Obama was terrified after his shocking connection to Jeffrey Epstein got out

Since the mysterious suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, Democrats have found themselves in trouble.

Their long-time connections to the billionaire pedophile are now coming to light.

And Barack Obama was terrified after his shocking connection to Epstein got out.

After the most recent arrest of Jeffrey Epstein, Democrats have been running away from questions about him.

On top of being a convicted pedophile, and facing charges for sex trafficking, Epstein was a long-time Democrat donor, with high-level friends like Bill Clinton.

Many Democrats are distancing themselves, with the most recent being Reid Hoffman, who founded LinkedIn.

Hoffman is a major Democrat donor, who has had multiple private meetings with former President Obama.

The most well known of those was in 2015, when Hoffman discussed Obama’s post-White House future.

But in that same year, Hoffman was talking with Epstein, then a sex offender, about repairing his reputation with donations to MIT.

Business Insider reports:

Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn and one of Silicon Valley’s most high-profile venture capital investors, apologized on Thursday for his role in helping to repair the image of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

In an email to Axios, Hoffman acknowledged several interactions with Epstein, which he said were for the purpose of fundraising for MIT’s renown Media Lab. Hoffman said he had been told that MIT had vetted and approved Epstein’s participation in fundraising, but said his decision to be involved with Epstein was nonetheless a mistake.

“By agreeing to participate in any fundraising activity where Epstein was present, I helped to repair his reputation and perpetuate injustice. For this, I am deeply regretful,” Hoffman said in the email.

Epstein’s ties to Silicon Valley and to MIT have come under scrutiny in recent weeks, following the financier’s arrest on sex trafficking charges and his subsequent death by suicide.

Hoffman is much more than just a friend of Obama.

He is a major political player.

Hoffman was previously under fire for funding a fake news operation to discredit then-Senate candidate Roy Moore in Alabama.

So he has deep ties to the Democrat Party, and Barack Obama.

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