Robert Mueller just announced a major indictment

Robert Mueller made his move.

The special counsel just announced the indictment of 12 individuals connected to the cyber attacks during the 2016 campaign.

But it’s how the charges relate to President Trump that has everyone buzzing.

Mueller announced the indictment of 12 Russian nationals for directing the cyber attacks against Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and the Democrat National Committee.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the charges stating:

“The indictment charges twelve Russian nationals for committing federal crimes that were intended to interfere with the 2016 U.S. presidential election. All twelve defendants are members of the GRU, a Russian Federation intelligence agency within the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian military. These GRU officers, in their official capacities, engaged in a sustained effort to hack into the computer networks of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Democratic National Committee, and the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, and released that information on the internet under the names “DCLeaks” and “Guccifer 2.0” and through another entity.”

But there are two big pieces of the puzzle missing from the charges.

First, Rosenstein announced that no American committed a crime during the course of the Russians allegedly obtaining the Democrats emails.

For all the pomp and circumstance, Mueller has yet again alleged nefarious Russian activity, but failed to prove any collusion by the Trump campaign.

Also lacking is evidence.

Mueller provided no proof the Russians are guilty of what he claims.

And since the indicted Russians will never set foot in a U.S. courtroom, Mueller will never have to prove that the allegations are true.

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