President Trump was just proved right after a skeleton popped out of Nancy Pelosi’s closet

Since the election of Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi’s life has been flipped upside down.

Destroying Trump is now her only goal in life.

But her plan backfired after a skeleton emerged from her closet, proving Trump right on a huge issue.

One of the biggest obstacles Democrats are running into when it comes to stopping Trump’s immigration agenda is their own past beliefs.

While the Democrat Party is now firmly opposed to any real border security measures, at one time they were in support of secure borders.

In fact, many statements from high-level Democrats in the past sound a lot like President Trump today.

That is especially true for Nancy Pelosi, who is now trying to hide what she said to reporters in 2008.

Speaking to the press, Pelosi made it clear that she didn’t “want any more [illegal aliens] coming in,” and that they need to address the challenge of the illegal aliens already in the country.

The Daily Caller reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters that she didn’t want any more immigrants coming into the country in 2008, showing a change of tune when compared to some of her comments in 2019.

The Democratic representative discussed securing the border as the “first principle” when talking about immigration in 2008. Pelosi said there was a need to address this issue as well as undocumented people in America.

The country didn’t “want any more [immigrants] coming in,” according to Pelosi.

“Securing the border is the first principle that we all have when we talk about the immigration issue,” Pelosi told reporters in 2008. “While we need to address the issue of immigration and the challenge we have of undocumented people in our country, we certainly don’t want any more coming in.”

This is extremely different from the current statements coming from Pelosi now, which basically support open borders.

In the Trump era, the Democrat Party has become so extreme that many support decriminalizing illegal immigration, and then offering free health insurance to anyone who enters illegally.

In contrast, President Trump wants to build a wall and deport those already in the country illegally.


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122 Responses

  1. Concerned says:

    The facts are that the Democrats are in very serious legal trouble. They have been caught lying, cheating about closed door meetings that are illegal. Nancy, Joe Biden & son and others are all in in illegal Ukraine business dealings. The Dem’s continue to break rules, laws and committed treason many times against the Constitution Look at Shiff. Everything he says and does is illegal. Obama is about to be indicted for treason and that IS a fact not made up by me and Hillary is under scrutiny in the courts as we speak and has been caught in many lies. The Dem’s paid off the media to ban conservatives and have gotten to Mark Zuckerburg. The Dems only know how to spend your taxpayer money and have not passed any real worthwhile laws in three years. There is so much more that will be coming out soon. Nancy and several others are in human and sex trafficking and are working with the Chinese to invade America. I know this from the work I do for the government. So, no one can say Trump did all the illegal dealings because the Dem’s did it. I am registered as Democrat, but am going to change that because I am disgusted with criminals in our government.

  2. Desert Fox says:

    I think we have had enough of the three years of hateful rhetoric by the demented dimwit obstructionist demoncrats. They have to be mentally challenged to hate the country that has been so good to all of us. It will show at the voters booth what we think of them and the political policies. TRUMP IN 2020!!!

  3. rebecca says:

    This message is for racist for trump, who came up with such a dumb title anyway? You talk about God, & that he would not vote for Trump. Well I have a news flash for you, there are a lot of people, in America that have been praying, for years,& years, that God would send us a Donald J. Trump. He had been listening, to our prayers, all along & when the time was right, he answered. President Trump, if you take the time to listen, when he talks to us, you will hear the truth, he is not any of the terrible things you, & the rest of the left, say that he is. He is human, & makes mistakes, but he loves America, & he loves All Americans, & he keeps his promises. Can you imagine, what he could have done, for America, & all of us American’s if he did not have to fight the Left all of the time? Put on your thinking cap, use your brain, think for yourself, for a change.

  4. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Racists for Trump:
    You should change your handle here to “Morons Against Trump”

  5. Somebody says:

    Mike: President Trump DOES NOT DRINK, period. But, you do, you are a lowlife lush and you just proved it. Guess you haven’t watched any news lately. All your drunken dreams of Trump being guilty just went down your toilet. He is not guilty of anything, but, the Democrats are being investigated and indicted right and left. So if you do not have anything good to say from now on, then get off this channel before I find your url and have you banned. I know how to find your url and I will also expose whom you really are to everyone and where you live. GOT IT?

  6. Somebody says:

    Michelle: You must be Michelle Obama by your remarks. In the end, don’t say we didn’t tell you. Just saying anything bad or against a sitting President is Treason. Look t up in the Constitution, of course, with your standards, you don’t even honor out Constitution! I will say that you aree a great man!

  7. Somebody says:

    Mike:, what is the difference? It happens to us when we try to do the same thing about the Dem’s. Tit for tat! You think only you should have anything to say? Hahahahaha.

  8. Mike says:

    My post are always blocked. I guess I’m not far enough to the left?What’s amazing you can slander our president and they will not block you but the minute you step up Challenge their views you’re blocked

  9. atcals says:

    Sure wish there was a way to to give an up or down vote to the posts. I have my opinion about some of them and think they should be filtered out.

  10. Gina M Curran says:

    To Racists for Trump. Your pure emotional, unfounded assertions tell me that you do not have a clue what Trump is about or his real ideologies. I know your words are just meant to harass, malign and stir up anger and hate(For which you are most likely being given remuneration) but for all your vitriol, there are no facts supporting most of what you claim, The only thing I can give credence to is Trump’s lack of loyalty to his wives. However, that is a personal issue for his family to deal with.
    Since his past sexual exploits have nothing to do with running the country, fixing our economy, dealing with the onslaught of illegal immigrants, stopping the tech giants from controlling our data (and our lives)and keeping our country safe and out of war, I would think you would acknowledge the president for some of his achievements. The economy alone has been turned around by his negotiations and policies
    and they are a far cry from the Obama years of house foreclosures ,bankruptcies, and job losses. Remember, when an economy tanks so does the nation.(i,e, Venezuela)
    FYI : Trump is a nationalist not a racist! Just to clue you in,Nationalism is NOT racism.. it is the opposite of global governance which the rich globalists want to enact.. (i.e George Soros) IF you flood a country with low skilled , non- English speaking people of different ideologies who are living on social programs you will not be able to recover. (I.e what is happening in western Europe)There are only so many people who can carry, so many others(Remember the government’s money bank is really the labor force, the working taxed citizens.) There are also only so many additional educational and support programs that can handle so many people….Resources do run out.!
    Yes, this is the plan of the globalists to dissolve our nation, forever.
    Since, The Democrats love immigration so much, as of recent years, I do suggest that maybe some of the Democratic devotees should address their” Congess person” and see how far their generosity extends.
    I am sure Pelosi, and Schumer alone could raise quite a bit of funding to offset the migratory plight.
    Lets see where that would go… Just a little note: Schumer, Pelosi. Hillary are all George Soros backed.. follow the money trail…FACTS NOT EMOTIONAL FICTION

  11. FORREST says:


  12. Susan Molloy says:

    Ms. Pelosi: Words to live by, “He who is without sin may cast the first stone.”

  13. Greg says:

    Since the election of Donald Trump, the Democratic party has abandoned any intention of legislating. Obstruction, obfuscation, incrimination, investigation, and deception have become their entire focus. They have utterly relegated the imaging of the party to clowns and fools. They have laid bare their true face and intent for the country. So certain are they that they have sufficient support of the masses, that they have begun to believe their own rhetoric. This IS their platform. Open borders, free everything for everybody, government control of everything. These policies have universally been proven failures throughout the history of mankind.

  14. JEFF says:

    just goes to show that Pelosi is a split tongued two faced b^*&*h who needs to be investigated herself

  15. al says:

    P.S. look into Pelosi’s corrupt father and his politics as the mayor of Baltimore. Look into how he turned that inner city into the cesspool that it is today. All the while,Nancy lives the high life behind a hidden estate behind a wall in extravagance. Lying corrupt Nancy and her ilk. Her face lift and phony breasteses. Like Sckummer and him living on the upper east side with his phony liberal elites. We got ours, the rest could go F— themselves.

  16. al says:

    As someone who worked in NYC government and witnessed the corruption of the democrats, they are the most crooked and criminal people you would not want to associate with. Abominable people, and would send their family up the, to advance themselves.

  17. Racists forTrump says:

    You traitors all voted for Trump, a serial sexual assaulter, a thief, a racist, a constant liar, a disorganized “leader” who has had 6 bankruptcies despite not paying much in taxes and inheriting a few hundred million from his Daddy. This cowardly draft dodger insults POW’s and Gold Star families and has been a thug since he smacked a teacher. that’s why he went to military school yet still had a bogus deferment. He has cheated on all 3 wives numerous times with groupies, prostitutes, and his rape victims. He could have brought also STD’s to his wives. He is quite an admirable mobster, you must agree because your racism tells you to.

    • Ken Anderson Jr says:

      Wow, tell us how you really feel… then STFU and take your hate somewhere else!

      • debbie says:

        Thank You Ken! This Same POS…That’s For this SLIME BALL Troll…Who I Guarantee You IS A M–l– if not a Wanna be…He or She or IT Has been Posting Commenting on Various Sites, With the Almost EXACT Same words..Line for Line…I tried to reply yesterday, but seeing IT here again, only Confirms All I Deduced from such an Ignorant, Idiotic Comment from again, a Pure Insane RADICAL…I just said to my husband..Oh here IT IS Again, & Hope Someone knows about this POS because IT is a Dangerous Pos. This THING has More Hate & Purely a psycho “Feel” to IT’S Language that the Possibility of IT being a Danger to Any One other than ITSELF & those IT Aligns with, Is as Clear a Message this ONE is Out there..Off the Cliff..If Ever Sane, Definitely Not NOW. Sure Hoping IT Lives somewhere else, Far Removed from ANY other Species. IT Is That Much a Threat, Not kidding. Some people do have a Fake & obvious Fraudulent Persona on these So-called Social Platforms, but this ONE is particularly A Dangerous NUTCASE.

        • Racists forTrump says:

          Nothing I wrote is untrue, Debbie, what’s your problem, the truth hurts about your god and your sick racism and bigotry. If Christ were here and had to vote it sure wouldn’t be for Trump. He would probably say unless he repents like one of the criminals on the cross he would go to hell.

          • John says:

            Sorry but your attempts to talk BS about our POTUS is not working but one thing is for sure you are obviously a left wing radical Democrat. So my question is what do you plan to say or do when he gets rel-elected in 2020 and we start removing you libtards from political positions? Probably should have just waited to see him get elected before opening your slanderous mouth. Maybe you should repent as my religious teachings pretty much say not to be a hypocrite or better throw sticks when you have a log in your own eye.

          • Mary Kelly says:

            Yes Jesus would vote for Trump. He sure wouldn’t vote for all the crooked Democrats. Those Democrats broke his commandment thou shalt not kill. I counted about 27 killed who were going to testify against Hillary.

          • Alan Lane Gooch says:

            Cowards in shadows that talk trash about the best President we have had in my lifetime has problems. Trump was not elected to be God or perfect but elected to put the people in the picture again. Since we have been the loser for many,many years. The politicians were the ones that gained and got rich off the people all the while the people got poorer.No Trump is not perfect he is a man not a god and we knew this when we elected him. This time too 46.

    • Cg says:

      Pure nonsense.Fake

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      Excuse me sir/mam
      WAKE UP!!
      I know you fools always enjoy telling one lie after another about my President.
      But I wish one of you would point out a lie President Trump told, with proof he lied…until you can do that, STFU!!!

      • mrp says:

        Right. All they do is accuse and accuse with never ever any proof or evidence. Anybody can say anything is it doesn’t have to be backed up. Jus as I know I can’t prove it but after watching reruns of death of JFK, Jr. , I have renewed doubts about whether HRC was involved in any way. He was abut to announce a run for Senator from New York (the seat she aspired to as a steppingstone to POTUS) and she knew he would win. And also her husband as president at the time had the bodies cremated before they could be buried. Does anyone smell a rat? Wouldn’t be the first murder the Clintons are responsible for. That’s how they get rid of their enemies.

        • Racists forTrump says:

          If JFK Jr. was knocked off it was done by the dirty Republicans, they feared his popularity that might send him to the Presidency. After the disaster of young Bush and the evil of Trump, Maxine Waters would have been a better choice than either one of them.

          • Kathy says:

            Better look to Kilkary about the death of Robert Kennedy Jr ,she had more to gain!!!!

          • Lol, mad max a better choice?
            Crawl back to mommy’s basement lil boy. You have a pb&j samich coming from mama.
            You are the biggest morin on this site.
            It’s time to get over hildebeast losing the election.
            Best thing is the we all get to hear you cry like a lil bîtch until January 2025…
            TRUMP 2020….

          • MGreer says:

            JFk was a serial cheater too, oh and Bill is a rapist who actually had his accusers step up *when* it happened instead of when it was politically convenient, like the liars that at pretended they were assulted by Trump. Hillary denied Bills proven sexual escapades and called his accusers sluts and liars and we are now at a count of 50 people associated with the Clintons who are dead by suicide, on shot himself in the back of the head, twice. But hey you keep believing that Tump is evil , I know who *really* is.

          • ron kessinger says:

            No, the deep state, bushes, Hoover, “Three letter agencies”, criminal cartels, and many others took him out.

      • Racists forTrump says:

        He has said 11000 lies already as President, but you don’t follow the news or history La Rose. One lie that he said before running for President is that he had no business dealings in Russia while he had been planning to build a tower with help from Putin.

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          & you little boy have spewed thousands of nonsensical BS posts. Planning something is not the same as doing it. Now think on that fool. & to be honest, who gives a rats arse about what President Trump did before he was president, he was & is a buisness man. Why shouldn’t he conduct his buisness dealings as he saw fit? How does that impact America in an adverse way? This President has done more good for ALL Americans then any other in recent memory. Now put that in your pipe & smoke it.

        • Robert Block says:

          Planning and having . He planned on it but he doesn’t have it. So what are you bitching about? Where’s your proof of these asinine statements? Oh that’s right, CNN said it so it has to be true.

        • Mary Kelly says:

          He didn’t finish any business with Russia so he didn’t do business with them. Just use some common sense.

        • MGreer says:

          Everyone lies., some more than others. But you guys have kept racists, killers and traitors in Congress and the president’s office for decades. Ted Kennedy was arrested and charged with manslaughter while in Congress never served any time and stayed his drunken (even on the Floor of Congress) self in office until he died, do who has criminals in office, I would look to your own party before you start criticizing anyone else. since it was and has been Dems all along blocking any actual improvements for minorities, even now as we try to improve conditions at the boarder The House Dems block anything Trump supports and r authors, why? Because (shout it loud now) Orange Man Bad! Clean your own house up before you start trying to complain about mine.

    • Jerry Peck says:

      I always knew that DEMOCRATS were IGNORANT but YOU TAKE THE CAKE. Don’t even have the BALLS to put your real name on the BOARD. So LIL BUTTERCUP, go in the corner and suck on your pacifier then when you are feeling better then GROW UP.

    • Vicki says:

      Racist for Trump, I love that he’s gotten under your skin, lmao !!! I love that he’s eating you alive, lmao!!! I love that he makes you sick, lmao!!! Give us some more so we can laugh our A’s off!!!!!!!!!! MAGA!!!

      • Racists forTrump says:

        You are white trash for being for a serial sexual assaulter, a life long criminal who stole the Presidency. Now he owes Putin, why else does he kiss his butt and never criticizes Putin while also trying to lift the sanctions on Russia that rankle the foreign mobster.

    • Phyllis says:

      I thought that was a perfect description of Obama and Hilary when you were talking about a thief, racist, and constant liar. I know you couldn’t be talking about Pres. Trump because he is not a racist in any way, shape or form. I don’t know why liberals keep spouting that nonsense. When Obama left office Black Americans were 40%, worse off economically than when he first took office. When Obama took office he was worth about 1 million dollars, and when he left it is said he is worth over 12 million. How does one do that on a $400,000 salary? President Trump doesn’t take a salary. He donates it. Clinton also had numerous women, right in the white house. No one complained about that. Personally I don’t think their private lives are anyone else’s business, unless it interferes with his job as President. Under Pres. Trump more people are working, unemployment rate is lower than it has been in decades. Everything he has done has been to help the American people, unlike his predecessor, who did all he could to destroy the US, just as the liberals are doing right now.

      • Insider says:

        WELL SAID!!! These left Demwits are of a “one track” mind, and full of hate. Need to vote them OUT in 2020!!! Send a clear message that they are not America !!!

      • Linda M. says:

        Phyllis; You and many others are spot on when defending President Trump. But these robotic, weak minded Democrats that come on these sites spewing their hate and disdain for our President wouldn’t recolonize the real truth if it came up and bit them on the butt!That’s how brainwashed they are. IF ( GOD forbid) we get a Democratic president we all better get ready to say good-bye to our wonderful country. It will become part of the NWO…

        • Racists forTrump says:

          It’s bye-bye now idiot Linda M. You are such a lunatic don’t you get frustrated trying to remember what sites you left your hateful comments.

          • Linda M. says:

            Racists forTrump;It’s bye-bye-now idiot Racists for Trump. You are such a lunatic don’t you get frustrated trying to remember what sites you left your hateful comments… Bye bye little freak!!!!

    • Ronald Dunne says:

      Trump Derangement Syndrome much? Wow dude you got it bad… Your post shows exactly how the dem/lib/commucrat spout lies and unsubtantiated half-truths. You got your propaganda degree from the Joseph Goebbels School of Prevarication with a minor in smear and mud-slinging. What a sick fuk you are.

    • Alaskat says:

      Racists for Trump, get a Bible and check out the book of Romans, chapter 13. It says that God picks all rulers and no one gets to rule unless God approves it.
      It has always been this way on planet earth, check out the Old Testament too in order to prove it. So where does this leave you and the rest of the liberal loonies? The foaming at the mouth Trump haters are not fighting against Trump but against God and With the forces of evil. Christians are choosing to support Trump because he’s God’s choice and is doing more good for the country than the loonies ever could. Please read the Bible with an open mind and ask God Himself if it’s the truth or not.

    • Joe public says:

      U are a CNN expert

    • Linda M. says:

      Racists for Trump; I see you have posted under a new name now right Justice for Trump?Whatever name you post under you are still a bigot, fool and ignorant.You post nothing that is true. Just the Democratic propaganda that is forced fed to you every day .We don’t give a rat’s behind about your supposed claims about Trump. And racists? Look at the “squad” if you want to see TRUE racists and traitors !!!
      I also see you once again attacked a woman( Debbie) instead of posting a comment for Ken. Which once again proves you are areal bully and a coward.And before you try to insult me once again, RIGHT BACK AT YOU !!! If you can’t be a man, try to be human……

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        I didn’t even connect the fool to the other name he/she/it used…good call Linda. Of course this creep will only blabbering it’s BS & go after who it thinks won’t fight back. This fool don’t seem to realize, us women will hand him his arse quickly. GO GET EM BABY!!

        • Racists forTrump says:

          You aren’t as smart as your friend La Rose, all you care about is your sick love for racism and Trump and your hatred for what is really what America should be about. good leaders, honest leaders, and no corruption. Trump is the worst ever in all 3 categories.

          • Linda M. says:

            Racists for Trump; What’s the matter cry baby.?I called you out on your sick game?
            Grow up freak!
            P.S.I see you’re jealous I have friends, on and off these sites. Too bad you don’t have any…. P.S. Sunday dinner was great, by the way…

          • Colleen La Rose says:

            Absolutely! I pretty much adore my wonderful president! & you little boy aren’t as smart as a bag of rocks. But you are right Linda is a very smart lady. BTW: Since you see fit to message me, why have you not done the 1 thing that I asked you for….show me any proof you have that President Trump is a liar….I’m waiting

          • Linda M. says:

            Racists for Trump;If you want to see a TRUE racist, please ask mommy to take you to a mirror so you can see your own reflection! You poor excuse for a human being!!! Grow a set and pretend to be a man, alright???
            P.S. You are also too ignorant to read as well. This website is “Patriot Pulse”. Not anti-American pulse.Oh, and another person of intelligence named Gina left you a message.If you can’t understand the big words, ask mommy to read them to you…

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        Linda dear
        I think the wee little fella has a crush on you! Lucky you…..NOT????

        • Linda M. says:

          Colleen La Rose: Good morning my friend! That” wee little fella”( and probably in more than ONE area of his anatomy no doubt) wouldn’t be worthy enough of cleaning the bottom of my husband’s shoe’s soles!! My husband was a true gentleman and respected by many.Now this fool ,’ Racists for Trump” or one of his many names he chooses to post under, doesn’t have an ounce of common sense or decency in his black heart.You’d think he would go away, since EVERYBODY knows what a hater and racist he truly is and tells him so. But again, he does show what REALLY represents the Democratic party, doesn’t he ? So I suppose we all need a good laugh, at his expense!
          Has he answered one of your questions yet? Probably not because that would require him to remove his tin foil hat and do some actual reading. So please don’t hold your breath. ” Talk to you again!

    • Mike says:

      Clinton raped women, was a draft dodger, smoked pot when it was illegal, sold our secrets to the Chinese for re-election money, and I bet you voted for him. Typical left winger. Two faced and dishonest about anything political.

    • patricia wright says:

      trump is not with out sin racists for trump ur not with out sin too. trump is one president that did not lie that he was going to do what he said when he was going for president of the us of a. the only thing he got to get done is the fence across the border. he has done what he said he would do. i voted for him because he was the best for the job. not a murder person who did not give a crap for the 4 americans who was killed because of her not get the phone to send help to them. she has alot of sin more then trump ever has.

    • Lance says:

      Traitors, you should look in a mirror. I didn’t vote for Trump to teach Sunday school at my church. I voted for him because he tells you what he’s going to do and then he does exactly what he said he would. If you want to dwell on past crap that has ZERO to do with what he is doing right now. Tell me what has he done since being elected President. I’ll wait til hell freezes over because he has done everything possible to improve this country for every American. Black, White, Hispanic any American.

    • Michelle says:

      You have been watching too much CNN and MSNBC and can no longer even think like a logical human being! The president loves this country unlike no other and is tired of seeing the corrupt democrats ruin it at every chance. Take a look at the dirty, run down, extreme homelessness, crime-ridden cities and states in the US. All of them are run by democrats! They have no concept of rule, law or even trying to run the state like a business instead of a dictatorship. Apparently you don’t know what racist means! Go back to school or look it up on the internet….fool!

    • Bill says:

      I take it from your comment that you are not a fan of our President. You list a whole litany of things he has been accused of, but the one thing you did not include is that Mr. Trump has done a tremendous job as president under terrible conditions. That includes having to fight the Democrats tooth and nail in order to get anything worthwhile accomplished. He has had to fight against charges of racism, of collusion with the Russians, of corruption, etc. Not only that, President Trump has been the object of vicious attacks on a range of subjects by the news media. Fortunately, all the charges by the Democrats and the news media have rolled off his back like water on a duck. We know exactly what is driving the Democrats’ and news media to oppose what the president is trying to accomplish. President Trump doesn’t do politics like they want him to. They can’t control him so they have be oppose him in any way they can. This includes unwarranted congressional hearings, name calling, protest marches, and even physical attacks on his supporters. But, the economy is soaring, people who want to work have jobs, tax breaks have put money back in the hands of workers, not government. In the long run, the state of the economy plays a huge role in who wins elections. Vote for continued prosperity. Vote TRUMP.

  18. CLIFF says:


  19. Trisha says:

    You’d think that Nancy Prune would weigh 300 lbs. with all the crow she has to keep eating …. was FOR THIS AND THAT UNDER OBAMA , now under Trump, she’s AGAINST everything. Thank goodness there is truth in videos, audios, transcripts and pictures so they will know that we and the rest of America know she/they are always, constantly lying through their teeth.

  20. Robert powell says:

    a very intense finance record check and audit will show just how much this old batt is stealing..and taking from the cartels and the lobbyists for looking the other way.

  21. Mike Otrok says:


  22. Mike Otrok says:

    Trump is a drunken slob. Wobbling,shlurring hish werdsh!

  23. Robert powell says:


  24. Jim Ripley says:

    Not sure about the “Drinking problem” Pelosi is from San Francisco ,Could be her mental condition is the results of angel dust or crack cocain or what ever is the latest recreational drug in “Kookiefornia”

  25. De Sherlia says:

    I just love all the replies! All so true!

  26. Richard says:

    Vote the Dem’s out of office in 2020, for the good of the Country

  27. Robert Ratto says:

    No surprise, the democrats will do any thing to get more votes. You can see it happening all over the country. These illegals will add more votes to the democrat ticket. An example; when Arizona passed a law that you must provide proof of ID. before you could vote. The democrats challenged the law in court saying it was racial profiling. They defeated the law. The question is how can it be racial profiling when every one has to show proof of ID. In any other states that is the law. The number of votes for democrats increased dramatically. when it comes to the border and illegals the cages where put there by Obama and there were a lot of illegals rounded up by Obama and set back across the border.I wasn’t evil when Obama did it. These democrats should be held accountable.

  28. Nobody says:

    Nancy cannot be impeached. No one in Congress can be arrested for any reason even if they are outside of Congress. The only way they can be arrested is through proven treason. It is in the Constitution. But, they can be arrested after they are no longer in Congress by being voted out. They know this and that is the real reason they continue to break laws – so they continue on with their tirade. I think that many members of Congress have committed treason and are getting away with it. We all will see what happens when William Barr and the Judicial Watch complete their investigations and some of those investigations are near the end and we will get answers soon and see many politicians being arrested. It can’t be soon enough for me.

  29. Donna May says:

    This is a perfect example of the WE NEED TO CAMPAIGN. Any political person that campaign’s on the WE NEED TO. Will never get it done. A great political person will campaign on a I WILL . Most of the time will do what he says he will do. Demonrats will say (we need to build stronger borders and keep the Illegals out.) Trump said I will build a stronger border and Keep Illegals out. Pelosi said We Need To in 2008. Now Since Trump is The President who said I will. She is determined to buck up against Trump every time he wants to do something, Please America , wake up and vote Red in 2020…..TRUMP 2020.

  30. Elizabeth Dulski says:

    Nancy Pelosi is not the only Democrat with short-term memory loss when it comes to their position on “illegals” entering our country. They are all two faced liars, who hate America and American Citizens.

    • Mike Otrok says:

      Trump marries and employs illegals.

      • Vicki S says:

        Hey dumb???? do you think Trump personally interviews & hires every person in his 500 businesses? Also Melania was never an illegal, she came on a work permit and became a citizen in 2006. Get some new material, your old stuff is just lies & more lies.

  31. Sue says:

    All their asses should be locked up! All their doing is spending money! We all need to refuse to pay them. Unless they secure the border and get the illegals the hell out of here.

  32. Pamela says:

    Nancy Pelosi should be IMPEACHED immediately. She is not doing the job that she was sworn into. I don’t believe that Nancy and her fellow DEMORATS have accomplished anything for the good of the AMERICAN people. All they do is spread their HATE for our duly elected POTUS. It has now become a horrible SICKNESS. They are more concerned about the illegals that have gotten into our country INSTEAD of concern for the AMERICAN people that they are suppose to be serving which are the people that pay the GD taxes in THIS country. She is totally UNACCEPTABLE and DEPLORABLE. She is NOT for the AMERICAN citizens. UNBELIEVABLE that she gets away with it.

  33. Ron says:

    What can you expect from a Hateful, frustrated, Alcoholic liberal who talks out of her ass? The democratic party has to really move on and start taking care of USA citizens. And not vote hunting by accepting illegal aliens into our country.

  34. Desert Fox says:

    The demented dimwit demoncrats will be written up in history as the obstructionist party. The took an oath of office to defend and protect our borders when they were sworn in so all of them can be charged and prosecuted as traitors to America.

    • Jennifer Clemons says:

      Dear Desert Fox,
      What you said is correct as far as the Dems being the obstructionist party. If they win the election (God Forbid) they will just rewrite the history books to however they want. I do wish they could be charged as traitors because of the outrageous damage they are doing to our country. Hey, if they get charged, can we throw in Jane Fonda, and the Clintons with them?

    • Karen says:

      yeah. defend and protect our borders. Democrats are traitors. DEPORT all of them.

  35. Colleen La Rose says:

    Well I for 1 am so surprised that the lovely lady piss lousy spoke an untruth!
    (This is sarcasm at its best) but honestly have we not all learned by now that the lunatic liberal animals have never been straight with the American people!?

    • Alan Wright says:

      “…lady piss lousy…”

      A “type-oh”, Colleen — indeed, maybe me too — but, I agree with you, completely. Only I spelled it differently, which I won’t go into right now. . Actually, I like yours better!

      In any event, this whole scam is nothing more than a ruse. The Crats have no one to run against Trump, and they know they will lose. This is merely “tongue in cheek”, or something to say. They know it means nothing, but it is a reply and they are not going to show their game plan, in a losing throw!

  36. Robert Sylvester says:

    Should we be surprised that Nancy Pelosi is a lying hypocrite who uses her position of power to expedite her and her party’s radical views in order to convince others to go along with her. This only proves that she has no interest in doing what is right for the good of the American people that she has been elected and pledged to do as Speaker of the House. I have been saying for years that Nancy has “lost it” – and is no longer capable of logical and sensible comprehensive and rational thinking that can be effectively beneficial to this country. Someone needs to take Nancy Pelosi out “behind the woodshed” and respectfully “put out of her misery”!

  37. John Decker says:

    Are you sure that was a skeleton, or just Nancy before she put on her makeup?

  38. T. Bell says:

    I think the skeleton fell out of her ass hole !

  39. Paul Boudreau says:

    Just goes to Show you what a Two Faced Lying BITCH Pelosi IS!!!!!!!!!

  40. Nobody says:

    Nancy Pelosi is suffering from Dementia and early Alzheimer’s Disease!

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