Paul Ryan and John McCain stabbed Trump in the back after his meeting with Putin

It’s no secret that every Democrat in Washington is having a meltdown over the fact that President Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Democrats have spread fake news that the Russians put Trump in office since Hillary Clinton’s loss.

But how Paul Ryan, John McCain, and Bob Corker attacked Trump this week will leave you fuming.

John McCain called President Trump’s meeting with Putin, “one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory.”

CNN reports:

After President Donald Trump’s stunning news conference Monday next to Russian President Vladimir Putin, members of Congress — including some powerful Republicans — were quick to rebuke Trump’s performance on the world stage and Trump’s refusal to call Putin out for interfering in the US election.

House Speaker Paul Ryan contradicted several comments Trump made during his Helsinki news conference, most notably backing the US intelligence community assessment that Russia meddled with the US 2016 presidential election…

Sen. John McCain, an Arizona Republican who has consistently criticized the President, said Trump’s comments were “one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory.”

Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker said the President “made us look like a pushover” and that Putin was probably eating caviar on the plane home.

Senators John McCain and Bob Corker have been a thorn in the side of President Trump since he ran for office – never missing an opportunity to attack the president.

These Never-Trumpers are experiencing major backlash from their (former) supporters for criticizing the President.

That’s because President Trump has made them look like fools ever since he stepped into the Oval Office – making good on promises the Never-Trump contingent has failed to keep time and time again.

Senators Bob Corker and Jeff Flake were even forced into retirement after becoming so unpopular for bashing Trump.

These Never-Trumpers are so blinded by their Trump Derangement Syndrome that they’d rather risk inciting World War III than to even speak with Russia.

But they have lost all credibility.

The Mueller investigation into Trump-Russia collusion has turned up zero evidence.

These investigations have however, revealed that American intelligence agencies spied on Trump’s campaign operations and the FBI relied on a fake news opposition research Dossier put together by a spy and bankrolled by the Democrats.

As President Trump has pointed out, America’s relationship with Russia has suffered thanks to never-ending attacks by the media and warmongering politicians.

The Trump administration believes that open communication and diplomacy can help improve it. But Senate Democrats and Never-Trump Republicans are determined to stop him.


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139 Responses

  1. Kadok says:

    McCain can go suck a watermelon through a garden hose, and for all those democrats including Paul Ryan, all those photos of Clinton with Putin, Obama with Putin, Schumer eating Putin’s donuts, Bush with Putin, they can all take a long walk off a short pier. When you’re in some one else house you don’t criticize them, something democrats and liberals may want to learn.

    • brenda says:

      COMEY DID A COVER-UP FOUND IN IG REPORT AND ON WEINERS LAPTOP of hillarys CHILD CRIMINAL CRIMES and a long list of names of Washington government officials names involved with these child crimes and child traffcing, clear COMEY ‘S NAME WAS ONE OF THEM along with john mccain clapper,brennan eric holder rosenstein mueller, COMEY USED THE RUSSIANS TO COVER-UP THESE CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN



  2. Robert Meadus says:

    Dora – I really think you should see a doctor.

    You need help.

  3. Vernon says:

    Lone wolf Mc Cain should just go off on his own and die like a dying wolf does in the Wilderness , not to be heard from anymore!!!

  4. Rodric G Hammond says:

    McCain suffered brain damage long before he was afflicted with cancer of it, but the others have no excuse. Glad the Rhinos are leaving office soon, the sooner the better and take McCain with them.

    • william says:


    • russell says:

      McCain should be first tired of him have his health as a excuse

    • von Potter says:

      Everyone knows that McCain & Ryan are back stabbers (among the other DEM/RINO’s )………….They have been back stabbing and lying to WE THE LEGAL PEOPLE of the USA for decades…….

      McCain should have been put in Prison when he returned to the USA after committing TREASON to the USA , while a POW…..

      • Dora says:

        The only reason he was able to go into the navy because of his father, He was a horrible pilot he destroyed many sailor while trying to land, no telling how many fighter jet he destroyed, the plane. He was going to be tried for treason but refused to come home but waited until President pardon all POW that have committed treason that is when Singbird John came home and used his POW for political influence. What a POS.

  5. Batguanna says:

    They could be called Richards/Dicks but that is part of a man, and they are not men of respect, they could fit the word traitor to a “TEE” . The “Office of the Presidency and the person in that Elected Position Deserves Respect from Both Parties”. If your party did not win, Why did that happen; did you support the worst candidate that could have been selected because of the level of corruption and deceit that could be delivered by on political family like the Clintons. There is no truth in their mouths; it is ME, ME, ME, ME and screw you!

  6. Jan says:

    I am tried of hearing what McCain has to say anymore he needs to go home and take care of his self. I think he is a Democrat been voting with them for years. As for Paul Ryan he is still crying cause he didn’t win VP. If it came down to him ever running for a office I would not vote he is not for the people.

  7. Big Iron end the Fed says:

    Is John McCain in the Stage-4 of cancer; those who are in stage-4 may have mental aberrations and may not not be capable of rational thought. It would make more sense that that were the case.

    • von Potter says:

      McCain has been mentally challenged from his POW days, otherwise he would not have divorced his 1st wife while she was going to die of cancer, because he wanted to marry a younger trophy wife.

  8. Big Iron says:

    Paul Ryan is useless as always; he is a detriment to the people; we’d ALL be better off if he went to Canada. McCain is a “traitor” for his Vietnam days where he caused the death of over 100 sailors and had it covered up by his Admiral father. He was NO hero and was known by people in intelligence to be a traitor and “songbird”. It’s a black-mark on the so called journalists that that has NOT been properly brought before the pubic. McCain cannot exit stage-left fast enough to suit me. …But then maybe “Satan” won’t let him in as being to evil for “hell”.

    • mike says:

      I could not have said it as good as you did. Pray for America and Our President.

    • brenda says:

      true COMEY DID A COVER-UP FOUND IN IG REPORT AND ON WEINERS LAPTOP of hillarys CHILD CRIMINAL CRIMES and a long list of names of Washington government officials names involved with these child crimes and child traffcing, clear COMEY ‘S NAME WAS ONE OF THEM along with john mccain clapper,brennan eric holder rosenstein mueller, COMEY USED THE RUSSIANS TO COVER-UP THESE CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN



  9. William says:

    The people of the USA voted to have Donald Trump as OUR POTUS who represents us all, what ever he discusses in private with a foreign country is between them as it has been for over 200 years. When the President feels it is necessary to discuss the information with his staff he’ll let them know. For the damnicrates to demand to know what was said is unheard of, they are so full of hate, it is blinding them from seeing every thing Trump is doing to help our country,

  10. Bender says:

    First the NRA then the Republican party including the president. Russia sure does know where the easy ones to manipulate are. How does it feel to be Russia’s bitch.

  11. Fred says:

    You Trumpettes make me so effing sick with all your saccharine adoration of that self serving pretender to the presidency! You will rue the day your idol turns tyrant and declares Martial Law shortly before the 2020 election then suspends the Constitution and cancels the election for the duration of his “national emergency”!

  12. Bender says:

    It was smart to talk to him sure but Trump just kissed his ass. Took a murdering dictators word over U.S. intelligence. Made U.S. look weak.

  13. david says:

    President keeps allowing stupid people to step on their own dickd and then he laughs at them. Do you think that Songbird McNobrain and R.I.N.O. Ryan are crying about their sore peckers?? 😉

  14. Nancy says:

    What else is new with Ryan and McCain? Both don’t like President Trump, and although Ryan tries to make like President Trump’s friend, all know he dislikes him, and nough said about McCain, he needs to retire from the Senate like yesterday

  15. Everett says:

    All the negative press from both Democrats and Republicans is just a bunch of political talk to boost themselves in the public’s perception. Has anyone stopped to consider why Trump did not address the Russian interference? It doesn’t take rocket scientists to figure it out. It wasn’t an issue of any value because we are doing the same kind of thing to the Russians and we don’t want that made public. Both countries have been aware of the other’s moves for decades but neither wants it made public.

  16. Robert Meadus says:

    SHAME on you all !!!

  17. Robert Meadus says:

    You idiots are all brain dead. McCain is a hero and a Patriot. Shame on you all.

    • Hey, buddy,that’s what u think, McCain hates our president, apparently U didn’t know that, McCain , why in the H*** don’t just get on with short life, and stop ur hating our President, PLEASE! Just shut ur big mouth!

    • Paul Wozniak says:

      He is no hero. He caved to the NVR when in the Hanoi Hilton He is a murderer, of many sailors on his carrier when he crashed his plane, but that got crushed by daddy admiral. Not the first crash either. He is in the same boat as Hanoi Jane.

    • Duane says:

      YEAH that is what YOU think Ask people who REALLY know McCain–maybe his brain cancer is to blame but he is NO friend of mine or the majority of GOOD Americans.

    • Lynne Harlacher says:

      What is so mysterious is that no one was allowed in the meeting accept interpreters, no notes taken, how do we know what was said. Putin is the master of manipulations, he knows how to work people and now President Trump is his target…

  18. Gretchen Smith says:

    Thoughtful one, you need to rethink your comments.

  19. Korean Vet VF-93 says:

    Who in there right mind would like or respect McCain after he caused about 80 million dollars
    in repair to USS Forrestal in July 29 1967. Over 75 sailors were killed due to 1/2 ass pilot
    McCain Of course, his daddy was a Admiral and protested low IQ Mccain

  20. Rolando says:

    Hey guys, no worries Pelosi is out right after they loose in Nov. and blue wave is dead, Paul Ryan is gone and MCcain will be dead soon !!! Thats THREE right rhere…..making HUUUUGE progress in the clean up.
    But keep in mind that their ONLY hope is NOV. If they loose they will say that Trumps visit to moscow was to set up and steal the elections again! That will be the narrative to get LEFTISTS in the streets burning again.

  21. Ed says:

    When insane McCain drop over dead…I will celebrate his departure. He is a traitor

  22. GySgt Lew says:

    Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi and Coker plus all of the other Anti-Trumpers are the ASSHOLES Politicians in DC. They should get out while they can before they are Prosecuted and locked up for Treason/Anti American.

  23. Thomas says:

    McCain and his family are well known progressive ( communists ) who knows what the hell Ryan is. Looking for excuses to try and maintain the Washington elitists. They keep forgetting who they work for. They should shut up until they see the rest of the story instead of grandstanding.

    • I agree 100%, I’m serious ! I almost agree, what’s happen to McCain, he appears toagainst everything,once that he was for, do u think his brain cancer has anything of his attitude?

  24. The only way these losers can get their faces on TV and in the media is to make a**’s of them selves and rip Our President. McCain and Ryan are so jelly-a** of President Trump they are beside them selves. Corky ? who gives a rats rear what he thinks, or any of them for that matter. Trump is doing things for us that these wimps are incapable of understanding or doing. How many times did these a**holes come out against Obambam no matter what he did to this country. We will be a lot better off when these Sewer Rats are gone, and it can’t be to soon.

  25. It’s been very clear for a long time Paul Ryan and John McCain, are operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization.
    Reliable sources report: their Mothers used narcotics while pregnant.

    • Fred says:

      Buzzword spouting imbeciles, all of you! None of you have had an original thought since that moronic narcissist was elected. The same epithets being hurled by Trumpette retards for the past year and a half. Do the Republican speechwriters send you all copies of Con-man Don’s latest trash talk? It surely sounds like it.

  26. Earl says:

    McCain, Corker and Ryan are birds of a feather. RINOs
    I haven’t liked McCain for years. He is a gutless human trash. His daughter is as bad. It’s a good thing she is on the view.
    Corker is just a jerk.
    Ryan is a phony.

  27. Roy Wright says:

    well, if it were not for McCains daddy and US Navy Admiral. His ass would probably still be in Prison when he fired a Zuni missle across the deck of the USS Forrestal, Which hit another fighter carrying the same missile, which exploded and setting a massive fire which exploded several other jets and ended up KILLING 140 sailers.
    Yes…and well over 200 sailers seriously wounded…….Sooo…how was his performance?

    • Christine says:

      Roy wright I have never heard that story, it was quite interesting. Not only was John Mccain a traitor he was inept. Not surprising. None of these people are even slightly believable. Mueller has already announced that his investigation has come up with zero evidence of collusion. So how should Trump behave while meeting with the leader of a foreign country? Like a democrat? Not on your life. He made us proud he is a our. Leader. All this “interference” from foreign countries in our elections is exactly what EVERY COUNTRY WITH THE ABILITY TO DO SO DOES. EVEN AMERICA. so why is it now unacceptable? Only because they have nothing else to throw at the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Paul Ryan is not only a disgrace he is RINO, not to mention Traitor along with Songbird McCain. !!! He doesn’t deserve the right to criticize our duly elected president. McCain has lost all credibility with Americans. Who in the world would want such a turncoat on their team??? If he has done it to one, he will do it to all!!! Just like he stuck it to the POW’s in Viet Nam. Thought we wouldn’t remember didn’t you McCain???? Like we wouldn’t remember the fire on the USS Forestall that YOU CREATED WHEN YOU HOT STARTED THE PLANE and killed 140 sailors, and CAUSED well over 200 sailors TO BE seriously wounded . and if it wasn’t for your daddy interfering you would have been court-martialed. WELL you piece of trash, WE HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN- YOU SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE – AND, MAYBE, JUST MAYBE YOU ARE!!! HOW COULD YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF AFTER THAT????
        KARMA A BITCH AIN’T IT!!!!

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      WOW!!! Now I know why when McCain’s name was mentioned to Vietnam Vets, they wen ballistic. McCain isn’t fit to serve in the US Senate. I wonder who has kept him in is seat so long………. Smell kickbacks…….

    • only the LIBERALS and rhinos, call him a war hero and maverick Trump said he was no hero and I agree

  28. barb stewart says:

    Two benedict Arnolds (McCaine and Flake, et al) go hand in hand…what jerks they are!!

  29. Gil says:

    They are just telling it like it is, just telling the truth. Unlike The Tump who constantly lies and and later denies and weasel’s out. And all those of you, wishing death to anyone are just sick minded bigoted hating morons without an ounce of dignity!!!!!

    • betty says:

      Gil, what are the constant lies, you speak of? And as for the rest of us being sick-minded bigots, you might want to check yourself; you seem to fit your own description.

  30. Jmac147 says:

    Anything that John “Song Bird” McCain says ,backs, or agrees with is just the ramblings of a old brain dead fool Democratic Shill. If he is really concerned about our country he should either step down or go ahead & die. He has been a traitor to his constituents, a traitor to his party, a traitor to his country & a traitor to his president.

  31. David Lost says:

    McCain just want war because his time is over soon and then crockme what an butt hole

    • Joseph Toth says:

      Let’s face it, John McCain stabbing president Trump was always a given. With the McCain, hatred has no bounds. And for his wife and daughter that backs him up, I guess all three are what’s left after everyone leaves the swimming pool floating.

      • Sharon Jenkins says:

        McCain’s HATRED has manifested itself to the point of destruction. If he wishes to destruct himself… who cares… but to put the American people in danger is another question. I guess McCain is used to putting Americans in danger…. they all remember his actions in Vietnam……… His actions proved he is a murderer and cares for no one by himself. ….. traitor..

  32. johnw1120 says:

    Fortunately, neither are returning, they will not be missed.

  33. Miss Mellie says:

    I appreciate John McCain’s military. I appreciate very little about Paul Ryan. They are both RINOS. Their time is OVER. They need to resign.

  34. Laurie says:

    Paul Ryan is leaving because he knows the American people are not behind him….he is a part of the deep state, the problem. Traitor McCain is just that….a traitor according to the people who served with him…a favorite son of Admirals and very reckless with the lives of others. With this knowledge, why do we care what they think? Go away, the sooner the better !

    • thoughtful one says:

      Jesus, is that all you guys have is bashing one another? Where is ANY evidence of a “deep state conspiracy”? Seems it is just another conspiracy you made up to justify your own lack of evidence and excuse the bad behavior of right-wingers. Many people do not agree with McCain, but he actually served this country for years, was a tortured war prisoner, while Trump got out of serving by the cooked up excuse of “bone spurs.” Think with the Trump money they could have gotten that fixed in an outpatient procedure? Trump has been compromised by Putin – -he stand up to European allies, but lick the boot of Putin.

      • Sue Grychak says:

        Thoughtful one is your head stuck some where the sun doesn’t shine? Read there is a deep state run by Obama and George Soros and other Demi’s. As to McCain being a war hero just like Hanoi Jane supporting our troups. We Americans are proud that we have a real President Trump who loves America and the American people Why are you an UNAMERICAN????????????

      • Sharon Jenkins says:

        If anyone thinks Trump licked the boots of Putin, they are dumber than dirt. Closed door sessions and U don’t know what was said but I’m sure Trump was stern with Putin.

      • Sharon Jenkins says:

        There has been a shadowy government going on ever since Eisenhower. He mentioned it in his speech before his departure from the WH.

    • And he’s the same son of a bi#*@ who had the fake dossier and gave it to the liberal communist Schumer and Comey

  35. Daniel Mount says:

    I have always said it that these two So-Called Politicians Paul Ryan and John McCain are Anti-Trump, Anti-American, Anti-Constitution, Anti-Freedom Dirtbags that should be Kicked out of the Government jobs they have because they are very dishonest and should be put in prison for all of their Anti-American Crimes against the American people. President Trump is doing a great job being President.

  36. Tasine says:

    They may have THOUGHT they stabbed Trump in the back…..personally I think they committed suicide. See anyone electing either of them for ANYTHING?

  37. James G. Mothes says:

    Screw that chipmunk faced little rat traitor McCain!!! He has never ever been a true Republican or a true conservative. He has sided with the Demorats more times than not. Never had any use for the little rat after he returned from Nam and left his long standing wife for the bimbo with the rich daddy. He should be removed from office for mental incompetence!!

  38. James P Hutchins says:

    Ryan will be gone macain will die soon so that solves two down and more to go as well.

  39. Bill says:

    Considering what is going on in the Justice Department and the FBI, I don’t blame Trump for not being so sure he can trust the intelligence community. I remember, it was our intelligence service that advised George W. Bush that Sadam Hussein had a stockpile of weapons of mass destruction, and then the Dems called Bush a liar when he acted upon their findings. Further, this whole obsession with Russian interference in the 2016 election is bogus. The Dems just can’t stand the fact that Hillary lost, not because of Russia, but because the people of this country were just tired of the corruption that was running rampant in the US government. There is sufficient evidence to convince me that it was not the Russians who hacked the DNC computers, but a young idealist, named Seth Rich, who leaked the emails to Wiki Leaks, and was then killed for it. Why else would the Dems hide their server from everyone? If they wanted the truth to be known, they would make the server available for investigation.

  40. dennis albert heller says:


  41. dennis albert heller says:


  42. Shirley says:

    Why was there no upheaval win we took the sanctions off of CUBA. What did the Castro Regime have on Obama. No one said a word. This country is only 90 miles from us. We are not concerned CUBA has missiles pointed at us right now. We are so concerned about what Trump may say the wrong thing. I heard a good saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer

    • Mike Tierney says:

      Because our embargo of Cuba was just plain stupid. Where did you get the inside info on missiles in Cuba? People like you, Shirley, are just so smart. Too bad you don’t work at CIA or NSA. Then Don could believe our intel experts. In fact many of the commenters on this site should be, or are, part of our intel community. They seem to have all the inside information.

  43. Meeting with Putin is not as bad as meeting with demorats

  44. Herb Portere says:

    We will slaughter these commie demon crats in November and Pres Trump will be our Pres thru 2024!…from a FORMER Dem from where else but Massachusetts. God Bless Trump and the Trump supporter Republicans!!

  45. Michael says:

    Why in the hell do you ask my opinion if your never going to post it????

  46. ONTIME says:

    LOL…..Ryan is not helping his loss as the house speaker and McCain can say the same for his impending demise…..Ryan hopes to find a new job, McCain will stand before his maker…..both run risk…..America will survive without them both…

  47. Frank says:

    Retire you are on the brink of senile….

  48. bumba says:

    What can be said that has not already been said, these two ass wipes like all liberal communist or so-called Demon-Rats ankle biters need to be kicked to the curb I would like to see the TAR & FEATHERS and carried out of town on a wooden rail
    policy reinstated.

    • Gretchen Smith says:

      Ryan cant leave too soon, he is a backstabber. McCain is a hateful old man who holds grudges, he should retire now.

  49. Craig Holmes says:

    When will we ever see the corrupt left overs of the Obamanation administration held accountable for their crimes against humanity ??

  50. Brando says:

    If u can’t make it to vote AZ governor needs to find someone else to take his place he is not serving his constituents or American people which the McCain ???? hasn’t anyways look at the thumbs down! He needs out! As for Ryan, he has never been a trump supporter, like,after lie,never done what he said,should leave his place as speaker now, he won’t even back the house what makes anyone think he would back Trump! Was always a establishment trump hater like fake flake ,sassy sasse ,cork me corker ,and Chinamen millonare McConnell.just as bad as (D) swallowitwell ,the rest of the Demonrats,Media, and swamp! Can’t forget Rod Roseinstump the beaty eyed ,ill-tempored bastard, threatening staffers the top ,and i mean the top of intelligent officials now leftover and ones in Obomas admin and Oboma himself.

  51. scott27 says:

    No, kind people…. Trump stabbed every single American who loves this country in the back and twisted the blade. How can you possibly excuse such treason right before your eyes. I don’t count on the media to report… I watched it with my own eyes and his behavior and words siding with Putin against the U.S. was disgusting , wrong and shameful. What a weak ling.

    • ONTIME says:

      So you think this will be the only conference that the POTUS and RazzPutin will ever have??….I happen to think Rosenstein and Mueller did their best to sabotage the leverage of the POTUS…..

    • Richard says:

      I’m tired of putting up w/you liberal idiots>You are totally blind & deaf !

      it wasn’t Russian President Vladimir Putin who texted “We’ll stop him” when Donald Trump won the Republican nomination for president. It was the (D)’s w/the aid of corrupt FBI agents and more, that our President is supposed to trust??? Yeah, really!!!

      So, what is new, and not only newsworthy but extremely dangerous to the future of constitutional government, is the FBI, CIA and other security organs of the United States government actively interfering in an election and actively trying to undermine the newly elected president once elected.

      And that makes this more than an academic question: Who should Trump believe, the guys he knows tried to screw him, or the guy they are trying to blame for the failure of their efforts?

      What’s more, the facts and charges alleged have constantly evolved.

      But what hasn’t evolved or been refuted is the animus that senior members of the Obama-era intelligence community, notably former FBI counterintelligence second in command Peter Strzok, former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper have displayed toward President Trump.

      And all the acts of Russian election “interference” alleged happened on their watch.

      Exactly what Strzok, Clapper, and especially Brennan have been doing by blasting Trump for not picking a fight with Putin over their failures.

      End of lesson! Not being kind anymore!

      • scott27 says:

        Blind and deaf? Because we’re educated and capable of critical thought? I think you need to look at Strzok’s text in a larger context. I realize that’s difficult for you to do. Given what your president had just said prior to that text, I might have fired off a similar text, but it wouldn’t mean I would take any action along those lines. It’s called integrity. And Obama, not wanting to appear as though he was interfering n the election, did go to Mitch Oconnell and others to do a bipartisan thing about the russian activities…. they said no. If you have children, would you let them get away with lying, cheating, bullying, just so long as their grades were good? Isn’t that what you are doing with this man-child?

    • cliff says:

      THE PRESIDENT didn’t stab anyone in the back except the MORONS that are doing it to HIM.
      The only TREASONOUS TRAITORS were OBUNGHOLE and his “leftovers” from his so-called “justice department” that constantly have attempted to undermine PRESIDENT TRUMP at all costs? You need to open up you liberal communist eyes and ears and get away from the “fake news” commentators. (and stop drinking the liberal kool-aid. ity will burn out what brain cells you still have.)

      • scott27 says:

        If you are an American, he stabbed you in the back too. Sad you are apparently incapable of understanding that.

  52. Pat says:

    Trump as should be in prison.

    • Michael says:

      Pat, have you seen a doc latley…I think maybe a shrink is more like it…FAKE Pat news

    • ONTIME says:

      McCabe, Strozk, Rosenstein and Mueller should all be in jail…they are evidenced as liars and obstructionist and now a attempt to undermine a Security conference….

    • Roman says:

      Probably for treason – Trump should be locked up. It is incredible what hold Putin seems to have on Trump – and by extension is undermining the US internally and abroad. Of course, the right wing Fake News does not believe that. To them, Trump represents the Second Coming – they are busy adoring him and they can’t believe that he does ever anything wrong. After all to them, Trump is infallible in all things. I expect vitriolic comments from most people on this site. That is what you can expect from zombies – and I will not bother answering them. They first need to get a mind of their own and look at issues, analyze them and come to reasonable conclusions – and not just spew out venon.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      No Obama, Hillary and his administration should be in prison

  53. Michael says:

    Didnt Cagney say it best…Those Dirty “R”ats!!!!!

  54. Ron says:

    What must be understood is Ryan, McCain, and other RINOs are part of the political establishment that has for years dictated who we had a choice of voting for. Trump was not approved by the GUP (Give Up Party) establishment. That can not be allowed! Therefore he must be opposed by his own party’s establishment. There is a status quo that must be protected at all costs.

    • slidenglide says:

      McCain’s most famous quote from this in for the Presidency, “Ill reach across the aisle.” Meaning that he’d compromise. He and Ryan are both Rinos . This country will be better off when they’re both GONE!!!

    • jim says:

      If anyone wishes to see just what kind of person McCain is, just ask one of the “fellow-POW’s that served time with him. As far as SOH Ryan is concerned, he has beem a vassilating speaker since day One! Talk about distrust,,,check these two out! By the way,,,,who do you expect to carry on detente with,,,The person that you call a dirty liar, or someone that you feel that you can be civil with or towards? I don’t know how many people would even try to be civil towards a person that called them names. Mr Wallace was extremely stern and abrasive towards Putin, and tho some called his interview “GREAT”, I don’t. He can NEVER expect to interview ANYONE that feels that he will be that abrasive.

  55. James Chamberlain says:

    Did people want Trump to start a war with Russia over some highly skeptical indictments of 12 Russian agents? That is really stupid. Can’t anyone see that this is grasping at the last straw for Meuller and Rosenstein. They both know they are going down the tubes and they created 12 indictments they knew could never be proven. They just wanted to create an atmosphere of distrust for the summit. I might say I have 12 signed confessions for hacking by 12 Martians but all the proof was taken with them to Mars. The 2 individuals responsible for the entire Russian hacking are Russians: Mickhail Mouskovitch and his close partner Donaldofsky Dukloski

    • Ron says:

      It goes beyond wanting to create an atmosphere of distrust. The primary reason for these useless indictments is to prolong the Mueller investigation, a grasping at straws sort of thing to keep it going up to the midterm elections in the hopes the Demorats regain control of Congress so they can then impeach and remove Trump from office. That has been the goal of this farce from day one! They have been unable to find any crimes committed by Trump, so they must drag this out in the hopes the election will give them the opportunity they so desperately want.

      • scott27 says:

        I struggle so hard to understand you and most on this site’s way of thinking. I gave it a shot. I’m so heartbroken that people in this great nation would be so easily and forcefully misled. I keep telling myself there were always people who bought into the snake oil salesman’s pitch. I just had no idea there were so many ignoramuses in the world today. Please think. I know you are capable. It’s just a matter of doing it; stand above the lazy ones who won’t.

    • slidenglide says:

      The president was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. It doesn’t matter what he does good or bad the MSM hates him so bad they’ll try to turn it against him. s

  56. Alen Gasper says:

    Seriously…..These 2 are complete rino, leftist hacks!!! Nothing they do to undermine the president is a surprise to any conservative throughout the United states

    • Bob J Trahan says:

      These dems were afraid that Putin would spill the beans on them and I do believe Trump found out a lot of nasty things these dems were involved in. That’s why the did everything they could to keep Trump from meeting with Putin.

  57. Tom Zeberlein says:

    This is what happens when you fight the swamp and the New World Order. They are wicked to the hilt! Congratulations Mr President! You are doing a great job. Now on to better things. Get us back on the gold standard at $10,000 per ounce, kill the wicked banking system, and put our country on the track to real wealth and prosperity!

  58. moves of common Communist no surprise. Now I hope god removes him knowing that he is totally Against God and America

  59. cliff says:

    WHY should PRESIDENT TRUMP “trust” ANY “report” from the OBUNGHOLE “holdovers” so-called “justice department”, AND ESPECIALLY RYAN and Mc SHAME the RINOS… THEY THEMSELVES, tried to undermine his Presidency from DAY ONE, among many others.
    In MY opinion, all of the “russian collusion” was started and PAID FOR by the HITLERY CLINTOON “campaign” and soros operatives, from the get-go. ALL these TREASONOUS TRAITORS need to be HANGED, and drain the swamp.

    • Richard says:

      Agree with your assessment of the Left Wing Looney Toons!
      What they are really asking is that he defend the failures of his predecessor(Obama) and his administration; 8 years of lunacy!
      They would require him to believe and defend the very people who have been proven to have lied, who tried to defeat him during the election and have been working to undermine or even overthrow him once he was elected; media included!

      I personlly feel we have a bigger problem within our government…the (D)’s are the enemy within !
      Unite & Vote in the 2018 elections!!!

      • Sharon Jenkins says:

        In mid-term elections, people have two choices. If U want to be in slavery or U want freedom.
        Democrat = slavery and loss of freedoms
        Republicans = freedom and Constitutional rights.

  60. seastar says:

    Of course they think there smarter ,wiser and superior to 61 million people who voted for President Trump. McCain is a real peace of cake .is a kiss ass to the Democrap party, And has the answer for everything even thought he hasn’t been on the job for a long time. He may keep up but he is not there and still getting paid for nothing but being sick . Retire McCain, your not needed anymore .

  61. Jeanette says:

    How much longer does the American people have to wait for RHINO McCain to leave this earth. This moron is worthless at this point and should keep his stupid mouth shut. He isn’t even back in Congress yet why doesn’t he just resign, is this moron still getting a salary “PROBABLY YES”.

  62. Steveur says:

    McShame, has always been a poison pill, never was a conservative, just a weasel in RINO clothing. His best bet is to expire and go to room temp. He leaves no legacy, leaves no honor and his stone should read, “Keating Five, I was a Songbird”.

  63. Vincent Cane Jr says:

    i wish maCscum would just get on with passing away and let the real power do their jobs and make America great again.

    • scott27 says:

      I’m sorry you were apparently awol when the brains and critical thought were passed out…. What a soul-less scum you turned out to be.

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