Pro-gun Parkland student ripped CNN a new one after they canceled on him

CNN has promoted a handful of Parkland survivors who are parroting anti-gun talking points.

In the lead up to the “March for Our Lives” gun control protest in Washington, D.C., CNN booked another Parkland student for an interview.

But CNN canceled after they found out he was a Second Amendment supporter and now they have egg on their face.

The anti-gun media has been exploiting teenagers to push for more gun control.

In recent weeks, pro-gun Parkland student Kyle Kashuv has stepped up to defend Second Amendment rights.

So he was excited when CNN host Brooke Baldwin asked him to be on her show.

But just hours before the interview, CNN canceled because of something Kashuv tweeted.

The truth is, CNN is just using this as an excuse.

They don’t want to put any students on air who won’t stay in line with the gun control message.

As Kashuv points out, CNN has let it slide when they’ve had people call NRA members “child murderers.”

And CNN looked the other way when gun control activists viciously attached NRA spokesman Dana Loesch.

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44 Responses

  1. SweetOlBob says:

    The NRA has had its days of “The Big Head Complex” where they thought that because they were the biggest, they were infallible. Chuckie Schumer was joined by the NRA in an anti-gun opinion that was supposed help veterans regain their 2nd amendment rights after being reported as “mentally deficient” by the VA shrinks because of being treated for combat related dreams etc.
    Schumer’s supposed offer was a ploy to get the NRA to sign on to his anti-gun legislation.

    When I asked them, the NRA, for the number of vets actually helped to regain their rights by this cooperative effort, I was told in a “snippy” letter that there was no means available to keep track of this happening. That’s because the NRA had egg on it’s face. They loaned the democRATS their name and support for a “Straw Man” issue.
    The number of vets helped by Shumer’s alleged “helping effort” was 0. That’s ZERO !
    The NRA, because they thought their opinion was the biggest and best, got diddled.
    Hopefully, that “BIG HEAD” syndrome has passed. And hopefully, they will never be preened into believing liars like Schumer again.
    I am still a member and will probably stay that way in spite of rising membership costs.

  2. Fat sam says:

    After the news. Helps get rid of our guns the next thing to will the Free press look at other countries

  3. Paul says:

    I remember the day when my parents had to watch the news everyday at 5 and believed every word of it now CNN I don’t I don’t know of another country that would allow a news to speak that way they do about their president CNN you are disgraceful

  4. Paul says:

    People like Kyle are the leaders that we need today standing alone in a crowd is very hard to do great job Kyle and great job to your parents to you have a good kid there. Don’t let anyone take that strength away from you

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