Newt Gingrich made this prediction about Joe Biden that has all hell breaking loose

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been every bit the horror show many Americans feared.

But there is an open question about what will happen in 2024.

And Newt Gingrich made this prediction about Joe Biden that has all hell breaking loose.

On Fox & Friends, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich slammed Joe Biden over the Biden administration’s self-inflicted crisis on the southern border.

Upon taking office, Biden began tearing apart the policies put in place by Donald Trump to secure the southern border.

Biden signed a 100 day “pause” on virtually all deportations and his officials sent signals to illegal aliens through their words and deeds that the border was open and now was the time to pour into America.

Gingrich mocked Biden, pointing out that Biden couldn’t even remember the name of his Secretary of Defense so it would not surprise him that Biden was not even aware of the disastrous consequences of his open borders policies.

But this was no laughing matter.

Gingrich warned Fox News viewers that Biden’s open borders policies would tear apart the “fabric of American society.”

And Gingrich warned that after four years of Biden leaving out the welcome mat, there could be as many as 15 million new illegal aliens in America.

“You can’t blame a father or a mother who wants their child to grow up here, rather than in poverty, but you can blame the American government for not being honest about the cost. This is going to be extraordinarily expensive, and it’s going to shake, I think, the fabric of American society. And . . . my guess is that in four years of the Harris-Biden administration, you’re going to actually see an enormous influx, probably in the neighborhood of 6 to 15 million people,” Gingrich concluded.

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