One Congressman revealed the jaw-dropping number of illegal aliens Joe Biden let into the country

Americans see the crisis at the southern border is getting worse by the day.

But no one understood the extent to which Joe Biden’s open borders policies have all hell breaking loose.

And one Congressman revealed the jaw-dropping number of illegal aliens Joe Biden let into the country.

Republican Congressman Mike McCaul of Texas blasted the Biden administration for creating a humanitarian crisis at the border by imposing open borders policies that invited a surge in illegal alien children being trafficked by smugglers into the country.

McCaul also warned that the Biden administration is dumping illegal aliens infected with coronavirus into the country.

“President Biden says he wants us to be humane. He’s actually created a humanitarian crisis. These poor children, they get trafficked all the way up that dangerous route. And now, we don’t have enough detention space to put them in, and then you’ve got the COVID crisis down there as well. I think they have created this Biden border crisis. They need to fix it,” MacCaul told Fox News.

But that just begins to scratch the surface of this disaster.

McCaul warned that because of Joe Biden throwing the border open he expects one million illegal aliens to pour over the border by the summer.

“I think it’s not only a threat to these children who are being exploited, but — and they know the laws in our country. But it’s also a threat to Americans, this population coming in. Biden has cut off these agreements with Mexico, Central America, where they’d have to stay in Mexico to apply for asylum. And now, they’re — I’ve seen this before, Martha, and I predict this, by summer, you’re going to see, as my governor just said, probably somewhere around a million people trying to get into this country illegally. And as I’ve said before, it’s ironic that you can get into this country illegally easier than you can get a tour of this Capitol right behind me,” McCaul concluded.

Joe Biden has no one to blame but himself for this crisis.

Biden immediately set about sending the signal to illegal aliens that now is the time to enter America because Biden paused deportations and began promising amnesty.

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