while they avoid jail. If they stop the investigation now they might go to jail. It is their free ticket now.

  24. Rob says:

    Trying to save face is one thing! Trying to bend it to the President of the United States of America, is Treason! Mueller must be ordered to give back his taxpayers funds, half of us didn’t want the investigation, why should we pay to have our choice for POTUS be harassed, spied on, lies about, and threatened?

  25. Perry Perno says:

    You really hate to print the truth

  26. Randall Hart says:

    Mueller plagiarized this info . This was knowledge 2 months ago by Republicans. But he left out fact that Attacks were done to both sides by Russia. But Republicans used security and therefore less damage. Also, Russia did this in retaliation to Obama and Hillary interfered with Russia’s election.

  27. bagster53 says:

    and what is mullier going to do to them , nothing , they are russians , just like they do nothing to china or n.korea for hacking, or do you think putin will punish them ,lol, seems to me you should have bin more worried about hillary and oboma selling us out to russia , their the ones who made millions off of russia , but know one will ever tell you the truth about what they really did

  28. All of you are on the same page. Move in together; no opposition; keep kissing this Con man’s rear end.

    • john dobbs says:

      All of you? That is an obscure statement* whom are you calling “All of You”?

    • Mary says:

      That must be the guy that is kissing Dems behind.

    • Tom E. Gunn says:

      Whatever this “con man” is doing both my broker and I fervently hope he keeps right on doing it. As for “no opposition, I have to agree. Given the state of the Democrat Party, they really don’t offer much in the way of opposition, unless it was to the competitors at the National Liars Competition.

    • Kathy says:

      You are referring to democrats along with Obama and crew right????

  29. Jack Simpson says:

    Muller has again shown, as he has time and time again, that his sole purpose is to undermine and bring down President Trump. He has provided enough reason and evidence Trump needs to fire him. I think it is about time he does so. SSG U.S. Army (RET)

    • Dave Miedema says:

      Thank you for your service, SSG Jack.

    • Richard Knoch says:

      Jack . . . . Spot On!

      mueller and his Inquisitors are saving the best for last; i.e., Scrooge McDuck will probably be next.

      Now, isn’t that a coincidence . . . mueller and Rosenstein announcing this just before the meeting between Vlad, the Impaler and President Trump . . . . the Left will do anything to deny success for our President.

    • The article is inaccurate. Rosenstein did not say that no American committed a crime during the Russian theft of the Democratic Party emails. Rather, no American was charged in this indictment with respect to the theft of the Democratic Party emails. Second, as anyone familiar with the federal criminal process knows, an indictment is a charging document only. However, this indictment is a speaking indictment. It sets forth in detail the ciminal actions of the defendants with respect to the theft of the Democratic Party emails. We will see if any further indictments are returned. Also, I am confident that Trump will request Putin to have the Russian officials indicted to appear in DC and defend themselves. What does Trump have to be concerned about? Let the investigation continue and let’s find out.

      • Jack Simpson says:

        Thank you for the enlightenment about indictments. And as anyone who watches Law and Order knows, an indictment merely means that enough evidence was presented to indicate charges should be filed and a trial should be held. If so, it is still up to the DA to bring the charges and ask for a trial. I don’t believe anyone who could be tried here in the U.S. will ever be tried because then the true facts about the Democrats involvement in the collusion will be open to being presented under oath. That would be so embarrassing wouldn’t it?

  30. Bill Norton says:

    I very suspicious that POTUS hired that SOB Gestapo Mueller. And even more suspicious that he never fired him.
    I am pro-Trump and I know that even the fools in DC knew for the past 7 years, that Gestapo Mueller is a neo-commie and part of an FBI anti-American clique that is in league with moslem jihad. Why didn’t Trump know?

    • Danny says:

      Trump is not a Washington insider. He doesn’t know Herr Mueller. Imperial Washington, both partys hate Trump.

    • Eric says:

      Because when Trump first got into office, he tried to appease the neocons, and the Bush’s, and everybody EXCEPT those of us that elected him. I think he has learned his lesson, that these people would strangle their own mother for a dollar. They lie with forked tongue. It was when he tried to buddy up with Piglosi and the libs, telling how it hurt his heart to see these poor, poor, illegals getting sent back. That’s when I started sweating. We didn’t kill ourselves to put Trump in office to have his daughter pull his heartstrings. Sure glad he saw how they don’t want to be Americans, waving Mexican flags and demanding citizenship. To hell with that! Send ’em home.

    • Mary says:

      I’m glad someone finally said that. Call him out and throw his rear in jail.

    • G says:

      Hey Bill Norton, Jeff Sessions recused himself and Rob Rosenstein hired Mueller. POTUS has stayed a step back from Mueller’s investigation in an effort not to be accused of taking over the investigation and all kind of stuff by the Dem libs. Polls are showing Mueller’s investigation is in decline with the people, both parties, so maybe things will happen after the midterms. We can hope as this is a
      distraction to MAGA.

  31. harold haight says:

    Every conservative should call for the whole group of Mueller’s team should be shown for their Bias and corruption . There is Only one who can do that an He is greater than all our judges all politicians . It is a terrible thing to come under the judgment of the living God. God hates a liar and since most of what is going on on the behalf of the special counsel will come under the final judge of this He is never to late nor is He ever to early He is always on time . The final payment will be a total disruption of every liberal and progressive shall come under His judgment no one who agrees with abortion and any thing else that violates His love for humanity and His feeling about sexual immorality.

    • I wonder what the Only one thinks of President Donald (“First you grab them by the pussey” ) Trump. The man who has paid $130,000 to his mistress not to say anything about his affair with her that was going on at the time that his wife gave birth to his youngest son. You want to bet that she was not the only woman to have an affair with the Dumpster. Yes, the Dumpster certainly embodies family values. And we haven’t even started to evaluate all the lies that the Dumpster spews forth on a daily basis.

      • Jack Simpson says:

        Again the liberal response is to attack someone personally not present facts to justify their position. Nothing you said in your comment has anything to do with the article or the indictments. All you’re doing is throwing mud in our faces so we can’t see the facts against you. SSG U.S. Army (RET)

        • I replied to Mr. Haight’s posting about being responsible to the only One. When the judgment day arrives the Dumpster will have a lot to account for just in the way of sexual transgressions. I am glad that you realize that the Dumpster has a lot of mud in his personal and family life. But I guess that the purported party of “family values” has no problem with a dirty President.

          • Jack Simpson says:

            when the time comes for Trump to meet God and be judged, as we all will be, I hope he brings a chair to sit in because with all the evil and disgusting things Hillary, Bill, Obama et al have done he will be waiting a long time for his turn.As for the term Family Values, the only thing the democrat family value is greed, lies, and treason.

      • Kathy says:

        Gerald Kaminski;….and this makes him different than Clinton how??and Kennedy??// At least he didn’t do any of these things recently or while he was residing in the white house…and I bet you NEVER said a trashy word in your life…and exactly what lies do you refer to anyway. The only reason folks dislike Mr. Trump is because he stopped handing out freebies to those who should be working, stopped lots of perks for the swamp people and isn’t a politician. Eat your heart out…he will be doing another term for sure…all democrats have are lies, race card, etc. and attack Trump and his supporters…that doesn’t make good presidents.

  32. Marlo says:

    All Meuller can come up with are Russians who cannot be held accountable or prosecuted in the United States. Sham investigation ! No substance!

  33. CCblogging says:

    Mueller was in on Hillary’s and Obama’s sale of Uranium One. Mueller is as guilty of Treason as both of those criminals are. Hang them all.

  34. Beth says:

    After two years of spending millions of taxpayers dollars he has to put something out there even though they will never set foot on American soil and he knows this and he also has no evidence! This whole this was a set up from day one! Disgusting bunch of corrupt FBI and DOJ trying to remove a duly elected president! Outrageous can’t cant till Smug Rosenstein is removed for good which should be tomorrow!!!! WooHoo!!!!

    • Randall Hart says:

      Mueller plagiarized this info . This was knowledge 2 months ago by Republicans. But he left out fact that Attacks were done to both sides by Russia. But Republicans used security and therefore less damage. Also, Russia did this in retaliation to Obama and Hillary interfered with Russia’s election.

  35. Buckwheat says:

    Mueller in my opinion is nothing but a total jerk = good for nothing. Should have been replaced months ago .

    • Sandra Tyler says:

      He’s just too eager to get Trump, this from watching the Jerk in the House , showed the collusion , too he Trump out of office & impeach him!! That House inquiry
      Was terrible , they came in with a plan too create a disrupted inquire!! They keeps interrupting constanly!! Judy shameful , but that’s all they know now!! Thier lost their minds, just nuts!! Obama did nothing about the Russians they did nothing his prolific knew it & all Obama said is I told Puttin
      Too knock it off!! This was it! They could have stopped it if they tried , but they didn’t so as to use it against Trump!!

  36. Ron says:

    Obviously the indictments against these Russians are nothing more than a political stunt. Mueller can’t find any collusion between Trump and the Russians, but he must keep this investigation alive at least until the November elections with the hope the Demorats will regain control of Congress. If they do they will impeach and remove Trump from office. They won’t need any evidence of anything! The real reason for this “investigation” in the first place. It has never been about justice, it has always been about a coup against a dully elected President not approved by the Deep State! Meantime, it is crucial to keep the “investigation” alive as a means of encouraging public distrust and civil unrest! If the Demorats fail to regain control of Congress they will already have the basics of civil unrest in place to promote all out anarchy. If they don’t win, we ain’t seen anything yet!

  37. jerry says:

    I’m still under the impression of what we have been told, the DNC has not turned over any computers, servers or any other relevant equipment to the FBI for examination. Thus where did he dream this indictment up from?

    • Beth says:

      I know right! This whole thing has been a setup from the beginning! Set up by McCabe, Strozk, Lisa Page, HIllary,Obama, Bruce Ohr and his wife, FBI and DOJ and the rest from the Democratic Terrorist party! Wait until they start stabbing each other in the back to keep from any criminal charges!! Ought to be a pretty good show!!

      • Mary Jarvis says:

        Don’t leave Jeff out, I think he was in when this started. Had he did he his job all this would not happen. When he rescued himself and appointed Rosenstein, I fully beleave he knew all of this was going to happen even when Mullen got out of hand Jeff could have stopped it. I read on fb where Jeff was covering for hillary. Just the clown, that thinks he is so cute and smart said he had his clearance
        For his text and JEFF had said he dI’d not. That will be dropped with no ans.

  38. Hey, if Mueller and his team of corrupt Demon-Crap lawyers want to continue to rake in the big bucks and annoy President Trump, he has to show something, even if it can’t be proven or go anywhere. Besides if he doesn’t continue to do his thing, the Clitons will have him commit suicide. When is he going to admit that, yes the DNC was hacked, but by the Pakistanis that Debbie Washerwoman Chits had on her payroll.

  39. jerry says:

    Muellar knows he has no jurisdiction over these or any other Russians. He also knows nothing will ever come of this as far as him having to go to trial and reveal any evidence he may or may not have, thus he can keep the taxpayer windfall coming his way. Congress needs to subpoena him to testify before them of any and all evidence he may have collected on this year and a half witch hunt. If he cannot show any thing culpable, they need to tell him he’s done.

  40. Jmac147 says:

    Just like most Leftist Liberals Mueller will never finish this investigation because like Hillary he can’t admit when he is wrong & when he is been defeated. Also this is great job security for this Leftist Clown.

    • Robert Miller says:

      If he ever ends this investigation,and has nothing,do we the taxpayers sue him and his crew for obstruction of justice and wasting the taxpayers money??

      • Diane says:

        I assume your just as upset about the wasted taxpayers money spent on Benghazi and Hillary’s email investigation? $20 & $30 Million? Zero indictments for either. But Mueller has produced 198 indictments on 38 people and 3 companies and he’s not done yet! Next shoe to drop is indictments of the Americans who colluded with Russia to get the illegitimate asshole elected. Look for Roger Stone, Donnie Jr., and Kushner to be indicted next! Then the big, fat guy! Can’t wait! Stocking up on popcorn! Hahahahaha

        • Mary Jarvis says:

          Don’t leave Jeff out, I think he was in when this started. Had he did he his job all this would not happen. When he rescued himself and appointed Rosenstein, I fully beleave he knew all of this was going to happen even when Mullen got out of hand Jeff could have stopped it. I read on fb where Jeff was covering for hillary. Just the clown, that thinks he is so cute and smart said he had his clearance
          For his text and JEFF had said he dI’d not. That will be dropped with no ans.

        • Mary Jarvis says:

          U are so smart, why don’t help mullen, he needs someone.

          • Diane says:

            See what hypocrites conservatives are? You’re trying to change the subject and deflect my question, but you aren’t real good at it! You need to take some lesson from 45.

          • G says:

            Diane, You jerk, who are you to tell Mary Jarvis she is dodging your question? I and a multitude of other people have asked you questions and all you provide is some smartass stupid sidestep crap. You don’t know answers unless they are on your talking points page provided by the traitor paying you. Leave decent people alone!

          • Diane says:

            Wish G would let me reply to him directly, but he’s such a coward, that he won’t! Nothing but a big mouth conservative bully, kinda like the big, fat Trump baby! He doesn’t really have anything to say anyhow, so no big loss!

        • G says:

          Diane, You crazy commie liberal. I have been replying back and forth to you for days on end. You are too stupid to realize that if you reply to anyone IT COMES IN TO ME AND EVERYONE ELSE. So say whatever you want, I can take it and more than you are intelligent enough to dish out. You are just a turd in a bucket, no you are not even that important.

          • G says:

            Diane, what makes you think I am a male? You have a female name but I don’t believe you are a female!

  41. Proud vet says:

    Mueller has all the earmarks of a communist KGB agent, and I would not be surprised if he wasn’t one of Putin’s tentacles. If I were Trump I’d get me a good AG and go after Motor for being a Russian collusion is with the uranium one deal is anyway, after all it’s the Democrats you said the Russians are enemy yet Hillary a Democrat using her power or shall I say abusing her power made a deal to give 1/5 of our uranium to Russia to benefit hers and Bill’s pocketbook.

  42. Steve says:

    Organized crime mueller should indict himself for the clinton / obama Uranium sale treason HE was PART of !

    • Janet says:

      That’s the “ABSOLUTE TRUTH”.

    • Ray Hause says:

      Steve, I totally agree, Mueller was complicit in the uranium deal, where is our congress on that issue, we haven’t heard a word. Mueller was head of the FBI and was getting information that mass fraud and money changing hands and never reported it.

  43. cliff says:

    Just ANOTHER HUGE WASTE of taxpayer dollars in an attempt to prove legitimacy to his FAILED “witch-hunt” against PRESIDENT TRUMP. (and take the spotlight off HIS corrupt butt.)
    After all he was “one” of the MANY TREASONOUS, corrupt creeps that allowed Russia to obtain 20% of our Uranium. SO, WHEN is HE going to be “investigated” and Charged with TREASON?
    I guess I can answer that myself…NEVER because he considers himself an “elite” and above the LAWS WE “common folk” HAVE TO FOLLOW.


  45. Jim Boyd says:

    Mueller is just following his instructions from the Deep State. Everything will come back and bite him in the ass !

  46. Ernest Lane says:

    I think the Russians was just to seed discord in our electoral process. That said, I remain convinced that if the Russians wanted anyone to win, they wanted Hillary. Given her general corruption and incompetence — start the discussion with that silly ‘reset’ button and the Uranium One deal — Putin _knew_ she could be rolled. Trump, not so sure. And they have to be rubbing their hands in glee over the Democrat-led divisions in America.

    • Sandra Kirk says:

      You are exactly right!! He has been involved with the Clinton Cartel for at least 30 years if not more. Remember a while back when 1 Russian was indictment Mueller and actually came here and proved to the judge his business wasn’t even in business at the time!!! Judge told Mueller at that time it was nothing but a witch Hunt!!!

  47. SeaRick says:

    Don Quixote Mueller knows when the truth comes out he will never work again so this is his ‘last hurrah’ at wasting millions of taxpayer dollars chasing windmills. He must litter the field with conflated indictments to justify his past, present and future charade. Mueller is the ‘deep state’ as is his seditious team of Dimocrap lawyers. All should be investigated for bias and dealt with accordingly including stripping pensions and benefits.

  48. Joe says:

    This schmuck, Muller, has squandered millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money. Shut it down!

  49. Jack Houx says:

    More BS. From the king of BS.

  50. Michael Robertson says:

    Mueller is nothing more, nor less than a lawyer turned con man. He did basically the same when he shielded a mafia thug and framed 4 men. This little adventure costs 2 of those men their lives and the other 2 collected over $10 million , in damages from the US government for his ham handed “investigation”. I can see why Rosenstein tagged him to do his dirty work for him. I ask again, where the hell is Sessions? Get him back to Alabamy and let someone with balls run the DOJ.

    • Sandra Kirk says:

      Don’t forget the innocent man he put in jail over the anthrax letters!! After he had been in prison, judge over turned the verdict and this man was awarded over a million dollars from the government!!

  51. Thomas says:

    Hillary said openly that after 2012 elections they would reset deals with Russia since they would have more power. Sold Russians our uranium and would not let any agency’s look at their computers for tampering. sounds like they are investigating the wrong party to me. The security agency’s of this country have been modified to an American version of the KGB by Obama.

    • Janet says:

      And also if you remember right; Obama told Putin right before he became President that he would be able to do more for him. These stupid cry baby Liberals believe everything their Liberal professors tell them. What I’d like to know is how some of them graduate when all they do is protest. Whether it be during school hours or the weekends.

  52. Michael says:

    That SOB dog and pony show host Muellar is just trying to save face now…He knows America is sick and tired of ths phoney investigation…And he hates Trump so he is choosing this time to hit the Russians with more phoney indictments to make it harder on him dealing with Putin….I read a pole today..62% of America thinks thete better off with Mr Trump than any stinking Lib..Oscuma, Clinton…Muellar you were called an honest and righteousness hit to run this investigation…That is LAUGHABLE to me..A rigjt guy would have closed it down a long time ago…you got NOTHING you thin skinned piece of crap

  53. Morty says:

    Indict 16 Russian soldiers that won’t show so you can have a dog and pony show. Show me the proof were is the DNC computer s

  54. Grizz Mann says:

    So the MS13 ( Müeller’s Special 13 lawyers) were able to examine the DNC computers and Hillary’s hammer modified computers, to see where the hacks came from. WOW. Podesta’s falling for a phishing scam was also examined. Again, WOW.

    • G says:


      • Michael says:

        No matter how this comes out G…they are Washington politicians….Corruption in DC runs deep…who knows what they all have on each other..they are proceeding carefully…loose lips sink ships…or maybe a bunch of crooked poloticians….No Body has gone to jail according to my math..they are all alive and kicking

  55. Lance Lucius says:

    We want our money back, you lying, scum sucking. democrat, piles of low life pile of feces. You have lied and defrauded us long enough.

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