One warning about the border crisis is bad news for every American

This is the nightmare scenario many feared would take place if Joe Biden became President.

But no one was prepared for how bad things would get.

And this one warning about the border crisis is bad news for every American.

The head of Mexico’s Human Rights Commission Nashieli Ramirez Hernandez issued a warning that her country faced a record setting wave of mass migration in 2021 from central and south American countries due to the pandemic, natural disasters, and failing economies.

“We are expecting an increase in the migration flow,” Ramirez stated. “Not long ago there was a caravan coming from Honduras that tried to reach the country. While that one was stopped, there is a latent topic there and people will continue to arrive.”

While Hernandez was sounding the alarm about migration into Mexico that is just the first step in a chain reaction that will result in a rush on America’s southern border.

The end destination for illegal aliens is not Mexico.

They want to make it across the southern border and into the United States.

Already caravans of thousands of illegal alien migrants began making the march to the United States.

Members told media outlets like CNN that they hoped to enter American during Joe Biden’s 100 day pause on virtually all deportations believing it to be a free ticket to stay in America.

Apprehensions at the southern border are already spiking.

And if Mexico is expecting record illegal immigration in 2021, a crisis at America’s southern border cannot be far behind.

Unfortunately, for Americans, it looks like rather than trying to bottle up this problem the Biden administration is rolling out the red carpet.

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