President Trump was just proved right after a skeleton popped out of Nancy Pelosi’s closet

Since the election of Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi’s life has been flipped upside down.

Destroying Trump is now her only goal in life.

But her plan backfired after a skeleton emerged from her closet, proving Trump right on a huge issue.

One of the biggest obstacles Democrats are running into when it comes to stopping Trump’s immigration agenda is their own past beliefs.

While the Democrat Party is now firmly opposed to any real border security measures, at one time they were in support of secure borders.

In fact, many statements from high-level Democrats in the past sound a lot like President Trump today.

That is especially true for Nancy Pelosi, who is now trying to hide what she said to reporters in 2008.

Speaking to the press, Pelosi made it clear that she didn’t “want any more [illegal aliens] coming in,” and that they need to address the challenge of the illegal aliens already in the country.

The Daily Caller reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters that she didn’t want any more immigrants coming into the country in 2008, showing a change of tune when compared to some of her comments in 2019.

The Democratic representative discussed securing the border as the “first principle” when talking about immigration in 2008. Pelosi said there was a need to address this issue as well as undocumented people in America.

The country didn’t “want any more [immigrants] coming in,” according to Pelosi.

“Securing the border is the first principle that we all have when we talk about the immigration issue,” Pelosi told reporters in 2008. “While we need to address the issue of immigration and the challenge we have of undocumented people in our country, we certainly don’t want any more coming in.”

This is extremely different from the current statements coming from Pelosi now, which basically support open borders.

In the Trump era, the Democrat Party has become so extreme that many support decriminalizing illegal immigration, and then offering free health insurance to anyone who enters illegally.

In contrast, President Trump wants to build a wall and deport those already in the country illegally.

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119 Responses

  1. Barney says:

    In California, “why do over 340,000 politicians make over $100,000. a year including ‘entitlements’?”

  2. Concerned says:

    The facts are that the Democrats are in very serious legal trouble. They have been caught lying, cheating about closed door meetings that are illegal. Nancy, Joe Biden & son and others are all in in illegal Ukraine business dealings. The Dem’s continue to break rules, laws and committed treason many times against the Constitution Look at Shiff. Everything he says and does is illegal. Obama is about to be indicted for treason and that IS a fact not made up by me and Hillary is under scrutiny in the courts as we speak and has been caught in many lies. The Dem’s paid off the media to ban conservatives and have gotten to Mark Zuckerburg. The Dems only know how to spend your taxpayer money and have not passed any real worthwhile laws in three years. There is so much more that will be coming out soon. Nancy and several others are in human and sex trafficking and are working with the Chinese to invade America. I know this from the work I do for the government. So, no one can say Trump did all the illegal dealings because the Dem’s did it. I am registered as Democrat, but am going to change that because I am disgusted with criminals in our government.

  3. Alan Lane Gooch says:

    Cowards in shadows that talk trash about the best President we have had in my lifetime has problems. Trump was not elected to be God or perfect but elected to put the people in the picture again. Since we have been the loser for many,many years. The politicians were the ones that gained and got rich off the people all the while the people got poorer.No Trump is not perfect he is a man not a god and we knew this when we elected him. This time too 46.

  4. ron kessinger says:

    No, the deep state, bushes, Hoover, “Three letter agencies”, criminal cartels, and many others took him out.

  5. Desert Fox says:

    I think we have had enough of the three years of hateful rhetoric by the demented dimwit obstructionist demoncrats. They have to be mentally challenged to hate the country that has been so good to all of us. It will show at the voters booth what we think of them and the political policies. TRUMP IN 2020!!!

  6. MGreer says:

    Everyone lies., some more than others. But you guys have kept racists, killers and traitors in Congress and the president’s office for decades. Ted Kennedy was arrested and charged with manslaughter while in Congress never served any time and stayed his drunken (even on the Floor of Congress) self in office until he died, do who has criminals in office, I would look to your own party before you start criticizing anyone else. since it was and has been Dems all along blocking any actual improvements for minorities, even now as we try to improve conditions at the boarder The House Dems block anything Trump supports and r authors, why? Because (shout it loud now) Orange Man Bad! Clean your own house up before you start trying to complain about mine.

  7. MGreer says:

    JFk was a serial cheater too, oh and Bill is a rapist who actually had his accusers step up *when* it happened instead of when it was politically convenient, like the liars that at pretended they were assulted by Trump. Hillary denied Bills proven sexual escapades and called his accusers sluts and liars and we are now at a count of 50 people associated with the Clintons who are dead by suicide, on shot himself in the back of the head, twice. But hey you keep believing that Tump is evil , I know who *really* is.

  8. rebecca says:

    This message is for racist for trump, who came up with such a dumb title anyway? You talk about God, & that he would not vote for Trump. Well I have a news flash for you, there are a lot of people, in America that have been praying, for years,& years, that God would send us a Donald J. Trump. He had been listening, to our prayers, all along & when the time was right, he answered. President Trump, if you take the time to listen, when he talks to us, you will hear the truth, he is not any of the terrible things you, & the rest of the left, say that he is. He is human, & makes mistakes, but he loves America, & he loves All Americans, & he keeps his promises. Can you imagine, what he could have done, for America, & all of us American’s if he did not have to fight the Left all of the time? Put on your thinking cap, use your brain, think for yourself, for a change.

  9. robert bizek says:

    Well Said .

  10. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Racists for Trump:
    You should change your handle here to “Morons Against Trump”

  11. Somebody says:

    Mike: President Trump DOES NOT DRINK, period. But, you do, you are a lowlife lush and you just proved it. Guess you haven’t watched any news lately. All your drunken dreams of Trump being guilty just went down your toilet. He is not guilty of anything, but, the Democrats are being investigated and indicted right and left. So if you do not have anything good to say from now on, then get off this channel before I find your url and have you banned. I know how to find your url and I will also expose whom you really are to everyone and where you live. GOT IT?

  12. Mary Kelly says:

    He didn’t finish any business with Russia so he didn’t do business with them. Just use some common sense.

  13. Mary Kelly says:

    Yes Jesus would vote for Trump. He sure wouldn’t vote for all the crooked Democrats. Those Democrats broke his commandment thou shalt not kill. I counted about 27 killed who were going to testify against Hillary.

  14. Look up the word “DICKWEED” and you will see your picture next to the meaning…

  15. Hey mike, look up the word “DICKWEED” and see that you are the true meaning of the word dickweed…

  16. Hey mike, your mom should have swallowed.

  17. ALL democRAT voters want everything free. That is why they vote for the rats. They are to lazy to work for anything.
    TRUMP 2020…

  18. Somebody says:

    Michelle: You must be Michelle Obama by your remarks. In the end, don’t say we didn’t tell you. Just saying anything bad or against a sitting President is Treason. Look t up in the Constitution, of course, with your standards, you don’t even honor out Constitution! I will say that you aree a great man!

  19. Somebody says:

    Mike:, what is the difference? It happens to us when we try to do the same thing about the Dem’s. Tit for tat! You think only you should have anything to say? Hahahahaha.

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