One Democrat said six words that left everyone holding their breath

Democrats are in big trouble.

They’re hoping to hold on in the Midterms by the skin of their teeth.

And one Democrat said six words that left everyone holding their breath.

Democrat Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman continues to show voters that he is still suffering from the effects of the near-fatal stroke that afflicted him back in May.

Fetterman’s handlers rarely let him speak for more than five or ten minutes due to the fact that his cognitive impairment becomes obvious and uncomfortable.

The latest example came during a rally on Tuesday where Fetterman struggled to tell the crowd to “send us back to New Jersey.”

Fetterman meant to say “send Dr. Oz back to New Jersey,” as his only real line of attack is that Oz once lived in New Jersey before deciding to run for Senate in Pennsylvania.

But Fetterman’s cognitive impairment caused by the stroke led to him jumbling his words.

This is also why Fetterman’s handlers would not let him debate until after the early voting period ended in Pennsylvania on October 25.

Fetterman also wants a one-hour debate with a practice session so he can get used to the closed captioning system his team claims he needs.

Of course, Fetterman wants a practice session so he can get an advanced peek at the questions moderators will ask him so his handlers can script out his answers.

Polls in this race show the contest is tightening.

That’s happening for two reasons.

Fetterman’s obvious physical and cognitive decline since the stroke has left many Pennsylvanians realizing he is unfit to hold office.

But that clip also showed Fetterman’s support for the radical socialist agenda.

Fetterman supports abolishing the filibuster so Democrats can then ban and confiscate firearms, impose nationwide ballot harvesting and universal mail-in-voting, pack the Supreme Court, add Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico as states, and hand out amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

This is the Bernie Sanders/Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez agenda.

It’s far too left-wing for Pennsylvania.

And that is the other reason polls show this race tightening.

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