One Judge hushed a courtroom into silence with what he said about jailing Trump

Robert Mueller wants Donald Trump’s head on a silver platter.

The special counsel thought he had the perfect plan to bring down the President.

And then a judge hushed a courtroom into silence with what he revealed about jailing Trump.

A federal judge in New York revealed prosecutors are still investigating Michael Cohen’s alleged campaign finance violation s even though he pled guilty and was sentenced to prison.

The Daily Caller reports:

A federal judge in New York revealed Thursday that prosecutors are still investigating Michael Cohen’s campaign finance crimes, even though the former Trump lawyer has already been sentenced to prison.

Judge William Pauley made the disclosure in a ruling to release some of the materials discovered during an FBI search of Cohen’s home, office and hotel room April 9, 2018. Several media organizations sued for documents related to a search warrant used in the investigation, and any documents recovered during the FBI searches.

Pauley said while some of the information can be released in full, documents related to campaign finance crimes have to be redacted because they deal with ongoing investigations.

One of the charges to which Cohen pleaded guilty on Aug. 21, 2018, was making an illegal campaign contribution by making a $130,000 hush payment to Stormy Daniels, the porn star who claims she had an affair with President Donald Trump.

That only means one thing – Deep State prosecutors in the Southern District of New York are gunning for Donald Trump.

They are working to pin fabricated charges of campaign finance violations on the President in order to force him out of office.

The collusion investigation failed.

Mueller pawned off this farcical campaign finance investigation to federal prosecutors in Manhattan as part of his last ditch effort to get Trump.

And the Judge in Cohen’s case made it clear the prosecutors have every intention of seeing it through to the finish.

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214 Responses

  1. The Real M says:

    Police state, Old Betty sounds like she is the “identical twin” of “TheRedMan” or maybe just two trolls in the same body?

  2. Policestate says:

    He is smarter than any Demo-crap’-tic= will show you how much sh_t you have to swallow party contenders. Just how many Politicians can you show me that have kept they’re campaign promises and have not followed Party lines? How many Presidents have kept to they’re promises upon attaining office? How many Presidents have been Politically/Personally attacked continuously from the time they were nominated until they left office? Non that I can think of because once elected they played ball with all the DC Politicians, IE THE SWAMP. President Trump owes no allegiance to any party he stated what he would do if elected and he is doing just that. Of course his family business will benefit from him being President, He cannot stop that. All politicians make money while in office, It’s how they make it that comes into question. This country is in the best situation that it has been in year. Trump is a businessman and he is running this country like a business and we are the share holders, If he fails we go bankrupt as a country. The Democratic party wants to run the country just like Sears. That company would replace almost anything you bought free of charge if it went bad or broke this made them a huge company and they survived for years doing all these things for FREE. Where is this once great company now? Your income has to exceed your outlay, you can stave off the end result each year by using Credit Cards, But once you max them out then you a really in deep financial trouble. Just like the Treasury and Federal reserve and our National DEBT. We as a country cannot continue to give Billions in overseas aid. We need to fix our own problems first.

  3. Pamela Gussler says:


  4. Pamela Gussler says:

    What illegitiment means? Please inform us!

  5. Pamela Gussler says:

    Oh,Betty, bless your stupid heart

  6. Carolyn says:

    I would love to know just how man democrats would admit that they are financially better off now than when the previous president was in the whitehouse. It would be a very good fact to know if they would be honest in their answer.

  7. A says:

    cultish denials huh? well truth is truth, You libs are insane and should leave this country if you cannot accept our president. We wish you well in your new home country…pls mke it OUT OF THE USA

  8. DON W says:


  9. Jake says:

    Put the crack down johnny boy. Man they really have you brainwashed. I’m not a Trump fan, left or right but just see common sense. You are so far left I bet you walk in circles all damn day. Looking like a dog chasing his tail. I know your eyes are too blurry from the liberal tears, so you probably cant see any truth. Just believe what your friends tell you and believe what you hear from CNN, MSNBC and other extremely left wing liberal propaganda machines, owned by Billionaire power monger liberals. Do you deny the left has any crimes or collusion in their party ? Cant wait to hear this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jake says:

    Hey Dick and it’s a very fitting name. Your party is ready change to sharia law. You can then sell your daughter and beat your wife legally.

  11. The Real M says:

    tit, Hey Demon Diane. Now, put your money where your mouth is and give us proof that President would be in jail if not for being President. You are soooooo willing to take the word of a, multi times, ADMITTED liar, Cohen. Anybody who believes a word slathering from Cohen’s lying mouth is just too gullible for words, oh – you do but, you also believe everything your liberal lying leadership and the MSM says, as well as what HRC and BHO says and I could go on forever here……………. You and the rest of your cronies are charter members of the cult aka the Democrat party! Yours is the infamous group who belongs in prison!
    Your party and all its investigations are so crooked and dishonest, nobody is going to believe any results they bring forward. As far as crooked campaigns, the all time winner of that is crooked HRC’s! To begin with, Donna Breazeale stated on the MSM networks as well as Fox News that the DNC was broke when HRC began her campaign. Hillary “bought and paid for” the DNC and stole the campaign from Bernie Sanders. HRC not only owned the DNC she told them where and to whom the money would go. Those are not my words, but Donna’s and, she was in a position to know being the Chairperson at that time. That is not even one drop in the bucket of what crooked Hillary was guilty of! I won’t even get into BHO beyond to say he was a fraud, should never have been President and did things he should be in prison for.
    Demon Diane, if you could get beyond despising DJT, with mental health counseling, you might possibly see some of these things for yourself instead of being blinded by your hate. You are just so sad and wrong…………….

  12. Helga Miller says:

    Your truth must be double truth and therefore FALSE! Trumphater and America hater and that’s the truth!

  13. truthistruth says:

    If Trump were not president, he would have already BEEN ARRESTED and tried and most likely going to jail like Cohen. Cohen plead guilty to TWO felonies that he participated in “AT THE DIRECTION OF” Donald Trump. That ,makes Trump an yet-to-be indicted co-conspirator.

    Unlike Trump numerous federal crimes for obstruction of justice and other offenses, these two felonies are state crimes and cannot be wiped away by a presidential pardon. All your cultish denials of reality will not erase the reality of the most criminal campaign for president in American history and the truth that the Trump campaign and his people colluded/conspired with our worst adversary, Russia.

  14. Gailon Arthur Joy says:

    I think you under-estimate the stupityt of a democratic party that is the origins of the KKK, Johnson, and a host of other segregationists…yes it was the “liberal” (an oxymoron at best) democrats that supported post civil war segregation up until the Kennedy years…then quite suddenly they attempted to change their face, but not their agenda…now they just use our tax dollars to build segregated housing and slums for the “sub-cultures” they wish to enslave. Trump is hell bent on empowering minorities and qualified immigrants to prosperity. A full employment economy is the goal, albeit a difficult goal when you have so many that really do not want to work, certainly at regular lawful jobs. They prefer peddling death via cocaine, fentanyl and heroin!!! The chinese cleaned up that issue with a death penalty for drug peddlers! As have several asian countries!!! We should use Guantanomo Bay as our solution…and let them swim back to the US or simply join the current cuban government upon release!!! Why waste transportation money on garbage!!!

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