One Democrat just embarrassed Joe Biden with this very public insult

This was the clearest example yet showing just how badly Democrats want to distance themselves from Joe Biden.

With the Midterm elections only four months away, panic is setting in on the Left.

And one Democrat just embarrassed Joe Biden with this very public insult.

Democrat Congressman Tim Ryan is mounting an uphill challenge for the open Senate seat in Ohio.

Ohio used to be the quintessential swing-state.

But Donald Trump’s appeal to working class Americans swung Ohio decisively to the Right, as he blew out both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden by eight points in the 2016 and 2020 Presidential elections.

Ryan is now trying to refashion himself as an old school New Deal Democrat who represents the little guy and Ohio’s industrial base.

Normally, candidates running for office fall all over themselves to get a photo op from the President when it is a member of their own Party.

But not Tim Ryan.

When Joe Biden showed up at a union hall in Cleveland, Ohio – the go-to set piece for Democrat Party political events – Tim Ryan was nowhere to be found.

During an appearance on Fox News, Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan mocked Ryan snubbing Biden.

“Where’s Tim Ryan? I don’t think he’s going to be with President Biden today. So the United States President makes the sixth trip to your state, you’re running for United States Senate, and you’re not going to show up?” Jordan wondered.

Jordan then ticked off the list of Joe Biden failures.

“We no longer have a border; we had stable pricing, we now have a 41-year-high inflation rate,” he said. “We had energy independence. We now have $5 gas. And we used to have safe streets. And now we’ve got record crime in every major urban area,” Jordon continued.

“I think that tells you everything about where this administration is in everything that they’ve done policy-wise, how wrong it’s turned out to be,” Jordan added.

It’s not like Ryan ditched the campaign trail entirely.

Ryan posted pictures to his Twitter account of him spending time with small business owners in Stratton.

But Joe Biden is so radioactive that only Democrats in the most left-wing areas want to be seen with him.

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