Pope Francis said five words that rocked the Catholic Church

Pope Francis has been a controversial Pope.

Francis has injected his liberal world view into the political debate.

But nothing compared to the five words he just said that rocked the Catholic Church.

Critics of Pope Francis have accused him of bending to secular liberal cultural sensibilities.

Liberals believe the Church must adapt to the modern world if it seeks to remain relevant.

Traditionalists contend that if the Church drifts from its core beliefs it will lose its place.

Some Chrisitians are concerned Pope Francis believes the Church needs to “modernize.”

Those fears only grew when Francis told a homosexual man who was the victim of sexual abuse by a priest that “God made you this way.”

Breitbart reports:

“Chilean Juan Carlos Cruz, a victim of alleged clerical sexual abuse, claims that in a recent meeting with Pope Francis the pontiff told him that God had made him gay and loves him the way he is.

“Juan Carlos, you being gay doesn’t matter,” Francis reportedly told Mr. Cruz in April. “God made you like this and loves you like this and it doesn’t matter to me. The pope loves you like this, you have to be happy with who you are.”

Cruz is one of three victims of Father Fernando Karadima who were in Rome in late April for three days of meetings with Francis. His comments came in an interview published on Saturday with the Spanish daily El Pais.

It is possible that the pope used those very words and it is also possible that Mr. Cruz walked away with that message, but that the pope’s words were somewhat different. In a matter of this nature, the exact words matter a lot.”

God’s love is eternal.

Pope Francis is correct to tell the man God loves him for who he is. And this could be a case of the Pope’s words being misinterpreted or incorrectly reported.

That may have been the case here.

In his report on abuse by Chilean priests, Francis faulted the Bishops for allowing individuals who exhibited homosexual behavior to enter the seminary.

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85 Responses

  1. True Believer says:

    Thanks for taking the time to explain to people who have not been saved what they are going to be in for fairly soon since we are in the end times and to READ to good book for themselves and not anyone especially a Pope tell them what is right and what is wrong and how to obtain salvation. Since time is of the essence, they should start in Acts where Paul is converted as he is the apostle to the gentiles and read thru all of his letter to Philemon as all other books in the Bible are Jew only and are there for our learning. If they really want to get into it all verse by verse, go to http://www.lesfeldick.org and start with his tapes But God. After going thru those they they can start with Genesis for all the other learning. It is to say the least, fascinating.

  2. Nick says:

    Deep State traitors are everywhere!!! The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!!!!!!Don’t forget the RINOs (Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc..,) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  3. Pai says:

    Infallible??? I don’t think so. Jesus was thew one and only perfectly infallible ever.

  4. Larry says:

    CHEWBOY, God mad Adam & Eve and gave them PARADISE .It was pure and gave them all they needed to survive as human beings , as long as they obeyed his ONE RULE. Do not eat the fruit of ONE TREE. OR YOU WILL LOOSE PARIDISE. WE ALL KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY , THEY DID NOT HEED GOD’S WORD.
    This I do believe , as someone who is 80+ yrs and with little time remainding on this earth ,if their is not a GOD to greet me when my heart stops I’ll be very disappointed. That is if I have time to request forgiveness for my transgressions against HIM, it not easy living in a world so full of SATIN helpers.
    By the way , I do believe we are born male and female it the only way we could multiply as was GOD’S PLAN, when he created ADAM & EVE. ALL THE OTHER DEFORMITIES IN HUMANS ARE THE RESULTS OF “ORIGINAL SIN” AS we are decendents of them. We were perfect before and not we pay the price and we ALL STILL CAN GET THE ETERNAL REWARD IF WE FOLLOW “GODS PLAN”. Such as gays do not have to sin to live in this world, many women and men do not have to sin to survive and do harm to each other, sexually or physical . or mentally abuse each other. BOD BLESWS YOU ALL AND POPE FRANCIS , HE NEEDS LOTS OF PRAYERS.

  5. Terre says:

    This Pope’s a Jesuit- look up what that is – it’s not good; it is, in fact, rife with all kinds of evil. This guy’s working with the powers that be, at the upper echelons, to bring in the nwo. For Francis to tell this guy God made him that way is a slap in the face to the Almighty! God’s Word says exactly the opposite – He calls it an unnatural affection – that man will exchange the natural use of the woman & women will do the same. He also warns us of what the consequences of such a CHOICE will be – yes – it’s a choice – if you’re born with male genitalia, you’re a male; born w/female genitalia – yup, you’re a female. God doesn’t make mistakes. He’s perfect in all of His ways. Period. Yes, God loves this man – BUT – He HATES his sin! Let’s call it what it is – plain, pure, simply sin. For Francis to tell this guy he’s fine being queer is a lie from the mouth of Satan. God says, in living in such a manner, people defile their own bodies, they sin against themselves, the other people involved & against God. But if people don’t read God’s Word for themselves, they won’t know this, will they? Therein lies the problem – people would rather believe the lie than know the truth. That’s also something Jesus said. Funny how He’s always right…hummmm. This Pope, as with most of them, is in apostasy. This’s called wickedness in God’s sight. He’s teaching a false gospel – it is NOT the gospel of Jesus Christ! And what does the Lord say about that? He says – well, look it up – it’s interesting! Don’t take my word for it – don’t take anybody’s word for it – look it up for yourself – be a Berean! I pray the Holy Spirit calls the unsaved Catholics to repentance & gives them hearts that’re moved to come to Him in humble repentance before Him – Jesus is the only one who can rescue us from our sin problem – He’s the ONLY ticket into heaven. Beware. Be prepared. Because what’s coming is horrific; there’s coming a very great deception – it’s going to be so well orchestrated, it’ll look & sound like the truth. But you won’t know it UNLESS you belong to God. Why? Because there’re things that the Holy Spirit shows to only those who’ve made Jesus their Lord & accepted His gift of salvation & are living their lives according to His Word. It’s one of the many perks of being the King’s kid! Look at the skies, weather, the tainting of our food & water, government corruption on a scale not seen since the times of the Romans – these are signs, signals. The breach occured long before 9/11 – 9/11 was a breach – not by whom the main stream news reported – but it wasn’t the 1st breach. Look at where our nation is spiritually. When a nation passes laws that contradict God’s Word on moral absolutes & then punish those who obey God’s Word, that nation’s turned it’s back on God, thumbed it’s nose at Him & rejected Him. Upon doing so, God gives them what they want – their sin, & gives them over to it – He removes His protection from that nation. You see, God will not be made a fool of or toyed with. America, you’re in for very hard times. Unless you turn from the evil you perpetrate & propagate, you’re DONE. We can no longer be considered a Christian nation, as we, as a nation, aren’t following God. And if we’re not following God, who’re we following? Look it up – that’s interesting too! We check everything against God’s Word; why? Because Jesus’s been given the Preeminence & the highest authority, therefore, His Word is the highest authority. It’s by His Word that every person’ll be judged as they’re called to stand before Him. What horror to realize then that you’ve made the wrong choice of whom to follow, to have the realization that master Satan deceived you, made a fool of you your whole life – & enjoyed it immensely – that all you had to do was open the Big Instruction Book for Living Excellently, read its contents & simply follow the directions. But by then it’ll be too late. God will remove His Spirit from this earth at the close of redemptive history. Carpe diem! Sieze the day – while you still can. God’s merciful & loves man so incredibly much, He took the punishment for our sin that was rightfully ours – He paid our ‘fines’, as if our sin was His own. He was the only acceptable sacrifice in our stead, as He lived a perfect, sinless life, He was without spot or blemish. You’ve got to uber love someone to take the blame for some-
    one, knowing they’re guilty, & take the death penalty in their place. Like, really, really uber love them. But He will keep His Word as to the verdict for those who reject Him – He has no choice; He’s a holy God, sin can’t be where He is, & He’s bound by the legal rules set forth in His Word, so He will carry them out. We break His heart when we refuse to acknowledge Him for who He says He is. He’s long since proven He’s truthful. Won’t you please let Jesus into your heart & life?

  6. James Termini says:

    Love the sinner, but hate the sin. The Bible strictly condemns the gay lifestyle.

  7. Jean P. says:

    Faithful Catholics do not go to church or drop out because of a certain Priest, Pope, Homily or certain people. We go to worship God . No other reason. One hour a week is not too much to attend to the God who created us.

  8. Jean P. says:

    Faithful Catholics do not go to church or drop out because of a certain Priest, Pope, Homily or certain people. We go to worship God . No other reason. One hour a week is not to much to attend to the God who created us.

  9. C L Regini says:

    As a practicing Roman Catholic
    I was taught that the successor
    of Peter our Pontiffs are
    infallible relative to Catholic
    Doctrine but not in other areas
    especially politics!

  10. I Ed says:

    Rick , the question to you is this , If God is the creator ,preserver , and governor of all things who created you ? Do not tell me your parents without God giving you breath you could not be alive nor could you have an eternal soul. Don’t be so shocked you have a living soul that because of your ignorance will one day face God and His judgment will be sure and final

  11. True Believer says:

    You are NOT born gay. That is a choice just like you choose your toothpaste. It is not natural but what happens in a number of cases the gay people get a hold of a very young person and the abomination they do to that young person makes that young person want more because it feels good. That is all. If you want to go to heaven or be raptured and not have to go thru the Tribulation, you had better get your spiritual house in order and I mean now because we are very very close. Say what you want, but the truth will come out and for some it will be too late. Sex is for procreation and nothing else. Yes, dolphins and humans can enjoy sex just for the pleasure but with it comes responsibilities which it is evident a number of people don’t want to accept like the abortionists.

  12. I Ed says:

    I want you to very carefully read the book of Hebrews in which it tells you that Christ died once for all time. Now you and the catholic church are trying to make Christ lay down his life for sin over and over again and therefore deny that portion of the Bible that tells you that He made one sacrifice for all time. He will not go to the cross every Sunday for the sins of man. The emblems are only a symbol of the beating that He received . By His strips we are healed and by His blood we are cleansed. They do not change into the actual body of Christ otherwise you would be crucifying him yourself weekly. The tell us of His suffering and death and resurrection and soon coming to receive His followers to be with Him for all eternity.

  13. I Ed says:

    Michele ,
    since God is the same yesterday and today and forever , He does not change His mind about sin. He is totally righteous and can not look on any form of sin . He turned His back on Christ while he was on the cross due to the fact at that time Christ had taken on the sins of the world. He loves the person , but hates the sin that the person is involved with . Sin brings spiritual death and a separation from all that is pure and holy. Therefore no sin will be allowed into the kingdom of God . If you live in rebellion to the commands of God. Listen very carefully Christ says very clearly I do not condemn you but my words shall condemn you . That means every word of the bible that classifies certain types of sin will be the judge of the life.

  14. I Ed says:

    I think that you better read how the sentence is structured . You will find that the comas make the sentence refer back to Christ himself and not to Peter. Christ is known as the Rock of ones salvation from old testament to New Testament . The church is built on Christ and not a sinful man. No matter how you try to make it so it is not . There is only one foundation and that is Christ Jesus . Paul tells you that in the Letters of the Bible. Do not allow tradition to blind you to the truth of the word

  15. Ed says:

    My friend I think you better read the book of Leviticus and then read 1 Timothy chapter 1 , Read Ephesians and then Galatians. God does not lie nor does His word . He tells you in these books that first of all Sexually immoral activity in the life is an abomination to the Lord. Later when you read the New Testament you find that no sexually immoral person shall enter into the kingdom of God. Any perverse act concerning sexual behavior is what is being spoken of . This includes fornication , adultery , all gays and lesbians and transgender persons. Take this thought in mind Christ says I do not condemn you ,but my words shall condemn you . Reading the Bible is God’s word and God breathed. No matter how you try to rationalize a life style God is not a bigot nor are Christians or Jews who accept the word of God and follow the rules and commands written in the word. Every promise and prophecy has been or will be fulfilled in its time . Some people think that Hell is the end , it is not Satan and all those who rebel against God and His rule found throughout the Bible will eventually be cast into the lake of fire . God does not make anything imperfect . Man has to make the choice to follow God or to follow His own sinful desires and will . We are all born for the purpose of serving God respected His ways otherwise we condemn ourselves by following evil ways and becoming a slave to Satan.

  16. TomHall says:

    God condemned gays

  17. Rosemarie says:


  18. Roger Culwell says:

    Roger has been to the school of the Holy Spirit, they are born that way because some one abused a child, in the past or they are made that way because some man raped a boy and over powered his will, and it allowed demon’s to come in and cause him to be that way, it’s all because some man raped a little boy, and then it’s passed down, and came come from the rape of little girl’s to, they cause demon’s to come in those children by doing that to them, and even if they get straight there children can still turn out that way. but it’s from abusing children,

  19. Nunyer Binnis says:


  20. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Prove it.

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