Obama lackey James Clapper went on CNN and made this jaw-dropping claim

When President Trump tweeted in 2016 that his campaign was spied on, the left-wing media mocked him.

But a recent report revealed that Obama’s FBI actually embedded a spy in the Trump campaign.

And what James Clapper just said on air made jaws hit the floor.

James Clapper was appointed by Barack Obama in 2010 as Chief Intelligence Officer.

It seems that part of his role was to spy on the opposition party.

But in an interview on Don Lemon’s show, Clapper actually claimed that spying on the Trump campaign was “a good thing.”

Clapper tried to explain it away claiming they were just trying to make sure the Trump campaign wasn’t colluding with the Russians.

Then, The New York Times ran with a headline, “F.B.I. Used Informant to Investigate Russia Ties to Campaign, Not to Spy, as Trump Claims.”

But there is no way of knowing that to be true with any degree of certainty.

In fact, anti-Trump media has spent the past year and a half telling the American people that Trump was crazy for claiming he was spied on.

Yet their story is crumbling.

First it was the dirty dossier that was used as a reason to wiretap the Trump campaign.

Now it’s this FBI embedded spy.

Yet despite the Deep State having their thumb on the scale to an unprecedented level, Hillary Clinton still lost to Trump.

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68 Responses

  1. TooLateNow says:

    This is just the same as having “Ethics Ted” on the Ethics Committee, grilling Nominee Clarence Thomas about his “Ethical Behavior.” Corruption investigating corruption. The Lew Enforcement theory, “If everyone is a crook then nobody’s a crook!”

  2. Sandra says:

    Now I understand. They just wanted to see if the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia. And when will they be releasing the name of the spy in the Clinton campaign??? No – then don’t give me this malarkey reasoning. You were just spying for Hillary.

  3. zee says:

    ‘WE’ Must ‘keep wearing them ‘ Down W/comments – for starters. <<<

  4. As much as I hate to admit it, I don’t believe any of these criminals will ever see jail-time. They have been able to cover themselves very well by their over-lapping lies, and with the foot-dragging that’s going on they will never serve one moment of prison time in Mr. Trump’s Presidency. Look at the harm they’ve done to our country, and the harm they’ve done to the reputations of many good people, all for the sake of their own self-interests.

  5. Nonna says:

    Everyday we find out just how corrupt the government is…the democrats thought they were God n w/no regard for our laws did exactly whatever the hell they wanted starting w/Obama…what a corrupt crook he is…if Hillary was elected this country would have been abolished in 2 years…I wondered why on the night of the election when it was announced that Trump won Hillary could not come out …NOW I know why ??!!!! The fix was in n the money was paid n the democrats were CERTAIN they would win….they interfered in a national election by bribing, lieing n practically overthrowing our democracy…OMG…Wake up America n fully rap ur head around what they did n are still doing…they need to be stopped n Trump is the President who has the guts to do it…if u care about our country stand behind this man who is trying so very hard to bring back the America we all know n love…

  6. William Heater says:

    We’ve lived with a thoroughly corrupt central government for generations, any hope for meaningful reform will require pain and
    sacrifice. Term limits would be a good start.

  7. Rich says:

    Matin Shaw is right we need a revolution and that ls what they are all afraid of, that is why they want to take our guns away. Well I am ready just let me know when it is going to happen.

  8. Donna Miller says:

    Our Government is so corrupt that nothing will be done to these real CRACK-POT CROOKS….We watched Obama get in with illegal votes
    and messed up a great country and he’s still doing his crooked deeds. There are those “places” where goodness and decency will never exist. Why
    do you think Hillary can go anywhere and hasn’t a care in the world?…she is covered with her crookedness and so many people are paid to
    let her do it. She and “old Bill” have done it all their lives and it won’t end. Trump is doing what he can to re-construct what OBAMA tore apart and
    he’ll get a lot done but only scratch the surface. The corruptness is WAY DEEP and the people in government are well insulated and takes a
    few years but those in there for many years know exactly how safe they are with anything they do. Schumer is the best case of needing a limit
    for serving in the US government. They are all as crooked as the day is long and know exactly how they’ll get in anytime they run. Don’t think there
    are enough police to cover the crooks that are out there. Refreshing to hear half-way decent congressmen speak but they are “dreamers” and
    probably know it themselves. McCain has fought decency and Franken in Minnesota are just examples of how sick our nation really is.

  9. Joanna says:

    Fear of being called a racists…. Are you freaking kidding me…..? Only fear if its true!!!! You have a right to your opinion!!!!!

  10. Paul Lamothe says:

    None of these scumbags,Hillary, Obama, Comey, etc. with all the criminal evidence they have on them, none of these scumbags have been prosecuted. What makes you think it’s going to change. These bastards with their delaying tactics, lies and cover up’s are masters at getting away with ileagle activities.

  11. Ron says:

    Clapper, Brennan and about 10 more that we know of belongs in jail or in some cases the firing squad. Will we ever see any justice? Not as long as individuals like Sessions and Rosenstein are in charge of the DOJ. The RINO’s don’t help. The only way is at the polls in November. Vote out RINO’s and vote conservatives that support President Trump. Don’t send money to the RNC. Send your money to those Trumps supports and send directly to their campaign. The DNC uses the money to support more RINO.

  12. Archangel Mikey says:

    Clapper and his other deep state buddies should be tarred and feathered. That should take them down a peg.

  13. Rodger Shull says:

    that is a nice father an son portrait , and clapper needs to keep his crapper shut, but he can,t bacuse he is a BIG TURD POS

  14. Bender says:

    Wow then Obama is a genius. If he could manipulate Trumps campaign officials to work with Russia to start an investigation. Then he is superior and they are idiots

  15. Janie says:

    I do not have faith in our deep state government. They will not be held accountable unless the American people make it an issue. I voted for Trump so he would get things done & bring back American principles our country was founded in. If he had not been elected we would not know how corrupt the democrats & some republicans are. There is a double standard going on. If something is wrong then it is wrong. As kids we were taught when you do wrong their are consequences & to take responsible for wrong doing. There will be justice some day – we – all will be held accountable for how we live our life & treat those in our circle of influence.

  16. Helga Miller says:

    Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Rosenstein… traitors all! They were/are working on a silent coup to get our President out of office. AG Sessions has two to three weeks to take action against these Operatives and if he stays silent he needs to be gone. We still give him the benefit of the doubt but there is not much time left!

  17. Martin Shaw says:

    Impeach this unamerican wimp.

  18. Martin Shaw says:

    We must prosecute the guilty deep state to protect our Freedom. I see a revolution being born if the guilty walk free.

  19. Don Lehmer says:

    You’re right Dolores. Obama was the worst president ever, but few complained for fear of being called a racist..

  20. Don Lehmer says:

    I don’t think anyone in the “Deep State” will be prosecuted. Soros and his cronies have too much money to let anyone give them the justice they deserve. There’s enough evidence to prosecute HRC and Obama, but nothing has happened and nothing will happen. I’ve lost my faith in our judicial system and the way our country is run. I’m still praying for President Trump to right the ship, and I think he can!

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