One arrest just turned Hunter Biden’s life upside down

Photo by David Trinks on Unsplash

Hunter Biden got life-changing news.

All of Washington D.C. was thrown off balance.

And one arrest just turned Hunter Biden’s life upside down.

The media is going crazy over the news that the Biden Justice Department arrested Alexander Smirnov – the confidential human informant who told the FBI in 2020 that the founder of Burisma paid Joe and Hunter Biden $10 million in bribes – on charges of lying to the FBI.

The Biden bribe allegations are a minor piece of the overall investigation into influence peddling involving President Joe Biden and his family.

But the media took the arrest as discrediting the story about why foreign oligarchs were funneling millions of dollars into the bank accounts of companies controlled by the Biden family.

No one provided any explanation about what services the Bidens provided or what foreign companies – including those in Communist China – thought they were purchasing with these deals outside of access to Joe Biden.

NBC’s Ken Dilanian was known as “Fusion Ken” during the Russian collusion hoax against former President Donald Trump over his reporting on the discredited Steele dossier and other fabrications.

Dilanian tried to create act two of the Russia collusion hoax by falsely claiming this arrest vindicated the letter signed by 51 former intelligence community officials that falsely claimed that the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story bore all the hallmarks of Russian disinformation.

“[T]hose 51 former intelligence officials, they paid a steep price for signing that letter. The House Republicans conducted an investigation. They brought some of them in to testify under oath. The Republicans said this was election interference, this was a bogus attempt to suppress a legitimate story. And, as it turns out, they were right, not in the sense — they said that the laptop was part of a Russian information operation or had all the hallmarks of a Russian information operation. They didn’t say that the contents of the laptop were made up, and, obviously, we know that they weren’t. Many of them have been now corroborated. What they said was they were suspicious about why that story was emerging in the middle of an election campaign, and whether Russian intelligence was flogging it or was somehow amplifying it. And now, they’ve been proven correct, in the sense that we know now that Russian intelligence, at least according to the statements of this informant, bolstered somewhat by this indictment, were feeding him information, false information,” Dilanian stated.

“But back to those 51 intelligence officials, obviously, what they were doing was trying to help Joe Biden. They’ve acknowledged that. They were Democrats. I knew it at the time. You could see it by who was signing the letter. But the point that they were making in that letter holds up over time, which is that the Russians were trying to flog a story that Joe Biden and his son were corrupt,” Dilanian concluded.

This arrest does nothing of the sort.

Hunter Biden and the FBI all admit the contents of his laptop and the emails it contained about his business deals are real.

The laptop also played a role in the investigation that led to criminal charges against Hunter Biden for tax evasion.

Joe and Hunter Biden face legitimate accusations of influence peddling and corruption.

But the press is trying to recast the Russia collusion hoax to hide this truth from the American people.

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