Never-Trumper Jeff Flake just let his 2020 plans slip in this interview

MSNBC’s favorite Republican, Jeff Flake, is at it again.

He sat down for an interview and was asked if he was planning on running for president.

And his answer will leave you scratching your head.

In an interview with C-SPAN, outgoing Senator Jeff Flake said, “every Senator probably thinks of that” when asked about running for president.

He downplayed the probability that he would actually run.

But he said he hopes someone primaries President Trump in 2020.

Watch the interview below:

Jeff Flake announced that he was quitting his senate seat months ago when he realize he had no shot at winning re-election.

He claims to fight for principles.

But this is coming from a man who caved into emotional anti-Kavanaugh protesters yelling at him in an elevator.

He has no backbone.

Later in the interview, Flake yet again urged someone to primary challenge President Trump in 2020, saying:

“I do hope that there are other candidates out there. If nothing else, to remind Republicans of what we used to and will need to stand for if we’re going to be a major force in the future.”

Flake is on an Obama-style apology tour, apologizing for Trump constantly winning.

One must wonder what is going through Flake’s head.

He doesn’t seem to believe that cutting taxes and regulations, securing the border, and nominating constitutionalist judges at every level of the judiciary count as “conservative principles.”

He’d rather go on MSNBC and hawk his book.

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68 Responses

  1. Vernon m. Young says:

    Yes yes that’s about like I see it, call a spade a m f shovel

  2. Texas Belle says:

    Yeah, every Senator probably thinks about running for President but some should take a look at the ratings and see where they stand. If he thinks he can unseat Trump he has another think coming.

  3. Babbo says:

    Go Jeff Go. We need some comic relief!!!!

  4. Tunamister says:

    ..U NAILED IT..!!! Flake is a sno- flake- Demon-RAT – TRAITOR..!!!.. BURY HIM WITH THE DEAD DOGS..!!!

  5. Bill says:

    Flake is nothing more than a spineless twat. Let him fade into the sunset on an endless search for his nads.

  6. M says:

    Oops! Fr Tom Martin. I didn’t notice my comment changed you from Fr to Dr, sorry about that!

  7. M says:

    Dr Tom Martin, Great comment. Thanks. I wonder how Flake felt when he found out the women , he caved to, screaming at him on the elevator were only lackeys paid by George Soros. He probably didn’t have enough honor or even awareness to understand he had been used by the Dems. What a loser Flake is! I am ashamed of him and so glad is is soon to be gone!

  8. M says:

    Ken, Good job, you are absolutely correct. Have you ever.noticed that Dem libs can’t get even the simplest details right? They will usually tell part of the story but neglect to include anything that makes Republicans look competent or good. You will never get the truth from them because they cannot bring themselves to tell it. They are so brainwashed and dead as a zombie, what a pathetic bunch of hypocrites they are! Shame on them!

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